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Gait Analysis Using Wearable Sensors

Author(s): Weijun Tao | Tao Liu | Rencheng Zheng | Hutian Feng
Fuzzy Controller Design using FPGA for Sun Tracking in Solar Array System

Author(s): Basil M. Hamed | Mohammed S. El-Moghany
NIR Monitoring of Ammonia in Anaerobic Digesters Using a Diffuse Reflectance Probe

Author(s): Chitra S. Raju | Mette Marie Løkke | Sutaryo Sutaryo | Alastair J. Ward | Henrik B. Møller
A Bioanalytical Platform for Simultaneous Detection and Quantification of Biological Toxins

Author(s): Oliver G. Weingart | Hui Gao | François Crevoisier | Friedrich Heitger | Marc-André Avondet | Hans Sigrist
Localization of Non-Linearly Modeled Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Out-of-Sequence Measurements

Author(s): Eva Besada-Portas | Jose A. Lopez-Orozco | Pablo Lanillos | Jesus M. de la Cruz
Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensors

Author(s): Byeong Ha Lee | Young Ho Kim | Kwan Seob Park | Joo Beom Eom | Myoung Jin Kim | Byung Sup Rho | Hae Young Choi
Electrochemical L-Lactic Acid Sensor Based on Immobilized ZnO Nanorods with Lactate Oxidase

Author(s): Zafar Hussain Ibupoto | Syed Muhammad Usman Ali Shah | Kimleang Khun | Magnus Willander
A Vision-Based Driver Nighttime Assistance and Surveillance System Based on Intelligent Image Sensing Techniques and a Heterogamous Dual-Core Embedded System Architecture

Author(s): Yen-Lin Chen | Hsin-Han Chiang | Chuan-Yen Chiang | Chuan-Ming Liu | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Jenq-Haur Wang
Development of Soil Compaction Analysis Software (SCAN) Integrating a Low Cost GPS Receiver and Compactometer

Author(s): Jinsang Hwang | Hongsik Yun | Juhyong Kim | Yongcheol Suh | Sungnam Hong | Dongha Lee
Error Estimation for the Linearized Auto-Localization Algorithm

Author(s): Jorge Guevara | Antonio R. Jiménez | Jose Carlos Prieto | Fernando Seco
Real-time flood monitoring and warning system

Author(s): Jirapon Sunkpho | Chaiwat Ootamakorn
Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Their Gas Sensing Properties: A Review

Author(s): Yu-Feng Sun | Shao-Bo Liu | Fan-Li Meng | Jin-Yun Liu | Zhen Jin | Ling-Tao Kong | Jin-Huai Liu
Investigation of the Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensing Characteristics of Tin Oxide Mixed Cerium Oxide Thin Films

Author(s): Sardar M. A. Durrani | Mohammad F. Al-Kuhaili | Imran A. Bakhtiari | Muhammad B. Haider
Integrating Metal-Oxide-Decorated CNT Networks with a CMOS Readout in a Gas Sensor

Author(s): Hyunjoong Lee | Sanghoon Lee | Dai-Hong Kim | David Perello | Young June Park | Seong-Hyeon Hong | Minhee Yun | Suhwan Kim
Study of the communication distance of a MEMS Pressure Sensor Integrated in a RFID Passive Tag

Universal Signal Conditioning System for Amperometric Sensors

Optimal Exploitation of the Sentinel-2 Spectral Capabilities for Crop Leaf Area Index Mapping

Author(s): Katja Richter | Tobias B. Hank | Francesco Vuolo | Wolfram Mauser | Guido D’Urso
Using SRAM Based FPGAs for Power-Aware High Performance Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Juan Valverde | Andres Otero | Miguel Lopez | Jorge Portilla | Eduardo de la Torre | Teresa Riesgo
LOLS Research in Technology for the Development and Application of New Fiber-Based Sensors

Author(s): João Coelho | Marta Nespereira | Catarina Silva | José Rebordão
Intelligent Control of a Sensor-Actuator System via Kernelized Least-Squares Policy Iteration

Author(s): Bo Liu | Sanfeng Chen | Shuai Li | Yongsheng Liang
Multi-Input Multi-Output Integrated Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite for Energy Controls

Author(s): Gou Nishida | Motonobu Sugiura | Masaki Yamakita | Bernhard Maschke | Ryojun Ikeura
Distributed Coding/Decoding Complexity in Video Sensor Networks

Author(s): Paulo J. Cordeiro | Pedro Assunção
Dual Mode NOx Sensor: Measuring Both the Accumulated Amount and Instantaneous Level at Low Concentrations

Author(s): Andrea Groß | Gregor Beulertz | Isabella Marr | David J. Kubinski | Jaco H. Visser | Ralf Moos
A Potentiometric Indirect Uric Acid Sensor Based on ZnO Nanoflakes and Immobilized Uricase

Author(s): Syed M. Usman Ali | Zafar Hussain Ibupoto | Muhammad Kashif | Uda Hashim | Magnus Willander
Metamaterials Application in Sensing

Author(s): Tao Chen | Suyan Li | Hui Sun
Fiber Surface Modification Technology for Fiber-Optic Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors

Author(s): Qiang Zhang | Chenyang Xue | Yanling Yuan | Junyang Lee | Dong Sun | Jijun Xiong
Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Fish Pathogens Using a Naked-Eye Readable DNA Microarray

Author(s): Chin-I Chang | Pei-Hsin Hung | Chia-Che Wu | Ta Chih Cheng | Jyh-Ming Tsai | King-Jung Lin | Chung-Yen Lin

Author(s): Deepa Ramane | Jayashri Bangali | Arvind Shaligram
Macro-micro relationship in nanostructured functional composites

Author(s): A. S. Luyt | A. Zanotto | A. Spinella | G. Nasillo | E. Caponetti
Analysis of satellite-derived Arctic tropospheric BrO columns in conjunction with aircraft measurements during ARCTAS and ARCPAC

Author(s): S. Choi | Y. Wang | R. J. Salawitch | T. Canty | J. Joiner | T. Zeng | T. P. Kurosu | K. Chance | A. Richter | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | J. A. Neuman | J. B. Nowak | J. E. Dibb | A. J. Weinheimer | G. Diskin | T. B. Ryerson | A. da Silva | J. Curry | D. Kinnison | S. Tilmes | P. F. Levelt
Evaluation of Arctic broadband surface radiation measurements

Author(s): N. Matsui | C. N. Long | J. Augustine | D. Halliwell | T. Uttal | D. Longenecker | O. Niebergall | J. Wendell | R. Albee
Detection of open water dynamics with ENVISAT ASAR in support of land surface modelling at high latitudes

Author(s): A. Bartsch | A. M. Trofaier | G. Hayman | D. Sabel | S. Schlaffer | D. B. Clark | E. Blyth
An Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Membrane as a Solid “Turn-On” Fluorescent Chemosensor for Coenzyme A (CoA), Cysteine (Cys), and Glutathione (GSH) in Aqueous Media

Author(s): Saúl Vallejos | Pedro Estévez | Saturnino Ibeas | Félix C. García | Felipe Serna | José M. García
Wireless Sensor Node for Surface Seawater Density Measurements

Author(s): Federico Baronti | Gabriele Fantechi | Roberto Roncella | Roberto Saletti
Sensor Integration in a Low Cost Land Mobile Mapping System

Author(s): Sergio Madeira | José A. Gonçalves | Luísa Bastos
Assessment of the Abundance of Yellowfin Tuna in the Gulf of Mexico

Author(s): Daniel J. Fonseca | Daniel Zavala | Eduardo Del Angel Rincon
A Proposal of Sensor Data Collection System Using Mobile Relay Nodes

Author(s): Kenya Sato | Hideki Shimada | Ryota Ayaki
A Generic Service Architecture for Secure Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Author(s): Richard Verhoeven | Johan Lukkien | Shudong Chen
Effect of Ceramic Crucibles on Magneto-Optical PbO-Bi2O3-B2O3Glasses Properties

Author(s): Monica Ferraris | Qiuling Chen | Qiuping Chen
The Electrocatalytic Activity of Bare Pyrolytic Graphite and Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Modified Glassy Carbon Sensors Is Same for the Quantification of Bisoprolol Fumarate

Author(s): Anoop Raj Singh Rana | Himanshu Chasta | Sudhanshu P. Singh | Rajendra N. Goyal | Sanghamitra Chatterjee
Study of Thermal Conductivity of Porous Silicon Using the Micro-Raman Method

Author(s): Nasr-Eddine Chabane Sari | Mama Bouchaour | Amaria Ould-Abbas
Sensors and Regional Gradient Observability of Hyperbolic Systems

Author(s): El Hassane Zerrik | Soraya Rekkab | Samir Benhadid
The Electrocatalytic Activity of Bare Pyrolytic Graphite and Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Modified Glassy Carbon Sensors Is Same for the Quantification of Bisoprolol Fumarate

Author(s): Anoop Raj Singh Rana | Himanshu Chasta | Sudhanshu P. Singh | Rajendra N. Goyal | Sanghamitra Chatterjee
Study of Thermal Conductivity of Porous Silicon Using the Micro-Raman Method

Author(s): Nasr-Eddine Chabane Sari | Mama Bouchaour | Amaria Ould-Abbas
Sensors and Regional Gradient Observability of Hyperbolic Systems

Author(s): El Hassane Zerrik | Soraya Rekkab | Samir Benhadid
Relocatable, Automated Cost-Benefit Analysis for Marine Sensor Network Design

Author(s): Claire D’Este | Paulo de Souza | Chris Sharman | Simon Allen

Author(s): Stelian ALACI | Florina Carmen CIORNEI | Dumitru AMARANDEI | Constantin FILOTE | Simion PĂTRAŞ-CICEU | Dorel PRODAN
Relative drifts and stability of satellite and ground-based stratospheric ozone profiles at NDACC lidar stations

Author(s): P. J. Nair | S. Godin-Beekmann | L. Froidevaux | L. E. Flynn | J. M. Zawodny | J. M. Russell III | A. Pazmiño | G. Ancellet | W. Steinbrecht | H. Claude | T. Leblanc | S. McDermid | J. A. E. van Gijsel | B. Johnson | A. Thomas | D. Hubert | J.-C. Lambert | H. Nakane
Retrieving aerosol in a cloudy environment: aerosol availability as a function of spatial and temporal resolution

Author(s): L. A. Remer | S. Mattoo | R. C. Levy | A. Heidinger | R. B. Pierce | M. Chin
Multi-sensor Aerosol Products Sampling System (MAPSS)

Author(s): M. Petrenko | C. Ichoku | G. Leptoukh
Observing ice clouds in the submillimeter spectral range: the CloudIce mission proposal for ESA's Earth Explorer 8

Author(s): S. A. Buehler | E. Defer | F. Evans | S. Eliasson | J. Mendrok | P. Eriksson | C. Lee | C. Jiménez | C. Prigent | S. Crewell | Y. Kasai | R. Bennartz | A. J. Gasiewski
Observations of tropical rain with a polarimetric X-band radar: first results from the CHUVA campaign

Author(s): M. Schneebeli | J. Sakuragi | T. Biscaro | C. F. Angelis | I. Carvalho da Costa | C. Morales | L. Baldini | L. A. T. Machado
A Novel In Vitro Sensing Configuration for Retinal Physiology Analysis of a Sub-Retinal Prosthesis

Author(s): Kyo-in Koo | Sangmin Lee | Jang Hee Yee | Sang Baek Ryu | Kyung Hwan Kim | Yong Sook Goo | Dong-il Dan Cho
Perch and Its Parasites as Heavy Metal Biomonitors in a Freshwater Environment: The Case Study of the Ružín Water Reservoir, Slovakia

Author(s): Tímea Brázová | Jordi Torres | Catarina Eira | Vladimíra Hanzelová | Dana Miklisová | Peter Šalamún
Proyección, diseño y construcción de plataforma robótica para investigación en inteligencia artificial

Author(s): Fredy Hernán Martínez Sarmiento | Mariela Castiblanco Ortiz
Tropospheric methanol observations from space: retrieval evaluation and constraints on the seasonality of biogenic emissions

Author(s): K. C. Wells | D. B. Millet | L. Hu | K. E. Cady-Pereira | Y. Xiao | M. W. Shephard | C. L. Clerbaux | L. Clarisse | P.-F. Coheur | E. C. Apel | J. de Gouw | C. Warneke | H. B. Singh | A. H. Goldstein | B. C. Sive
TiO2 Nanotube Array Sensor for Detecting the SF6 Decomposition Product SO2

Author(s): Xiaoxing Zhang | Jinbin Zhang | Yichao Jia | Peng Xiao | Ju Tang
Design and Fabrication of Single-Walled Carbon Nanonet Flexible Strain Sensors

Author(s): Ya-Ting Huang | Shyh-Chour Huang | Chih-Chao Hsu | Ru-Min Chao | Trung Kien Vu
Comparative Assessment of the Effect of Synthetic and Natural Fungicides on Soil Respiration

Author(s): Angelo Stefani | Joanna D’Arc Felício | Mara M. de Andréa
Temperature-Frequency Converter Using a Liquid Crystal Cell as a Sensing Element

Author(s): Carlos Marcos | José M. Sánchez Pena | Juan C. Torres | José Isidro Santos
Direct Measurement of Lateral Force Using Dual Cantilevers

Author(s): Makoto Ishikawa | Masaya Ichikawa | Kouji Miura
Two-Level Evaluation on Sensor Interoperability of Features in Fingerprint Image Segmentation

Author(s): Gongping Yang | Ying Li | Yilong Yin | Ya-Shuo Li
Monocular Camera/IMU/GNSS Integration for Ground Vehicle Navigation in Challenging GNSS Environments

Author(s): Tianxing Chu | Ningyan Guo | Staffan Backén | Dennis Akos
Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Zahra Rezaei | Shima Mobininejad
Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies

Author(s): D. Sudharsan | J. Adinarayana | S. Ninomiya | M. Hirafuji | T. Kiura
Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level ImageFusion Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Dammavalam | Seetha Maddala | Krishna Prasad MHM
Improving Fingerprint Verification Using Minutiae Triplets

Author(s): Miguel Angel Medina-Pérez | Milton García-Borroto | Andres Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodríguez | Leopoldo Altamirano-Robles
Cell-Based Sensor System Using L6 Cells for Broad Band Continuous Pollutant Monitoring in Aquatic Environments

Author(s): Rebekka Kubisch | Ulrich Bohrn | Maximilian Fleischer | Evamaria Stütz
Novel Principle of Contactless Gauge Block Calibration

Author(s): Zdeněk Buchta | Šimon Řeřucha | Břetislav Mikel | Martin Čížek | Josef Lazar | Ondřej Číp
Quorum Sensing and Expression of Virulence in Pectobacteria

Author(s): Lee Põllumaa | Tiina Alamäe | Andres Mäe
Energy Conservation of WSN using Routing Protocol

Author(s): Nitin V. Lonbale | Sunil Gupta | Rajesh S. Bhute
IEEE 802.15.4 Makes Ubitiquitous Networking a Reality

Author(s): Nikhil. N. Kant | V. N. Bhonge | Niraj. N. Kant
Mixed Signal Interface Chip for Wearable Healthcare System

Author(s): Chandrakant Ragit | Sanjay Badjate
Wide Area Measurement and Control Using Phasor Measurement Unit in Smart Grid

Author(s): Chandarani Sutar | K. S. Verma | Ajay Shekhar Pandey
Concept Adapting Real-Time Data Stream Mining for Health Care Applications

Author(s): Dipti D. Patil | Jyoti G. Mudkanna | Dnyaneshwar Rokade | Vijay M. Wadhai
Implementation of Clustering Algorithm for Vital Signals in WMRHM Framework

Author(s): Dipti D. Patil | Dnyaneshwar A.Rokade | Vijay M. Wadhai
Prototype Model of Robotic Arm using telemetry for Surgery

Author(s): Mita Bhowmick | Reema Abhichandani
Optimized photolithographic fabrication process for carbon nanotube devices

Author(s): S. M. Khamis | R. A. Jones | A. T. Charlie Johnson
Zigzag GaN/Ga2O3 heterogeneous nanowires: Synthesis, optical and gas sensing properties

Author(s): Li-Wei Chang | Jan-Hau Chang | Jien-Wei Yeh | Heh-Nan Lin | Han C. Shih
Whispering gallery modes for elastic waves in disk resonators

Author(s): S. Kaproulias | M. M. Sigalas
Integration of spintronic interface for nanomagnetic arrays

Author(s): Andrew Lyle | Jonathan Harms | Todd Klein | August Lentsch | Angeline Klemm | Daniel Martens | Jian-Ping Wang
Interfacing of Sensor Network to Communication Network for Disaster Management

Author(s): Sanjay Patel | O. P. Vyas | Hansa Mehra
Imperialist Approach to Cluster Head Selection in WSN

Author(s): S. M. Hosseinirad | S.K. Basu
A Method to Align Images Using Image Segmentation

Author(s): K.Poornima | R.Kanchana
Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering Algorithm Modification and Adaptation for Applications

Author(s): Bassam M. El-Zaghmouri | Marwan A. Abu-Zanona
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