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Effects of Increasing Load Transferred in Femur to the Bone-Implant Interface

Author(s): M.I.Z. Ridzwan | Solehuddin Shuib | A.Y. Hassan | A.A. Shokri
Application of Multi Criteria Optimization Method in Implant Design to Reduce Stress Shielding

Author(s): M. Nizam Ahmad | Solehuddin Shuib | A.Y. Hassan | A.A. Shokri | M.I.Z. Ridzwan | M.N.Mohd. Ibrahim
Problem of Stress Shielding and Improvement to the Hip Implant Designs: A Review

Author(s): M.I.Z. Ridzwan | Solehuddin Shuib | A.Y. Hassan | A.A. Shokri | M.N. Mohamad Ibrahim
Influence of Low-temperature Heat-treatment on the Structure and Properties of Fe@Ag Composite Particles

Author(s): ZHAO Su-Ling, CHEN Jing, WANG Yi-Long, SUN Zhi-Gang, GUAN Jian-Guo
Magnetic Field Distribution due to Shielding in a Three-phase Source

Author(s): I. Said | H.B. Hussain | M.N.A. Kamaruddin
Degradation of carbon-based materials under ablative conditions produced by a high enthalpy plasma jet

Author(s): Gilberto Petraconi | Alexei Mikhailovich Essiptchouk | Leonid Ivanovich Charakhovski | Choyu Otani | Homero Santiago Maciel | Rodrigo Sávio Pessoa | Maria Luisa Gregori | Sônia Fonseca Costa
Photon scattering and reflection in medical diagnostic energy domain

Author(s): Ljubenov Vladan | Simović Rodoljub | Marković Srpko | Ilić Radovan D.
Dynamic shielding of the magnetic fields

Author(s): BALTA, O. | COSTANDACHE, D. | RAU, M. | IFTEMIE, A. | RAU, I.
In vitro and in vivo effects of polyethylene glycol (PEG)-modified lipid in DOTAP/cholesterol-mediated gene transfection

Author(s): Torben Gjetting | Nicolai Skovbjerg Arildsen | Camilla Laulund | et al
Enhanced Dielectric Constant for Efficient Electromagnetic Shielding Based on Carbon-Nanotube-Added Styrene Acrylic Emulsion Based Composite

Author(s): Li Yong | Chen Changxin | Li Jiang-Tao | Zhang Song | Ni Yuwei | Cai Seng | Huang Jie
Non destructive testing of medium and high voltage cables with a transportable radiography system

Author(s): J. G. Fantidis | K. Potolias | D. V. Bandekas | N. Vordos
Características dimensionales de soldaduras formadas sobre el acero AIS11045 mediante la aplicación del láser diodo de alta potencia

Author(s): Sánchez-Castillo, A. | Pou, J. | Lusquiños, F. | Quintero, F. | Soto, R. | Boutinguiza, M. | Saavedra, M. | Pérez-Amor, M.
Plasma spot welding of ferritic stainless steels

Author(s): Lešnjak, A. | Tušek, J.
Distal femoral bone mineral density decreases following patellofemoral arthroplasty: 1-year follow-up study of 14 patients

Author(s): van Jonbergen Hans-Peter | Koster Kenneth | Labey Luc | Innocenti Bernardo | van Kampen Albert
Study of bone remodeling of two models of femoral cementless stems by means of DEXA and finite elements

Author(s): Gracia Luis | Ibarz Elena | Puértolas Sergio | Cegoñino José | López-Prats Fernando | Panisello Juan | Herrera Antonio
The Drosophila homolog of the mammalian imprint regulator, CTCF, maintains the maternal genomic imprint in Drosophila melanogaster

Author(s): MacDonald William | Menon Debashish | Bartlett Nicholas | Sperry G Elizabeth | Rasheva Vanya | Meller Victoria | Lloyd Vett
Wireless Network: Performance Analysis of TCP

Author(s): K.H. Walse | D.R. Dhotre
Optimization in Implant Topology to Reduce Stress Shielding Problem

Author(s): M.I.Z. Ridzwan | Solehuddin Shuib | A.Y. Hassan | A.A. Shokri | M.N.M. Ibrahim
Dielectrical properties of composites LDPE+CB

Author(s): Škipina Blanka | Dudić Duško | Kostoski Dušan | Dojčilović Jablan
Spectral albedo of photons of initial energies below 100 keV

Author(s): Marković Srpko | Simović Rodoljub | Ljubenov Vladan | Ilić Radovan D.
Radiation shielding aspects for long manned mission to space: Criteria, survey study, and preliminary model

Author(s): Sztejnberg Manuel | Xiao Shanjie | Satvat Nader | Limón Felisa | Hopkins John | Jevremović Tatjana
Biomechanical investigation of a novel ratcheting arthrodesis nail

Author(s): McCormick Jeremy | Li Xinning | Weiss Douglas | Billiar Kristen | Wixted John
Towards real-time cardiovascular magnetic resonance-guided transarterial aortic valve implantation: In vitro evaluation and modification of existing devices

Author(s): Kahlert Philipp | Eggebrecht Holger | Plicht Björn | Kraff Oliver | McDougall Ian | Decker Brad | Erbel Raimund | Ladd Mark | Quick Harald
Total reflection coefficients of low-energy photons presented as universal functions

Author(s): Ljubenov Vladan | Simović Rodoljub D. | Marković Srpko | Ilić Radovan D.
The effect of shielding gas composition on the toughness and crack growth parameters of AlMg4,5Mn weld metals

Author(s): Prokić-Cvetković R. | Kastelec-Macura S. | Milosavljević A. | Popović O. | Burzić M.
Electromagnetic interference shielding with Portland cement paste containing carbon materials and processed fly ash

Author(s): Zornoza, E. | Catalá, G. | Jiménez, F. | Andión, L. Gª | Garcés, P.
X-Ray Supramolecular Structure, NMR Spectroscopy and Synthesis of 3-Methyl-1-phenyl-1H-chromeno[4,3-c]pyrazol-4-ones Formed by the Unexpected Cyclization of 3-[1-(Phenyl-hydrazono)ethyl]-chromen-2-ones

Author(s): Itzia I. Padilla-Martinez | Irma Y. Flores-Larios | Efren V. García-Baez | Jorge Gonzalez | Alejandro Cruz | Francisco J. Martínez-Martinez
Three Online Neutron Beam Experiments Based on the iLab Shared Architecture

Author(s): Kimberly DeLong | V. Judson Harward | Philip Bailey | James Hardison | Gordon Kohse | Yakov Ostrocsky
Comparison of Lead and Cerrobend Blocks for Incident Photon Flux of 6 and 15 MV X-rays

Author(s): Iftikhar A | Wazir M | Kakakhail MB | Sbilal A | Amjad H | Khwaja A | Khushnaseeb A
Does music harm patients after cardiac surgery? A randomized, controlled study

Author(s): P. Iblher | H. Mahler | H. Heinze | M. Hüppe | K.-F. Klotz | W. Eichler
Modelling of Magnetic Field Shielding and Penetration into Superconducting Strips

Author(s): Lubomir Sumichrast | Marcel Mican | Fedor Gomory
Magnetic Shielding With High-Tc (YBa2Cu3O7-δ)1-xAgx Superconducting Tubes

Author(s): H. Castro | E. Holguín | J. F. Loude | L. Rinderer
Synthesis and microstructure studies of nano-sized cerium-zinc phosphates

Author(s): Adly Abdella Hanna | Sahar Mohamed Mousa | Marwa Adel Sherief | Gehan Mahmoud Elkomy
Adjoint Variable Method for the Study of Combined Active and Passive Magnetic Shielding

Author(s): Peter Sergeant | Ivan Cimrák | Valdemar Melicher | Luc Dupré | Roger Van Keer
Studi Pengaruh Magnetic Arc Blow Pada Hasil Las TIG Baja AISI 1021

Author(s): Juliana Anggono | Juliana Anggono | Luciana Hariani Kusuma
Modelling of Magnetic Field Shielding and Penetration into Superconducting Strips

Author(s): Lubomir Sumichrast | Marcel Mican | Fedor Gomory
Synthetic Strategies towards Fullerene-Rich Dendrimer Assemblies

Author(s): Uwe Hahn | Fritz Vögtle | Jean-François Nierengarten

Evaluation of the Biological Shields of the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory of Ghana Using MCNP5

Author(s): P. Deatanyah | G. Emi-Reynolds | J.K. Amoako | C.C. Arwui | S. Wotorchi-Gordon | H. Lawluvi | D.O. Kpeglo | J. Annkah
Characterization of Shielding Efficiency for Power Electronics Frequency Domain

Author(s): Christian Vollaire | Jérôme Grando | Gérald André | Adrien Deline | Denis Labrousse | Olivier Fabrègue
Characterization of Shielding Efficiency for Power Electronics Frequency Domain

Author(s): Christian Vollaire | Jérôme Grando | Gérald André | Adrien Deline | Denis Labrousse | Olivier Fabrègue
Study on the electronic structure and the optical performance of YB6 by the first-principles calculations

Author(s): Lihua Xiao | Yuchang Su | Hongyang Chen | Min Jiang | Sainan Liu | Zexing Hu | Ruifeng Liu | Ping Peng | Yuanlong Mu | Diya Zhu
Microwave absorption properties of NiCoFe2O4-graphite embedded poly(o-phenetidine) nanocomposites

Author(s): Anil Ohlan | Kuldeep Singh | Namita Gandhi | Amita Chandra | S. K. Dhawan
The effect of electrostatic shielding using invisibility cloak

Author(s): Ruo-Yang Zhang | Qing Zhao | Mo-Lin Ge
Investigation of energy shift of 4f3 and 4f5d levels in Nd-doped YLF and LLF crystals

Author(s): André Felipe Henriques Librantz | Laércio Gomes | Luiz Vicente Gomes Tarelho | Izilda Márcia Ranieri
Nanocomposites of polymer and inorganic nanoparticles for optical and magnetic applications

Author(s): Shanghua Li | Meng Meng Lin | Muhammet S. Toprak | Do Kyung Kim | Mamoun Muhammed
Global observation of 24 November 2006 Pc5 pulsations by single mid-latitude underground [SQUID]2 system

Author(s): J. Marfaing | E. Pozzo di Borgo | G. Waysand | A. Cavaillou | M. Parrot
Direct Determination of Radionuclides in the Body Optimisation of Measurements Parameters and Results Analysis

Author(s): Jean Louis Genicot | Telma Fonseca | Gary Kramer | André Wambersie
Effect of Laser Beam Welding Parameters on Microstructure and Properties of Duplex Stainless Steel

Author(s): Abdel-Monem El-Batahgy | Abdel-Fattah Khourshid | Thoria Sharef
Magnetic resonance imaging in patients with cardiac pacemakers: era of "MR Conditional" designs

Author(s): Shinbane Jerold | Colletti Patrick | Shellock Frank
FloorNet: Deployment and Evaluation of a Multihop Wireless 802.11 Testbed

Author(s): Serrano Pablo | Bernardos CarlosJ | de la Oliva Antonio | Banchs Albert | Soto Ignacio | Zink Michael
Dipoles, unintentional antennas and EMC

Author(s): Berend Danker
Hazards for pregnant women and nursing mothers working in nuclear fusion laboratories

Author(s): Shervin Goudarzi | Mina Jafarabadi | Fatemeh Dadgar Nejad

Author(s): Hooshang Mohammadi | David N. Greyson | J. P. Wadded
New method for automatic preparation and evaluation of [111In]-Oxinate complexes as imaging agents by programming logic control (PLC)

Author(s): Abbas Bahrami | Mohammad Mirzaii | Yousef Fazaeli | Ali Rahiminejad-kisomi | kamran Yousefi-Mojir | Koroush Aghighi
Disadvantages of Balloon Kyphoplasty with PMMA - a Clinical and Biomechanical Statement

Author(s): Becker S | Dabirrahmani D | Hogg M | Appleyard R | Baroud G | Gillies M
Effectiveness of two different HDR brachytherapy regimens with the same BED value in cervical cancer

Author(s): Kamlesh Passi | Than S Kehwar | Meenakshi Mittal | Bikramjit Singh | Rajesh Vashistha | Sureshchandra J Gupta | JV Yakhmi
Radiolucent lines in low-contact-stress mobile-bearing total knee arthroplasty: a blinded and matched case control study

Author(s): Sadoghi Patrick | Leithner Andreas | Weber Patrick | Friesenbichler Jörg | Gruber Gerald | Kastner Norbert | Pohlmann Katrin | Jansson Volkmar | Wegener Bernd
Dosimetric evaluation of internal shielding in a high dose rate skin applicator

Author(s): Françoise Lliso | Domingo Granero | Jose Perez-Calatayud | Vicente Carmona | M Carmen Pujades | Facundo Ballester
Coupling and Shielding Properties of the Baffle in ICP System

Author(s): Jozef Brcka | R. Lee Robison
Bone mineral density of the proximal femur after hip resurfacing arthroplasty: 1-year follow-up study

Author(s): Häkkinen Arja | Borg Håkan | Hakulinen Mikko | Jurvelin Jukka | Anttila Esa | Parviainen Tapani | Kiviranta Ilkka
Improved Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Properties of MWCNT–PMMA Composites Using Layered Structures

Author(s): Pande Shailaja | Singh BP | Mathur RB | Dhami TL | Saini P | Dhawan SK
Experimental and theoretical NMR study of 4-(1-pyrrolidinyl)piperidine

Author(s): Özgür Alver | Cemal Parlak | Metin Bilge
Polypyrrole Coated PET Fabrics for Thermal Applications

Author(s): Amelia Carolina Sparavigna | Luca Florio | Jamshid Avloni | Arthur Henn
Scattering and Transformation of Waves on Heavy Particles in Magnetized Plasma

Author(s): Hrachya B. Nersisyan | Hrant H. Matevosyan
Simulation of the Shielding Effectiveness of Cabinets Used in Communications Equipment

Author(s): Vladica Trenkić | Christos Christopoulos | Trevor M. Benson
Electromagnetic Pulse Coupling inside a Rectangular Enclosure with an Aperture

Author(s): Mehdi Bahadorzadeh Ghandehari | Abbas Ali Lotfi-Neyestanak | Mohammad Naser-Moghadasi
Analysis of Reflectivity and Shielding Effectiveness of Absorbing Material–Conductor Laminate for Electromagnetic Compatibility

Author(s): Cheruku D. Raj | Gottapu S. Rao | Pappu V. Y. Jayasree | Budumuru Srinu | Pappula Lakshman
Gamma Ray Shielding from Saudi White Sand

Author(s): Hefne JAMEEL | Al-Dayel OMAR | Al-horayess OKLA | Bagazi ALI | Al-Ajyan TURKI
Magnetic Field Distribution due to Shielding in a Three-phase Source

Author(s): I. Said | H.B. Hussain | M.N.A. Kamaruddin
A Flexible Design Method for Double-Shell Magnetostatic Shields

Author(s): NEAMT Liviu | NEAMT Alina | CHIVER Olivian | HORGOS Mircea
Biological Shielding Design Effectiveness of the Brachytherapy Unit at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana Using Mcnp5 Monte Carlo Code

Author(s): C.C. Arwui | E.O. Darko | P. Deatanyah | S. Wotorchi-Gordon | H. Lawluvi | D.O. Kpeglo | G. Emi-Reynolds
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