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Geodynamical processes in the channel connecting the two lobes of the Large Aral Sea

Author(s): E. Roget | P. Zavialov | V. Khan | M. A. Muñiz
BER Performance of OFDM-BPSK and -QPSK Over Generalized Gamma Fading Channel

Author(s): Neetu Sood | Ajay K Sharma | Moin Uddin
Performance Evaluation of FD-SOI MOSFETS for Different Metal Gate Work Function

Author(s): Deepesh Ranka | Ashwani K. Rana | Rakesh Kumar Yadav | Kamalesh Yadav | Devendra Giri
Design and Characterization of the Next Generation Nanowire Amplifiers

Author(s): Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh | Ahmet Bindal
Various Flash Memory Devices of Novel Design

Author(s): Yun Jang-Gn | Lee Jong | Park Byung-Gook
Analog circuits using FinFETs: benefits in speed-accuracy-power trade-off and simulation of parasitic effects

Author(s): M. Fulde | J. P. Engelstädter | G. Knoblinger | D. Schmitt-Landsiedel
Geodynamical processes in the channel connecting the two lobes of the Large Aral Sea

Author(s): E. Roget | P. Zavialov | V. Khan | M. A. Muñiz
IMF control of cusp proton emission intensity and dayside convection: implications for component and anti-parallel reconnection

Author(s): M. Lockwood | B. S. Lanchester | H. U. Frey | K. Throp | S. K. Morley | S. E. Milan | M. Lester
Sleep, aging, and lifespan in Drosophila

Author(s): Bushey Daniel | Hughes Kimberly | Tononi Giulio | Cirelli Chiara
Off Label Antiviral Therapeutics for Henipaviruses: New Light Through Old Windows

Author(s): Mohamad Aljofan | Michael K. Lo | Paul A. Rota | Wojtek P. Michalski | Bruce A. Mungall
Investigation of Short Channel Effect on Vertical Structures in Nanoscale MOSFET

Author(s): Munawar A. Riyadi | Ismail Saad | Razali Ismail
Effect of neutrophil elastase and its inhibitor EPI-hNE4 on transepithelial sodium transport across normal and cystic fibrosis human nasal epithelial cells

Author(s): Prulière-Escabasse Virginie | Clerici Christine | Vuagniaux Grégoire | Coste Andre | Escudier Estelle | Planès Carole
Electrical short-circuit in β-cells from a patient with non-insulinoma pancreatogenous hypoglycemic syndrome (NIPHS): a case report

Author(s): Bränström Robert | Berglund Erik | Curman Pontus | Forsberg Lars | Höög Anders | Grimelius Lars | Berggren Per-Olof | Mattsson Per | Hellman Per | Juntti-Berggren Lisa
Parenteral clevidipine for the acute control of blood pressure in the critically ill patient: a review

Author(s): W Frank Peacock IV | Jorge E Angeles | Karina M Soto | et al
Effect of two-channel gastric electrical stimulation with trains of pulses on gastric motility

Author(s): Bin Yang, Xiao-Hua Hou, Geng-Qing Song, Jin-Song Liu, Jiande DZ Chen
Adaptive Equalization Algorithms: An Overview

Author(s): Garima Malik | Amandeep Singh Sappal
Performance Analysis of FD-SOI MOSFET with Different Gate Spacer Dielectric

Author(s): Deepesh Ranka | Ashwani K. Rana | Rakesh Kumar Yadav | Devendra Giri
AMS congress report: Heart Failure and Europace 2005

Author(s): Maciej Banach | Piotr K. Okonski
Apical membrane P2Y4 purinergic receptor controls K+ secretion by strial marginal cell epithelium

Author(s): Marcus Daniel | Liu Jianzhong | Lee Jun | Scherer Elias | Scofield Margaret | Wangemann Philine

Author(s): khalil El-Sharkawy | Sanna Haavisto | Kari Koskenhely | Hannu Paulapuro
Experimental plan of Σp scatterings at J-PARC

Author(s): Miwa K. | Honda R. | Matsumoto Y. | Kanda H. | Tamura H. | Ieiri M.
Experimental Base of an Innovation S-Channel to Reduce MHD Pressure Drop

Author(s): Xuru Duan | Yong Liu | Xiujie Zhang | Zengyu Xu | Chuanjie Pan
FinFET Architecture Analysis and Fabrication Mechanism

Author(s): Sarman K Hadia | , Rohit R. Patel | Dr. Yogesh P. Kosta
Mebudipine and Dibudipine: A Review

Author(s): Massoud Mahmoudian
Channel Capacity Bounds in the Presence of Quantized Channel State Information

Author(s): Makki Behrooz | Beygi Lotfollah | Eriksson Thomas
Sub-barrier capture with quantum diffusion approach

Author(s): Sargsyan V.V. | Kuzyakin R.A. | Adamian G.G. | Antonenko N.V. | Scheid W. | Zhang H.Q.
Inhibition of TRPA1 channel activity in sensory neurons by the glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor family member, artemin

Author(s): Yoshida Naoki | Kobayashi Kimiko | Yu Lina | Wang Shenglan | Na Rengaowa | Yamamoto Satoshi | Noguchi Koichi | Dai Yi
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