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Coded OFDM and OFDM/OQAM for Intensity Modulated Optical Wireless Systems

Author(s): Mamdouh El Tabach | Patrick Tortelier | Ramesh Pyndiah | Olivier Bouchet
Interaction of Estrogen and Progesterone in the Regulation of Sodium Channels in Collecting Tubular Cells

Author(s): Chiz-Tzung Chang | Chiao-Yin Sun | Chen-Yan Pong | Yi-Chang Chen | Geng-Ping Lin | Tzu-Ching Chang | Mai-Szu Wu
Performance Evaluation of FD-SOI MOSFETS for Different Metal Gate Work Function

Author(s): Deepesh Ranka | Ashwani K. Rana | Rakesh Kumar Yadav | Kamalesh Yadav | Devendra Giri
Design and Characterization of the Next Generation Nanowire Amplifiers

Author(s): Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh | Ahmet Bindal
Pharmacotherapy of Insomnia: Focus on Zolpidem Extended Release

Author(s): J.M. Monti | D. Warren Spence | S.R. Pandi-Perumal | Salomon Z. Langer | R. Hardeland
Analog circuits using FinFETs: benefits in speed-accuracy-power trade-off and simulation of parasitic effects

Author(s): M. Fulde | J. P. Engelstädter | G. Knoblinger | D. Schmitt-Landsiedel
Türkiye’de Toplam Kamu Harcamaları ve Üretim İlişkisi

Author(s): Murat ÇETİNKAYA | Afşin ŞAHİN
Sleep, aging, and lifespan in Drosophila

Author(s): Bushey Daniel | Hughes Kimberly | Tononi Giulio | Cirelli Chiara
Costs and effects of two public sector delivery channels for long-lasting insecticidal nets in Uganda

Author(s): Kolaczinski Jan | Kolaczinski Kate | Kyabayinze Daniel | Strachan Daniel | Temperley Matilda | Wijayanandana Nayantara | Kilian Albert
Effect of neutrophil elastase and its inhibitor EPI-hNE4 on transepithelial sodium transport across normal and cystic fibrosis human nasal epithelial cells

Author(s): Prulière-Escabasse Virginie | Clerici Christine | Vuagniaux Grégoire | Coste Andre | Escudier Estelle | Planès Carole
Update on treatment of partial onset epilepsy: role of eslicarbazepine

Author(s): Markus Rauchenzauner | Gerhard Luef
Performance Analysis of FD-SOI MOSFET with Different Gate Spacer Dielectric

Author(s): Deepesh Ranka | Ashwani K. Rana | Rakesh Kumar Yadav | Devendra Giri
AMS congress report: Heart Failure and Europace 2005

Author(s): Maciej Banach | Piotr K. Okonski
ATP-sensitive potassium channel (KATP channel) expression in the normal canine pancreas and in canine insulinomas

Author(s): Donley Vicky | Hiskett Erin | Kidder Aimee | Schermerhorn Thomas
Antiretrovirals: Need for an effective drug delivery

Author(s): Devi Kusum | Pai Roopa

Author(s): khalil El-Sharkawy | Sanna Haavisto | Kari Koskenhely | Hannu Paulapuro
The calcium channel β2 (CACNB2) subunit repertoire in teleosts

Author(s): Ebert Alicia | McAnelly Catherine | Srinivasan Ashok | Mueller Rachel | Garrity David | Garrity Deborah
Further Development of Synchronous Array Method for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

Author(s): Yuan Yu | Yi Huang | Bin Zhao | Yingbo Hua
FinFET Architecture Analysis and Fabrication Mechanism

Author(s): Sarman K Hadia | , Rohit R. Patel | Dr. Yogesh P. Kosta
The Exchange Processes in the Patos Lagoon Estuarine Channel, Brazil

Author(s): Wilian Correa Marques | Igor Oliveira Monteiro | Osmar Olinto Möller
Two Dimensional Analytical Modeling for SOI and SON MOSFET and Their Performance Comparison

Author(s): Saptarsi Ghosh | Khomdram Jolson Singh | Sanjay Deb | Subir Kumar Sarkar
Design and Simulation of a Secure and Robust Underwater Acoustic Communication System in the Persian Gulf

Author(s): Abdollah Doosti Aref | Mohammad Javad Jannati | Vahid Tabataba Vakili
Polystyrene nanoparticles activate ion transport in human airway epithelial cells

Author(s): McCarthy J | Gong X | Nahirney D | Duszyk M | Radomski MW
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