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Natural Solvers in Problems of Searching for the Best Solution

Author(s): Anna Jasinska-Suwada | Witold Dzwinel | Krzysztof Rozmus
Optimization of simulation model parameters for solidification of metals with use of agent-based evolutionary algorithm

Author(s): Stanislawa Kluska-Nawarecka | Agnieszka Smolarek-Grzyb | Aleksander Byrski | Danuta Wilk-Kolodziejczyk
Design of Quaternary Logic Systems and Circuits

Author(s): Dusanka Bundalo | Zlatko Bundalo | Branimir Djordjević
Energy Optimization of Field Oriented Six-Phase Induction Motor Drive

Author(s): TAHERI, A. | RAHMATI, A. | KABOLI, S.
Calibration of the modified Bartlett-Lewis model using global optimization techniques and alternative objective functions

Author(s): W. J. Vanhaute | S. Vandenberghe | K. Scheerlinck | B. De Baets | N. E. C. Verhoest
Multi-area Load Frequency Control using IP Controller Tuned by Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni | Babak Keyvani Boroujeni | Mostafa Abdollahi | Hamideh Delafkar
Fuzzy Logic Controller Optimization Based on GA for Harmonic Mitigation

Author(s): Rachid Dehini | Brahim Ferdi | Benaissa Bekkouche

Author(s): Celso Augusto Guimarães Santos | Paula Karenina de Macedo Machado Freire | Richarde Marques Silva | Petley de Medeiros Arruda | Sudhanshu K. Mishra
A Regressionbased Method for Software Performance Engineering

Author(s): Omid Bushehrian | Reza Ghanbari Baghnavi
An Efficient Modified Shuffled Frog Leaping Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Mohammad Pourmahmood Aghababa | Mohammd Esmaeel Akbari | Amin Mohammadpour Shotorbani
Overview of Maintenance for Case based Reasoning Systems

Author(s): Abir Smiti | Zied Elouedi
Performance Analysis and Simulation of a Novel Brushless Double Rotor Machine for Power-Split HEV Applications

Author(s): Ping Zheng | Qian Wu | Jing Zhao | Chengde Tong | Jingang Bai | Quanbin Zhao
Penyusunan Basis Data Modul Penyerap Impak Internal Inversion

Author(s): Rachman Setiawan | Delima Yanti Sari
cpso based lfc for a Two-Area

Author(s): R. Arivoli | Dr. I. A. Chidambaram
Switching Optimization for Class-G Audio Amplifiers with Two Power Supplies

Author(s): Sophie Taupin | Nacer Abouchi | Gael Pillonnet | Patrice Russo | Firas Yengui
Design of Fuzzy Controller for Robot Manipulators Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Fateh | Kourosh Kiani | Mickael Aghajarian
A New Method for Fastening the Convergence of Immune Algorithms Using an Adaptive Mutation Approach

Author(s): Nabil Sabor | Ahmad F. Al-Ajlouni | Mohammed Abo-Zahhad | Sabah M. Ahmed
Developing Fault-Tolerant Heuristic Routing Algorithm Using Ant Colonies in Mesh Networks

Author(s): Alireza Shams Shafigh | Hekmat Mohammadzadeh | Alireza Soleimany | Shahriyar Lotfi
Design of Fuzzy Controller for Robot Manipulators Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Fateh | Kourosh Kiani | Mickael Aghajarian
A New Method for Fastening the Convergence of Immune Algorithms Using an Adaptive Mutation Approach

Author(s): Nabil Sabor | Ahmad F. Al-Ajlouni | Mohammed Abo-Zahhad | Sabah M. Ahmed
Developing Fault-Tolerant Heuristic Routing Algorithm Using Ant Colonies in Mesh Networks

Author(s): Alireza Shams Shafigh | Hekmat Mohammadzadeh | Alireza Soleimany | Shahriyar Lotfi
Activity modes selection for project crashing through deterministic simulation

Author(s): Ashok Mohanty | Jibitesh Mishra | Biswajit Satpathy
Architectural Model of Localization in Multi-Scale Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): S Swapna Kumar | Dr M. Nanda Kumar | Dr V.S Sheeba
Structural Reliability Analysis of Limit State Functions With Multiple Design Points Using Evolutionary Strategies

Author(s): F. Barranco–Cicilia | E. Castro–Prates de Lima | L.V. Sudati–Sagrilo
A Cross Entropy-Genetic Algorithm for m-Machines No-Wait Job-ShopScheduling Problem

Author(s): Budi Santosa | Muhammad Arif Budiman | Stefanus Eko Wiratno
Neural Modeling of Multivariable Nonlinear Stochastic System. Variable Learning Rate Case

Author(s): Ayachi Errachdi | Ihsen Saad | Mohamed Benrejeb
Block-Based Adaptive Vector Lifting Schemes for Multichannel Image Coding

Author(s): Benazza-Benyahia Amel | Pesquet Jean-Christophe | Hattay Jamel | Masmoudi Hela
A cross-layer resource allocation scheme for spatial multiplexing-based MIMO-OFDMA systems

Author(s): Akbudak Tarik | Al-Shatri Hussein | Czylwik Andreas
Detecting genomic regions associated with a disease using variability functions and Adjusted Rand Index

Author(s): Badescu Dunarel | Boc Alix | Diallo Abdoulaye | Makarenkov Vladimir
A Ramp Cosine Cepstrum Model for the Parameter Estimation of Autoregressive Systems at Low SNR

Author(s): Fattah ShaikhAnowarul | Zhu Wei-Ping | Ahmad MOmair
Joint redundant motion vector and intra macroblock refreshment for video transmission

Author(s): Xiao Jimin | Tillo Tammam | Lin Chunyu | Zhao Yao
PAPR reduction of OFDM signals using PTS: a real-valued genetic approach

Author(s): Lain Jenn-Kaie | Wu Shi-Yi | Yang Po-Hui
Applying FDTD to the Coverage Prediction of WiMAX Femtocells

Author(s): Valcarce Alvaro | De La Roche Guillaume | Jüttner Álpar | López-Pérez David | Zhang Jie
CDIT-Based Constrained Resource Allocation for Mobile WiMAX Systems

Author(s): Brah Felix | Louveaux Jerome | Vandendorpe Luc
Uplink Cross-Layer Scheduling with Differential QoS Requirements in OFDMA Systems

Author(s): Bai Bo | Chen Wei | Cao Zhigang | Ben Letaief Khaled
Energy Efficient Video Transmission over Fast Fading Channels

Author(s): Qiao Dengyu | Li Ye | Zhang Yuwei
Correction of Misclassifications Using a Proximity-Based Estimation Method

Author(s): Niemistö Antti | Shmulevich Ilya | Lukin Vladimir V | Dolia Alexander N | Yli-Harja Olli
Design of Three-Dimensional Multiple Slice Turbo Codes

Author(s): Gnaedig David | Boutillon Emmanuel | Jézéquel Michel
Optimal Design of Noisy Transmultiplexer Systems

Author(s): Zhou Huan | Xie Lihua
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Improved Diversity in DSL Spectrum Balancing Solutions

Author(s): Bezerra Johelden | Klautau Aldebaro | Monteiro Marcio | Pelaes Evaldo | Medeiros Eduardo | Dortschy Boris
Quality Requirements Optimization with Architectural Styles

Author(s): Marwan AL-Abed Abu-Zanona | Yosef Hasan Jbara | Farah Hanna AL-Zawaideh
A Simple Quantum-inspired Particle Swarm Optimization and its Application

Author(s): Hongyuan Gao | Jinlong Cao | Ming Diao
Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-constrained Routing in Telecommunication Networks

Author(s): Hongyan Cui | Jian Li | Xiang Liu | Yunlong Cai
The Aggregate Homotopy Method for Multi-objective Max-min Problems

Author(s): He Li | Dong Xiao-gang | Tan Jia-wei | Liu Qing-huai
A Novel PSO Algorithm Based on Local Chaos & Simplex Search Strategy and its Application

Author(s): Shengli Song | Yong Gan | Li Kong | Jingjing Cheng
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Salim Zabir | Jemal H. Abawajy | Farid Ahmed | Joarder Kamruzaman | Mohammad Ataul Karim
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonio Teixeira | Anna Tzanakaki | Davide Careglio | Miroslaw Klinkowski
Blindman-Walking Optimization Method

Author(s): Chunming Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsing-Chung Chen | Franz I.S. Ko | Yung-Chen Chou | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Yaw-Chung Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Jyh-Horng Wen | Shiuh-Jeng Wang | Yuh-Ren Tsai | Keh-Ming Lu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Mine Ventilation Optimization Analysis and Airflow Control Based on Harmony Annealing Search

Author(s): Jinxue Sui | Li Yang | Zhilin Zhu | Hui Fang | Hua Zhen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jinrong Zhu
Study on Partial Least-Squares Regression Model of Simulating Freezing Depth Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Tianxiao Li | Qiang Fu | Fanxiang Meng | Zilong Wang | Xiaowei Wang
Dynamic Real-time Optimization of Reservoir Production

Author(s): Kai Zhang | Jun Yao | Liming Zhang | Yajun Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Dan Zhang | Bale Reddy
A Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization Model for Test Sequence Optimization

Author(s): Shuai Wang | Yindong Ji | Shiyuan Yang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Lei Shu | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Takahiro Hara | Der-Jiunn Deng | Lei Wang
Simulation Model for High Efficiency of Solar Cells

Author(s): N.D. Kaushika | Dr. Reeta
Using Particle Swarm Optimization Method for Supplementary STATCOM Stabilizer Tuning in Electric Power System

Author(s): M. Nikzad | S. Shams Shamsabad Farahani | M. Bigdeli Tabar | M. Ghasemi Naraghi | A. Javadian
Reconstruction of Self-Sparse 2D NMR Spectra from Undersampled Data in the Indirect Dimension

Author(s): Xiaobo Qu | Di Guo | Xue Cao | Shuhui Cai | Zhong Chen
Application and Research of Humanoid Robot Based on Second-Order Cone Programming

Author(s): Piao Song-hao | Liu Ya-qi | Zhao Wen | Zhong Qiu-bo
Simultaneous Intrinsic and Extrinsic Parameter Identification of a Hand-Mounted Laser-Vision Sensor

Author(s): Jong Kwang Lee | Kiho Kim | Yongseok Lee | Taikyeong Jeong
Elastic SCAD as a novel penalization method for SVM classification tasks in high-dimensional data

Author(s): Becker Natalia | Toedt Grischa | Lichter Peter | Benner Axel
Fast empirical Bayesian LASSO for multiple quantitative trait locus mapping

Author(s): Cai Xiaodong | Huang Anhui | Xu Shizhong
Concentration Control of CSTR using NNAPC

Author(s): Hossein Ebadi Kalhoodashti
Metabolic modeling of Rosmarinic acid biosynthetic pathway

Author(s): Shanthy Sundaram | Ashutosh Tripathi | Deepak K Gupta
A Caching Scheme for Session Setup in IMS Network

Author(s): Yufei CAO | Jianxin LIAO | QI QI | Xiaomin ZHU
Orthogonal optimization of horizontal well fracturing method

Author(s): Chi Dong | KaoPing Song | XiaoQi Chen
Microstrip Low-Pass Elliptic Filter Design Based on Implicit Space Mapping Optimization

Author(s): Saeed Tavakoli | Mahdieh Zeinadini | Shahram Mohanna
PAPR Reduction Scheme with SOCP for MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Basel RIHAWI | Yves LOUET
An Inverse Analysis of the Erichsen Test Applied for the Automatic Identification of Sheet Materials Behavior

Author(s): Adinel Gavrus | Mihaela Banu | Eric Ragneau | Catalina Maier
Parameters Optimization of Multi-Branch Horizontal Well Basing on Streamline Simulation

Author(s): Hong-Jun Yin | Xiao-Qi Chen | Ming Cai | Jun-Ting Zhang
Joint Power Control and Spectrum Allocation for Cognitive Radio with QoS Constraint

Author(s): Zhijin Zhao | Zhen Peng | Zhidong Zhao | Shilian Zheng
Minimization of Reservoirs Sedimentation by Optimal Operation of Bottom Outlets

Author(s): E. Valizadegan | M. Shafai Bejestan | H. Mohammad Vali Samani
Design of Hybrid Power System of Renewable Energy for Domestic Used in Khartoum

Author(s): Zeinab Abdallah M. Elhassan | Muhammad Fauzi Moh Zain | Kamaruzzaman Sopian | Arafa Awadalla

Author(s): Hua XU | Heng-xin XUE
Polynomial Method for PLL Controller Optimization

Author(s): Ta-Chung Wang | Sanjay Lall | Tsung-Yu Chiou

Author(s): Hasnul Hadi, | Liyana Tajul, | Z.A. Zailani, | M.F.M.A Hamzas, | M.S Hussin
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