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Analysis of Birth weight using Singular Value Decomposition

Author(s): D. Nagarajan | P. Sunitha | V. Nagarajan | V. Seethalekshmi
On Marginal Distributions of the Ordered Eigenvalues of Certain Random Matrices

Author(s): Haochuan Zhang | Shi Jin | Xin Zhang | Dacheng Yang
Comparative Study of Facial Expression Recognition Techniques

Author(s): Mandeep Kaur | Rajeev Vashisht
Contourlet Transform Based Watermarking for Colour Images

Author(s): Dinesh Kumar | Vijay Kumar

Two heuristic approaches to describe periodicities in genomic microarrays

Author(s): Jörg Aßmus | Hans Arnfinn Karlsen | Dag Tjøstheim
Image Fakery Detection Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Author(s): Dewi Yanti Liliana | T. Basaruddin
Chromosome image classification using a two-step probabilistic neural network

Author(s): Sunthorn Rungruangbaiyok | Pornchai Phukpattaranont
An R Package for Dynamic Linear Models

Author(s): Giovanni Petris
SVD based Image Watermarking Scheme

Author(s): Deepa Mathew K
Simultaneous Analysis in S-PLUS: The SimultAn Package

Author(s): Amaya Zarraga | Beatriz Goitisolo
Modulation-Mode and Power Assignment in SVD-Equalized MIMO Systems

Author(s): Andreas Ahrens | Christoph Lange
Correlating gene and protein expression data using Correlated Factor Analysis

Author(s): Tan Chuen | Salim Agus | Ploner Alexander | Lehtiö Janne | Chia Kee | Pawitan Yudi
A statistical approach for identifying the ionospheric footprint of magnetospheric boundaries from SuperDARN observations

Author(s): G. Lointier | T. Dudok de Wit | C. Hanuise | X. Vallières | J.-P. Villain
Large scale singularly perturbed boundary value problems

Author(s): M. Kathirkamanayagan | G. S. Ladde
A Sensor-Based Approach for Dynamic Signature Verification using Data Glove

Author(s): Nidal S. Kamel | Rosli Besar | Shohel Sayeed
A Robust Image Watermarking Scheme using Singular Value Decomposition

Author(s): B.Chandra Mohan | S. Srinivas Kumar
Antisense DNA parameters derived from next-nearest-neighbor analysis of experimental data

Author(s): Gray Donald | Gray Carla | Yoo Byong-Hoon | Lou Tzu-Fang
Super-sparse principal component analyses for high-throughput genomic data

Author(s): Lee Donghwan | Lee Woojoo | Lee Youngjo | Pawitan Yudi
UFFizi: a generic platform for ranking informative features

Author(s): Gottlieb Assaf | Varshavsky Roy | Linial Michal | Horn David
Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis for diabetic nephropathy in type 1 diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Bell Christopher | Teschendorff Andrew | Rakyan Vardhman | Maxwell Alexander | Beck Stephan | Savage David
Single Ordinal Correspondence Analysis with External Information

Author(s): Amenta Pietro | Simonetti Biagio | Beh Eric
Applying Singular Value Decomposition Perturbation to Wideband Signal Direction-of-Arrival Estimation

Author(s): Zhang Mingxin | Ruan Wenhui | Zhou Yatong | Junyi Shen | Zhu Yaling
A Combined Voice Activity Detector Based On Singular Value Decomposition and Fourier Transform

Author(s): Jamal Ghasemi | Amard Afzalian | M.R. Karami Mollaei
Circadian signatures in rat liver: from gene expression to pathways

Author(s): Ovacik Meric | Sukumaran Siddharth | Almon Richard | DuBois Debra | Jusko William | Androulakis Ioannis
Fixed-Star Tracking Attitude Control of Spacecraft Using Single-Gimbal Control Moment Gyros

Author(s): Sangwon Kwon | Yuki Tani | Hiroshi Okubo | Takashi Shimomura
Content-based image retrieval applied to BI-RADS tissue classification in screening mammography

Author(s): Júlia Epischina Engrácia de Oliveira | Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo | Thomas M Deserno
Analysing and combining atmospheric general circulation model simulations forced by prescribed SST: northern extratropical response

Author(s): V. Moron | A. Navarra | M. N. Ward | C. K. Folland | P. Friederichs | K. Maynard | J. Polcher
Evaluation of satellite-derived HCHO using statistical methods

Author(s): J. H. Kim | S. M. Kim | K. H. Baek | L. Wang | T. Kurosu | I. De Smedt | K. Chance | M. J. Newchurch
Digital Image Watermarking Technique Based on Different Attacks

Author(s): Manjit Thapa | Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sood | A.P Meenakshi Sharma
Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System Using Singular Value Decomposition and Water Filling Algorithm

Author(s): Md. Noor-A-Rahim | Md. Saiful Islam | Md. Nashid Anjum | Md. Kamal Hosain | Abbas Z. Kouzani
Robust Color Image Watermarking Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform

Author(s): C. Venkata Narasimhulu | K. Satya Prasad
A Novel Approach for NearDuplicate Detection of Web Pages using TDW Matrix

Author(s): Midhun Mathew | Shine N Das | T R Lakshmi Narayanan | Pramod K Vijayaraghavan
Modulation-Mode and Power Assignment in Broadband MIMO Systems

Author(s): Andreas Ahrens | César Benavente-Peces
SVD-EBP Algorithm for Iris Pattern Recognition

Author(s): Mr. Babasaheb G. Patil | Dr. Mrs. Shaila Subbaraman
Image Enhancement and Denoising by Diffusion based Singular Value Decomposition

Author(s): Nafis uddin Khan | K. V. Arya | Manisha Pattanaik

Author(s): Amjad Hossain | Pintu Chandra Shill | Bishnu Sarker | Kazuyuki Murase
Intelligent Control of a Sensor-Actuator System via Kernelized Least-Squares Policy Iteration

Author(s): Bo Liu | Sanfeng Chen | Shuai Li | Yongsheng Liang
Image Watermarking Algorithm using DCT, DWT and SVD

Author(s): Nidhi H. Divecha | N. N. Jani
SVD vs PCA: Comparison of Performance in an Imaging Spectrometer

Author(s): Wilma Oblefias | Maricor Soriano | Caesar Saloma
Impact on Generator Reactive Power Limits on a Static Voltage Stability

On Secure Digital Image Watermarking Techniques

Author(s): Manjit Thapa | Sandeep Kumar Sood
Subspace Methods for Multimicrophone Speech Dereverberation

Author(s): Gannot Sharon | Moonen Marc
Automatic Hierarchical Color Image Classification

Author(s): Huang Jing | Kumar S Ravi | Zabih Ramin
On Marginal Distributions of the Ordered Eigenvalues of Certain Random Matrices

Author(s): Zhang Haochuan | Jin Shi | Zhang Xin | Yang Dacheng
Time-Frequency Feature Extraction of Newborn EEG Seizure Using SVD-Based Techniques

Author(s): Hassanpour Hamid | Mesbah Mostefa | Boashash Boualem
Perceptual Audio Hashing Functions

Author(s): Özer Hamza | Sankur Bülent | Memon Nasir | Anarım Emin
Eigenspace-Based Motion Compensation for ISAR Target Imaging

Author(s): Yau D | Berry PE | Haywood B
Efficient Closed-Loop Schemes for MIMO-OFDM-Based WLANs

Author(s): Zheng Xiayu | Jiang Yi | Li Jian
Applying Novel Time-Frequency Moments Singular Value Decomposition Method and Artificial Neural Networks for Ballistocardiography

Author(s): Akhbardeh Alireza | Junnila Sakari | Koivuluoma Mikko | Koivistoinen Teemu | Värri Alpo
Application of the HLSVD Technique to the Filtering of X-Ray Diffraction Data

Author(s): Ladisa M | Lamura A | Laudadio T | Nico G
On MIMO-OFDM with Coding and Loading

Author(s): Chen HarryZB | Lampe Lutz | Schober Robert
Bidirectional MIMO Channel Tracking Based on PASTd and Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Ehrenberg Livnat | Gannot Sharon | Shayevitz Ofer | Leshem Amir | Zehavi Ephraim

Author(s): S.Ramakrishnan | T.Gopalakrishnan | K.Balasamy
Video Watermarking Robust Against Spatio-Temporal Attacks

Author(s): Hongbo BI | Yubo ZHANG | Xueming LI
A Hierarchical Fragile Watermarking with VQ Index Recovery

Author(s): Chin-Feng Lee | Kuo-Nan Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Meng-Cheng Tsai
A Practical Subspace Approach To Landmarking

Author(s): Gert Beumer | Raymond Veldhuis
Extraction of Alignment Relationships in Comparable Corpora Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Author(s): Francisco Oliveira | Fai Wong | Anna Ho | Yi-Ping Li | Sam Chao
A Semi-Blind Reference Watermarking Scheme Using DWT-SVD for Copyright Protection

Author(s): Satyanarayana Murty . P | M.Uday Bhaskar | P.Nanna Babu | P. Rajesh Kumar
Emotion Classification Using Facial Expression

Author(s): Devi Arumugam | Dr. S. Purushothaman
Exploring metabolic pathway disruption in the subchronic phencyclidine model of schizophrenia with the Generalized Singular Value Decomposition

Author(s): Xiao Xiaolin | Dawson Neil | MacIntyre Lynsey | Morris Brian | Pratt Judith | Watson David | Higham Desmond
Symbolic flux analysis for genome-scale metabolic networks

Author(s): Schryer David | Vendelin Marko | Peterson Pearu
Sense through wall human detection using UWB radar

Author(s): Singh Sukhvinder | Liang Qilian | Chen Dechang | Sheng Li
An Experimental Study into Objective Quality Assessment of Watermarked Images

Author(s): Anurag Mishra | Aruna Jain | Manish Narwaria | Charu Agarwal
A Novel Blind Channel Estimation for a 2x2 MIMO System

Author(s): Xia LIU | Marek E. BIALKOWSKI | Feng WANG
A Study of Bilinear Models in Voice Conversion

Author(s): Victor Popa | Jani Nurminen | Moncef Gabbouj
Passive Source Localization in a Randomly Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Muhammad Tabish Niaz | Adnan Ahmad Khan | Imran Shafi
Principal Component Analyses in Anthropological Genetics

Author(s): Xingdong Chen | Chao Chen | Li Jin
A Robust Video Watermarking Algorithm

Author(s): T. Al-Khatib | A. Al-Haj | L. Rajab | H. Mohammed
Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Electrical Charge Tomography System

Author(s): M. F. Rahmat | M. D. Isa | K. Jusoff | T. A. Hussin | S. M. Rozali
A Novel Approach to Dynamic Signature Verification Using Sensor-Based Data glove

Author(s): Shohel Sayeed | Nidal S. Kamel | Rosli Besar

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