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Multiple Intelligences as a New Paradigm in the Education of Mexico

Author(s): José G. Vargas Hernández | Mohammad Reza Noruzi | Narges Sariolghalam
Climatic control on the variability of flood distribution

Author(s): V. Iacobellis | P. Claps | M. Fiorentino
Rahvausk lokaalses kollektiivis

Author(s): Pasi Enges
Unusually young age distribution of primary hepatic leiomyosarcoma: case series and review of the adult literature

Author(s): Shamseddine Achraf | Faraj Walid | Mukherji Deborah | El Majzoub Nadim | Khalife Mohamed | Soubra Ayman | Shamseddine Ali
Kleinberg Navigation on Anisotropic Lattices

Author(s): J. M. Campuzano | J. P. Bagrow | D. ben-Avraham
Symmetry of Metabolic Network

Author(s): Hua Dong | Yanghua Xiao | Wei Wang | Li Jin | Momiao Xiong
A supervised learning approach for taxonomic classification of core-photosystem-II genes and transcripts in the marine environment

Author(s): Tzahor Shani | Man-Aharonovich Dikla | Kirkup Benjamin | Yogev Tali | Berman-Frank Ilana | Polz Martin | Béjà Oded | Mandel-Gutfreund Yael
Consumptive water use associated with food waste: case study of fresh mango in Australia

Author(s): B. G. Ridoutt | P. Juliano | P. Sanguansri | J. Sellahewa
Renal cell carcinoma: Impact of mode of detection on its pathological characteristics

Author(s): Jain Paresh | Surdas R | Aga Pallavi | Jain Manoj | Kapoor Rakesh | Srivastava Aneesh | Mandhani Anil
IntroductionThe Cluster mission

Author(s): C. P. Escoubet | M. Fehringer | M. Goldstein
Antimicrobial peptaibols, novel suppressors of tumor cells, targeted calcium-mediated apoptosis and autophagy in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Author(s): Shi Mei | Wang Hong-Na | Xie Shu-Tao | Luo Yan | Sun Cai-Yun | Chen Xiu-Lan | Zhang Yu-Zhong
Building and analyzing protein interactome networks by cross-species comparisons

Author(s): Wiles Amy | Doderer Mark | Ruan Jianhua | Gu Ting-Ting | Ravi Dashnamoorthy | Blackman Barron | Bishop Alexander
Enhanced brain drug delivery, targeting and assessment of potential Central Nervous System therapeutics across the Blood–Brain Barrier

Author(s): *Nisha Mary Joseph, Palani1, Zelalem Ayenew, Mussie Ghezu, Pramod Kumar Sharma2
Application of Bayes method in determining of the risk factors on the survival rate of gastric cancer patients

Author(s): Ahmad reza Baghestani | Ebrahim Hajizadeh | Seyed Reza Fatemi
A Distributed System for MAD-COW Disease Monitoring and Tracking

Author(s): Lei Zhang | Alvin S. Lim | Hui Song | Xinliang Zheng
Perspectives on the salience and magnitude of dam impacts for hydro development scenarios in China

Author(s): Desiree Tullos | Philip H. Brown | Kelly Kibler | Darrin Magee | Bryan Tilt | Aaron T. Wolf
Pressure pain sensitivity maps of the neck-shoulder and the low back regions in men and women

Author(s): Binderup Asbjørn | Arendt-Nielsen Lars | Madeleine Pascal
Symmetry in Complex Networks

Author(s): Angel Garrido
Prognostic analysis of patients with pancreatic head adenocarcinoma less than 2 cm undergoing resection

Author(s): Kun-Chun Chiang, Chun-Nan Yeh, Wei-Chen Lee, Yi-Yin Jan, Tsann-Long Hwang
La revolución llega a Bahréin

Author(s): María Luisa Peñalva Vélez
Anti-tumor activity of erlotinib in the BxPC-3 pancreatic cancer cell line

Author(s): Ying-Ying Lu, Da-Dao Jing, Ming Xu, Kai Wu, Xing-Peng Wang
Melanosis in the small and large intestine

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Global distribution of sea salt aerosols: new constraints from in situ and remote sensing observations

Author(s): L. Jaeglé | P. K. Quinn | T. S. Bates | B. Alexander | J.-T. Lin
Non-random tissue distribution of human naïve umbilical cord matrix stem cells

Author(s): Dharmendra Kumar Maurya | Chiyo Doi | Marla Pyle | Raja Shekar Rachakatla | Duane Davis | Masaaki Tamura | Deryl Troyer
Mapping cancer, cardiovascular and malaria research in Brazil

Author(s): Rodrigues P.S. | Fonseca L. | Chaimovich H.
Effectiveness of community health financing in meeting the cost of illness

Author(s): Preker Alexander S. | Carrin Guy | Dror David | Jakab Melitta | Hsiao William | Arhin-Tenkorang Dyna
Human health benefits from livestock vaccination for brucellosis: case study

Author(s): Roth Felix | Zinsstag Jakob | Orkhon Dontor | Chimed-Ochir G. | Hutton Guy | Cosivi Ottorino | Carrin Guy | Otte Joachim
A methodological report from the Malmö Diet and Cancer study: development and evaluation of altered routines in dietary data processing

Author(s): Wirfält Elisabet | Mattisson Irene | Johansson Ulla | Gullberg Bo | Wallström Peter | Berglund Göran
Perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEComa) of the uterine cervix associated with intraabdominal "PEComatosis": A clinicopathological study with comparative genomic hybridization analysis

Author(s): Fadare Oluwole | Parkash Vinita | Yilmaz Yesim | Mariappan M Rajan | Ma Linglei | Hileeto Denise | Qumsiyeh Mazin | Hui Pei
SpectralNET – an application for spectral graph analysis and visualization

Author(s): Forman Joshua | Clemons Paul | Schreiber Stuart | Haggarty Stephen
Inorganic Constituents in Coal

Author(s): Rađenović A.
Anisotropic turbulence and zonal jets in rotating flows with a β-effect

Author(s): B. Galperin | S. Sukoriansky | N. Dikovskaya | P. L. Read | Y. H. Yamazaki | R. Wordsworth
Origin of mitochondrial DNA diversity of domestic yaks

Author(s): Guo Songchang | Savolainen Peter | Su Jianping | Zhang Qian | Qi Delin | Zhou Jie | Zhong Yang | Zhao Xinquan | Liu Jianquan
Oesophageal cancer mortality in Spain: a spatial analysis

Author(s): Aragonés Nuria | Ramis Rebeca | Pollán Marina | Pérez-Gómez Beatriz | Gómez-Barroso Diana | Lope Virginia | Boldo Elena | García-Pérez Javier | López-Abente Gonzalo
Hepatitis B e Antigen-Negative Chronic Hepatitis B

Author(s): Maryam Vaez Jalali | Seyed-Moayed Alavian
Family joint activities in a cross-national perspective

Author(s): Zaborskis Apolinaras | Zemaitiene Nida | Borup Ina | Kuntsche Emmanuel | Moreno Carmen
Transposable element distribution, abundance and role in genome size variation in the genus Oryza

Author(s): Zuccolo Andrea | Sebastian Aswathy | Talag Jayson | Yu Yeisoo | Kim HyeRan | Collura Kristi | Kudrna Dave | Wing Rod
GraphCrunch: A tool for large network analyses

Author(s): Milenković Tijana | Lai Jason | Pržulj Nataša
Efectos antrópicos sobre las praderas sumergidas de carófitos en una laguna cárstica

Author(s): Piña, Elisa | Moreno Pérez, Miriam | Cobelas, Miguel Ángel | Cirujano, Santos | Sosnovsky, Alejandro
The climate penalty for clean fossil fuel combustion

Author(s): W. Junkermann | B. Vogel | M. A. Sutton

Author(s): Samanta Jhuma | Bhattacharya S
A comparison of glacier melt on debris-covered glaciers in the northern and southern Caucasus

Author(s): A. Lambrecht | C. Mayer | W. Hagg | V. Popovnin | A. Rezepkin | N. Lomidze | D. Svanadze
The climate penalty for clean fossil fuel combustion

Author(s): W. Junkermann | B. Vogel | M. A. Sutton
Distribution, function and physiological role of melatonin in the lower gut

Author(s): Chun-Qiu Chen | Jakub Fichna | Mohammad Bashashati | Yong-Yu Li | Martin Storr
Interannual variability of air-sea CO2 fluxes and carbon system in the East Siberian Sea

Author(s): I. I. Pipko | I. P. Semiletov | S. P. Pugach | I. Wåhlström | L. G. Anderson
Küresel Kriz Ekseninde Lojistik Sektörü ve Rekabet Analizi

Author(s): Gülşen Serap ÇEKEROL | Niyazi KURNAZ
Delayed Neutrons Energy Spectrum Flux Profile of Nuclear Materials in Ghana’s Miniature Neutron Source Reactor Core

Author(s): R.B.M. Sogbadji | R.G. Abrefah | E. Ampomah-Amoako | S.A. Birikorang | S.E. Agbemava | B.J.B. Nyarko | H.C. Odoi
Endogone lactiflua (Zygomycota, Endogonales) occurs in Poland

Author(s): Janusz Błaszkowski | Iwona Adamska | Beata Czerniawska
Enterprise size and risk of hospital treated injuries among manual construction workers in Denmark: a study protocol

Author(s): Pedersen Betina | Hannerz Harald | Christensen Ulla | Tüchsen Finn
How will climate change affect the potential distribution of Eurasian tree sparrows Passer montanus in North America?

Author(s): Jim GRAHAM, Catherine JARNEVICH, Nick YOUNG, Greg NEWMAN, Thomas STOHLGREN
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