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The man who saved us all.

Author(s): Deshpande A
La mer vagabonde du jeune commandeur de Prévost

Author(s): Ana Alexandra Seabra de Carvalho
Smallpox - past or not past?

Author(s): Kuljić-Kapulica Nada
Global health security and the International Health Regulations

Author(s): Andrus Jon | Aguilera Ximena | Oliva Otavio | Aldighieri Sylvain
Base-By-Base: Single nucleotide-level analysis of whole viral genome alignments

Author(s): Brodie Ryan | Smith Alex | Roper Rachel | Tcherepanov Vasily | Upton Chris
Logistics of community smallpox control through contact tracing and ring vaccination: a stochastic network model

Author(s): Porco Travis | Holbrook Karen | Fernyak Susan | Portnoy Diane | Reiter Randy | Aragón Tomás
Smallpox: clinical highlights and considerations for vaccination.

Author(s): Mahoney M | Symons A | Kimmel S
New insights about host response to smallpox using microarray data

Author(s): Esteves Gustavo | Simoes Ana | Souza Estevao | Dias Rodrigo | Ospina Raydonal | Venancio Thiago
Immunology of Vaccination

Author(s): Yildiz Camcioglu
Coxsackie virus infection simulating smallpox.

Author(s): Mukherjee M | Sarkar J | Mitra A | De S | Roy I | Dumbell K | Almeida J
Cidofovir Activity against Poxvirus Infections

Author(s): Graciela Andrei | Robert Snoeck
ESR and NMR studies provide evidence that phosphatidyl glycerol specifically interacts with poxvirus membranes

Author(s): Debouzy Jean-Claude | Crouzier David | Favier Anne-Laure | Perino Julien
Extracting key information from historical data to quantify the transmission dynamics of smallpox

Author(s): Nishiura Hiroshi | Brockmann Stefan | Eichner Martin
Liposome: A versatile platform for targeted delivery of drugs

Author(s): Sanjay S. Patel | Natavarlal M. Patel | Mukesh R. Patel
Smallpox and Season: Reanalysis of Historical Data

Author(s): Hiroshi Nishiura | Tomoko Kashiwagi
Oncolytic vaccinia therapy of squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Yu Zhenkun | Li Sen | Brader Peter | Chen Nanhai | Yu Yong | Zhang Qian | Szalay Aladar | Fong Yuman | Wong Richard
Organotin Polyethers as Biomaterials

Author(s): Charles E. Carraher Jr. | Michael R. Roner
The Development of an AIDS Mucosal Vaccine

Author(s): Xian Tang | Zhiwei Chen
Calculating the potential for within-flight transmission of influenza A (H1N1)

Author(s): Wagner Bradley | Coburn Brian | Blower Sally
Significantly reduced CCR5-tropic HIV-1 replication in vitro in cells from subjects previously immunized with Vaccinia Virus

Author(s): Weinstein Raymond | Weinstein Michael | Alibek Kenneth | Bukrinsky Michael | Brichacek Beda
Rhazes Diagnostic Differentiation of Smallpox and Measles

Author(s): SC Ashtiyani | A Amoozandeh
Communicable Diseases: Achievements and Challenges for Public Health

Author(s): Schlipköter Ursula | Flahault Antoine
Orthopoxvirus Genome Evolution: The Role of Gene Loss

Author(s): Robert Curtis Hendrickson | Chunlin Wang | Eneida L. Hatcher | Elliot J. Lefkowitz
Ectromelia Virus Infections of Mice as a Model to Support the Licensure of Anti-Orthopoxvirus Therapeutics

Author(s): Scott Parker | Akbar M. Siddiqui | George Painter | Jill Schriewer | R. Mark Buller
Development of ST-246® for Treatment of Poxvirus Infections

Author(s): Robert Jordan | Janet M. Leeds | Shanthakumar Tyavanagimatt | Dennis E. Hruby
Development of CMX001 for the Treatment of Poxvirus Infections

Author(s): Randall Lanier | Lawrence Trost | Tim Tippin | Bernhard Lampert | Alice Robertson | Scott Foster | Michelle Rose | Wendy Painter | Rose O’Mahony | Merrick Almond | George Painter
Efficacy of CMX001 as a Prophylactic and Presymptomatic Antiviral Agent in New Zealand White Rabbits Infected with Rabbitpox Virus, a Model for Orthopoxvirus Infections of Humans

Author(s): Amanda D. Rice | Mathew M. Adams | Bernhard Lampert | Scott Foster | Randall Lanier | Alice Robertson | George Painter | Richard W. Moyer
Efficacy of CMX001 as a Post Exposure Antiviral in New Zealand White Rabbits Infected with Rabbitpox Virus, a Model for Orthopoxvirus Infections of Humans

Author(s): Amanda D. Rice | Mathew M. Adams | Greg Wallace | Andrew M. Burrage | Scott F. Lindsey | Andrew J. Smith | Daniele Swetnam | Brandi R. Manning | Stacey A. Gray | Bernhard Lampert | Scott Foster | Randall Lanier | Alice Robertson | George Painter | Richard W. Moyer
Smallpox and bioterrorism

Author(s): Pennington Hugh
Certification of polio eradication: process and lessons learned

Author(s): Smith Joseph | Leke Rose | Adams Anthony | Tangermann Rudolf H.
Attitudes of healthcare workers in U.S. hospitals regarding smallpox vaccination

Author(s): Yih W Katherine | Lieu Tracy | Rêgo Virginia | O'Brien Megan | Shay David | Yokoe Deborah | Platt Richard
The case for selection at CCR5-Delta32.

Author(s): Sabeti Pardis C | Walsh Emily | Schaffner Steve F | Varilly Patrick | Fry Ben | Hutcheson Holli B | Cullen Mike | Mikkelsen Tarjei S | Roy Jessica | Patterson Nick | Cooper Richard | Reich David | Altshuler David | O'Brien Stephen | Lander Eric S
Transmission patterns of smallpox: systematic review of natural outbreaks in Europe and North America since World War II

Author(s): Bhatnagar Vibha | Stoto Michael | Morton Sally | Boer Rob | Bozzette Samuel
Structure of vaccinia virus thymidine kinase in complex with dTTP: insights for drug design

Author(s): El Omari Kamel | Solaroli Nicola | Karlsson Anna | Balzarini Jan | Stammers David
Genomic sequence and analysis of a vaccinia virus isolate from a patient with a smallpox vaccine-related complication

Author(s): Li Guiyun | Chen Nanhai | Feng Zehua | Buller R Mark | Osborne John | Harms Tiara | Damon Inger | Upton Chris | Esteban David

Author(s): Yonca SÖNMEZ
Preface to the second monograph

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Isolation and characterization of cidofovir resistant vaccinia viruses

Author(s): Becker Marie | Obraztsova Maria | Kern Earl | Quenelle Debra | Keith Kathy | Prichard Mark | Luo Ming | Moyer Richard
When good vaccines go wild: Feral Orthopoxvirus in developing countries and beyond

Author(s): Nissin Moussatché,1,2 Clarissa R. Damaso,2 and Grant McFadden1
Polyclonal antibody cocktails generated using DNA vaccine technology protect in murine models of orthopoxvirus disease

Author(s): Golden Joseph | Zaitseva Marina | Kapnick Senta | Fisher Robert | Mikolajczyk Malgorzata | Ballantyne John | Golding Hana | Hooper Jay
Serologic evidence of human orthopoxvirus infections in Sierra Leone

Author(s): MacNeil Adam | Abel Jason | Reynolds Mary | Lash RR | Fonnie Richard | Kanneh Lansana | Robert Willie | Lungay Victor | Goba Augustine | Moses Lina | Damon Inger | Karem Kevin | Bausch Daniel
El Instituto Médico Valenciano y la difusión de la vacuna

Author(s): Báguena Cervellera, María José
Una práctica inconstante: la vacunación contra la viruela en el Alicante del siglo XIX

Author(s): Perdiguero Gil, Enrique | Bernabeu-Mestre, Josep | Pascual Artiaga, Mercedes
Epidemiologic Assessment of the Protective Effects of Smallpox Vaccination

Author(s): Hiroshi Nishiura | Isao Arita | Markus Schwehm | Martin Eichner

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