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Pain management in chronic pancreatitis

Author(s): Cathia Gachago, Peter V Draganov
Cumulative smoking exposure, duration of smoking cessation, and peripheral arterial disease in middle-aged and older Korean men

Author(s): Lee Young-Hoon | Shin Min-Ho | Kweon Sun-Seog | Choi Jin-Su | Rhee Jung-Ae | Ahn Hye-Ran | Yun Woo-Jun | Ryu So-Yeon | Kim Bok-Hee | Nam Hae-Sung | Jeong Seul-Ki | Park Kyeong-Soo
The use of cessation assistance among smokers from China: Findings from the ITC China Survey

Author(s): Yang Jilan | Hammond David | Driezen Pete | O'Connor Richard | Li Qiang | Yong Hua-Hie | Fong Geoffrey | Jiang Yuan
Effect of interventions to improve health care services for ethnic minority populations

Author(s): Louise Forsetlund | Morten Christoph Eike | Gunn E. Vist
Hospital Based Smoking Cessation: a Review of the Literature

Author(s): Patrick Cervini | Lisa-Ann McKeough
Pilot safety evaluation of varenicline for the treatment of methamphetamine dependence

Author(s): Todd Zorick | Rajkumar J Sevak | Karen Miotto | et al
Thinking about going to the dentist: a Contemplation Ladder to assess dentally-avoidant individuals' readiness to go to a dentist

Author(s): Coolidge Trilby | Skaret Erik | Heima Masahiro | Johnson Elissa | Hillstead M Blake | Farjo Nadia | Asmyhr Oyvind | Weinstein Philip
Factors affecting commencement and cessation of betel quid chewing behaviour in Malaysian adults

Author(s): Ghani Wan | Razak Ishak | Yang Yi-Hsin | Talib Norain | Ikeda Noriaki | Axell Tony | Gupta Prakash | Handa Yujiro | Abdullah Norlida | Zain Rosnah
Design, baseline characteristics, and retention of African American light smokers into a randomized trial involving biological data

Author(s): Cox Lisa | Faseru Babalola | Mayo Matthew | Krebill Ron | Snow Tricia | Bronars Carrie | Nollen Nicole | Choi Won | Okuyemi Kolawole | Salzman Gary | Benowitz Neal | Tyndale Rachel | Ahluwalia Jasjit
RCT of a client-centred, caseworker-delivered smoking cessation intervention for a socially disadvantaged population

Author(s): Bonevski Billie | Paul Christine | D'Este Catherine | Sanson-Fisher Robert | West Robert | Girgis Afaf | Siahpush Mohammad | Carter Robert
Socio-demographic factors and processes associated with stages of change for smoking cessation in pregnant versus non-pregnant women

Author(s): Buja Alessandra | Guarnieri Emanuela | Forza Giovanni | Tognazzo Federica | Sandonà Paolo | Zampieron Alessandra
Trial Protocol: Communicating DNA-based risk assessments for Crohn's disease: a randomised controlled trial assessing impact upon stopping smoking

Author(s): Whitwell Sophia | Mathew Christopher | Lewis Cathryn | Forbes Alastair | Watts Sally | Sanderson Jeremy | Hollands Gareth | Prevost A Toby | Armstrong David | Kinmonth Ann | Sutton Stephen | Marteau Theresa
Study protocol for a randomised trial of nicotine-free cigarettes as an adjunct to usual NRT-based cessation practice, in people who wish to stop smoking

Author(s): Walker Natalie | Howe Colin | Bullen Chris | Grigg Michele | Glover Marewa | McRobbie Hayden | Laugesen Murray | Vander Hoorn Stephen | Whittaker Robyn
Study protocol: a randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of a healthy lifestyle intervention for people with severe mental disorders

Author(s): Baker Amanda | Kay-Lambkin Frances | Richmond Robyn | Filia Sacha | Castle David | Williams Jill | Lewin Terry
Health professional's perceptions of and potential barriers to smoking cessation care: a survey study at a dental school hospital in Japan

Author(s): Saito Atsushi | Nishina Makiko | Murai Keiko | Mizuno Akiko | Ueshima Fumie | Makiishi Takemi | Ichinohe Tatsuya
Smoking Cessation Quitlines in Europe: Matching Services to Callers' Characteristics

Author(s): Willemsen Marc | van der Meer Regina | Schippers Gerard
Gender-specific profiles of tobacco use among non-institutionalized people with serious mental illness

Author(s): Johnson Joy | Ratner Pamela | Malchy Leslie | Okoli Chizimuzo | Procyshyn Ric | Bottorff Joan | Groening Marlee | Schultz Annette | Osborne Marg
Trial Protocol: Using genotype to tailor prescribing of nicotine replacement therapy: a randomised controlled trial assessing impact of communication upon adherence

Author(s): Marteau Theresa | Munafò Marcus | Aveyard Paul | Hill Chloe | Whitwell Sophia | Willis Thomas | Crockett Rachel | Hollands Gareth | Johnstone Elaine | Wright Alison | Prevost A Toby | Armstrong David | Sutton Stephen | Kinmonth Ann
Self-reported tobacco smoking practices among medical students and their perceptions towards training about tobacco smoking in medical curricula: A cross-sectional, questionnaire survey in Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh

Author(s): Sreeramareddy Chandrashekhar | Suri Sushil | Menezes Ritesh | Kumar HN Harsha | Rahman Mahbubur | Islam Md | Pereira Xavier | Shah Mohsin | Sathian Brijesh | Shetty Ullasa | Vaswani Vina
Lung injury after cigarette smoking is particle related

Author(s): Rahul G Sangani | Andrew J Ghio
Smoking and stress: the double-edged sword of living in a disadvantaged area

Author(s): Dr George Tsourtos | Associate Professor Paul R Ward | Dr Robert Muller
Targeting nicotine addiction: the possibility of a therapeutic vaccine

Author(s): Escobar-Chávez JJ | Domínguez-Delgado CL | Rodríguez-Cruz IM
Smoking cessation in patients with cardiopulmonary diseases

Author(s): Zeynep Pınar Önen | Elif Şen | Banu Eriş Gülbay | Ayperi Öztürk | Öznur Akkoca Yıldız | Turan Acıcan | Sevgi Saryal | Gülseren Karabıyıkoğlu
Smoking status and anti-inflammatory macrophages in bronchoalveolar lavage and induced sputum in COPD

Author(s): Kunz Lisette | Lapperre Thérèse | Snoeck-Stroband Jiska | Budulac Simona | Timens Wim | van Wijngaarden Simone | Schrumpf Jasmijn | Rabe Klaus | Postma Dirkje | Sterk Peter | Hiemstra Pieter
Feasibility and acceptability of a multiple risk factor intervention: The Step Up randomized pilot trial

Author(s): McClure Jennifer | Catz Sheryl | Ludman Evette | Richards Julie | Riggs Karin | Grothaus Lou
Delivery of maternal health care in Indigenous primary care services: baseline data for an ongoing quality improvement initiative

Author(s): Rumbold Alice | Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Dowden Michelle | Kennedy Catherine | Cox Rhonda | O'Donoghue Lynette | Liddle Helen | Kwedza Ru | Thompson Sandra | Burke Hugh | Brown Alex | Weeramanthri Tarun | Connors Christine
High prevalence of lung cancer in a surgical cohort of lung cancer patients a decade after smoking cessation

Author(s): Mong Cindy | Garon Edward | Fuller Clark | Mahtabifard Ali | Mirocha James | Mosenifar Zab | McKenna Robert
A randomised, feasibility trial of a tele-health intervention for Acute Coronary Syndrome patients with depression ('MoodCare'): Study protocol

Author(s): O'Neil Adrienne | Hawkes Anna | Chan Bianca | Sanderson Kristy | Forbes Andrew | Hollingsworth Bruce | Atherton John | Hare David | Jelinek Michael | Eadie Kathy | Taylor C Barr | Oldenburg Brian
Smoking cessation can improve quality of life among COPD patients: Validation of the clinical COPD questionnaire into Greek

Author(s): Papadopoulos George | Vardavas Constantine | Limperi Maria | Linardis Apostolos | Georgoudis George | Behrakis Panagiotis
Does Secondhand Smoke Affect the Development of Dental Caries in Children? A Systematic Review

Author(s): Takashi Hanioka | Miki Ojima | Keiko Tanaka | Mito Yamamoto

Author(s): Nurhidayati Fawzani | Atik Triratnawati
Smoking cessation interventions in nurses and other health care workers

Author(s): Giuseppe La Torre | Rosella Saulle | Francesco Di Nardo | Tiziana Germani
How Do Price Minimizing Behaviors Impact Smoking Cessation? Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey

Author(s): Andrea S. Licht | Andrew J. Hyland | Richard J. O’Connor | Frank J. Chaloupka | Ron Borland | Geoffrey T. Fong | Nigar Nargis | K. Michael Cummings

Author(s): Savaliya Pratik | Karigar Asif | Ramana MV | Patel Mitul | Kalathiya Mahesh
Exploration of nurses' knowledge regarding Ηypertension

Author(s): Anastasios Kokkinakis | Dimitrios Michalis | Krystalia Koultoudi | Paraskevi Gourni | Maria Polikandrioti | George Vassilopoulos | Maritsa Gourni
Smoking, a cause of unsuccessful aging

Author(s): Valer Donca | Dan Rădulescu | Antonia Macarie | Elena Buzdugan | Luminiţa Paşca | Adela M. Şerban
Tobacco Use, Exposure to Secondhand Smoke, and Cessation Counseling Among Health Professions Students: Greek Data from the Global Health Professions Student Survey (GHPSS)

Author(s): Anastasia Barbouni | Christos Hadjichristodoulou | Kyriakoula Merakou | Eleni Antoniadou | Kallirrhoe Kourea | Evangelia Miloni | Charles W. Warren | George Rahiotis | Jenny Kremastinou
Undertreatment of COPD: a retrospective analysis of US managed care and Medicare patients

Author(s): Make B | Dutro MP | Paulose-Ram R | Marton JP | Mapel DW
Municipality screening of citizens with suspicion of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Riegels-Jakobsen T | Skouboe M | Dollerup J | Andersen CB | Staal LB | Jakobsen RBH | Poulsen PB
The effects of counseling on smoking cessation in patients suffering from COPD

Author(s): Shaban M | Nejati S | Mehran A | Saidi J
Cigarette Smoking in Iran

Author(s): A Meysamie | R Ghaletaki | N Zhand | M Abbasi
Persistence in health behaviors among Medicare beneficiaries

Author(s): Eberechukwu Onukwugha | Thomas Shaffer | Jennifer Lloyd | Franklin Hendrick | Amy Davidoff | Bruce Stuart | Ruth Lopert | Francoise Pradel
Persistence in health behaviors among Medicare beneficiaries

Author(s): Eberechukwu Onukwugha | Thomas Shaffer | Jennifer Lloyd | Franklin Hendrick | Amy Davidoff | Bruce Stuart | Ruth Lopert | Francoise Pradel
Screening and prevention in Swiss primary care: a systematic review

Author(s): Eisner D | Zoller M | Rosemann T | Huber CA | Badertscher N | Tandjung R
Smoking Cessation with E-Cigarettes in Smokers with a Documented History of Depression and Recurring Relapses

Author(s): Pasquale Caponnetto | Riccardo Polosa | Roberta Auditore | Cristina Russo | Davide Campagna
Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Sudden Infant Death Using the National Maternal and Infant Health Survey: A Case-Case Study

Author(s): Kathleen F Brookfield | James D Wilkinson | Barbara Luke | Kristopher Arheart | Eleni Sfakianaki
Pelvic pain in endometriosis: is success of therapy gone in cigarette smoke?

Author(s): Agnes Koppan | Judit Hamori | Ildiko Vranics | Janos Garai | Ildiko Kriszbacher | Jozsef Bodis | Frank Oehmke | Hans-Rudolph Tinneberg | Miklos Koppan
Physicians are a key to encouraging cessation of smoking among people living with HIV/AIDS: a cross-sectional study in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Author(s): Amiya Rachel | Poudel Krishna | Poudel-Tandukar Kalpana | Kobayashi Jun | Pandey Basu | Jimba Masamine
Rationale and methods of the multicenter randomised trial of a heart failure management programme among geriatric patients (HF-Geriatrics)

Author(s): Pascual Carlos | Galán Emilio | Guerrero Jose | Colino Rocio | Soler Pedro | Calvo Mercedes | Jaurieta Juan | Arambarri Jorge | Casado Jose | Rodríguez-Artalejo Fernando
Promoting smoking cessation in Pakistani and Bangladeshi men in the UK: pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of trained community outreach workers

Author(s): Begh Rachna | Aveyard Paul | Upton Penney | Bhopal Raj | White Martin | Amos Amanda | Prescott Robin | Bedi Raman | Barton Pelham | Fletcher Monica | Gill Paramjit | Zaidi Qaim | Sheikh Aziz
Examining sustainability in a hospital setting: Case of smoking cessation

Author(s): Campbell Sharon | Pieters Karen | Mullen Kerri-Anne | Reece Robin | Reid Robert
Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial of Swedish snus for smoking reduction and cessation

Author(s): Joksić Gordana | Spasojević-Tišma Vera | Antić Ruza | Nilsson Robert | Rutqvist Lars
Gastrointestinal adverse effects of varenicline at maintenance dose: a meta-analysis

Author(s): Leung Lawrence | Patafio Francis | Rosser Walter
The SCIDOTS Project: Evidence of benefits of an integrated tobacco cessation intervention in tuberculosis care on treatment outcomes

Author(s): Awaisu Ahmed | Nik Mohamed Mohamad Haniki | Mohamad Noordin Noorliza | Abd Aziz Noorizan | Syed Sulaiman Syed Azhar | Muttalif Abdul Razak | Ahmad Mahayiddin Aziah
Effectiveness of proactive telephone counselling for smoking cessation in parents: Study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Schuck Kathrin | Otten Roy | Kleinjan Marloes | Bricker Jonathan | Engels Rutger
Randomized controlled trial of mailed Nicotine Replacement Therapy to Canadian smokers: study protocol

Author(s): Cunningham John | Leatherdale Scott | Selby Peter | Tyndale Rachel | Zawertailo Laurie | Kushnir Vladyslav
Targeted versus universal prevention. a resource allocation model to prioritize cardiovascular prevention

Author(s): Feenstra Talitha | van Baal Pieter | Jacobs-van der Bruggen Monique | Hoogenveen Rudolf | Kommer Geert-Jan | Baan Caroline
Effect of an electronic nicotine delivery device (e-Cigarette) on smoking reduction and cessation: a prospective 6-month pilot study

Author(s): Polosa Riccardo | Caponnetto Pasquale | Morjaria Jaymin | Papale Gabriella | Campagna Davide | Russo Cristina
Comparison of primary care models in the prevention of cardiovascular disease - a cross sectional study

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Singh Jatinderpreet | Hogg William | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica
Study protocol of a Dutch smoking cessation e-health program

Author(s): Stanczyk Nicola | Bolman Catherine | Muris Jean | de Vries Hein
The frequency of cigarette smoking in patients with psoriasis vulgaris: a comparative study

Author(s): Ashkevari Sh | Ehsani AH | Ghanbari A | Molaii H | Noormohammadpour P
The Effects of Maternal Cigarette Smoking on Infant Anthropometric Measurements

Author(s): F Sahin Mutlu | U Ayranci | K Ozdamar | S Yazici
How effective is Brief Smoking Cessation Counseling in Infertile Couples?

Author(s): Mahshid Aryanpur | Gholamreza Heydari | Majid Tarahomi | Mohamad Mehdi Akhondi | Hooman Sadri Ardakani | Mohamad Reza Masjedi
The Prevalence and Motivation of Cigarette Smoking among Kerman high school students

Author(s): Hassan Ziaaddini | Manzumeh S Meymandi | Alireza Zarezadeh
Professional scopes and roles of community pharmacists in various health care services: An updated review

Author(s): Brajesh Kumar*1, Divya P. Khare1, Kausar Shafaat2, Vimal K.Yadav3 ,Umesh Kumar4
Unannounced telephone pill counts for assessing varenicline adherence in a pilot clinical trial

Author(s): Thompson N | Nazir N | Sanderson Cox L | Faseru B | Goggin K | Ahluwalia JS | Nollen NL
Quit Attempt Correlates among Smokers by Race/Ethnicity

Author(s): Jennifer W. Kahende | Ann M. Malarcher | Anna Teplinskaya | Kat J. Asman
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
A randomised controlled trial linking mental health inpatients to community smoking cessation supports: A study protocol

Author(s): Stockings Emily | Bowman Jennifer | Wiggers John | Baker Amanda | Terry Margarett | Clancy Richard | Wye Paula | Knight Jenny | Moore Lyndell
A rare case of "switch on and off" multi-system Langerhans cell histiocytosis in an adult patient

Author(s): Karpathiou Georgia | Koutsopoulos Anastasios | Froudarakis Marios
The emphysematous lung is abnormally sensitive to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis

Author(s): Morissette Mathieu | Parent Julie | Milot Julie
Interest in technology-based and traditional smoking cessation programs among adult smokers in Ankara, Turkey

Author(s): Ybarra Michele | Bağci Bosi A Tülay | Bilir Nazmi | Holtrop Jodi | Korchmaros Josephine | Emri Salih
Self-Reported Exposure to Policy and Environmental Influences on Smoking Cessation and Relapse: A 2-Year Longitudinal Population-based Study

Author(s): James Nonnemaker | James Hersey | Ghada Homsi | Andrew Busey | Andrew Hyland | Harlan Juster | Matthew Farrelly
Medical students’ readiness to provide smoking cessation help

Author(s): Andreicheva, E.N. | Andreeva, T.I. | Ananjeva, G.A.
Changing patterns of tobacco use in a middle-aged population – the role of snus, gender, age, and education

Author(s): Margareta Norberg | Gunnar Lundqvist | Maria Nilsson | Hans Gilljam | Lars Weinehall
Smoking, a Perioperative Risk Factor for Patients undergoing Thoracic Organ Transplantation

Author(s): M. Pötschke-Langer | K. Schaller | N. K. Schneider | S. Kahnert
Epidemiology of menthol cigarette use in the United States

Author(s): Caraballo Ralph | Asman Katherine
Menthol cigarettes and smoking cessation behavior

Author(s): Hoffman Allison | Miceli Donna
Reduction in oxidatively generated DNA damage following smoking cessation

Author(s): Box Harold | O'Connor Richard | Patrzyc Helen | Iijima Herbert | Dawidzik Jean | Freund Harold | Budzinski Edwin | Cummings K Michael | Mahoney Martin
Nursing education and beliefs towards tobacco cessation and control: a cross- sectional national survey (GHPSS) among nursing students in Greece

Author(s): Patelarou Evridiki | Vardavas Constantine | Ntzilepi Penelope | Warren Charles | Barbouni Anastasia | Kremastinou Jenny | Connolly Gregory | Behrakis Panagiotis
Disseminating a smoking cessation intervention to childhood and young adult cancer survivors: baseline characteristics and study design of the partnership for health-2 study

Author(s): de Moor Janet | Puleo Elaine | Ford Jennifer | Greenberg Mark | Hodgson David | Tyc Vida | Ostroff Jamie | Diller Lisa | Levy Andrea | Sprunck-Harrild Kim | Emmons Karen
Culturally-Tailored Smoking Cessation for American Indians: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Choi Won | Faseru Babalola | Beebe Laura | Greiner Allen | Yeh Hung-Wen | Shireman Theresa | Talawyma Myrietta | Cully Lance | Kaur Baljit | Daley Christine
HEART: heart exercise and remote technologies: A randomized controlled trial study protocol

Author(s): Maddison Ralph | Whittaker Robyn | Stewart Ralph | Kerr Andrew | Jiang Yannan | Kira Geoffrey | Carter Karen | Pfaeffli Leila
Sputum and nasal lavage lung-specific biomarkers before and after smoking cessation

Author(s): Bouloukaki Izolde | Tsiligianni Ioanna | Tsoumakidou Maria | Mitrouska Ioanna | Prokopakis Emmanuel | Mavroudi Irene | Siafakas Nikolaos | Tzanakis Nikolaos
The role of gender in a smoking cessation intervention: a cluster randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Puente Diana | Cabezas Carmen | Rodriguez-Blanco Teresa | Fernández-Alonso Carmen | Cebrian Tránsito | Torrecilla Miguel | Clemente Lourdes | Martín Carlos
Payment for performance (P4P): any future in Italy?

Author(s): Castaldi Silvana | Bodina Annalisa | Bevilacqua Luciana | Parravicini Elena | Bertuzzi Michaela | Auxilia Francesco
Effectiveness of regular reporting of spirometric results combined with a smoking cessation advice by a primary care physician on smoking quit rate in adult smokers: a randomized controlled trial. ESPIROTAB study

Author(s): Rodriguez-Alvarez Mar | Torán-Monserrat Pere | Muñoz-Ortiz Laura | Negrete-Palma Antonio | Montero-Alia Juan | Jiménez-González Mercedes | Zurilla-Leonarte Elena | Marina-Ortega Victoria | Olle-Borque Montserrat | Valentin-Moya Esther | Cortada-Cabrera Anna | Tena-Domingo Alexis | Martínez-González Silvia | Vila-Palau Victoria | Ramos-Ordoñez Adriana | Rotllant-Estelrich Guida | Forcada-Vega Carme | Borrell-Thió Eulàlia
'The smoking toolkit study': a national study of smoking and smoking cessation in England

Author(s): Fidler Jennifer | Shahab Lion | West Oliver | Jarvis Martin | McEwen Andy | Stapleton John | Vangeli Eleni | West Robert
Experiences of outreach workers in promoting smoking cessation to Bangladeshi and Pakistani men: longitudinal qualitative evaluation

Author(s): Begh Rachna | Aveyard Paul | Upton Penney | Bhopal Raj | White Martin | Amos Amanda | Prescott Robin | Bedi Raman | Barton Pelham | Fletcher Monica | Gill Paramjit | Zaidi Qaim | Sheikh Aziz
Long-term Smoking Cessation Rates and Differences in Outpatients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma

Author(s): Zeynep Pınar Önen | Elif Şen | Banu Eriş Gülbay | Öznur Akkoca Yıldız | Turan Acıcan | Sevgi Saryal
Residential smoking restrictions are not associated with reduced child SHS exposure in a baseline sample of low-income, urban African Americans

Author(s): Bradley N. Collins | Jennifer K. Ibrahim | Melbourne Hovell | Natalie M. Tolley | Uma S. Nair | Karen Jaffe | David Zanis | Janet Audrain-McGovern
Supporting smoking cessation in healthcare: obstacles in scientific understanding and tobacco addiction management

Author(s): Dianne de Korte | Onno C. P. van Schayck | Paul van Spiegel | Ad A. Kaptein | Alfred Sachs | Maureen Rutten-van Mölken | Niels Chavannes | Trudi Tromp-Beelen | Rik Bes | Remi Allard | Gerard Peeters | Leo Kliphuis | Jan Willem Schouten | Lies van Gennip | René van Ommen | Javier Asin
Ulcerative colitis in smokers, non-smokers and ex-smokers

Author(s): Guillermo Bastida | Belén Beltrán
Perioperative Education of Patient Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

Author(s): Alexandros Zacharis | Aikaterini Kampourelli
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