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Author(s): Huidrom Romesh Chandra Singh | T. kalaikumaran | Dr. S. Karthik
Free and Open Source Options for Creating Database-Driven Subject Guides

Author(s): Edward M. Corrado | Kathryn A. Frederick
Tag-elese or The Language of Tags

Author(s): Jan Simons
More Effective Web Search Using Bigrams and Trigrams

Author(s): David Johnson | Vishv Malhotra | Peter Vamplew
Folksonomies, the Web and Search Engines

Author(s): Louise Spiteri
Tag Gardening for Folksonomy Enrichment and Maintenance

Author(s): Isabella Peters | Katrin Weller
Design and Implementation of an Online Social Network with Face Recognition

Author(s): Ray K. C. Lai | Jack C. K. Tang | Angus K. Y. Wong | Philip I. S. Lei
OERs, Standards and Trends

Author(s): Germania del Rocio Rodriguez Morales | Samanta Patricia Cueva Carrión
Introduction to the Inaugural Issue

Author(s): A.C.M. Fong
Highways and outposts: economic development and health threats in the central Brazilian Amazon region

Author(s): Barcellos Christovam | Feitosa Patrícia | Damacena Giseli | Andreazzi Marco
Ranking Popular Items By Naive Bayes Algorithm

Author(s): Shiramshetty Gouthami | Golamari.Jose Mary | Pulluri Srinivas Rao
Indoor Positioning System Using Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): Hamid Mehmood | Nitin K. Tripathi | Taravudh Tipdecho
Tag Recommendation System for Social Annotation System

Author(s): Ali Kohi | Mehrdad Jalali | Seyed Javad Ebrahimi
Quality-Assured and Sociality-Enriched Multimedia Mobile Mashup

Author(s): Zhang Hongguang | Zhao Zhenzhen | Sivasothy Shanmugalingam | Huang Cuiting | Crespi Noël
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
iTAG: Automatically Annotating Textual Resources with Human Intentions

Author(s): Mark Kröll | Christian Körner | Markus Strohmaier
Unsupervised Tag Sense Disambiguation in Folksonomies

Author(s): Kaipeng Liu | Binxing Fang | Weizhe Zhang
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