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Electrophysiological evidence for an early processing of human voices

Author(s): Charest Ian | Pernet Cyril | Rousselet Guillaume | Quiñones Ileana | Latinus Marianne | Fillion-Bilodeau Sarah | Chartrand Jean-Pierre | Belin Pascal
Auditive Discrimination of Equine Gaits by Parade Horses

Author(s): Duilio Cruz-Becerra | Enrique Burunat-Gutiérrez | Aldo Hernández-Barrios | Andrés Manuel Pérez-Acosta
Fossil Phoronida and related ichnotaxa

Author(s): Emig Christian C.
Sound Frequency Discrimination in Normal-Hearing Listeners and Cochlear Implantees

Author(s): Evan J. Propst | Karen A. Gordon | Robert V. Harrison | Sharon M. Abel | Blake C. Papsin
Abnormal resting-state cortical coupling in chronic tinnitus

Author(s): Schlee Winfried | Hartmann Thomas | Langguth Berthold | Weisz Nathan
Single-Channel Talker Localization Based on Discrimination of Acoustic Transfer Functions

Author(s): Tetsuya Takiguchi | Yuji Sumida | Ryoichi Takashima | Yasuo Ariki
Modulation of auditory evoked responses to spectral and temporal changes by behavioral discrimination training

Author(s): Draganova Rossitza | Wollbrink Andreas | Schulz Matthias | Okamoto Hidehiko | Pantev Christo
Remote Sensing of Mangrove Ecosystems: A Review

Author(s): Claudia Kuenzer | Andrea Bluemel | Steffen Gebhardt | Tuan Vo Quoc | Stefan Dech
Location Coding by Opponent Neural Populations in the Auditory Cortex

Author(s): Stecker G. Christopher | Harrington Ian A | Middlebrooks John C
AIDS, conflict and the media in Africa: risks in reporting bad data badly

Author(s): Lowicki-Zucca Massimo | Spiegel Paul | Ciantia Filippo
The contribution of high frequencies to human brain activity underlying horizontal localization of natural spatial sounds

Author(s): Leino Sakari | May Patrick | Alku Paavo | Liikkanen Lassi | Tiitinen Hannu
Ovarian Cancer Classification based on Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Sera

Author(s): Baolin Wu | Tom Abbott | David Fishman | Walter McMurray | Gil Mor | Kathryn Stone | David Ward | Kenneth Williams | Hongyu Zhao
Landmine Detection and Discrimination Using High-Pressure Waterjets

Author(s): Bhargav Mantha | Kopal Nema | Deepak R. Somasundaram | Sanjeev Agarwal | R. Joe Stanley | Daryl G. Beetner
Improvement of Speech Perception in Children with Cochlear Implant

Author(s): Nasim Manouchehri | Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman | Farzad Mobedshahi | Massud Motesadi Zarandi | Belghis Rovshan
A Time-Frequency Approach for Discrimination of Heart Murmurs

Author(s): Sepideh Jabbari | Hassan Ghassemian
Landmine Detection and Discrimination Using High-Pressure Waterjets

Author(s): Beetner Daryl G | Stanley R Joe | Agarwal Sanjeev | Somasundaram Deepak R | Nema Kopal | Mantha Bhargav
The Comparing Auditory Discrimination in Blind and Sighted Subjects

Author(s): Sayyed Hasan Khamooshi | Ensye Abassi | Dr. Ali Asghar Kakojoibari | Dr. Mohammad Reza Keyhani | Dr. Hassan Ashayeri
Speech Perception in Children Under Noisy Situations

Author(s): Jacob, Regina Tangerino de Souza | Monteiro, Natália Fernanda Garro | Molina, Samira Vilela | Bevilacqua, Maria Cecília | Lauris, José Roberto Pereira | Moret, Adriane Lima Mortari
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