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Institutions and Economic Reforms

Author(s): Wendy Carlin
Infant mortality trends in a region of Belarus, 1980–2000

Author(s): Zichittella Lauren | Mahoney Martin | Lawvere Silvana | Michalek Arthur | Chunikhovskiy Sergey | Khotianov Natan
Health sector reforms in Central and Eastern Europe

Author(s): McKee Martin | Nolte Ellen
Determinants of cardiovascular disease and other non-communicable diseases in Central and Eastern Europe: Rationale and design of the HAPIEE study

Author(s): Peasey Anne | Bobak Martin | Kubinova Ruzena | Malyutina Sofia | Pajak Andrzej | Tamosiunas Abdonas | Pikhart Hynek | Nicholson Amanda | Marmot Michael
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