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Russia’s power and competitiveness

Author(s): Rukavishnikov Vladimir

Author(s): Liviu Bogdan Vlad | Adina Negrea
Jokes as the Truth about Soviet Socialism

Author(s): Christie Davies
Influence of various factors on individual radiation exposure from the chernobyl disaster

Author(s): Zamostian Pavlo | Moysich Kirsten | Mahoney Martin | McCarthy Philip | Bondar Alexandra | Noschenko Andrey | Michalek Arthur
The Experience of Rising Inequality in Russia and China during the Transition

Author(s): James K. Galbraith | Ludmila Krytynskaia | Qifei Wang
The Influence of the Devotion Movement on the Health Care in North Korea

Author(s): CHOI Young-In | KIM Soo-Youn | HWANG Sang-Ik
Mortality Reversal in Russia: The story so far

Author(s): Shkolnikov, Vladimir M. | Andreev, Evgueni M. | Leon, David A. | McKee, Martin | Meslé, France | Vallin, Jacques
Tshuktshid II

Author(s): Ülo Siimets
The psychological well-being of Norwegian adolescents exposed in utero to radiation from the Chernobyl accident

Author(s): Heiervang Kristin | Mednick Sarnoff | Sundet Kjetil | Rund Bjørn
The Role of Iran Regarding the U.S. Security Systems in the Persian Gulf Region

Author(s): Seyed Mohsen Mirhosseini | Sarvinder Kaur Sandhu
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