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Factors influencing the stable carbon isotopic composition of suspended and sinking organic matter in the coastal Antarctic sea ice environment

Author(s): S. F. Henley | A. L. Annett | R. S. Ganeshram | D. S. Carson | K. Weston | X. Crosta | A. Tait | J. Dougans | A. E. Fallick | A. Clarke
Does Large Genome Size Limit Speciation in Endemic Island Floras?

Author(s): Maxim V. Kapralov | Dmitry A. Filatov

Author(s): Laura Buburuzan | Lucian Gorgan | Ioan Bara
Species composition and geographical distribution of fishes in Tungsha Island and Taiping Island in the South China Sea

Author(s): Kwang-Tsao Shao | Jeng-Ping Chen | Ching-Yi Chen | Cheing-Hua Huang | Jen-Wei Kuo
An improved leaping detector for flow analysis applied to iron speciation in drugs

Author(s): Sérgio R. B. Santos | Mário C. U. Araújo | Ricardo S. Honorato | Elias A. G. Zagatto | José F. C. Lima | Rui A. S. Lapa
Speciation of inorganic selenium and selenoamino acids by an HPLC-UV-HG-AFS system

Author(s): I. Ipolyi | W. Corns | P. Stockwell | P. Fodor
Application of Pneumatic Flow Injection-Tandem Spectrometer System for Chromium Speciation

Author(s): Meissam Noroozifar | Mozhgan Khorasani-Motlagh | Reza Akbari
Estudio de la hidrólisis del ion Niquel(II) y de la formación de los complejos de Niquel(II) con los ácidos Picolínico y Dipicolínico en NaCl 1,0 a 25°C

Author(s): Luís Veliz | José Daniel Martínez | Mary Lorena Araujo | Felipe Brito | Giuseppe Lubes | Mildred Rodríguez | Vito Lubes
Influence of nickel speciation on electrokinetic sediment remediation efficiency

Author(s): Rajić Ljiljana | Dalmacija Božo | Ugarčina-Perović Svetlana | Watson Malcolm | Dalmacija Milena
Cuban Calisto (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae), a review based on morphological and DNA data

Author(s): Rayner Núñez Aguila | Edelquis Plasencia | Pavel Matos Maravi | Niklas Wahlberg
Use of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA to Identify Candida Species, Originated from Cancer Patients

Author(s): Zohreh Saltanatpour | Tahereh Shokohi | Mohamadbagher Hashemi Sooteh | Mohamad Taghi Hedayati | Hamid Badali
Developmental rate: A unifying mechanism for sympatric divergence in postglacial fishes?

Author(s): Megan V. MCPHEE, David L. G. NOAKES, Fred W. ALLENDORF
Implications of chloride enhanced cadmium uptake in saline agriculture: modeling cadmium uptake by maize and tobacco

Author(s): U. J. López-Chuken | U. López-Domínguez | R. Parra-Saldivar | E. Moreno-Jiménez | L. Hinojosa-Reyes | J. L. Guzmán-Mar | E. Olivares-Sáenz
Leaching of chromium from chromium contaminated soil: Speciation study and geochemical modeling

Author(s): Anđelković Darko H. | Anđelković Tatjana D. | Nikolić Ružica S. | Purenović Milovan M. | Blagojević Srđan D. | Bojić Aleksandar Lj. | Ristić Milica M.
Synergy between Allopatry and Ecology in Population Differentiation and Speciation

Author(s): Yann Surget-Groba | Helena Johansson | Roger S. Thorpe

Determination of the biogenic secondary organic aerosol fraction in the boreal forest by NMR spectroscopy

Author(s): E. Finessi | S. Decesari | M. Paglione | L. Giulianelli | C. Carbone | S. Gilardoni | S. Fuzzi | S. Saarikoski | T. Raatikainen | R. Hillamo | J. Allan | Th. F. Mentel | P. Tiitta | A. Laaksonen | T. Petäjä | M. Kulmala | D. R. Worsnop | M. C. Facchini
Peroxy radical chemistry and OH radical production during the NO3-initiated oxidation of isoprene

Author(s): A. J. Kwan | A. W. H. Chan | N. L. Ng | H. G. Kjaergaard | J. H. Seinfeld | P. O. Wennberg
Nested-grid simulation of mercury over North America

Author(s): Y. Zhang | L. Jaeglé | A. van Donkelaar | R. V. Martin | C. D. Holmes | H. M. Amos | Q. Wang | R. Talbot | R. Artz | S. Brooks | W. Luke | T. M. Holsen | D. Felton | E. K. Miller | K. D. Perry | D. Schmeltz | A. Steffen | R. Tordon | P. Weiss-Penzias | R. Zsolway
Measuring the Form of Iron in Hydrothermal Plume Particles

Author(s): Brandy M. Toner | Matthew A. Marcus | Katrina J. Edwards | Olivier Rouxel | Christopher R. German
Evaluation of chemical transport model predictions of primary organic aerosol for air masses classified by particle-component-based factor analysis

Author(s): C. A. Stroud | M. D. Moran | P. A. Makar | S. Gong | W. Gong | J. Zhang | J. G. Slowik | J. P. D. Abbatt | G. Lu | J. R. Brook | C. Mihele | Q. Li | D. Sills | K. B. Strawbridge | M. L. McGuire | G. J. Evans
Cryptic species in lichen-forming fungi

Author(s): A. Crespo | T.H. Lumbsch
An Overview on Metal Cations Extraction by Azocalixarenes

Author(s): Hasalettin Deligöz | Shahabuddin Memon
A review of mixed malaria species infections in anopheline mosquitoes

Author(s): Imwong Mallika | Nakeesathit Supatchara | Day Nicholas | White Nicholas
The evolution of the tape measure protein: units, duplications and losses

Author(s): Belcaid Mahdi | Bergeron Anne | Poisson Guylaine
Evolution of orthologous tandemly arrayed gene clusters

Author(s): Tremblay Savard Olivier | Bertrand Denis | El-Mabrouk Nadia
Hybridization and massive mtDNA unidirectional introgression between the closely related Neotropical toads Rhinella marina and R. schneideri inferred from mtDNA and nuclear markers

Author(s): Sequeira Fernando | Sodré Davidson | Ferrand Nuno | Bernardi José | Sampaio Iracilda | Schneider Horacio | Vallinoto Marcelo
Evolution of the apomixis transmitting chromosome in Pennisetum

Author(s): Akiyama Yukio | Goel Shailendra | Conner Joann | Hanna Wayne | Yamada-Akiyama Hitomi | Ozias-Akins Peggy
Little ecological divergence associated with speciation in two African rain forest tree genera

Author(s): Couvreur Thomas | Porter-Morgan Holly | Wieringa Jan | Chatrou Lars
A hitchhikers guide to the Galápagos: co-phylogeography of Galápagos mockingbirds and their parasites

Author(s): Štefka Jan | Hoeck Paquita | Keller Lukas | Smith Vincent
Speciation of heavy metals in inter-tidal sediments of the Okrika river system, Rivers State Nigeria

Author(s): Michael Horsfall Jr | Millie Nne Horsfall | Ayebaemi I. Spiff
Global Sequence Homology Detection Using Word Conservation Probability

Author(s): Jae-Seong Yang | Dae-Kyum Kim | Jinho Kim | Sanguk Kim | Jae-Seong Yang | Dae-Kyum Kim | Jinho Kim | Sanguk Kim | Jae-Seong Yang | Dae-Kyum Kim | Jinho Kim | Sanguk Kim
The Fire INventory from NCAR (FINN): a high resolution global model to estimate the emissions from open burning

Author(s): C. Wiedinmyer | S. K. Akagi | R. J. Yokelson | L. K. Emmons | J. A. Al-Saadi | J. J. Orlando | A. J. Soja
Speciation of Chromium in Soil and Sludge in the Surrounding Tannery Region, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu

Author(s): Badal Kumar Mandal | Raviraj Vankayala | L. Uday Kumar
A review of marine phylogeography in southern Africa

Author(s): Peter R. Teske | Sophie von der Heyden | Christopher D. McQuaid | Nigel P. Barker
Removal of Arsenic with Oyster Shell: Experimental Measurements

Author(s): Md. Atiqur Rahman, , and | Mohammad Arifur Rahman | Abdus Samad | Abdul M. S. Alam
Voltammetric Study of Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V) in Ground Water of Hajigonj and Kalkini in Bangladesh

Author(s): Samir Chandra Paul | Mohammad Arifur Rahman | Nur-E-Alam Siddique
Copper(II) and lead(II) complexation by humic acid and humic-like ligands

Fossil versus contemporary sources of fine elemental and organic carbonaceous particulate matter during the DAURE campaign in Northeast Spain

Author(s): M. C. Minguillón | N. Perron | X. Querol | S. Szidat | S. M. Fahrni | A. Alastuey | J. L. Jimenez | C. Mohr | A. M. Ortega | D. A. Day | V. A. Lanz | L. Wacker | C. Reche | M. Cusack | F. Amato | G. Kiss | A. Hoffer | S. Decesari | F. Moretti | R. Hillamo | K. Teinilä | R. Seco | J. Peñuelas | A. Metzger | S. Schallhart | M. Müller | A. Hansel | J. F. Burkhart | U. Baltensperger | A. S. H. Prévôt
Determination of the biogenic secondary organic aerosol fraction in the boreal forest by AMS and NMR measurements

Author(s): E. Finessi | S. Decesari | M. Paglione | L. Giulianelli | C. Carbone | S. Gilardoni | S. Fuzzi | S. Saarikoski | T. Raatikainen | R. Hillamo | J. Allan | Th. F. Mentel | P. Tiitta | A. Laaksonen | T. Petäjä | M. Kulmala | D. R. Worsnop | M. C. Facchini
Temperature and sunlight controls of mercury oxidation and deposition atop the Greenland ice sheet

Author(s): S. Brooks | C. Moore | D. Lew | B. Lefer | G. Huey | D. Tanner
Chromosomal painting and ZW sex chromosomes differentiation in Characidium (Characiformes, Crenuchidae)

Author(s): Machado Tatiana | Pansonato-Alves José | Pucci Marcela | Nogaroto Viviane | Almeida Mara | Oliveira Claudio | Foresti Fausto | Bertollo Luiz | Moreira-Filho Orlando | Artoni Roberto | Vicari Marcelo
Genomes and geography: genomic insights into the evolution and phylogeography of the genus Schistosoma

Author(s): Lawton Scott | Hirai Hirohisa | Ironside Joe | Johnston David | Rollinson David
Opportunities for improving pLDH-based malaria diagnostic tests

Author(s): Piper Robert | Buchanan Ian | Choi Young | Makler Michael
Speciation in little: the role of range and body size in the diversification of Malagasy mantellid frogs

Author(s): Wollenberg Katharina | Vieites David | Glaw Frank | Vences Miguel
New progress in community assembly: community phylogenetic structure combining evolution and ecology

Author(s): Hongyu Niu | Zhengfeng Wang | Juyu Lian | Wanhui Ye | Hao Shen
Growth of Photosynthetic Biofilms and Fe, Pb, Cu, and Zn Speciation in Unsaturated Columns with Calcareous Mine Tailings from Arid Zones

Author(s): J. V. García-Meza | M. I. Contreras-Aganza | J. Castro-Larragoitia | R. H. Lara
Nickel (II) Preconcentration and Speciation Analysis During Transport from Aqueous Solutions Using a Hollow-fiber Permeation Liquid Membrane (HFPLM) Device

Author(s): Ana Nelly Bautista-Flores | Eduardo Rodríguez De San Miguel | Josefina de Gyves | Jan Åke Jönsson
Explicit modelling of SOA formation from α-pinene photooxidation: sensitivity to vapour pressure estimation

Author(s): R. Valorso | B. Aumont | M. Camredon | T. Raventos-Duran | C. Mouchel-Vallon | N. L. Ng | J. H. Seinfeld | J. Lee-Taylor | S. Madronich
Mercury speciation in soils and attic dust in the Idrija area

Author(s): Mateja Gosar | Robert Šajn | Harald Biester
On the phylogeny of Mustelidae subfamilies: analysis of seventeen nuclear non-coding loci and mitochondrial complete genomes

Author(s): Yu Li | Peng Dan | Liu Jiang | Luan Pengtao | Liang Lu | Lee Hang | Lee Muyeong | Ryder Oliver | Zhang Yaping
A multi gene sequence-based phylogeny of the Musaceae (banana) family

Author(s): Christelová Pavla | Valárik Miroslav | Hřibová Eva | De Langhe Edmond | Doležel Jaroslav
Adaptive phenotypic plasticity in the Midas cichlid fish pharyngeal jaw and its relevance in adaptive radiation

Author(s): Muschick Moritz | Barluenga Marta | Salzburger Walter | Meyer Axel
Functional pathway mapping analysis for hypoxia-inducible factors

Author(s): Chuang Chia-Sheng | Pai Tun-Wen | Hu Chin-Hua | Tzou Wen-Shyong | Dah-Tsyr Chang Margaret | Chang Hao-Teng | Chen Chih-Chia
Ecological character displacement in the face of gene flow: Evidence from two species of nightingales

Author(s): Reifová Radka | Reif Jiří | Antczak Marcin | Nachman Michael
Size-controlled synthesis of monodispersed gold nanoparticles via carbon monoxide gas reduction

Author(s): Young Joseph | Lewinski Nastassja | Langsner Robert | Kennedy Laura | Satyanarayan Arthi | Nammalvar Vengadesan | Lin Adam | Drezek Rebekah
The evolutionary history of the SAL1 gene family in eutherian mammals

Author(s): Meslin Camille | Brimau Fanny | Meillour Patricia | Callebaut Isabelle | Pascal Géraldine | Monget Philippe
Interpopulation hybridization results in widespread viability selection across the genome in Tigriopus californicus

Author(s): Pritchard Victoria | Dimond Leilani | Harrison J | S Velázquez Claudia | Zieba Jennifer | Burton Ronald | Edmands Suzanne
Introgression and rapid species turnover in sympatric damselflies

Author(s): Sánchez-Guillén Rosa | Wellenreuther Maren | Cordero-Rivera Adolfo | Hansson Bengt
Exome-wide DNA capture and next generation sequencing in domestic and wild species

Author(s): Cosart Ted | Beja-Pereira Albano | Chen Shanyuan | Ng Sarah | Shendure Jay | Luikart Gordon
Effect of soil properties and sample preparation on extractable and soluble Pb and Cd fractions in soils

Author(s): Jiřina Száková | Daniela Miholová | Pavel Tlustoš | Ivana Šestáková | Zuzana Frková
Novel method for discerning the action of selection during evolution

Author(s): Ming Yang | Ada Solidar | Gerald J. Wyckoff
Characteristics of PM2.5 speciation in representative megacities and across China

Author(s): F. Yang | J. Tan | Q. Zhao | Z. Du | K. He | Y. Ma | F. Duan | G. Chen | Q. Zhao
Natural hybridization between Elymus repens and E. hispidus assessed by AFLP analysis

Author(s): Magdalena Szczepaniak | Elżbieta Cieślak | Piotr Bednarek

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