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Low Complexity DFT-Domain Noise PSD Tracking Using High-Resolution Periodograms

Author(s): Richard C. Hendriks | Richard Heusdens | Jesper Jensen | Ulrik Kjems
Single-Channel Speech Enhancement by NWNS and EMD

Author(s): Somlal Das | Mohammad Ekramul Hamid | Keikichi Hirose | Md. Khademul Islam Molla
Adaptive V/UV Speech Detection Based on Characterization of Background Noise

Author(s): F. Beritelli | S. Casale | A. Russo | S. Serrano
Fundamental Frequency Estimation of the Speech Signal Compressed by MP3 Algorithm Using PCC Interpolation

The Implementation and Optimization of AMR on Mobile Device

Author(s): Jie Yang | Shengsheng Yu | Jingli Zhou
DOA Estimation with Local-Peak-Weighted CSP

Author(s): Osamu Ichikawa | Takashi Fukuda | Masafumi Nishimura
DPCM with Forward Gain-Adaptive Quantizer and Simple Switched Predictor for High Quality Speech Signals

Jitter Estimation Algorithms for Detection of Pathological Voices

Author(s): Dárcio G. Silva | Luís C. Oliveira | Mário Andrea
A Variable Step-Size Proportionate Affine Projection Algorithm for Identification of Sparse Impulse Response

Author(s): Ligang Liu | Masahiro Fukumoto | Sachio Saiki | Shiyong Zhang
The Acoustic and Peceptual Effects of Series and Parallel Processing

Author(s): Melinda C. Anderson | Kathryn H. Arehart | James M. Kates
Parsing of part-of-speech tagged Assamese Texts

Author(s): Mirzanur Rahman | Sufal Das | Utpal Sharma
Query-Driven Strategy for On-the-Fly Term Spotting in Spontaneous Speech

Author(s): Mickael Rouvier | Georges Linarès | Benjamin Lecouteux
Automatic Recognition of Lyrics in Singing

Author(s): Annamaria Mesaros | Tuomas Virtanen
PCA-Based Speech Enhancement for Distorted Speech Recognition

Author(s): Tetsuya Takiguchi | Yasuo Ariki
Development of Receiver Stimulator for Auditory Prosthesis

Author(s): K. Raja Kumar | P. Seetha Ramaiah
Analysis of speech waveform quantization methods

Author(s): Tadić Predrag R. | Đurović Željko | Kovačević Branko
A Combined Voice Activity Detector Based On Singular Value Decomposition and Fourier Transform

Author(s): Jamal Ghasemi | Amard Afzalian | M.R. Karami Mollaei
Lips Detection using Closed Boundary Watershed and Improved H∞ Lips Tracking System

Author(s): Siew Wen Chin, Kah Phooi Seng, Li-Minn Ang and King Hann Lim
Free Inter-band Aliasing Sub-band Adaptive Filtering with Critical Sampling Filter bank Analysis

Author(s): Telagarapu. Prabhakar | Dr.K.Satya Prasad | P.M.K. Prasad

Author(s): G.SUVARNA KUMAR | K.A.PRASAD RAJU, | Dr.Mohan Rao CPVNJ, | P.Satheesh
Intelligent Adaptive Feedback Assessment System in Learning Environment

Author(s): G. Suvarna Kumar | P. V. G. D. Prasad Reddy | Sumit Gupta | Sandeep V.
Fish Recognition Based on Robust Features Extraction from Size and Shape Measurements Using Neural Network

Author(s): Mutasem K. Alsmadi | Khairuddin B. Omar | Shahrul A. Noah | Ibrahim Almarashdeh
An FFT-Based Companding Front End for Noise-Robust Automatic Speech Recognition

Author(s): Raj Bhiksha | Turicchia Lorenzo | Schmidt-Nielsen Bent | Sarpeshkar Rahul
Detection-Guided Fast Affine Projection Channel Estimator for Speech Applications

Author(s): Jennifer Yan Wu | Homer John | Rombouts Geert | Moonen Marc
Underdetermined Blind Audio Source Separation Using Modal Decomposition

Author(s): Aïssa-El-Bey Abdeldjalil | Abed-Meraim Karim | Grenier Yves
Wavelet-Based MPNLMS Adaptive Algorithm for Network Echo Cancellation

Author(s): Deng Hongyang | Doroslovački Miloš
Step Size Bound of the Sequential Partial Update LMS Algorithm with Periodic Input Signals

Author(s): Ramos Pedro | Torrubia Roberto | López Ana | Salinas Ana | Masgrau Enrique
Wideband Speech Recovery Using Psychoacoustic Criteria

Author(s): Berisha Visar | Spanias Andreas
Perceptual Continuity and Naturalness of Expressive Strength in Singing Voices Based on Speech Morphing

Author(s): Yonezawa Tomoko | Suzuki Noriko | Abe Shinji | Mase Kenji | Kogure Kiyoshi
Electrophysiological Study of Algorithmically Processed Metric/Rhythmic Variations in Language and Music

Author(s): Ystad Sølvi | Magne Cyrille | Farner Snorre | Pallone Gregory | Aramaki Mitsuko | Besson Mireille | Kronland-Martinet Richard
Set-Membership Proportionate Affine Projection Algorithms

Author(s): Werner Stefan | Apolinário José A | Diniz Paulo SR
Denoising in the Domain of Spectrotemporal Modulations

Author(s): Mesgarani Nima | Shamma Shihab
Tracking Intermittently Speaking Multiple Speakers Using a Particle Filter

Author(s): Quinlan Angela | Kawamoto Mitsuru | Matsusaka Yosuke | Asoh Hideki | Asano Futoshi
Multiple Source Localization Based on Acoustic Map De-Emphasis

Author(s): Brutti Alessio | Omologo Maurizio | Svaizer Piergiorgio
Frequency-Domain Adaptive Algorithm for Network Echo Cancellation in VoIP

Author(s): Lin Xiang(Shawn) | Khong AndyWH | Doroslovăcki Milŏs | Naylor PatrickA
Online Personalization of Hearing Instruments

Author(s): Ypma Alexander | Geurts Job | Özer Serkan | van der Werf Erik | de Vries Bert
On a Method for Improving Impulsive Sounds Localization in Hearing Defenders

Author(s): Sällberg Benny | Sattar Farook | Claesson Ingvar
Quality Enhancement of Compressed Audio Based on Statistical Conversion

Author(s): Cantzos Demetrios | Mouchtaris Athanasios | Kyriakakis Chris
Automatic Music Boundary Detection Using Short Segmental Acoustic Similarity in a Music Piece

Author(s): Itoh Yoshiaki | Iwabuchi Akira | Kojima Kazunori | Ishigame Masaaki | Tanaka Kazuyo | Lee Shi-Wook
Using SVM as Back-End Classifier for Language Identification

Author(s): Suo Hongbin | Li Ming | Lu Ping | Yan Yonghong
Quantization Effects and Stabilization of the Fast-Kalman Algorithm

Author(s): Papaodysseus Constantin | Alexiou Constantin | Roussopoulos George | Panagopoulos Athanasios
Multi-Channel Sub-Band Speech Recognition

Author(s): McCowan Iain A | Sridharan Sridha
Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Using MPEG-4 Compliant Visual Features

Author(s): Aleksic Petar S | Williams Jay J | Wu Zhilin | Katsaggelos Aggelos K
Automatic Speechreading with Applications to Human-Computer Interfaces

Author(s): Zhang Xiaozheng | Broun Charles C | Mersereau Russell M | Clements Mark A
Blind Source Separation Combining Independent Component Analysis and Beamforming

Author(s): Saruwatari Hiroshi | Kurita Satoshi | Takeda Kazuya | Itakura Fumitada | Nishikawa Tsuyoki | Shikano Kiyohiro
A Two-Sensor Noise Reduction System: Applications for Hands-Free Car Kit

Author(s): Guérin Alexandre | Le Bouquin-Jeannès Régine | Faucon Gérard
Channel Effect Compensation in LSF Domain

Author(s): Yu An-Tze | Wang Hsiao-Chuan
DOA Estimation with Local-Peak-Weighted CSP

Author(s): Ichikawa Osamu | Fukuda Takashi | Nishimura Masafumi
Harmonic Enhancement in Low Bitrate Audio Coding Using an Efficient Long-Term Predictor

Author(s): Song Jeongook | Lee Chang-Heon | Oh Hyen-O | Kang Hong-Goo
A Noise Reduction Preprocessor for Mobile Voice Communication

Author(s): Martin Rainer | Malah David | Cox Richard V | Accardi Anthony J
A Fast LSF Search Algorithm Based on Interframe Correlation in G.723.1

Author(s): Kibey Sameer A | Kulkarni Jaydeep P | Sarode Piyush D
SPAIDE: A Real-time Research Platform for the Clarion CII/90K Cochlear Implant

Author(s): Van Immerseel L | Peeters S | Dykmans P | Vanpoucke F | Bracke P
Accuracy of MFCC-Based Speaker Recognition in Series 60 Device

Author(s): Saastamoinen Juhani | Karpov Evgeny | Hautamäki Ville | Fränti Pasi
An Auditory-Masking-Threshold-Based Noise Suppression Algorithm GMMSE-AMT[ERB] for Listeners with Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Author(s): Natarajan Ajay | Hansen John HL | Arehart Kathryn Hoberg | Rossi-Katz Jessica
Towards Low-Power On-chip Auditory Processing

Author(s): Ravindran Sourabh | Smith Paul | Graham David | Duangudom Varinthira | Anderson David V | Hasler Paul
A Computationally Efficient Mel-Filter Bank VAD Algorithm for Distributed Speech Recognition Systems

Author(s): Vlaj Damjan | Kotnik Bojan | Horvat Bogomir | Kačič Zdravko
Microphone Array Speaker Localizers Using Spatial-Temporal Information

Author(s): Gannot Sharon | Dvorkind Tsvi Gregory
Robust In-Car Speech Recognition Based on Nonlinear Multiple Regressions

Author(s): Li Weifeng | Takeda Kazuya | Itakura Fumitada
Comparison Of LDM and LMS for an Application of a Speech

Author(s): V.A.Mane | K.P.Paradeshi | S.A.Harage | M.S.Ingavale
Multimodal Speaker Segmentation and Identification in Presence of Overlapped Speech Segments

Author(s): Viktor Rozgic | Kyu J. Han | Panayiotis G. Georgiou | Shrikanth Narayanan
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mei-Ling Shyu | Yu Cao | Ming Li | Jun Kong | Jie Bao

Automatic Identification used in Audio-Visual indexing and Analysis

Author(s): A. Satish Chowdary | N.Tirupathi | K. Nageswara Rao | K. Nagamani
Query-Driven Strategy for On-the-Fly Term Spotting in Spontaneous Speech

Author(s): Rouvier Mickael | Linarès Georges | Lecouteux Benjamin
Parts of Speech Tagging for Afaan Oromo

Author(s): Getachew Mamo Wegari | Million Meshesha
Noisy Speech Enhancement Using Soft Thresholding on Selected Intrinsic Mode Functions

Author(s): Hadhami Issaoui , Aïcha Bouzid, Noureddine Ellouze
English to Arabic Machine Translation Based on Reordring Algorithm

Author(s): Ehsan A. Mohammed | Mohd. J. Ab Aziz
Semitone frequency mapping to improve music representation for nucleus cochlear implants

Author(s): Omran Sherif | Lai Waikong | Büchler Michael | Dillier Norbert
Acoustic Echo Cancellation: Dual Architecture Implementation

Author(s): B. Stark | B. D. Barkana | B. Stark | B. D. Barkana

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