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On the diversity of some spiders (Aranea: Arachnida) from Serbia

Author(s): Ćurčić Božidar P. | Deltshev C.C. | Blagoev G.A. | Ćurčić Srećko B. | Tomić Vladimir T.
The canopy spiders (Araneae) of the floodplain forest in Leipzig

Author(s): Otto, Stefan | Floren, Andreas
Noninsect Arthropods in Popular Music

Author(s): Joseph R. Coelho
On two sibling Lathys species (Araneae, Dictynidae) from northern Europe

Author(s): Yuri Marusik | Seppo Koponen | Niclas Fritzén
Biodiversity of spiders: On some taxa new to Serbia and to science

Author(s): Ćurčić B.P.M. | Deltshev C.C. | Tomić V.T. | Ćurčić S.B.
On some leaf-litter and cave-dwelling spiders (Aranea: Arachnida) from the Republic of Macedonia

Author(s): Ćurčić Božidar P. | Deltshev C.C. | Blagoev G.A. | Ćurčić Srećko B. | Makarov Slobodan E. | Mitić Bojan M. | Stojkoska Emilija A. | Stanković Snežana V.

Author(s): Paulo Rogério Beltramin da Fonseca | Thiago Ferreira Bertoncello | João Franco Ribeiro | Marcos Gino Fernandes | Paulo Eduardo Degrande
Notes on TQFT Wire Models and Coherence Equations for SU(3) Triangular Cells

Author(s): Robert Coquereaux | Esteban Isasi | Gil Schieber
On some families of arbitrarily vertex decomposable spiders

Author(s): Tomasz Juszczyk | Irmina A. Zioło
Prospects for using DNA barcoding to identify spiders in species-rich genera

Author(s): Paul Hebert | Sarah Adamowicz | Emily Robinson | Gergin Blagoev
Notes on Mediterranean Theridiidae (Araneae) – II

Author(s): Barbara Knoflach | Christine Rollard | Konrad Thaler
On the diversity of some soil and cave spiders (Aranea: Arachnida) from Serbia

Author(s): Ćurčić Božidar P. | Delčev H.H. | Blagoev G.A. | Tomić Vladimir T. | Ćurčić Srećko B. | Mitić Bojan M. | Đorović Ljiljana D. | Ilie Viktorija N.
Hygropetric and litter-inhabiting spiders (Araneae) from the Abruzzo Apennines (Central Italy)

Author(s): Isaia, Marco | Osella, Guiseppe | Pannunzio, Giovanni
Araneofauna captured in the forest and adjacent area, in the north of Paraná, Brazil Araneofauna capturada na mata e área aberta adjacente, no norte do Paraná, Brasil

Author(s): José Lopes | Fernando Pereira dos Santos | Viviani Vieira Marques Marçal | Maria Paula Barion Pinto Nunes | Lizandra Lucy Catelli
Spider-Venom Peptides as Therapeutics

Author(s): Natalie J. Saez | Sebastian Senff | Jonas E. Jensen | Sing Yan Er | Volker Herzig | Lachlan D. Rash | Glenn F. King
Effects of Spider Venom Toxin PWTX-I (6-Hydroxytrypargine) on the Central Nervous System of Rats

Author(s): Lilian M. M. Cesar-Tognoli | Simone D. Salamoni | Andrea A. Tavares | Carol F. Elias | Jaderson C. Da Costa | Jackson C. Bittencourt | Mario S. Palma
Spiders do not escape reproductive manipulations by Wolbachia

Author(s): Vanthournout Bram | Swaegers Janne | Hendrickx Frederik
Contenha-se, se for capaz

Author(s): Mirna Feitoza Pereira
Predation on amphibians by spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) in the Neotropical region

Author(s): Marcelo Menin | Domingos de Jesus Rodrigues | Clarissa Salette de Azevedo
Neural Processing of Auditory Signals and Modular Neural Control for Sound Tropism of Walking Machines

Author(s): Poramate Manoonpong | Frank Pasemann | Joern Fischer | Hubert Roth
Cocoon-Making and Egg-Laying of Spiders

Author(s): J. H. Emerton
Walckenaer's Names of American Spiders

Author(s): James Henry Emerton
Notes on Protective Resemblance in Spiders

Author(s): George F. Atkinson
New Trap-Door Nests of Spiders

Author(s): J. H. Emerton
An Internal Dipterous Parasite of Spiders

Author(s): James Henry Emerton
Insects and Spiders of the Galapagos Islands

Author(s): Vernon L. Kellogg
The So-Called Mandibles of Spiders

Author(s): William A. Riley
The Calls of Spiders

Author(s): Fred H. Lahee
Notes on Canadian and Arctic Spiders

Author(s): J. H. Emerton
New Spiders From Southern New England

Author(s): J. H. Emerton
Social Habits of Some Canary Island Spiders

Author(s): William Morton Wheeler
Spiders Eating Snakes

Author(s): J. H. Emerton
A Few Southern Spiders

Author(s): Elizabeth B. Bryant
New Species of Southern Spiders

Author(s): Elizabeth B. Bryant
Some New or Little Known Southern Spiders

Author(s): Elizabeth B. Bryant
Notes on Spiders From Puerto Rico

Author(s): Elizabeth B. Bryant
Some Spiders From Acapulco, Mexico

Author(s): Elizabeth B. Bryant
On Spermatic Transmission in Spiders

Author(s): J. W. Abalos | E. C. Baez
Notes on American Theridiid Spiders

Author(s): Herbert W. Levi
The Predatory Behavior of Some Araneid Spiders and the Origin of Immobilization Wrapping

Author(s): Michael H. Robinson | Heath Mirick | Olga Turner
Attacks on Large or Heavily Defended Preyby Tropical Salticid Spiders

Author(s): Michael H. Robinson | Carlos E. Valerio
Dragline-Following by Male Lycosid Spiders

Author(s): William J. Tietjen
A Fly That Mimics Jumping Spiders

Author(s): Thomas Eisner
Symbiosis Between Social Spiders and Yeast:The Role in Prey Attraction

Author(s): William James Tietjen | L. Rao Ayyagari | George W. Uetz
Oviposition in Spiders

Author(s): J. H. Emerton
Systematics, conservation and morphology of the spider genus Tayshaneta (Araneae, Leptonetidae) in Central Texas Caves

Author(s): Joel Ledford | Pierre Paquin | James Cokendolpher | Josh Campbell | Charles Griswold
The diet of Great Tit Parus major nestlings in a Mediterranean Iberian forest: the important role of spiders

Author(s): Pagani–Núñez, E. | Ruiz, Í. | Quesada, J. | Negro, J. J. | Senar, J. C.
Cave fauna in Yachang Nature Reserve, Guangxi

Author(s): Xuezhen Li | Changying Niu | Zhongjiu Jiao | Chaoliang Lei | Xuefeng Tan
The complexity of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus genome characterised through detailed analysis of two BAC clones

Author(s): Moolhuijzen Paula | Lew-Tabor Ala | Morgan Jess | Valle Manuel | Peterson Daniel | Dowd Scot | Guerrero Felix | Bellgard Matthew | Appels Rudi

Author(s): Yuri M. MARUSIK | Recep Sulhi ÖZKÜTÜK | Kadir Boğaç KUNT | Rahşen S. KAYA
Secondary halite deposits in the Iranian salt karst: general description and origin

Author(s): Filippi Michal | Bruthans Jiri | Palatinus Lukas | Zare Muhamad | Asadi Naser
The Spider Loxosceles adelaida GERSTCH, 1967 (Araneae, Sicariidae) in the Karstic Area of Ribeira Valley, PETAR, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): Rute Maria Goncalves-de-Andrade | Fernando Delgado Pretel | Denise Vilarinho Tambourgi
Mangrove Spiders (Araneae) of Peninsular Malaysia

Author(s): Y. Norma-Rashid | N.A. Rahman | D. Li
Biointensive Integrated Pest Management for Bt Cotton

Author(s): P.S. Shanmugam | R. Balagurunathan | N. Sathiah
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