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Accidental spinal cord injury during spinal anesthesia: A report

Author(s): Netravathi M | Taly A | Sinha S | Bindu P | Goel G
Neuroarthropathy of the hip following spinal cord injury

Author(s): Banskota Bibek | Bijukachhe Binod | Kazi ShresthaBabu | Banskota Ashok
Absence of high amplitude propagating contractions in subjects with chronic spinal cord injury

Author(s): Hanumantha R Ancha, Noel R Fajardo, William A Bauman, Alan S Rosman, Marinella Galea, Graham Creasey, Mark A Korsten
Subaxial (C3-C7) cervical spine injuries : Comparison of early and late surgical intervention

Author(s): Vashdev Chandwani | BK Ojha | Anil Chandra | Mohammad Kaif | Vishwanath GU
Factors affecting long-term outcome in acute cervical cord injury

Author(s): KVL Narsinga Rao | N Vijaya Saradhi | AK Purohit
Quality of life in patients with spinal cord injury: literature review study

Author(s): Gelson Aguiar da Silva, Juliana Neves da Costa, Thelma Leite de Araújo, Zuíla Maria de Figueiredo Carvalho, Ângela Maria Alves e Souza, Violante Augusta Batista Braga
The Short History of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation in Turkey - Education

Author(s): Kerem Gün | Şafak S. Karamehmetoğlu
Preserved acute pain and impaired neuropathic pain in mice lacking protein interacting with C Kinase 1

Author(s): Wang Wei | Petralia Ronald | Takamiya Kogo | Xia Jun | Li Yun-Qing | Huganir Richard | Tao Yuan-Xiang | Yaster Myron
Novel Concept of Motor Functional Analysis for Spinal Cord Injury in Adult Mice

Author(s): Munehisa Shinozaki | Yuichiro Takahashi | Masahiko Mukaino | Nobuhito Saito | Yoshiaki Toyama | Hideyuki Okano | Masaya Nakamura
Potentially Low Cost Solution to Extend Use of Early Generation Computed Tomography

Author(s): Tonna, Joseph E | Balanoff, Amy M | Lewin, Matthew R | Saandari, Namjilmaa | Wintermark, Max
The Animal Model of Spinal Cord Injury as an Experimental Pain Model

Author(s): Aya Nakae | Kunihiro Nakai | Kenji Yano | Ko Hosokawa | Masahiko Shibata | Takashi Mashimo
Beneficial Effect of the Traditional Chinese Drug Shu-Xue-Tong on Recovery of Spinal Cord Injury in the Rat

Author(s): Li-Yun Jia | An-Hui Yao | Fang Kuang | Yu-Kai Zhang | Xue-Feng Shen | Gong Ju
Ethanol Extract of Chinese Propolis Facilitates Functional Recovery of Locomotor Activity after Spinal Cord Injury

Author(s): Masaki Kasai | Hidefumi Fukumitsu | Hitomi Soumiya | Shoei Furukawa
Respiratory muscle pacing with chronically implanted intramuscular Permaloc electrodes: A feasibility study

Author(s): James S. Walter, PhD | Robert D. Wurster, PhD | Qianlong Zhu, PhD | Franco Laghi, MD
Trainer variability during step training after spinal cord injury: Implications for robotic gait-training device design

Author(s): Jose A. Galvez, PhD | Amy Budovitch, PT | Susan J. Harkema, PhD | David J. Reinkensmeyer, PhD
Role of plasma membrane calcium ATPase 2 in spinal cord pathology

Author(s): Amanda Kathleen Fakira | Stella Elkabes
Reduction in antioxidant enzyme expression and sustained inflammation enhance tissue damage in the subacute phase of spinal cord contusive injury

Author(s): Wang Chih-Yen | Chen Jen-Kun | Wu Yi-Ting | Tsai May-Jywan | Shyue Song-Kun | Yang Chung-Shi | Tzeng Shun-Fen
Evaluation of the safety of C-spine clearance by paramedics: design and methodology

Author(s): Vaillancourt Christian | Charette Manya | Kasaboski Ann | Maloney Justin | Wells George | Stiell Ian
Gait kinematic analysis in patients with a mild form of central cord syndrome

Author(s): Gil-Agudo Angel | Pérez-Nombela Soraya | Forner-Cordero Arturo | Pérez-Rizo Enrique | Crespo-Ruiz Beatriz | del Ama-Espinosa Antonio
Early intensive hand rehabilitation after spinal cord injury ("Hands On"): a protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Harvey Lisa | Dunlop Sarah | Churilov Leonid | Hsueh Ya-Seng | Galea Mary
A preconditioning nerve lesion inhibits mechanical pain hypersensitivity following subsequent neuropathic injury

Author(s): Moalem-Taylor Gila | Li Man | Allbutt Haydn | Wu Ann | Tracey David
Temporomandibular joint inflammation activates glial and immune cells in both the trigeminal ganglia and in the spinal trigeminal nucleus

Author(s): Villa Giovanni | Ceruti Stefania | Zanardelli Matteo | Magni Giulia | Jasmin Luc | Ohara Peter | Abbracchio Maria
Absence of IFNγ expression induces neuronal degeneration in the spinal cord of adult mice

Author(s): Victório Sheila | Havton Leif | Oliveira Alexandre
Progenitor cells as remote

Author(s): Peter A Walker | Phillip A Letourneau | Supinder Bedi | Shinil K Shah | Fernando Jimenez | Charles S Cox Jr
The knowledge level of students at Halic University on spinal cord injuries

Author(s): Selmin KOSE | Gulay YILDIRIM | Necmiye SABUNCU | Fatma OZHAN | Hatice YORULMAZ
Motor Control in Patients with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries and Various Voluntary Movement Capabilities

Author(s): Shih-Wei Chou | Yu-Cheng Pei | Cheng-Hsiu Lai | Chia-Hua Kuo | Tieh-Cheng Fu | Wei-Hsien Hong
Transpedicular screw fixation of thoracolumbar spine fractures

Author(s): Saša Milenković | Jordan Saveski | Neda Trajkovska | Goran Vidić | Mile Radenković
Comparison of in-person and digital photograph assessment of stage III and IV pressure ulcers among veterans with spinal cord injuries

Author(s): Darcey D. Terris, PhD | Christine Woo, MS | Marc N. Jarczok, Dipl. rer. soc. | Chester H. Ho, MD
Relationship between clinical and psychological variables in women with spinal cord injury

Author(s): Mª Ángeles Alcedo-Rodríguez | Antonio León Aguado-Díaz | Lara García-Carenas | Benito Arias-Martínez
Pain treatment with ziconotide and baclofen in a case of spasticity associated with neuropathic pain

Author(s): D. G. Quarta | A. Cionini Ciardi | D. Clerici | P. Spina | L. Parigi
Bladder management methods and urological complications in spinal cord injury patients

Author(s): Singh Roop | Rohilla Rajesh | Sangwan Kapil | Siwach Ramchander | Magu Narender | Sangwan Sukhbir
SDF1 in the dorsal corticospinal tract promotes CXCR4+ cell migration after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Tysseling Vicki | Mithal Divakar | Sahni Vibhu | Birch Derin | Jung Hosung | Miller Richard | Kessler John
Awake Fiberoptic Intubation for Cesarean Section in a Parturient with Odontoid Fracture and Atlantoaxial Subluxation

Author(s): Shu-Yam Wong | Kit-Man Wong | An-Shine Chao | Ching-Chung Liang | Jee-Ching Hsu
Characterization and Degradation Behavior of Agar–Carbomer Based Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Applications: Solute Effect

Author(s): Filippo Rossi | Marco Santoro | Tommaso Casalini | Pietro Veglianese | Maurizio Masi | Giuseppe Perale
Online Assessment of Human-Robot Interaction for Hybrid Control of Walking

Author(s): Antonio J. del-Ama | Juan C. Moreno | Ángel Gil-Agudo | Ana de-los-Reyes | José L. Pons
Erythropoietin: Recent Developments in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Author(s): Stephana Carelli | Giovanni Marfia | Anna Maria Di Giulio | Giorgio Ghilardi | Alfredo Gorio
RAR/RXR and PPAR/RXR Signaling in Spinal Cord Injury

Author(s): Sabien van Neerven | Jörg Mey
Cervico-thoracic kyphosis in a girl with Pierre Robin sequence

Author(s): Al Kaissi, Ali | Ganger, Rudolf | Klaushofer, Klaus | Grill, Franz
Brain Computer Interfaces, a Review

Author(s): Luis Fernando Nicolas-Alonso | Jaime Gomez-Gil
Stem Cell Therapy in Treatment of Different Diseases

Author(s): Bagher Larijani | Ensieh Nasli Esfahani | Peyvand Amini | Behrouz Nikbin | Kamran Alimoghaddam | Somayeh Amiri | Reza Malekzadeh | Nika Mojahed Yazdi | Maryam Ghodsi | Yahya Dowlati | Mohammad Ali Sahraian | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
Extrinsic and intrinsic determinants of nerve regeneration

Author(s): Toby A. Ferguson | Young-Jin Son
Blunt Traumatic Cervical Spine Fractures in Iran

Author(s): Soheil Saadat | Aliashraf Eghbali | Alexander R. Vaccaro | Mahdi Sharif-Alhoseini | Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar
Spinal Clinic for Obese Out-Patient Project (SCOOP)—A 1 Year Report

Author(s): Samford Wong | Allison Graham | George Grimble | Alastair Forbes
Contemporary treatment neuropathic pain

Author(s): Cvijanović Milan | Simić Svetlana | Banić-Horvat Sofija | Jovin Zita | Slankamenac Petar | Ilin Miroslav
Pediatric spine injuries after trauma: a review of 43 cases

Author(s): Mohammadreza Ehsaei | Gholamreza Bahadorkhan | Fariborz Samini | Hamed Kheradmand
Brain-Computer Interface Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation System for Ankle Movement

Author(s): Do An | Wang Po | King Christine | Abiri Ahmad | Nenadic Zoran
A case of squamous cell carcinoma arising from a suprapubic cystostomy tract

Author(s): Ito Hiroki | Arao Masayuki | Ishigaki Hanako | Ohshima Noboru | Horita Ayako | Saito Ikuo | Hirai Kotaro
Delayed inflammatory mRNA and protein expression after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Byrnes Kimberly | Washington Patricia | Knoblach Susan | Hoffman Eric | Faden Alan
Isolation of mineralizing Nestin+ Nkx6.1+ vascular muscular cells from the adult human spinal cord

Author(s): Mamaeva Daria | Ripoll Chantal | Bony Claire | Teigell Marisa | Perrin Florence | Rothhut Bernard | Bieche Ivan | Lidereau Rosette | Privat Alain | Rigau Valérie | Guillon Hélène | Vachiery-Lahaye Florence | Noel Daniele | Bauchet Luc | Hugnot Jean-Philippe
Burden of traumatic spine fractures in Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Moradi-Lakeh Maziar | Rasouli Mohammad | Vaccaro Alexander | Saadat Soheil | Zarei Mohammad | Rahimi-Movaghar Vafa
EEG-Based Asynchronous BCI Controls Functional Electrical Stimulation in a Tetraplegic Patient

Author(s): Pfurtscheller Gert | Müller-Putz Gernot R | Pfurtscheller Jörg | Rupp Rüdiger
Lightning strike: a first case of unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis

Author(s): Timucin Alar | Yildiz Degirmenci | Handan Isin Ozisik Karaman
Botulinum-A toxin in the treatment of urinary incontinence due to overactive bladder following spinal cord injury

Author(s): Mohseni M.GH | Aghamir S.M.K. | Meysame A. | Gooran SH. | Mohtaram S.N.

Author(s): Shahandeh H. | Wameghi R. | Hatamizadeh N. | Kazemnejad A
"Footdrop in the farmers: Clinical and electromyographical study "

Author(s): Ghaffarpour M | Dolatabadi A | Harirchian MH

Author(s): V Rahimi-Movaghar | A Yazdi | S Saadat
Epidemiology of Traumatic Spinal Injury: A Descriptive Study

Author(s): Shahrokh Yousefzadeh Chabok | Mohammad Safaee | Ahmad Alizadeh | Masoumeh Ahmadi Dafchahi | Omid Taghinnejadi | Leila Koochakinejad
An Overview of Pharmacological Approaches for Management and Repair of Spinal Cord Injuries

Author(s): Alireza Khoshnevisan | Azam Mardani | Shahab kamali
A study of the spinal cord injured population of the Chios island of Greece

Author(s): Ioannis Koutsodontis | Maria Lavdaniti | Despina Sapountzi-Krepia | Georgios Giaglis | Spyros G. Fountoukis | Andreas Pavlakis | Maria Psychogiou | Ismini Serpanou | Markos Sgantzos
Aromatase immunoreactivity in fetal ovine neuronal cell cultures exposed to oxidative injury

Author(s): G. Lepore | S. Gadau | A. Mura | M. Zedda | V. Farina
Empowering and Assisting Natural Empowering and Assisting Natural Human Mobility: The Simbiosis Walker

Author(s): Anselmo Frizera-Neto | Ramon Ceres | Eduardo Rocon | Jose Luis Pons
S-Nitrosoglutathione reduces oxidative injury and promotes mechanisms of neurorepair following traumatic brain injury in rats

Author(s): Khan Mushfiquddin | Sakakima Harutoshi | Dhammu Tajinder | Shunmugavel Anandakumar | Im Yeong-Bin | Gilg Anne | Singh Avtar | Singh Inderjit
Enhanced inhibitory synaptic transmission in the spinal dorsal horn mediates antinociceptive effects of TC-2559

Author(s): Cheng Long-Zhen | Han Lei | Fan Jing | Huang Lan-Ting | Peng Li-Chao | Wang Yun
Delay in diagnosis of cancer as a patient safety issue - a root cause analysis based on a representative case report

Author(s): Vaidyanathan Subramanian | Soni Bakul | Singh Gurpreet | Hughes Peter | Mansour Paul | Oo Tun
Pleural puncture with thoracic epidural: A rare complication?

Author(s): Wadhwa Rachna | Sharma Sandeep | Poddar Devadatta | Sharma Sujata
Spinal cord injury and its association with blunt head trauma

Author(s): Paiva WS | Oliveira AMP | de Andrade AF | Amorim RL | Lourenço L | Teixeira MJ
Disability and health-related rehabilitation in international disaster relief

Author(s): Jan D. Reinhardt | Jianan Li | James Gosney | Farooq A. Rathore | Andrew J. Haig | Michael Marx | Joel A. Delisa | On behalf of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine's Sub-Committee on Rehabilitation Disaster Relief
Wavelet Energy based Neural Fuzzy Model for Automatic Motor Imagery Classification

Author(s): Girisha Garg | Shruti Suri | Rachit Garg | Vijander Singh
Risk factors predicting mortality in spinal cord injury in nigeria

Author(s): Kawu A Ahidjo | Alimi F Mustapha , Gbadegesin AA Sulaiman , Salami OO Olayinka ,Olawepo Ayokunle , Adebule T Gbolahan
The Use Of A Proforma Improves The Assessment Of Spinal Cord Injury In Abuja, Nigeria

Author(s): Kawu Ahidjo A. | Kawu-ahidjo HO , Esenwah Vc
SDF1 in the dorsal corticospinal tract promotes CXCR4+ cell migration after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Tysseling Vicki | Mithal Divakar | Sahni Vibhu | Birch Derin | Jung Hosung | Belmadani Abdelhak | Miller Richard | Kessler John
Enhanced neuroinflammation and pain hypersensitivity after peripheral nerve injury in rats expressing mutated superoxide dismutase 1

Author(s): Berger Julie | Deumens Ronald | Goursaud Stéphanie | Schäfer Sabrina | Lavand'homme Patricia | Joosten Elbert | Hermans Emmanuel
MK801 attenuates secondary injury in a mouse experimental compression model of spinal cord trauma

Author(s): Esposito Emanuela | Paterniti Irene | Mazzon Emanuela | Genovese Tiziana | Galuppo Maria | Meli Rosaria | Bramanti Placido | Cuzzocrea Salvatore
Selective adenosine A2A receptor agonists and antagonists protect against spinal cord injury through peripheral and central effects

Author(s): Paterniti Irene | Melani Alessia | Cipriani Sara | Corti Francesca | Mello Tommaso | Mazzon Emanuela | Esposito Emanuela | Bramanti Placido | Cuzzocrea Salvatore | Pedata Felicita
Alternative communication systems for people with severe motor disabilities: a survey

Author(s): Pinheiro Carlos | Naves Eduardo | Pino Pierre | Losson Etienne | Andrade Adriano | Bourhis Guy
Classically and alternatively activated bone marrow derived macrophages differ in cytoskeletal functions and migration towards specific CNS cell types

Author(s): Vereyken Elly | Heijnen Priscilla | Baron Wia | de Vries Elga | Dijkstra Christine | Teunissen Charlotte
The Global Evidence Mapping Initiative: Scoping research in broad topic areas

Author(s): Bragge Peter | Clavisi Ornella | Turner Tari | Tavender Emma | Collie Alex | Gruen Russell
Intrathecal lidocaine pretreatment attenuates immediate neuropathic pain by modulating Nav1.3 expression and decreasing spinal microglial activation

Author(s): Cheng Kuang-I | Lai Chung-Sheng | Wang Fu-Yuan | Wang Hung-Chen | Chang Lin-Li | Ho Shung-Tai | Tsai Hung-Pei | Kwan Aij-Li
Pain-related sensory innervation in monoiodoacetate-induced osteoarthritis in rat knees that gradually develops neuronal injury in addition to inflammatory pain

Author(s): Orita Sumihisa | Ishikawa Tetsuhiro | Miyagi Masayuki | Ochiai Nobuyasu | Inoue Gen | Eguchi Yawara | Kamoda Hiroto | Arai Gen | Toyone Tomoaki | Aoki Yasuchika | Kubo Takekazu | Takahashi Kazuhisa | Ohtori Seiji
Cancer-induced bone pain sequentially activates the ERK/MAPK pathway in different cell types in the rat spinal cord

Author(s): Wang Li-na | Yao Ming | Yang Jian-ping | Peng Jun | Peng Yan | Li Cai-fang | Zhang Yan-bing | Ji Fu-hai | Cheng Hao | Xu Qi-nian | Wang Xiu-yun | Zuo Jian-ling
A comparison study of two breathing exercise techniques in tetraplegics

Author(s): Stanley John Winser | Jacob George | Priya Stanley | George Tharion
Factors that influence on the confrontation the spinal cord injury

Author(s): Ana María Sánchez Donaire | María Parro Jiménez | Lorena Fernández Sánchez | Montserrat Melchor Arteaga
Advances in Oligoprotection

Author(s): Hong Liao | Dixit Sanjaya Mani
Comparison of Dose Response Models for Predicting Normal Tissue Complications from Cancer Radiotherapy: Application in Rat Spinal Cord

Author(s): Magdalena Adamus-Górka | Panayiotis Mavroidis | Bengt K. Lind | Anders Brahme
Quantitative evaluations of ankle spasticity and stiffness in neurological disorders using manual spasticity evaluator

Author(s): Qiyu Peng, PhD | Hyung-Soon Park, PhD | Parag Shah, MD | Nicole Wilson, PhD | Yupeng Ren, MS | Yi-Ning Wu, PhD | Jie Liu, BS | Deborah J. Gaebler-Spira, MD | Li-Qun Zhang, PhD
Techniques to measure rigidity of ankle-foot orthosis: A review

Author(s): Toshiki Kobayashi, PhD | Aaron K. L. Leung, PhD | Stephen W. Hutchins, PhD
ZeroG: Overground gait and balance training system

Author(s): Joseph Hidler, PhD | David Brennan, MBE | iian Black, MBE | Diane Nichols, PT | Kathy Brady, MSPT | Tobias Nef, PhD
Psychological state estimation from physiological recordings during robot-assisted gait rehabilitation

Author(s): Alexander Koenig, MSc | Ximena Omlin, MSc | Lukas Zimmerli, MSc | Mark Sapa, MD | Carmen Krewer, MSc | Marc Bolliger, PhD | Friedemann Müller, MD, MSc | Robert Riener, PhD
Efficacy of rehabilitation robotics for walking training in neurological disorders: A review

Author(s): Candace Tefertiller, PT, DPT, ATP, NCS | Beth Pharo, PT | Nicholas Evans, MHSc | Patricia Winchester, PT, PhD
Canonical Wnt signalling requires the BMP pathway to inhibit oligodendrocyte maturation

Author(s): Keith Feigenson | Mary Reid | Jill See | E Bryan Crenshaw III | Judith B Grinspan

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