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The Axial Part Phrase in Japanese

Author(s): Kaori Takamine
A Heuristic Process for Local Inconsistency Diagnosis in Firewall Rule Sets

Author(s): Sergio Pozo | Rafael Ceballos | Rafael M. Gasca
Effects of Microstructure Variations on Macroscopic Terahertz Metafilm Properties

Author(s): John F. O'Hara | Evgenya Smirnova | Abul K. Azad | Hou-Tong Chen | Antoinette J. Taylor
Fournier Gangrene: A Series of 12 Patients

Author(s): Seyed Jalil Hosseini | Mohammadreza Rahmani | Mohammadreza Razzaghi | Mohammadreza Barghi | Hossein Karami | Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hosseini Moghaddam
Multiuser-based Gray-level Watermarking Sharing System

Author(s): Bin Luo | Youqing Wu | Jin Tang | Wanli Lv | Wei Gu
Enhancement of Split Multipath Routing Protocol in MANET

Author(s): Dhirendra Kumar Sharma | Sanjay Kumar Biswash | Chiranjeev Kumar
Microwave Spectrum of the Ethylmethyl Ether Molecule

Author(s): Shozo Tsunekawa | Yuji Kinai | Yuki Kondo | Hitoshi Odashima | Kojiro Takagi
Regression equation for describing gluten thermal expansion

Author(s): A. Miś | J. Grodek
Development of a multi-locus sequence typing scheme for Laribacter hongkongensis, a novel bacterium associated with freshwater fish-borne gastroenteritis and traveler's diarrhea

Author(s): Woo Patrick | Teng Jade | Tsang Alan | Tse Herman | Tsang Vivien | Chan King-Man | Lee Edwin | Chan Jim | Ma Shirley | Tam Dorothy | Chung Liliane | Lau Susanna | Yuen Kwok-Yung
The fate of the duplicated androgen receptor in fishes: a late neofunctionalization event?

Author(s): Douard Véronique | Brunet Frédéric | Boussau Bastien | Ahrens-Fath Isabelle | Vlaeminck-Guillem Virginie | Haendler Bernard | Laudet Vincent | Guiguen Yann
Evolution and diversity of Rickettsia bacteria

Author(s): Weinert Lucy | Werren John | Aebi Alexandre | Stone Graham | Jiggins Francis
The assessment of recalled parental rearing behavior and its relationship to life satisfaction and interpersonal problems: a general population study

Author(s): Petrowski Katja | Berth Hendrik | Schmidt Silke | Schumacher Jörg | Hinz Andreas | Brähler Elmar
Study of Responses of Barley Landraces to Barley Leaf Stripe, Pyrenophora graminea

Author(s): J. Jafarzadeh | A. Babai-Ahari | M. Moghaddam Vahed | M. Valizadeh | H. Kazemi | H. Ghazvini
Compactibility of Lavark Soil as Affected by Soil Moisture Content and Farm Yard Manure

Author(s): M.R. Mosaddeghi | M.A. Hajabbasi | A. Hemmat | M. Afyuni
Tracking the global dispersal of a cosmopolitan insect pest, the peach potato aphid

Author(s): Margaritopoulos John | Kasprowicz Louise | Malloch Gaynor | Fenton Brian
Mass concentrations of black carbon measured by four instruments in the middle of Central East China in June 2006

Author(s): Y. Kanaya | Y. Komazaki | P. Pochanart | Y. Liu | H. Akimoto | J. Gao | T. Wang | Z. Wang
Curvature-Based Environment Description for Robot Navigation Using Laser Range Sensors

Author(s): Ricardo Vázquez-Martín | Pedro Núñez | Antonio Bandera | Francisco Sandoval
Mass concentrations of black carbon measured by four instruments in the middle of Central East China in June 2006

Author(s): Y. Kanaya | Y. Komazaki | P. Pochanart | Y. Liu | H. Akimoto | J. Gao | T. Wang | Z. Wang
Assessing urban and rural neighborhood characteristics using audit and GIS data: derivation and reliability of constructs

Author(s): Evenson Kelly | Sotres-Alvarez Daniela | Herring Amy | Messer Lynne | Laraia Barbara | Rodríguez Daniel
Determining relative importance of variables in developing and validating predictive models

Author(s): Beyene Joseph | Atenafu Eshetu | Hamid Jemila | To Teresa | Sung Lillian
Trade-off between morphological convergence and opportunistic diet behavior in fish hybrid zone

Author(s): Corse Emmanuel | Costedoat Caroline | Pech Nicolas | Chappaz Rémi | Grey Jonathan | Gilles André
Old divergences in a boreal bird supports long-term survival through the Ice Ages

Author(s): Saitoh Takema | Alström Per | Nishiumi Isao | Shigeta Yoshimitsu | Williams Dawn | Olsson Urban | Ueda Keisuke
Dielectric properties of Y-doped Ba1–xSrxTiO3 ceramics

Author(s): Jing Xu | HanXing Liu | Bo He | Hua Hao | YiQiu Li | MingHe Cao | ZhiYong Yu
Integrating phylogeographic patterns of microsatellite and mtDNA divergence to infer the evolutionary history of chamois (genus Rupicapra)

Author(s): Rodríguez Fernando | Pérez Trinidad | Hammer Sabine | Albornoz Jesús | Domínguez Ana
A comparison of internal validation techniques for multifactor dimensionality reduction

Author(s): Winham Stacey | Slater Andrew | Motsinger-Reif Alison
Response of six Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars to Saline Irrigation Water

Author(s): Davood Afiuni | Alireza Marjovvi | Moslehedin Rezaei
Edge screw withdrawal resistance in conventional particleboard and OSB: Influence of the particles type

Author(s): Miljković Jovan | Popović Mlađan | Điporović-Momčilović Milanka | Gavrilović-Grmuša Ivana
Negative Refractive Index Metasurfaces for Enhanced Biosensing

Author(s): Zoran Jakšić | Slobodan Vuković | Jovan Matovic | Dragan Tanasković
Nanomaterials science

Author(s): Heinrich Rohrer
Design of MIMO Space-Time Code for High Data Rate Wireless Communication

Author(s): Mihir Narayan Mohanty, | Laxmi Prasad Mishra, | Saumendra Kumar Mohanty
Design and testing of ECE radiometer for Sinp-Tokamak

Author(s): Ray R. | Hugenholtz C. A. J. | van de Pol M. J.
Protein secondary structure assignment revisited: a detailed analysis of different assignment methods

Author(s): Martin Juliette | Letellier Guillaume | Marin Antoine | Taly Jean-François | de Brevern Alexandre | Gibrat Jean-François
Stock splits: motivation and valuation effects in the Spanish market

Author(s): Silvia Gómez Ansón | Susana Menéndez
NOGAPS-ALPHA model simulations of stratospheric ozone during the SOLVE2 campaign

Author(s): J. P. McCormack | S. D. Eckermann | L. Coy | D. R. Allen | Y.-J. Kim | T. Hogan | B. Lawrence | A. Stephens | E. V. Browell | J. Burris | T. McGee | C. R. Trepte
A two-stage approach for improved prediction of residue contact maps

Author(s): Vullo Alessandro | Walsh Ian | Pollastri Gianluca
Nanofabrication of planar split ring resonators for negative refractive index metamaterials in the infrared range

Validation of quality of life questionnaire for patients with cancer - Indian scenario

Author(s): Vidhubala E | Latha | Kannan Ravi | Mani C | Karthikesh K | Muthuvel R | Surendran V | Premkumari Rohini
Effect of three irrigation intervals on some plant characters of four Upland cotton cultivars (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Author(s): Jesús Rafael MÉNDEZ NATERA | Ronald S. SALAZAR BRITO | José F. MERAZO PINTO | José Alexander GIL MARÍN | Luis KHAN PRADO
Negative selection of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells using a bifunctional rosette-based antibody cocktail

Author(s): Essakali Salim | Carney Dennis | Westerman David | Gambell Peter | Seymour John | Dobrovic Alexander
Rehabilitation following Surgery for Reconstruction of a Foot Defect

Author(s): Susan Faber West | Peter E. Pidcoe
A contribution to the calculation of a safe deltoid split

Author(s): Gulihar Abhinav | Balasubramanian Sivaraman | Nixon Matthew | Taylor Grahame J
Statistical modelling of transcript profiles of differentially regulated genes

Author(s): Eastwood Daniel | Mead Andrew | Sergeant Martin | Burton Kerry
Middle atmospheric water vapor and ozone anomalies during the 2010 major sudden stratospheric warming

Author(s): D. Scheiben | C. Straub | K. Hocke | P. Forkman | N. Kämpfer
Association between diabetes complications and leukocyte counts in Iranian patients

Author(s): Moradi S | Kerman SRJ | Rohani F | Salari F
As clear as mud: Turbidity induces behavioral changes in the African cichlid Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor

Author(s): Suzanne M. GRAY, Laura H. McDONNELL, Fabio G. CINQUEMANI,Lauren J. CHAPMAN
Modelling atmospheric structure, cloud and their response to CCN in the Central Arctic: ASCOS case studies

Author(s): C. E. Birch | I. M. Brooks | M. Tjernström | M. D. Shupe | T. Mauritsen | J. Sedlar | A. P. Lock | P. Earnshaw | P. O. G. Persson | S. F. Milton | C. Leck
Gallium interstitial contributions to diffusion in gallium arsenide

Author(s): Joseph T. Schick | Caroline G. Morgan
A sequential two-step near-infrared quantum splitting in Ho3+ singly doped NaYF4

Author(s): D. C. Yu | X. Y. Huang | S. Ye | Q. Y. Zhang | J. Wang
Hybridization and massive mtDNA unidirectional introgression between the closely related Neotropical toads Rhinella marina and R. schneideri inferred from mtDNA and nuclear markers

Author(s): Sequeira Fernando | Sodré Davidson | Ferrand Nuno | Bernardi José | Sampaio Iracilda | Schneider Horacio | Vallinoto Marcelo
Self-Stabilizing Leader Election Algorithm in Highly Dynamic Ad-hoc Mobile Networks

Author(s): K Ranganath | L.Naveen Kumar | Y.V.Sreevani

Author(s): P.J. García-Ramírez | F. Sandoval-Ibarra
Evaluation of Weight Uniformity of Splitted Tablet

Author(s): Md. Hassan Kawsar | Md. Zia Uddin | Aninda Kumar Nath | Mycal Dutta
Role of Danube Inland Navigation in Europe

Author(s): Zoran Radmilović | Vladislav Maraš
Identification of genomic indels and structural variations using split reads

Author(s): Zhang Zhengdong | Du Jiang | Lam Hugo | Abyzov Alex | Urban Alexander | Snyder Michael | Gerstein Mark
The Axial Part Phrase in Japanese

Author(s): Kaori Takamine
Complex evolutionary history of the Mexican stoneroller Campostoma ornatum Girard, 1856 (Actinopterygii: Cyprinidae)

Author(s): Domínguez-Domínguez Omar | Vila Marta | Pérez-Rodríguez Rodolfo | Remón Nuria | Doadrio Ignacio
The mechanics of gravity-driven faulting

Author(s): L. Barrows | V. Barrows
Analytic Approximations of Projectile Motion with Quadratic Air Resistance

Author(s): R. D. H. Warburton | J. Wang | J. Burgd?rfer
Enriching the Symmetry of Maxwell Equations through Unprecedented Magnetic Responses of Artificial Metamaterials and Their Revolutionary Applications

Author(s): Yueh-Chun Lai | Cheng-Kuang Chen | Tsung-Yu Huang | Ieng-Wai Un | Yu-Hang Yang | Ta-Jen Yen
Study of Performance Parameters of Threshing Unit in a Single Plant Thresher

Author(s): Ezzatollah A. Asli-Ardeh | Yousef Abbaspour-Gilandeh | Saeid Abbasi
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