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Antifeedant Activity Evaluation of Withanolides from Jaborosa integrifolia

Author(s): Clarisa E. Vaccarini | Gloria M. Bonetto
Histological Effects of Cestrum Parqui Saponins on Schistocerca gregaria and Spodoptera Littoralis

Author(s): Chaieb Ikbal | Trabelsi Mounir | Ben Halima-Kamel Mounia | Ben Hamouda Mohamed Habib
Biosafety of Recombinant and Wild Type Nucleopolyhedroviruses as Bioinsecticides

Author(s): Mohamed-Bassem Ashour | Didair A. Ragheb | El-Sayed A. El-Sheikh | El-Adarosy A. Gomaa | Shizuo G. Kamita | Bruce D. Hammock
Regulation of Arabidopsis defense responses against Spodoptera littoralis by CPK-mediated calcium signaling

Author(s): Kanchiswamy Chidananda | Takahashi Hirotaka | Quadro Stefano | Maffei Massimo | Bossi Simone | Bertea Cinzia | Zebelo Simon | Muroi Atsushi | Ishihama Nobuaki | Yoshioka Hirofumi | Boland Wilhelm | Takabayashi Junji | Endo Yaeta | Sawasaki Tatsuya | Arimura Gen-ichiro
Impact of Spinosad on Some Enzymatic Activities of the Cotton Leafworm

Author(s): A.E.M. Abd El-Mageed | L.R.A. Elgohary
An Expressed Sequence Tag collection from the male antennae of the Noctuid moth Spodoptera littoralis: a resource for olfactory and pheromone detection research

Author(s): Legeai Fabrice | Malpel Sébastien | Montagné Nicolas | Monsempes Christelle | Cousserans François | Merlin Christine | François Marie-Christine | Maïbèche-Coisné Martine | Gavory Frédérick | Poulain Julie | Jacquin-Joly Emmanuelle
Circadian rhythm of glycoprotein secretion in the vas deferens of the moth, Spodoptera littoralis

Author(s): Bebas P | Maksimiuk E | Gvakharia B | Cymborowski B | Giebultowicz JM
Yolk protein is expressed in the insect testis and interacts with sperm

Author(s): Bebas Piotr | Kotwica Joanna | Joachimiak Ewa | Giebultowicz Jadwiga
Toxicity Experiments of the Saponic Extract of Cestrum Parqui (Solanaceae) on Some Insect Spices

Author(s): Chaieb Ikbal | Ben Halima Mounia | Ben Hamouda Habib
Development Perturbation of Cotton leave Noctuid with Green cestrum Extracts

Author(s): Chaieb Ikbal | Ben Halima-Kamel Monia | Ben Hamouda Mohamed Habib
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