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Secondary Metabolites of Curvularia oryzae MTCC 2605

Author(s): Siddhardha Busi | Prabhakar Peddikotla | Suryanarayana M. Upadyayula | Venkateswarlu Yenamandra2
Isolation and Biological Evaluation of Two Bioactive Metabolites from Aspergillus gorakhpurensis

Author(s): Siddhardha Busi | Prabhakar Peddikotla | Suryanarayana M. Upadyayula | Venkateswarlu Yenamandra
Studies on insecticidal and pesticidal activity of some organotin compounds

Author(s): Shukla S.K. | Tiwari V.K. | Rani S. | Ravi Kant | Tewari I.C.
Functional Analysis of Polyphenol Oxidases by Antisense/Sense Technology

Author(s): Piyada Thipyapong | Michael J. Stout | Jutharat Attajarusit
Isolation, toxicity and detection of cry gene in Bacillus thuringiensis isolates in Krabi province, Thailand

Author(s): Prakai Thaphan | Suttipun Keawsompong | Jariya Chanpaisaeng
Insect Pests found on Helianthus annuus Linnaeus (Compositae) in the Potohar Region of Pakistan

Author(s): Muhammad Aslam | Nazia Suleman | Asia Riaz | Abdul Rehman | Qamar Zia
Identification of Insect Cell Lines from 8 Lepidopteran species by DNA Amplification Fingerprinting

Author(s): Sadeq Khalid Nessr Alhag | Yao Han Chao | Peng Jian Xin
Population and Damage Fluctuation of Tobacco Cutworm (Spodoptera litura F.) In Relation to Age of Turnip Crop

Author(s): B.K.Solangi | F.C. Oad | V.Suthar | N.M. Soomro | A.W.Gandahi | N.L.Oad
Effects of extracts from Tiam seeds on cotton leafworm

Author(s): Pipithsangchan, S. | Subhadhirasakul, S. | Palintorn, P. | Yuenyongsawad, S. | Chantrapromma, K.
A New Strategy for Identification of Highly Conserved microRNAs in Non-Model Insect, Spodoptera litura

Author(s): Lu Gao | Hongliang Zuo | Keling Liu | Haiyi Li | Guohua Zhong
Synthesis of some new amides and their toxicological effect on an insect Spodoptera litura

Author(s): Saxena CM, Singh RK, Sanjay Ashthana, Archna Saxena
Field Evaluation of Three Entomopathogenic fungi on Groundnut Pest

Author(s): Sahayaraj, K. | Namachivayam, SKR.
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