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'Businessology' and Social Work

Author(s): Harris, John

Author(s): Prof. Dr. Robert VIVIAN
Diffuse periosteal elevation due to acquired cytomegalovirus infection

Author(s): Ö İbrahim KARAHAN | Ertuğrul MAVİLİ | Murat BAYKARA | Naci TOPALOĞLU
Stalking: Notion, characteristics and social responses

Author(s): Nikolić-Ristanović Vesna | Kovačević-Lepojević Marina
Victims of stalking in India: A study of girl college students in Tirunelveli City

Author(s): Jaishankar Karuppannan | Kosalai Puthisigamani
Cyber space bullying

Author(s): Popović-Ćitić Branislava
Victims of cyberstalking in Serbia

Author(s): Kovačević-Lepojević Marina | Lepojević Borko
Poetry by Doug Poole

Author(s): Doug Poole
A Proposed System for Network Intrusion Detection System Using Data Mining

Author(s): Gidiya Priyanka V. | Ushir Kishori N | Mirza Shoeb A | Ikhankar Sagar D | Khivsara Bhavana A
Stalking: Klinische und forensische Bedeutung

Author(s): Dreßing H | Bindeballe N | Gallas C | Gass P
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