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Time Ordering Effects on Hydrogen Zeeman-Stark Line Profiles in Low-Density Magnetized Plasmas

Author(s): J. Rosato | D. Boland | M. Difallah | Y. Marandet | R. Stamm
Elevation of sputum matrix metalloproteinase-9 persists up to 6 months after smoking cessation: a research study

Author(s): Louhelainen Noora | Stark Harri | Mazur Witold | Rytilä Paula | Djukanovic Ratko | Kinnula Vuokko
Electric-dipole spin resonance in wurtzite ZnO

Author(s): Estera Michaluk | Zbyslaw Wilamowski | Jacek Bloniarz | Andrzej Mycielski
Profile of time-dependent VEGF upregulation in human pulmonary endothelial cells, HPMEC-ST1.6R infected with DENV-1, -2, -3, and -4 viruses

Author(s): Azizan Azliyati | Fitzpatrick Kelly | Signarovitz Aimee | Tanner Richard | Hernandez Heidi | Stark Lillian | Sweat Mark
Site of cochlear stimulation and its effect on electrically evoked compound action potentials using the MED-EL standard electrode array

Author(s): Brill Stefan | Müller Joachim | Hagen Rudolf | Möltner Alexander | Brockmeier Steffi-Johanna | Stark Thomas | Helbig Silke | Maurer Jan | Zahnert Thomas | Zierhofer Clemens | Nopp Peter | Anderson Ilona | Strahl Stefan
Q-VE-OPh, a Negative Control for O-Phenoxy-Conjugated Caspase Inhibitors

Author(s): Benjamin Southerland | Kashmira Kulkarni-Datar | Chanel Keoni | Rebecca Bricker | William  C. Grunwald | Jr. | Daniel M. Ketcha | Eugene Hern | David R. Cool | Thomas L. Brown
A field study of management stress in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L)

Author(s): C. Rehbinder | L-E. Edqvist | K. Lundström | F. Villafane
The Firebombing of Tokyo: Views from the Ground

Author(s): Bret Fisk | Cary Karacas
Biological Effect of Naturally Occurring Mycotoxins Fed to Poults Reared to 21 Days of Age

Author(s): Jesse L. Grimes | Matthew D. Koci | Charles R. Stark | Doug P. Smith | Prashant K. Nighot | Teena Middleton
Vibrational spectroscopic and quantum theoretical study of host-guest interactions in clathrates: I. Hofmann type clathrates

Changes in Scottish suicide rates during the Second World War

Author(s): Henderson Rob | Stark Cameron | Humphry Roger | Selvaraj Sivasubramaniam
Stark effect in He I in extremely high electric field

Author(s): Laurentius WINDHOLZ | Ryszard DROZDOWSKI | Tomasz J. WASOWICZ | Jerzy KWELA
“Price-Levels” Regressions: “Scale-Effect” or “Distribution Effect”

Author(s): Pascual Garrido Miralles | Pablo J. Vázquez Veira
Indirect absorption in germanium quantum wells

Author(s): R. K. Schaevitz | D. S. Ly-Gagnon | J. E. Roth | E. H. Edwards | D. A. B. Miller
A field study of management stress in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L)

Author(s): C. Rehbinder | L-E. Edqvist | K. Lundström | F. Villafane
Effect of Eu-implantation and annealing on the GaN quantum dots excitonic recombination

Author(s): Peres Marco | Magalhães Sérgio | Fellmann Vincent | Daudin Bruno | Neves Armando | Alves Eduardo | Lorenz Katharina | Monteiro Teresa
Aboriginal premature mortality within South Australia 1999-2006: a cross-sectional analysis of small area results

Author(s): Banham David | Jury Heather | Woollacott Tony | McDermott Robyn | Baum Fran
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