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Promotion of Coconut Shell Gasification by Steam Reforming on Nickel-Dolomite

Author(s): Pattaraporn Chaiprasert | Tharapong Vitidsant
Integrated Systems for Electricity and Hydrogen Co-production from Coal and Biomass

Author(s): A. Franzoni | L. Galanti | A. Traverso | Aristide F. Massardo
Peak Load Electricity Production with Cryogenic Fuels

Author(s): Giampaolo Manfrida | Duccio Tempesti | Gaetano Zumbo
Biomass Steam Gasification with In-Situ CO2 Capture for Enriched Hydrogen Gas Production: A Reaction Kinetics Modelling Approach

Author(s): Abrar Inayat | Murni M. Ahmad | Suzana Yusup | Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib
Model Development for Hydrodynamic Study of Fluidized Bed Gasifier for Biomass Gasification

Author(s): Athirah Mohd Tamidi | Ku Zilati Ku Shaari | Suzana Yusup | Lau Kok Keong
Utilization of wood waste in condition of Slovak Republic

Author(s): Kamil Műnnich | Žofia Kuzevičová | Henrieta Pavolová
Gaseificação do bagaço de cana-de-açúcar: modelagem, análise e comparação com sistema real

Author(s): Alfredo José Alvim de Castro | Douglas Alves Cassiano | Newton Libanio Ferreira
Simulation of Integrated Pressurized Steam Gasification of Biomass for Hydrogen Production using iCON

Author(s): Murni M. Ahmad | Chai K. Chiew | Abrar Inayat | Suzana Yusup
Influence of Catalyst and Temperature on Gasification Performance by Externally Heated Gasifier

Author(s): Yu Feng | Bo Xiao | Klaus Goerner | Gong Cheng | Jingbo Wang
Gasificación adiabática del bagazo de caña de azúcar usando aire-vapor

Author(s): Carlos Andrés Forero Rodríguez | Gerardo Gordillo Ariza
Influence of Particle Size and Temperature on Gasification Performance in Externally Heated Gasifier

Author(s): Yu Feng | Bo Xiao | Klaus Goerner | Gong Cheng | Jingbo Wang
A biomass gasification system for synthesis gas from the new method

Author(s): Li-Qun Wang | Yu-Huan Dun | Heng Tang | Tong-Zhang Wang
Simulation of Oxygen-steam Gasification with CO2 Adsorption for Hydrogen Production from Empty Fruit Bunch

Author(s): Murni M. Ahmad | Abrar Inayat | Suzana Yusup | Khalik M. Sabil
Characterization of the structure features of CeZrO2 and Ni/CeZrO2 catalysts for tar gasification with steam

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | B. Dołżańska | K. Gołombek | G. Matula
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