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Cholesterol transport and steroidogenesis by the corpus luteum

Author(s): Christenson Lane | Devoto Luigi
Direct rosiglitazone action on steroidogenesis and proinflammatory factor production in human granulosa-lutein cells

Author(s): Chen Qiuju | Sun Xiaoxi | Chen Junling | Cheng Linan | Wang Jian | Wang Yongwei | Sun Zhaogui
Gene array and real time PCR analysis of the adrenal sensitivity to adrenocorticotropic hormone in pig

Author(s): Hazard Dominique | Liaubet Laurence | SanCristobal Magali | Morm├Ęde Pierre
Effect of Aqueous Extract of Leaf of Aegle Marmelos on Testicular Activities in Rats

Author(s): Uttam Kumar Das | Rajkumar Maiti | Debasis Jana | Debidas Ghosh
Fractalkine is expressed in the human ovary and increases progesterone biosynthesis in human luteinised granulosa cells

Author(s): Huang Shuo | Zhao Ping | Yang Liying | Chen Yuan | Yan Jie | Duan Enkui | Qiao Jie
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