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Oil Price Shocks and Stock Market Returns in Oil-Exporting Countries: The Case of GCC Countries

Author(s): Mohamed El Hédi AROURI | Amine Lahiani | Makram BELLALAH
Book-to-Market, Size, and Industry Effect

Author(s): Walid Saleh | Ayman Bitar
More on the Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Stock Market Returns: The Case of GCC Countries

Author(s): Mohamed El Hédi AROURI | Amina Lahiani | Makram BELLALAH
Long-Short Fund Performance Evaluation in Brazil

Author(s): Fábio Augusto Reis Gomes | Vicente Cresto
Long Memory in Stock Returns: Insights from the Indian Market

Author(s): I. Mukherjee | C. Sen | A. Sarkar
International Portfolio Optimization with Higher Moments

Author(s): Maroua MHIRI | Jean-Luc PRIGENT
Dynamic multibeta macroeconomic asset pricing model at NAFTA stock markets

Author(s): FRANCISCO López-Herrera | EDGAR ORTIZ
Bridge Management a System Approach for Decision Making

Author(s): Reginald W. Stratt (PhD)
Conditional CAPM in the Brazilian Market: a study of the Moment, Size and Book to Market effects between 1995 and 2008

Author(s): Frederico Valle e Flister | Aureliano Angel Bressan | Hudson Fernandes Amaral
Extreme value theory in emerging markets

Author(s): Anđelić Goran | Milošev Ivana | Đaković Vladimir
The Asian crisis contagion: A dynamic correlation approach analysis

Author(s): Essaadi Essahbi | Jouini Jamel | Khallouli Wajih
Financial Market Analysis of Bombay Stock Exchange using an Agent Based Model

Author(s): PN Kumar | Rahul Seshadri.G | Hariharan.A | VP Mohandas
A Study of Exchange Rates Movement and Stock Market Volatility

Author(s): Gaurav Agrawal | Aniruddh Kumar Srivastav | Ankita Srivastava
Return’s Seasonalities in the Latibex Market

Author(s): Jose Garcia Blandon
The Smoothing Hypothesis, Stock Returns and Risk in Brazil

Author(s): Antonio Lopo Martinez | Miguel Angel Rivera Castro
About stock markets predictability

Author(s): Hicham Benjelloun
Modeling Asymmetric Volatility in the Indian Stock Market

Author(s): Hojatallah Goudarzi | C.S. Ramanarayanan
Development of Improved Artificial Neural Network Model for Stock Market Prediction

How Asian and Global Economic crises Prevail in Chinese IPO and Stock Market Efficiency

Author(s): Faiq Mahmood | Xinping Xia | Mumtaz Ali | Muhammad Usman | Humera Shahid
Can Oil Prices Predict Stock Market Returns?

Author(s): Kevin James Daly | Abdallah Fayyad

Author(s): Mert URAL | C. Coşkun KÜÇÜKÖZMEN
Technical Analysis of the Taiwanese Stock Market

Author(s): Massoud Metghalchi | Yung-Ho Chang | Xavier Garza-Gomez
The Performance of Newly Issued Stocks in Thailand

Author(s): Vesarach Aumeboonsuke | Nopphon Tangjitprom
Decomposition of Earnings-to-Price (E/P) Effect

Author(s): Walid Saleh | Ayman Bitar
Efficiency Measures of Capital Market: A Case of Dhaka Stock Exchange

Author(s): Naznin Sultana Chaity | Sanjida Sharmin
Rewards and Risks in Stock Markets: A Case of South Asia

Author(s): Gagan Deep Sharma | B.S. Bodla
Holding Periods, Illiquidity and Disposition Effect in a Developing Economy

Author(s): Muhammad Aftab, | Zulfiqar Ali Shah, | Rauf A. Sheikh

Author(s): Widuri Kurniasari
Arbitrage Price Theory (APT) and Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE)

Author(s): Sulaiman D. Mohammad | Syed Iqbal Hussain Naqvi | Irfan Lal | Saba Zehra
The Day of the Week Effect on Bursa (Bourse) Malaysia ShariahCompliant Market

Author(s): Raja Noor Jihan R. Abdullah | Nurul Syuhada Baharuddin | Norazidah Shamsudin | Wan Mansor W. Mahmood | Zahariah Sahudin
From Normal vs Skew-Normal Portfolios: FSD and SSD Rules

Author(s): Sergio Scarlatti | Francesco Blasi
From Normal vs Skew-Normal Portfolios: FSD and SSD Rules

Author(s): Sergio Scarlatti | Francesco Blasi
Hidden temporal order unveiled in stock market volatility variance

Author(s): Y. Shapira | D. Y. Kenett | Ohad Raviv | E. Ben-Jacob
A Validity Test of Capital Asset Pricing Model for Dhaka Stock Exchange

Author(s): Md. Zobaer Hasan | Anton Abdulbasah Kamil | Adli Mustafa | Md. Azizul Baten
Accounting Information and Cost of Capital: A Theoretical Approach

Author(s): Nicholas Apergis | George Artikis | Sofia Eleftheriou | John Sorros
Determinant of Stock Market Return Correlation: An Extented Gravity Model Approach

Author(s): Sakir Gormus | Bulent Guloglu | Sevcan Gunes
On Modeling the Volatility of Nigerian Stock Returns Using GARCH Models

Author(s): C. E. Onwukwe | B. E. E. Bassey | I. O. Isaac
Structural Model for the Analysis of Stock Market Price Index

Author(s): S.O.N. Agwuegbo | J.N. Mojekwu | A.P. Adewole | A.N. Maduegbuna
Insider Trading in Large Canadian Banks

Author(s): Hamadou Boubacar | Tania Morris
Consumer Confidence and Stock Markets: The Panel Causality Evidence

Author(s): Chih-Chiang Hsu | Hung-Yu Lin | Jyun-Yi Wu
Analysis of Intra-Day Volatility under Economic Crisis Conditions

Author(s): Michalis Glezakos | Konstantinos Vafiadis | John Mylonakis
Testing the Week Form Efficiency of Pakistani Stock Market (2000-2010)

Author(s): Abdul Haque | Hung Chun Liu | Fakhar Un Nisa
Asset Pricing Model and the Liquidity Effect: Empirical Evidence in the Brazilian Stock Market

Author(s): Márcio André Veras Machado | Otávio Ribeiro de Medeiros
Teoría de la asignación del precio por arbitraje aplicada al mercado accionario chileno

Author(s): Werner Kristjanpoller Rodríguez | Mauricio Morales Jure
Estimando o Prêmio de Mercado Brasileiro

Author(s): Walter Gonçalves Junior | Ricardo Ratner Rochman | William Eid Junior | Luciana Ribeiro Chalela
Determinants of Foreign Institutional Investors’ Investment in India

Author(s): Manjinder KAUR | Sharanjit S. DHILLON
Leaf Area Index, Biomass Carbon and Growth Rate of Radiata Pine Genetic Types and Relationships with LiDAR

Author(s): Peter N. Beets | Stephen Reutebuch | Mark O. Kimberley | Graeme R. Oliver | Stephen H. Pearce | Robert J. McGaughey
Modeling Strategies for Financial Hedging

Author(s): José Carlos Arias
Test of Arbitrage Pricing Theory on the Tehran Stock Exchange: The Case of A Shariah-Compliant Close Economy

Author(s): Pooya Sabetfar | Cheng Fan Fah | Shamsher Mohamad | Bany Ariffin Amin Noordin
Beginning Consolidation in the Renewable Energy Industry and Bidders’ M & A-Success

Author(s): Sebastian Eisenbach | Christoph Ettenhuber | Dirk Schiereck | Paschen von Flotow
Return distribution and value at risk estimation for BELEX15

Author(s): Đorić Dragan | Nikolić-Đorić Emilija
Modeling Strategies for Financial Hedging

Author(s): José Carlos Arias
A Random Walk Model for Stock Market Prices

Author(s): S. O.N. Agwuegbo | A. P. Adewole | A. N. Maduegbuna
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