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Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Congestion Control Mechanism for Video Streaming

Author(s): Hiroki Oda | Hiroyuki Hisamatsu | Hiroshi Noborio
Multi-Core Platform for DTV/STB Functional Testing in Real-Time

Author(s): Dusan Milosavljevic | Vladimir Zlokolica
Estimation of the Visual Quality of Video Streaming Under Desynchronization Conditions

Author(s): A.A. Atayero | O.I. Sheluhin | Y.A. Ivanov | A.A. Alatishe
Dynamic Video Conferencing with Fully Secured Encryption Algorithms

Author(s): Y.V. Srinivasa Murthy | Dr. S. C. Satapathy | Ch Rajesh | P Tejnadh Reddy
Enhanced Link based Congestion Control 'ELCC' in PeertoPeer 'P2P' based Video on Demand 'VoD' System

Author(s): Arockia Xavier Annie R. | Vanitha Sheba M. | Yogesh P.
Wideband Wireless Access Systems Interference Robustness: Its Effect on Quality of Video Streaming

Author(s): Aderemi A. Atayero | Oleg I. Sheluhin | Yuri A. Ivanov | Julet O. Iruemi
Placing Multimode Streaming Applications on Dynamically Partially Reconfigurable Architectures

Author(s): S. Wildermann | J. Angermeier | E. Sibirko | J. Teich
Collisionless magnetic reconnection in a plasmoid chain

Author(s): S. Markidis | P. Henri | G. Lapenta | A. Divin | M. V. Goldman | D. Newman | S. Eriksson
Digital Signatura Schemes for Secure Video

Author(s): R. N. Mandavgane | N.G.Bawane
Real time Video Streaming using Novel approach

Author(s): Mukesh Kumar | Jain Akash | B.A.Khivsara | Magar Padmakar | Baphana Abliasaha
Actitudes y valoraciones de los jóvenes ante la TV móvil Young People’s Attitudes towards and Evaluations of Mobile TV

Author(s): Miguel de Aguilera Moyano | Eddy Borges Rey | Alfonso Méndiz Noguero
Strategy approach for eLearning 2.0 deployment in Universities

Author(s): Oskar Casquero | Javier Portillo | Ramón Ovelar | Jesús Romo | Manuel Benito
Ultrasound in periodontics

Author(s): Sapna N | Seetaram Kumar D | Vandana K L
Overview Of Streaming-Data Algorithms

Author(s): T. Soni Madhulatha
A P2P Platform for Real-Time Multicast Video Streaming Leveraging on Scalable Multiple Descriptions to Cope with Bandwidth Fluctuations

Author(s): Lorenzo Favalli | Marco Folli | Alfio Lombardo | Diego Reforgiato | Giovanni Schembra
A Hierarchical Communication Architecture for Oceanic Surveillance Applications

Author(s): Elsa Macias | Alvaro Suarez | Francesco Chiti | Andrea Sacco | Romano Fantacci
Flooding in Jakarta : Towards a blue city with improved water management

Author(s): Mark Caljouw | Peter J.M. Nas | Mr. Pratiwo
The Effect of Bubble Surface Charge on Phonophoresis

Author(s): Mohammad Bagher Shiran | Manijeh Motevalian | Rezvan Ravanfar | Shahab Bohlooli
Pattern of BOLD signal in auditory cortex relates acoustic response to perceptual streaming

Author(s): Hill Kevin | Bishop Christopher | Yadav Deepak | Miller Lee
Scalable Multiple-Description Image Coding Based on Embedded Quantization

Author(s): Gavrilescu AugustinI | Verdicchio Fabio | Munteanu Adrian | Moerman Ingrid | Cornelis Jan | Schelkens Peter
The Chameleon Architecture for Streaming DSP Applications

Author(s): Smit GerardJM | Kokkeler AndréBJ | Wolkotte PascalT | Hölzenspies PhilipKF | Burgwal MarcelDvande | Heysters PaulM
Cross-layer based adaptive wireless traffic control for per-flow and per-station fairness

Author(s): Visoottiviseth Vasaka | Trunganont Akkasit | Siwamogsatham Siwaruk
Efficient bitstream switching for streaming of H.264/AVC coded video

Author(s): Altaf Muhammad | Khan Ekram | Ghanbari Mohammad | Qadri Nadia
Accelerating Seismic Computations Using Customized Number Representations on FPGAs

Author(s): Fu Haohuan | Osborne William | Clapp RobertG | Mencer Oskar | Luk Wayne
Performance Evaluation of UML2-Modeled Embedded Streaming Applications with System-Level Simulation

Author(s): Arpinen Tero | Salminen Erno | Hämäläinen TimoD | Hännikäinen Marko
On Cross-Layer Design for Streaming Video Delivery in Multiuser Wireless Environments

Author(s): Choi Lai-U | Kellerer Wolfgang | Steinbach Eckehard
Effective Radio Resource Management for Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Services in UMTS Networks

Author(s): Souto Nuno | Soares Armando | Eusébio Patricia | Correia Américo | Silva João C
Bandwidth Optimization in Centralized WLANs for Different Traffic Types

Author(s): Haines RJ | Fanning N | Lewis T | Coon J
Enhanced JPEG2000 Quality Scalability through Block-Wise Layer Truncation

Author(s): Auli-Llinas Francesc | Serra-Sagristà Joan | Bartrina-Rapesta Joan
Towards Video Quality Metrics Based on Colour Fractal Geometry

Author(s): Ivanovici Mihai | Richard Noël | Fernandez-Maloigne Christine
Subjective Quality Assessment of H.264/AVC Video Streaming with Packet Losses

Author(s): De Simone Francesca | Naccari Matteo | Tagliasacchi Marco | Dufaux Frederic | Tubaro Stefano | Ebrahimi Touradj
Titan: An Enabling Framework for Activity-Aware "Pervasive Apps" in Opportunistic Personal Area Networks

Author(s): Roggen Daniel | Lombriser Clemens | Rossi Mirco | Tröster Gerhard
Downlink Scheduling for Multiclass Traffic in LTE

Author(s): Sadiq Bilal | Madan Ritesh | Sampath Ashwin
QoS Modeling for End-to-End Performance Evaluation over Networks with Wireless Access

Author(s): Gómez Gerardo | Poncela González Javier | Aguayo-Torres MariCarmen | Entrambasaguas Muñoz JoséTomás
SMART: An Efficient, Scalable, and Robust Streaming Video System

Author(s): Wu Feng | Sun Honghui | Shen Guobin | Li Shipeng | Zhang Ya-Qin | Lin Bruce | Lee Ming-Chieh
Scalable Video Transcaling for the Wireless Internet

Author(s): Radha Hayder | van der Schaar Mihaela | Karande Shirish
Fine-Grained Rate Shaping for Video Streaming over Wireless Networks

Author(s): Chen Trista Pei-chun | Chen Tsuhan
SPAIDE: A Real-time Research Platform for the Clarion CII/90K Cochlear Implant

Author(s): Van Immerseel L | Peeters S | Dykmans P | Vanpoucke F | Bracke P
Unbalanced Quantized Multiple State Video Coding

Author(s): Flierl Sila Ekmekci | Sikora Thomas | Frossard Pascal
Error-Resilient Unequal Error Protection of Fine Granularity Scalable Video Bitstreams

Author(s): Cai Hua | Zeng Bing | Shen Guobin | Xiong Zixiang | Li Shipeng
Content-Aware Video Adaptation under Low-Bitrate Constraint

Author(s): Hsiao Ming-Ho | Chen Yi-Wen | Chen Hua-Tsung | Chou Kuan-Hung | Lee Suh-Yin
Optimized H.264/AVC-Based Bit Stream Switching for Mobile Video Streaming

Author(s): Stockhammer Thomas | Liebl Günther | Walter Michael
A Complexity-Aware Video Adaptation Mechanism for Live Streaming Systems

Author(s): Lu Meng-Ting | Yao Jason J | Chen Homer H
Real-Time Transmission and Storage of Video, Audio, and Health Data in Emergency and Home Care Situations

Author(s): Barbieri Ivano | Lambruschini Paolo | Raggio Marco | Stagnaro Riccardo
Lightweight Object Tracking in Compressed Video Streams Demonstrated in Region-of-Interest Coding

Author(s): De Sutter Robbie | De Wolf Koen | Lerouge Sam | Van de Walle Rik
Self-Timed Scheduling Analysis for Real-Time Applications

Author(s): Moreira Orlando M | Bekooij Marco JG
Assessing Task Migration Impact on Embedded Soft Real-Time Streaming Multimedia Applications

Author(s): Acquaviva Andrea | Alimonda Andrea | Carta Salvatore | Pittau Michele
Energy-Efficient Bandwidth Allocation for Multiuser Scalable Video Streaming over WLAN

Author(s): Ji Xin | Pollin Sofie | Lafruit Gauthier | Moccagatta Iole | Dejonghe Antoine | Catthoor Francky
A Programmable Video Platform and Its Application Mapping Framework Using the Target Application's SystemC Models

Author(s): Kim Daewoong | Cha Kilhyung | Hong Do-Sun | Choi Soonwoo | Chae Soo-Ik
Parity Bit Replenishment for JPEG 2000-Based Video Streaming

Author(s): Devaux François-Olivier | De Vleeschouwer Christophe
Power-Aware DVB-H Mobile TV System on Heterogeneous Multicore Platform

Author(s): Lu Yu-Sheng | Lai Chin-Feng | Hu Chia-Cheng | Chao Han-Chieh | Huang Yueh-Min
Cooperative Coding and Caching for Streaming Data in Multihop Wireless Networks

Author(s): Wang Dan | Liu Jiangchuan | Zhang Qian | Chen Fajun
Scalable and Media Aware Adaptive Video Streaming over Wireless Networks

Author(s): Tizon Nicolas | Pesquet-Popescu Béatrice
Dynamic Programming Optimization of Multi-rate Multicast Video-Streaming Services

Author(s): Nestor Michael Caños Tiglao | Janio Miguel E.F. Monteiro | Antonio Manuel R. C. Grilo | Mario Serafim S. Nunes | Joao Manuel F. Xavier
Effect of Wideband Wireless Access Systems Interference Robustness on the Quality of Video Streaming

Author(s): Aderemi A. Atayero | Oleg I. Sheluhin | Yuri A. Ivanov | Juliet O. Iruemi
Effect of Video Streaming Space-Time Characteristics on Quality of Transmission over Wireless Telecommunication Networks

Author(s): Oleg I. Sheluhin | Aderemi A. Atayero | Yuri A. Ivanov | Juliet O. Iruemi
Dynamically Scaling Multimedia Streaming Service on Hybrid Telco Cloud

Author(s): Duong Quoc Trong | Heiko Perkuhn | Daniel Catrein
Group-Based Reduction Schemes for Streaming Applications

Author(s): Riccardo Bernardini | Roberto Cesco Fabbro | Roberto Rinaldo
A Novel VideoTransmission Evaluation Framework based on TCP-Friendly Congestion Control Mechanism

Author(s): Xiao fu | Hu Ting | Yu JianPing | Sun Lijuan | Wang RuChuan
A Dynamic Self-Adjusted Buffering Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Real-Time Streaming

Author(s): Jun-Li Kuo | Chen-Hua Shih | Yaw-Chung Chen
New Trending Events Detection based on the Multi-Representation Index Tree Clustering

Author(s): Hui Song | Lifeng Wang | Baiyan Li | Xiaoqiang Liu
A Driving Behavior Retrieval Application for Vehicle Surveillance System

Author(s): Fu Xianping | Men Yugang | Yuan Guoliang
SDR and Error Correction using Convolution Encoding with Viterbi Decoding

Author(s): Shriram K. Vasudevan, | Siva Janakiraman, | Subashri Vasudevan
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Neeraj Kumar Nehra | Pranay Chaudhuri
Virtualization, Application Streaming & Private Cloud Computing In a Training Laboratory

Author(s): Jiabin Deng | Juanli Hu | Anthony Chak Ming LIU
Underlying Technology of P2P Media Streaming

Author(s): Guangxue Yue | Tao Jiang | Jiajin Wang | Zhi Chen | Jiajia Song | Cheng Xu
Research on 3G-based Mobile Self-rescue System for Medical Emergency

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Chunshi Wang | Guoxi Li | Fei Yu | Chen Xu
Streaming Media Caching Model Based on Knapsack Problem

Author(s): Lei Shi | Zhanhong Wang | Yao Yao | Lin Wei
Survey: Research on QoS of P2P Reliable Streaming Media

Author(s): Xiaofeng Xiong | Jiajia Song | Guangxue Yue | Jiansheng Liu | Linquan Xie
Application Layer Multicast Technology of Streaming Media

Author(s): Jiansheng Liu | Jiajia Wei | Guangxue Yue | Linquan Xie | Xiaofeng Xiong
Survey on Scheduling Technologies of P2P Media Streaming

Author(s): Guangxue Yue | Nanqing Wei | Jiansheng Liu | Xiaofeng Xiong | Linquan Xie
Applications for IP Video Surveillance over the ITRI MTWAL

Author(s): Rui-Yen Chang | Hsin-Ta Chiao | Chin-Lung Lee | Yu-Cheng Chen
Delay Prediction for Real-Time Video Adaptive Transmisson over TCP

Author(s): Yonghua Xiong | Min Wu | Weijia Jia
Foreword of Special Issue on “E-Service and Applications”

Author(s): Jason C. Hung | Hsing-I Wang
Applying Multi-Connection Video Streaming to WiMAX Broadband Wireless

Author(s): Salah S. Al-Majeed | Martin Fleury
Monitoring presence and streaming patterns of Icelandic volcanic ash during its arrival to Slovenia

Author(s): F. Gao | S. Stanič | K. Bergant | T. Bolte | F. Coren | T.-Y. He | A. Hrabar | J. Jerman | A. Mladenovič | J. Turšič | D. Veberič | M. Iršič Žibert
Application driven, AMC-based cross-layer optimization for video service over LTE

Author(s): Kwon Yongil | Suh Doug | Kim Sung | Hong Een
A systematic review of triage-related interventions to improve patient flow in emergency departments

Author(s): Oredsson Sven | Jonsson Håkan | Rognes Jon | Lind Lars | Göransson Katarina | Ehrenberg Anna | Asplund Kjell | Castrén Maaret | Farrohknia Nasim
Effective Streaming of Clustered Sensor Data in Harsh Environment

Author(s): Y. Morgan, T. Kunz & M. El-Gindy
Efficient Traducer Tracing System Using Traffic Volume Information

Author(s): K.V.Ramana | Raghu.B.Korrapati | N. Praveen Kumar | D. Prakash
Ubiquitous robust communications for emergency response using multi-operator heterogeneous networks

Author(s): Fragkiadakis Alexandros | Askoxylakis Ioannis | Tragos Elias | Verikoukis Christos
An Ensemble Approach to Classifier Construction based on Bootstrap Aggregation

Author(s): Dewan Md. Farid | Mohammad Zahidur Rahman | Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman
Combined Scalable Video Coding Method for Wireless Transmission

Author(s): Kalvein Rantelobo | Wirawan | Gamantyo Hendrantoro | Achmad Affandi
Unscented Kalman Filtering for Single Camera Based Motion and Shape Estimation

Author(s): Dah-Jing Jwo | Chien-Hao Tseng | Jen-Chu Liu | Hsien-Der Lee
Video streaming in the Wild West

Author(s): Helen Gail Prosser
Security Enhancement in MANET with 4G

Author(s): Deepak Chayal | Dr. Vijay Singh Rathore
Electrokinetic Phenomena of Modified Polytetrafluoroethylene Membranes in the Oily Sewage from Oil Field

Author(s): Aiguo LIN | Yihua YAO | Gang LIU | Guozhong ZHANG | Xiufeng LIN
Reliable Wireless Communication for Medical Devices Using Turbo Convolution Code

Author(s): Debasish Bera | Tapas Chakravarty | Saswat Chakrabarti
Service Adaptable 3G Turbo Decoder for Indoor/Low Range Outdoor Environment

Author(s): Costas CHAIKALIS | Nicholas S. SAMARAS
Mobility Trigger Management: Implementation and Evaluation

Author(s): Jukka MAKELA | Kostas PENTIKOUSIS | Vesa KYLLONEN
Streaming Multimedia over Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): David Q. LIU | Jason BAKER
Untangling Phase and Time in Monophonic Sounds

Author(s): Henning Thielemann
Hybrid models of solar wind plasma heating

Author(s): L. Ofman | A.-F. Viñas | P. S. Moya

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