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Collarín para soportes metálicos

Author(s): de Miguel, J. L.
PSAIA – Protein Structure and Interaction Analyzer

Author(s): Mihel Josip | Šikić Mile | Tomić Sanja | Jeren Branko | Vlahoviček Kristian
From paths to stars

Author(s): A. F. Alameddine
Effect of biodiesel structural configuration on its ignition quality

Author(s): A. Gopinath, Sukumar Puhan, G. Nagarajan
Modulated chaos as a source of images for numbers

Author(s): J.C. Tiago de Oliveira
La paradoja de Russell y el programa fregeano

Author(s): Max Fernández De Castro
Efficient New Design and Verification of Sign-Digit-Adder for Two Symmetric Redundant Radix-4 Numbers

Author(s): Qasem Abu Al-Haija | Yathrip Al-Zahouri | Mohammad Al-Khatib | Maamoun Ahmed
In vitro evaluation of various bioabsorbable and nonresorbable barrier membranes for guided tissue regeneration

Author(s): Kasaj Adrian | Reichert Christoph | Götz Hermann | Röhrig Bernd | Smeets Ralf | Willershausen Brita
A large-scale survey of genetic copy number variations among Han Chinese residing in Taiwan

Author(s): Lin Chien-Hsing | Li Ling-Hui | Ho Sheng-Feng | Chuang Tzu-Po | Wu Jer-Yuarn | Chen Yuan-Tsong | Fann Cathy
Patterns of exon-intron architecture variation of genes in eukaryotic genomes

Author(s): Zhu Liucun | Zhang Ying | Zhang Wen | Yang Sihai | Chen Jian-Qun | Tian Dacheng
Pep-3D-Search: a method for B-cell epitope prediction based on mimotope analysis

Author(s): Huang Yan | Bao Yong | Guo Shu | Wang Yan | Zhou Chun | Li Yu
Medical ethics in residency training

Author(s): Murat Civaner | Özlem Sarıkaya | Harun Balcıoğlu
Universal partitioning of the hierarchical fold network of 50-residue segments in proteins

Author(s): Ito Jun-ichi | Sonobe Yuki | Ikeda Kazuyoshi | Tomii Kentaro | Higo Junichi
Interaction of perfluorooctanoic acid with human serum albumin

Author(s): Wu Ling-Ling | Gao Hong-Wen | Gao Nai-Yun | Chen Fang-Fang | Chen Ling
A rapid method of fruit cell isolation for cell size and shape measurements

Author(s): McAtee Peter | Hallett Ian | Johnston Jason | Schaffer Robert
Sampling for stereology in lungs

Author(s): J. R. Nyengaard | H. J. G. Gundersen

Non-SMC condensin I complex proteins control chromosome segregation and survival of proliferating cells in the zebrafish neural retina

Author(s): Seipold Sabine | Priller Florian | Goldsmith Paul | Harris William | Baier Herwig | Abdelilah-Seyfried Salim
Larval habitats and species composition of mosquitoes in Darjeeling Himalayas, India

Author(s): Gautam Aditya,b, Mihir K. Pramanik & Goutam K. Saha
External pressure in the hardening of phosphate in tribofilm on iron surfaces

Author(s): Z. Pawlak | P.K.D.V. Yarlagadda | D. Hargreaves | R. Frost | T. Rauckyte | S. Zak
Fibrocytes are associated with vascular and parenchymal remodelling in patients with obliterative bronchiolitis

Author(s): Andersson-Sjöland Annika | Erjefält Jonas | Bjermer Leif | Eriksson Leif | Westergren-Thorsson Gunilla
Exploring biological network structure with clustered random networks

Author(s): Bansal Shweta | Khandelwal Shashank | Meyers Lauren
On external presentations of infinite graphs

Author(s): Christophe Morvan
The global and European work environment – numbers, trends, and strategies

Author(s): Jukka Takala | Marta Urrutia | Päivi Hämäläinen | Kaija Leena Saarela
Intrauterin vekstretardasjon

Author(s): Tore Henriksen | Torun Clausen
Synthesis and sensitivity of machine driving systems

Author(s): T. Dzitkowski | A. Dymarek
BSSF: a fingerprint based ultrafast binding site similarity search and function analysis server

Author(s): Xiong Bing | Wu Jie | Burk David | Xue Mengzhu | Jiang Hualiang | Shen Jingkang

Author(s): Jie-Xian Zeng | Fei Yu | Limin Sun | Mingwen Wang | Guangxue Yue
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Qiang Liu
Chaperonin genes on the rise: new divergent classes and intense duplication in human and other vertebrate genomes

Author(s): Mukherjee Krishanu | Conway de Macario Everly | Macario Alberto | Brocchieri Luciano
Comparison of coefficients used for DNA Analysis by PRAPD

Author(s): Nishant Khare | Rachana Mishra | Divakar Singh
Wheat beta-expansin (EXPB11) genes: Identification of the expressed gene on chromosome 3BS carrying a pollen allergen domain

Author(s): Breen James | Li Dora | Dunn David | Békés Ferenc | Kong Xiuying | Zhang Juncheng | Jia Jizeng | Wicker Thomas | Mago Rohit | Ma Wujun | Bellgard Matthew | Appels Rudi
Non-homologous isofunctional enzymes: A systematic analysis of alternative solutions in enzyme evolution

Author(s): Omelchenko Marina | Galperin Michael | Wolf Yuri | Koonin Eugene
Assembly of the outer retina in the absence of GABA synthesis in horizontal cells

Author(s): Schubert Timm | Huckfeldt Rachel | Parker Edward | Campbell John | Wong Rachel
Copy number variation at leptin receptor gene locus associated with metabolic traits and the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Jeon Jae-Pil | Shim Sung-Mi | Nam Hye-Young | Ryu Gil-Mi | Hong Eun-Jung | Kim Hyung-Lae | Han Bok-Ghee
A Multidisciplinary Optimization Platform Applied to Steel Constructions

Author(s): Abdelkader Benanane | Serge Caperaa | M. Said Bekkouche | Djamel Kerdal
Inferring nonneutral evolution from contrasting patterns of polymorphisms and divergences in different protein coding regions of enterovirus 71 circulating in Taiwan during 1998-2003

Author(s): Wang Hurng-Yi | Tsao Kuo-Chien | Hsieh Chia-Hung | Huang Li-Min | Lin Tzou-Yien | Chen Guang-Wu | Shih Shin-Ru | Chang Luan-Yin
The intriguing Cyclophilin A-HIV-1 Vpr interaction: prolyl cis/trans isomerisation catalysis and specific binding

Author(s): Solbak Sara | Reksten Tove | Wray Victor | Bruns Karsten | Horvli Ole | Raae Arnt | Henklein Petra | Henklein Peter | Röder Rene | Mitzner David | Schubert Ulrich | Fossen Torgils
Potential risk factors for developing diabetes mellitus type 2

Author(s): Živanović Dušica | Šipetić Sandra | Stamenković-Radak Marina | Milašin Jelena
Evolution of xyloglucan-related genes in green plants

Author(s): Del Bem Luiz | Vincentz Michel
Cytogenetic changes in human lymphocytes induced by alphachlorhydrine

Author(s): Teodorović Radislava | Stanimirović Z. | Radenković-Damnjanović Brana | Vučinić Marijana | Janković Ljiljana | Đorđević M. | Mirilović M.
Optimum Cost of Prestressed and Reinforced Concrete Beams using Genetic Algorithms

Author(s): Mamoun Alqedra | Mohammed Arafa | Mohammed Ismail
Kalrn promoter usage and isoform expression respond to chronic cocaine exposure

Author(s): Mains Richard | Kiraly Drew | Eipper-Mains Jodi | Ma Xin-Ming | Eipper Betty
Ultrastructure of isolated mouse ovarian follicles cultured in vitro

Author(s): Nottola Stefania | Cecconi Sandra | Bianchi Serena | Motta Cecilia | Rossi Gianna | Continenza Maria | Macchiarelli Guido
Histological and biochemical alterations in early-stage lobar ischemia-reperfusion in rat liver

Author(s): Hossein Ali Arab, Farhang Sasani, Mohammad Hossein Rafiee, Ahmad Fatemi, Abbas Javaheri
Impact of Stand, Site and Structural Characteristics on Stand Regeneration Planning in Pedunculate Oak Forests

Author(s): Juro Čavlović | Krunoslav Teslak | Anamarija Jazbec | Mislav Vedriš
Efficiency of Inventory in Uneven-Aged Forests on Sample Plots with Different Radii

Author(s): Anamarija Jazbec | Mislav Vedriš | Mario Božić | Ernest Goršić
Evolution of SET-domain protein families in the unicellular and multicellular Ascomycota fungi

Author(s): Veerappan Chendhore | Avramova Zoya | Moriyama Etsuko
SAND, a New Protein Family: From Nucleic Acid to Protein Structure and Function Prediction

Author(s): Amanda Cottage | Yvonne J. K. Edwards | Greg Elgar

Author(s): Christof Schneck | Andreas Elbe | Christian M. Schurz | Thomas Schleid
Direction of Arrival Estimation and Localization Using Acoustic Sensor Arrays

Author(s): Vitaliy Kunin | Marcos Turqueti | Jafar Saniie | Erdal Oruklu
The evolution of the tape measure protein: units, duplications and losses

Author(s): Belcaid Mahdi | Bergeron Anne | Poisson Guylaine

Author(s): Jozef Čapla | Peter Zajác | Jozef Golian | Pavol Bajzík | Lucia Zeleňáková | Vladimír Vietoris | Dagmar Kozelová
Annotation of Protein Domains Reveals Remarkable Conservation in the Functional Make up of Proteomes Across Superkingdoms

Author(s): Arshan Nasir | Aisha Naeem | Muhammad Jawad Khan | Horacio D. Lopez Nicora | Gustavo Caetano-Anollés
The influence of selected prebiotics on the growth of lactic acid bacteria for bio-yoghurt production

Author(s): Waldemar Gustaw | Monika Kordowska-Wiater | Justyna Kozioł
Identification of genomic indels and structural variations using split reads

Author(s): Zhang Zhengdong | Du Jiang | Lam Hugo | Abyzov Alex | Urban Alexander | Snyder Michael | Gerstein Mark
Accelerated turnover of taste bud cells in mice deficient for the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27Kip1

Author(s): Harrison Theresa | Smith Adams Lorraine | Moore Preston | Perna Marla | Sword Jarrod | Defoe Dennis
Genome-wide functional annotation and structural verification of metabolic ORFeome of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Author(s): Ghamsari Lila | Balaji Santhanam | Shen Yun | Yang Xinping | Balcha Dawit | Fan Changyu | Hao Tong | Yu Haiyuan | Papin Jason | Salehi-Ashtiani Kourosh
The structural impact of cancer-associated missense mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressors

Author(s): Stehr Henning | Jang Seon-Hi | Duarte José | Wierling Christoph | Lehrach Hans | Lappe Michael | Lange Bodo
Unlimited access to health care - impact of psychosomatic co-morbidity on utilisation in German general practices

Author(s): Schneider Antonius | Hörlein Elisabeth | Wartner Eva | Schumann Isabelle | Henningsen Peter | Linde Klaus
Comparison of buccal and blood-derived canine DNA, either native or whole genome amplified, for array-based genome-wide association studies

Author(s): Rincon Gonzalo | Tengvall Katarina | Belanger Janelle | Lagoutte Laetitia | Medrano Juan | André Catherine | Thomas Anne | Lawley Cynthia | Hansen Mark | Lindblad-Toh Kerstin | Oberbauer Anita
Smart Pipes—Instrumented Water Pipes, Can This Be Made a Reality?

Author(s): Nicole Metje | David N. Chapman | David Cheneler | Michael Ward | Andrew M. Thomas
Synthesis and Characterization of Multilayered Diamond Coatings for Biomedical Implants

Author(s): Leigh Booth | Shane A. Catledge | Dustin Nolen | Raymond G. Thompson | Yogesh K. Vohra
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