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Biochemical characterization of thermophilic lignocellulose degrading enzymes and their potential for biomass bioprocessing

Author(s): Vasudeo Zambare, Archana Zambare, Kasiviswanath Muthukumarappan, Lew P. Christopher
Metalloproteases in Trypanosoma rangeli-infected Rhodnius prolixus

Author(s): Feder D | Gomes SAO | Garcia ES | Azambuja P
Purification and partial characterization of Phaseolus vulgaris seed aminopeptidase

Author(s): Abdala A.P. | Takeda L.H. | Freitas Jr. J.O. | Alves K.B.
Identification and properties of two extracellular proteases from Brevundimonas diminuta

Author(s): Chaia André Adriano | Giovanni-De-Simone Salvatore | Petinate Simone Dias Gonçalves | Lima Ana Paula Cabral de Araújo | Branquinha Marta Helena | Vermelho Alane Beatriz
Nanomaterials Enhanced Gene Expression in Yeast Cells

Author(s): Su-Fang Chien | Shi-Hui Chen | Chhiu-Tsu Lin
Enzyme electrophoresis method in analysis of active components of haemostasis system

Author(s): Ludmila Ostapchenko | Oleksiy Savchuk | Nataliia Burlova-Vasilieva

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