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Genetic Relationships of two Sonchus Species Collected from two Locations in Khartoum State Using RAPD Markers

Author(s): H.H. Elkamali | M.S.M. El-Kheir, R.S. Habeballa, N.B. Hamaza, I.E. Abdalla, E.I. Ahmedani, A.A.S. Mohammed, B.A.A. Abuzaid, M.B. Mohammed and T.Y. Ahmed
Pattern of malignant tumors registered at a referral oral and maxillofacial hospital in Sudan during 2006 and 2007

Author(s): Osman Tarig | Satti Asim | Bøe Olav | Yang Yi-Hsin | Ibrahim Salah | Suleiman Ahmed
Molecular epidemiology of camel trypanosomiasis based on ITS1 rDNA and RoTat 1.2 VSG gene in the Sudan

Author(s): Salim Bashir | Bakheit Mohammed | Kamau Joseph | Nakamura Ichiro | Sugimoto Chihiro
Use of family planning methods in Kassala, Eastern Sudan

Author(s): Ali Abdel Aziem | Rayis Duria | Mamoun Mona | Adam Ishag
Sediment management modelling in the Blue Nile Basin using SWAT model

Author(s): G. D. Betrie | Y. A. Mohamed | A. van Griensven | R. Srinivasan
On the amylasic activity of Sorghum sudanense during germination

Author(s): Gabriela Vasile | Elena Ciornea | Dumitru Cojocaru | Sabina Ioana Cojocaru
Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the Al-Butana Region of Sudan

Author(s): Abdelmonem M. Abdellah | Hago M. Abdel-Magid | Nadia A. Yahia
Formal Forest Management System in the Sudan and the Sustainability Issue

Author(s): Amani A. Kobbail | Mahir S. Suleiman | Abdelhai M. Elmadina
Social Forestry Stakeholders in the Sudan: Case from Gedaref State

Author(s): Abdelhai M. Elmadina | Mahir S. Suleiman | Amani A. Kobbail
Using Weblog in Learning English and Encouraging Adaptation among International Students in Perlis

Author(s): Ina Suryani | Shafiq Hizwari | Md. Aminul Islam | Hazry Desa
Coccidian Infection of Sheep in Khartoum- Sudan

Author(s): Abakar. A. D | E. A. Elamin | A. Y. Osman | H. M. Osman
Therapeutic Efficacy of Doramectin Injectable Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Donkeys (Equus asinus) in Khartoum, Sudan

Author(s): H. I .Seri | T. Hassan | M.M. Salih | A.D. Abakar | A. A. Ismail | T. A. Tigani
A Survey of Gastrointestinal Nematodes of Donkeys (Equus asinus) in Khartoum State, Sudan

Author(s): Seri, H. I. | T. Hassan | M. M. Salih | A.D. Abakar
Investigation on Viral Arthritis in Broiler Chickens in Khartoum, Sudan

Author(s): Nagwa Osman El Shafie | Abdelmelik Ibrahim Khalafalla
Rotavirus-Associated Camel Calf Diarrhoea in Sudan

Author(s): Ali Y. H. | A. I. Khalafalla | M. E. Gaffar | I. Peenze | A. D. Steele
Detection by PCR of Multiple Subgroups of Avian Leukosis Virus (ALV) in Broilers in the Sudan

Author(s): Maaz Majzoub Abdel-Latif | Abdelmelik Ibrahim Khalafalla
Reproduction and Production Performance of West African Sheep in Sudan

Author(s): H.H. Musa | F.M. El amin | A.H. Suleiman | G.H. Chen
Serosurveillance Study on Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus in Sudan

Author(s): A.Ballal | A.E. Karrar | A.M. ElHussein
Isolation of Bovine Herpes Virus-1 in Sudan

Author(s): Amira M. Elhassan | M.A. Fadol | A.E. Karrar
Trypanosoma vivax Infection in Sudanese Cattle in Central Sudan

Author(s): Abdalla, M.A | E. Suliman | M.A, Siham | Amel, O. Bakhiet
Evaluation of West African Sheep under Two Production Systems

Author(s): Musa, H.H | A.H. Suleiman | F.M. El amin | G.H. Chen | D.M. Mekki | B.C. Li
Response of Sorghum Accessions from Four African Countries against Colletotrichum sublineolum, Causal Agent of Sorghum Anthracnose

Author(s): Thomas Isakeit | Hugo Cuevas | Ramasamy Perumal | Louis K. Prom | John Erpelding
Assessment of Drugs’ Donation Practices in Sudan

Author(s): Ahmed S. Eldalo | Mirghani A. Yousif | Jacob L. Doro | Asim F Mustafa
Epidemiology of Rabies in Sudan

Author(s): Ali, Y.H. | K.S. Intisar | H.A. Wegdan | E.B. Ali
Body Measurements of West African Sheep in Sudan

Author(s): Musa, H.H. | F.M. El amin | A.H. Suleiman | G.H. Chen | O. Olowofeso | D.M Mekki
Some Reproductive and Productive Traits of Camel (Camelus dromedarius) in Western Sudan

Author(s): H. H. Musa | E. S. Shuiep | Ibtisam, E. M. El Zubier | G.H. Chen
Surveillance of Theileriosis in Selected Dairy Farms in Khartoum and Gaziera States-Sudan

Author(s): M.H.Tabidi | O.M. Hassan | I.M. El Jalii | A.E. Hamza
IBR Virus in Sudan: Epidemiological and Seriological Studies

Author(s): Amira M. Elhassan | M.A. Fadol | A.E. Karrar A.R.M. Elhussien
Comparative analysis of different factors involving management status of dairy farms in Khartoum state (Sudan)

Author(s): Alatta Amal Osman, | A. A. Hassabo, | M. O. Eisa | Yagoub Sanaa Osman
Constraints of camel pastoralists in Gedarif state, eastern Sudan

Author(s): Y. M. Abdalatif, | M. O. Eisa, | A. B. Mustafa | A. M. Salih

Author(s): Sani M. B. | Anuka J. A | Zezi A. U. | Magaji I I | Yaro A. H. | Magaji M. G | Y. M Sani
Influence of phosphorus on the performance of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp.) varieties in the Sudan savanna of Nigeria

Author(s): A. Singh | A. L. Baoule | H. G Ahmed | A. U. Dikko | U. Aliyu | M. B. Sokoto | J. Alhassan | M. Musa | B. Haliru
Book Reviews

Author(s): Franz von Benda-Beckmann | M.B. Hooker | Franz von Benda-Beckmann | Joel S. Kahn | W.F.L. Buschkens | Jean Lydall | Henri J.M. Claessen | Joan Leopold | Henri J.M. Claessen | Jean-Claude Muller | Henri J.M. Claessen | William A. Shack | P. van Emst | Bailey W. Diffie | H.J. de Graaf | E.M. Beekman | M. Hekker | W. Lundström-Burghoorn | David T. Hill | ? Soebagijo I.N. | F.G.P. Jaquet | H.J. de Graaf | F.G.P. Jaquet | J. Landwehr | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Michael G. Peletz | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Anthony Reid | J.E. van Lohuizen-de Leeuw | J. Bastin | Anke Niehof | Victor T. King | C.H.M. Nooy-Palm | Renato Rosaldo | Els Postel-Coster | Clio Presvelou | G.J. van Reenen | Claudine Salmon | Sjoukje Rienks | Gera van der Weijden | J.J. de Wolf | Wendy James
Extensive permethrin and DDT resistance in Anopheles arabiensis from eastern and central Sudan

Author(s): Himeidan Yousif | Abdel Hamid Muzamil | Jones Christopher | Ranson Hilary
Development of ELISA-based methods to measure the anti-malarial drug chloroquine in plasma and in pharmaceutical formulations

Author(s): Khalil Insaf | Alifrangis Michael | Recke Camilla | Hoegberg Lotte | Ronn Anita | Bygbjerg Ib | Koch Claus
Malaria and pre-eclampsia in an area with unstable malaria transmission in Central Sudan

Author(s): Adam Ishag | Elhassan Elhassan | Mohmmed Ahmed | Salih Magdi | Elbashir Mustafa
Severe anaemia is associated with a higher risk for preeclampsia and poor perinatal outcomes in Kassala hospital, eastern Sudan

Author(s): Ali AbdelAziem | Rayis Duria | Abdallah Tajeldin | Elbashir Mustafa | Adam Ishag
Monocytes and macrophages and placental malaria infections in an area of unstable malaria transmission in eastern Sudan

Author(s): Salih Magdi | Mohammed Amal | Mohmmed Ahmed | Adam Gamal | Elbashir Mustafa | Adam Ishag
The burden of malaria in post-emergency refugee sites: A retrospective study

Author(s): Anderson Jamie | Doocy Shannon | Haskew Christopher | Spiegel Paul | Moss William
Oral mucosal lesions in skin diseased patients attending a dermatologic clinic: a cross-sectional study in Sudan

Author(s): Suliman Nada | Åstrøm Anne | Ali Raouf | Salman Hussein | Johannessen Anne
Fluorescence microscope (Cyscope®) for malaria diagnosis in pregnant women in Medani Hospital, Sudan

Author(s): Hassan Saad El-Din | Haggaz Abd Elrahium | Mohammed-Elhassan Ehab | Malik Elfatih | Adam Ishag
Health Policy and Systems Research in Twelve Eastern Mediterranean Countries: a stocktaking of production and gaps (2000-2008)

Author(s): El-Jardali Fadi | Jamal Diana | Ataya Nour | Jaafar Maha | Raouf Saned | Matta Claudia | Michael Saja | Smith Colette
Predictors of cervical cancer being at an advanced stage at diagnosis in Sudan

Author(s): Ibrahim A | Rasch V | Pukkala E | Aro AR

Author(s): Capraru Bogdan | Ihnatov Iulian
Ott-Sudan-Ostrovskiy equations on a right half-line

Author(s): Martin P. Arciga-Alejandre | Elena I. Kaikina
Genetic diversity based on microsatellite markers in five Nile tilapia strains

Author(s): Hongwei Liang | Zhong Li | Xiangzhong Luo | Changzhong Wang | Guangfu Hu | Guiwei Zou | Yongquan Yang
Path analysis of the productive traits in Sorghum species

Author(s): Ikanović Jela | Glamočlija Đorđe | Maletić Radojka | Popović Vera | Sokolović Dejan | Spasić Marija | Rakić Sveto
A Comparative Study on Red and White Karkade (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Calyces, Extracts and Their Products

Author(s): Abdallah M.A. Suliman | Ali O. Ali | Sharaf Eldeen A.A. Idriss | Mohammed A.Y. Abdualrahman
Family planning in conflict: results of cross-sectional baseline surveys in three African countries

Author(s): McGinn Therese | Austin Judy | Anfinson Katherine | Amsalu Ribka | Casey Sara | Fadulalmula Shihab | Langston Anne | Lee-Jones Louise | Meyers Janet | Mubiru Frederick | Schlecht Jennifer | Sharer Melissa | Yetter Mary
ABO blood group and the risk of placental malaria in sub-Saharan Africa

Author(s): Adegnika Ayola | Luty Adrian | Grobusch Martin | Ramharter Michael | Yazdanbakhsh Maria | Kremsner Peter | Schwarz Norbert
An outbreak of bovine trypanosomiasis in the Blue Nile State, Sudan

Author(s): Salim Bashir | Bakheit Mohammed | Salih Sir | Kamau Joseph | Nakamura Ichiro | Nakao Ryo | Sugimoto Chihiro
Seroprevalence of cytomegalovirus and rubella among pregnant women in western Sudan

Author(s): Hamdan Hamdan | Abdelbagi Ismail | Nasser Nasser | Adam Ishag
Self-reported fever, treatment actions and malaria infection prevalence in the northern states of Sudan

Author(s): Elmardi Khalid | Noor Abdisalan | Githinji Sophie | Abdelgadir Tareg | Malik ElFatih | Snow Robert
Laboratory selection for an accelerated mosquito sexual development rate

Author(s): Oliva Clelia | Benedict Mark | Lempérière Guy | Gilles Jérémie
Pattern of malaria transmission along the Rahad River basin, Eastern Sudan

Author(s): Himeidan Yousif | Elzaki Mervet | Kweka Eliningaya | Ibrahim Muntaser | Elhassan Ibrahim
Malaria in Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana, Kenya: facilitation of Anopheles arabiensis vector populations by installed water distribution and catchment systems

Author(s): Nabie Bayoh M | Akhwale Willis | Ombok Maurice | Sang David | Engoki Sammy | Koros Dan | Walker Edward | Williams Holly | Burke Heather | Armstrong Gregory | Cetron Martin | Weinberg Michelle | Breiman Robert | Hamel Mary
A nosocomial transmission of crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever to an attending physician in north kordufan, Sudan

Author(s): Elata Afraa | Karsany Mubarak | Elageb Rehab | Hussain Marwa | Eltom Kamal | Elbashir Mustafa | Aradaib Imadeldin
Maternal near-miss in a rural hospital in Sudan

Author(s): Ali AbdelAziem | Khojali Awadia | Okud Amira | Adam Gamal | Adam Ishag
Application of Gum Arabic for Coating of Dried Mango Slices

Author(s): Mamoun Omer Abdelgader | Inaam Awad Ismail
Stability analysis of primary emulsion using a new emulsifying agent gum odina

Author(s): Amalesh Samanta | Durbadal Ojha | Biswajit Mukherjee
Some Studies on the Epidemiology of Ovine Theileriosis in River Nile State, Northern Sudan

Author(s): B.M. Ahmed | A.M. El Hussein | A. El Ghali | D.A. Salih
Gastrointestinal Parasites of the Gezira Goats: Central Sudan

Author(s): W. S. Koko | M. Gala | H. S. Abdalla
Caprine Fascioliasis in the Gezira State, Central Sudan

Author(s): W. S. Koko | H. S. Abdalla | M. Galal
Characterization of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Serogroup Recovered from Sentinal Cattle at Shambat, Central Sudan

Author(s): A. E. Karrar | M. E. H. Mohamed | A. A. Majid | S. M. M Elamin | M. M. Salih | I. E. Aradaib
Design of Hybrid Power System of Renewable Energy for Domestic Used in Khartoum

Author(s): Zeinab Abdallah M. Elhassan | Muhammad Fauzi Moh Zain | Kamaruzzaman Sopian | Arafa Awadalla
Quality Evaluation of Two Sudanese Street Foods of Animal Origin

Author(s): Ahmed Elawad Elfaki | Sally Ali Abdalla Elhakim

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