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A novel screening protocol for the isolation of hydrogen producing Chlamydomonas reinhardtii strains

Author(s): Rühle Thilo | Hemschemeier Anja | Melis Anastasios | Happe Thomas
Functional analysis of the group A streptococcal luxS/AI-2 system in metabolism, adaptation to stress and interaction with host cells

Author(s): Siller Maria | Janapatla Rajendra | Pirzada Zaid | Hassler Christine | Zinkl Daniela | Charpentier Emmanuelle
Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans metabolism: from genome sequence to industrial applications

Author(s): Valdés Jorge | Pedroso Inti | Quatrini Raquel | Dodson Robert | Tettelin Herve | Blake Robert | Eisen Jonathan | Holmes David
Exploring and dissecting genome-wide gene expression responses of Penicillium chrysogenum to phenylacetic acid consumption and penicillinG production

Author(s): Harris Diana | van der Krogt Zita | Klaassen Paul | Raamsdonk Leonie | Hage Susanne | van den Berg Marco | Bovenberg Roel | Pronk Jack | Daran Jean-Marc
The complete genome sequence of Staphylothermus marinus reveals differences in sulfur metabolism among heterotrophic Crenarchaeota

Author(s): Anderson Iain | Dharmarajan Lakshmi | Rodriguez Jason | Hooper Sean | Porat Iris | Ulrich Luke | Elkins James | Mavromatis Kostas | Sun Hui | Land Miriam | Lapidus Alla | Lucas Susan | Barry Kerrie | Huber Harald | Zhulin Igor | Whitman William | Mukhopadhyay Biswarup | Woese Carl | Bristow James | Kyrpides Nikos
Altered Sulfur Amino Acid Metabolism In Immune Cells of Children Diagnosed With Autism

Author(s): Jung H. Suh | William J. Walsh | Woody R. McGinnis | Allen Lewis | Bruce N. Ames
Bioaccumulation and toxicity of selenium compounds in the green alga Scenedesmus quadricauda

Author(s): Umysová Dáša | Vítová Milada | Doušková Irena | Bišová Kateřina | Hlavová Monika | Čížková Mária | Machát Jiří | Doucha Jiří | Zachleder Vilém
Microbioerosão em conchas de Heleobia australis (Gastropoda: Rissooidea) da lagoa Salgada,Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Author(s): Maria Célia Elias Senra | Loreine Hermida da Silva e Silva | Jonas Nascimento Conde | Anderson Andrade Cavalcanti Iespa
Insulation of a synthetic hydrogen metabolism circuit in bacteria

Author(s): Agapakis Christina | Ducat Daniel | Boyle Patrick | Wintermute Edwin | Way Jeffrey | Silver Pamela
Proteomics reveals a core molecular response of Pseudomonas putida F1 to acute chromate challenge

Author(s): Thompson Dorothea | Chourey Karuna | Wickham Gene | Thieman Stephanie | VerBerkmoes Nathan | Zhang Bing | McCarthy Andrea | Rudisill Matt | Shah Manesh | Hettich Robert
Implication of Cysteine, Glutathione and Cysteine Synthase in Theobroma cacao L. Zygotic Embryogenesis

Author(s): Minyaka Emile | Niemenak Nicolas | N.M.S. Soupi | Sangare Abdourahamane | Omokolo Ndoumou Denis
Hyperhomocysteinemia: Risk factor for development of occlusive vascular diseases

Author(s): Milošević-Tošić Mirjana | Borota Jela
Therapeutical approach to plasma homocysteine and cardiovascular risk reduction

Author(s): Marcello Ciaccio | Giulia Bivona | Chiara Bellia
Modulation of sulfur metabolism enables efficient glucosinolate engineering

Author(s): Møldrup Morten | Geu-Flores Fernando | Olsen Carl | Halkier Barbara
Temporal transcriptomic response during arsenic stress in Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans

Author(s): Cleiss-Arnold Jessica | Koechler Sandrine | Proux Caroline | Fardeau Marie-Laure | Dillies Marie-Agnès | Coppee Jean-Yves | Arsène-Ploetze Florence | Bertin Philippe
Serial changes in expression of functionally clustered genes in progression of liver fibrosis in hepatitis C patients

Author(s): Yoshiyuki Takahara, Mitsuo Takahashi, Qing-Wei Zhang, Hirotaka Wagatsuma, Maiko Mori, Akihiro Tamori, Susumu Shiomi, Shuhei Nishiguchi
Genotype networks, innovation, and robustness in sulfur metabolism

Author(s): Matias Rodrigues João | Wagner Andreas
Effects of thyroxine on L-cysteine desulfuration in mouse liver.

Author(s): Wróbel M | Ubuka T | Yao WB | Abe T
Phylogenetic distribution of translational GTPases in bacteria

Author(s): Margus Tõnu | Remm Maido | Tenson Tanel
Exploiting combinatorial cultivation conditions to infer transcriptional regulation

Author(s): Knijnenburg Theo | de Winde Johannes | Daran Jean-Marc | Daran-Lapujade Pascale | Pronk Jack | Reinders Marcel | Wessels Lodewyk
Small but versatile: the extraordinary functional and structural diversity of the β-grasp fold

Author(s): Burroughs A Maxwell | Balaji S | Iyer Lakshminarayan | Aravind L
Thioredoxin reductase is a key factor in the oxidative stress response of Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1

Author(s): Serrano L Mariela | Molenaar Douwe | Wels Michiel | Teusink Bas | Bron Peter | de Vos Willem | Smid Eddy
Are we getting enough sulfur in our diet?

Author(s): Nimni Marcel | Han Bo | Cordoba Fabiola
Cadmium triggers an integrated reprogramming of the metabolism of Synechocystis PCC6803, under the control of the Slr1738 regulator

Author(s): Houot Laetitia | Floutier Martin | Marteyn Benoit | Michaut Magali | Picciocchi Antoine | Legrain Pierre | Aude Jean-Christophe | Cassier-Chauvat Corinne | Chauvat Franck
Formate hydrogenlyase in the hyperthermophilic archaeon, Thermococcus litoralis

Author(s): Takács Mária | Tóth András | Bogos Balázs | Varga András | Rákhely Gábor | Kovács Kornél
Gene expression patterns of sulfur starvation in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Author(s): Zhang Zhigang | Pendse Ninad | Phillips Katherine | Cotner James | Khodursky Arkady
iRsp1095: A genome-scale reconstruction of the Rhodobacter sphaeroides metabolic network

Author(s): Imam Saheed | Yilmaz Safak | Sohmen Ugur | Gorzalski Alexander | Reed Jennifer | Noguera Daniel | Donohue Timothy
Proteomic analysis of young leaves at three developmental stages in an albino tea cultivar

Author(s): Li Qin | Huang Jianan | Liu Shuoqian | Li Juan | Yang Xinhe | Liu Yisong | Liu Zhonghua
A synthetic system links FeFe-hydrogenases to essential E. coli sulfur metabolism

Author(s): Barstow Buz | Agapakis Christina | Boyle Patrick | Grandl Gerald | Silver Pamela | Wintermute Edwin
Complete genome sequence of the filamentous anoxygenic phototrophic bacterium Chloroflexus aurantiacus

Author(s): Tang Kuo-Hsiang | Barry Kerrie | Chertkov Olga | Dalin Eileen | Han Cliff | Hauser Loren | Honchak Barbara | Karbach Lauren | Land Miriam | Lapidus Alla | Larimer Frank | Mikhailova Natalia | Pitluck Samuel | Pierson Beverly | Blankenship Robert
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