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New automated image analysis method for the assessment of Ki-67 labeling index in meningiomas.

Author(s): Bartłomiej Grala | Tomasz Markiewicz | Wojciech Kozłowski | Stanisław Osowski | Janina Słodkowska | Wielisław Papierz
Financial Distress Prediction Based on Cost Sensitive Learning

Author(s): Wang Hong-Bao | Wang Fu-Sheng | Yang Xian-Fei
Using Box Approach in Persian Handwritten Digits Recognition

Author(s): Omid Rashnodi | Hedieh Sajedi | Mohammad Saniee Abadeh
An Automated Mail Sorter System using SVM Classifier

Author(s): Arun K.S | Jerin Thomas
A Study on the Effect of Outliers in Devanagari Character Recognition

Author(s): O.V. Ramana Murthy | M. Hanmandlu
Compound Local Binary Pattern 'CLBP' for Rotation Invariant Texture Classification

Author(s): Faisal Ahmed | Emam Hossain | A.S.M. Hossain Bari | Md. Sakhawat Hossen
Bankruptcy Prediction using SVM and Hybrid SVM Survey

Author(s): Jayanthi. J | Suresh Joseph. K | Vaishnavi. J
Classification of Multispectral Satellite Images using Clustering With SVM Classifier

Author(s): S. V. S. Prasad | Dr. T. Satya Savitri | Dr. I. V. Murali Krishna
Recent Trends in Text Classification Techniques

Author(s): Nidhi | Vishal Gupta
Setting a Worm Attack Warning by using Machine Learning to Classify NetFlow Data

Author(s): Shubair A. Abdulla | Sureswara Ramadass | Altyeb Altaher | Amer Al Nassiri
An Efficient Approach Parallel Support Vector Machine for Classification of Diabetes Dataset

Author(s): Naveeen Kumar Shrivastava | Praneet Saurabh | Bhupendra Verma
Detection of erythemato-squamous diseases using AR-CatfishBPSO-KSVM

Author(s): Davar Giveki | Hamid Salimi | Amir Akhavan Bitaraf | Younes Khademian
Parkinson Disease Gait Classification based on Machine Learning Approach

Author(s): Nooritawati Md. Tahir | Hany Hazfiza Manap
Texture Image Classification Using Support Vector Machine

Author(s): S.R.Suralkar | A.H.Karode | Priti W.Pawade
LS-SVM Method for Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression

Author(s): Ümran M. Tekşen | Aşır Genç
Efficient and Intelligent Information Retrieval using Support Vector machine (SVM)

Author(s): Monika Arora | Uma Kanjilal | Dinesh Varshney
Tree Species Detection Accuracies Using Discrete Point Lidar and Airborne Waveform Lidar

Author(s): Nicholas R. Vaughn | L. Monika Moskal | Eric C. Turnblom
Online Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Gaussian Based Classifier

Author(s): Manish Vyas | Prof Amit Singhal | Prof.Neetesh Gupta
Analysis and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia Using ECG Signals

Author(s): Pooja Bhardwaj | Rahul R Choudhary | Ravindra Dayama
Artificial Intelligence Tools Aided-Decision For Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis

Author(s): Seifeddine Souahlia | Khmais Bacha | Abdelkader Chaari
Prediction of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Permeability Using Support Vector Machine

Author(s): R. Gholami | A. R. Shahraki | M. Jamali Paghaleh

Author(s): N.Ugtakhbayar | D.Battulga | Sh.Sodbileg
Protein Structure Prediction Using Support Vector Machine

Author(s): Anil Kumar Mandle | Pranita Jain | Shailendra Kumar Shrivastava
Tree Based Wavelet Transform and DAG SVM for Seizure Detection

Author(s): A.S.Muthanantha Murugavel | S.Ramakrishnan
Handwritten Character Recognition System using Chain code and Correlation Coefficient

Author(s): Ravi Sheth | N C Chauhan | Mahesh M Goyani | Kinjal A Mehta
Implementing Social Group Shopping using Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Prasanna Kothalkar | Priyanka Desai
New Improved Methodology for Pedestrian Detection in Advanced Driver Assistance System

Author(s): Vijay Gaikwad | Shashikant Lokhande | Sanket Manthan
A Hybrid Approach for Classification of DICOM Image

Author(s): J. Umamaheswari | Dr. G. Radhamani
A fast multi-class SVM learning method for huge databases

Author(s): Djeffal Abdelhamid | Taleb-Ahmed Abdelmalik
An Effective Intelligent Model for Medical Diagnosis

Author(s): Mohamed El-Rashidy | Taha E. Taha | Nabil Ayad | Hoda Sroor
The SVM Based Interactive tool for Predicting Phishing Websites

Author(s): Santhana Lakshmi V | Vijaya MS
Predicting Antitumor Activity of Peptides by Consensus of Regression Models Trained on a Small Data Sample

Author(s): Andreja Radman | Matija Gredičak | Ivica Kopriva | Ivanka Jerić
Prediction of Lysine Ubiquitylation with Ensemble Classifier and Feature Selection

Author(s): Xiaowei Zhao | Xiangtao Li | Zhiqiang Ma | Minghao Yin
BLProt: prediction of bioluminescent proteins based on support vector machine and relieff feature selection

Author(s): Kandaswamy Krishna | Pugalenthi Ganesan | Hazrati Mehrnaz | Kalies Kai-Uwe | Martinetz Thomas
Rigorous assessment and integration of the sequence and structure based features to predict hot spots

Author(s): Chen Ruoying | Chen Wenjing | Yang Sixiao | Wu Di | Wang Yong | Tian Yingjie | Shi Yong
A genomic biomarker signature can predict skin sensitizers using a cell-based in vitro alternative to animal tests

Author(s): Johansson Henrik | Lindstedt Malin | Albrekt Ann-Sofie | Borrebaeck Carl
Automatic Eye Winks Interpretation System for Human-Machine Interface

Author(s): Wei-Gang Che | Huang Chung-Lin | Hwang Wen-Liang
Classification of dendritic cell phenotypes from gene expression data

Author(s): Tuana Giacomo | Volpato Viola | Ricciardi-Castagnoli Paola | Zolezzi Francesca | Stella Fabio | Foti Maria
Indoor localization based on cellular telephony RSSI fingerprints containing very large numbers of carriers

Author(s): Oussar Yacine | Ahriz Iness | Denby Bruce | Dreyfus Gérard
Using SVM as Back-End Classifier for Language Identification

Author(s): Suo Hongbin | Li Ming | Lu Ping | Yan Yonghong
A Support Vector Machine-Based Dynamic Network for Visual Speech Recognition Applications

Author(s): Gordan Mihaela | Kotropoulos Constantine | Pitas Ioannis
Motion Pattern-Based Video Classification and Retrieval

Author(s): Ma Yu-Fei | Zhang Hong-Jiang
ATPsite: sequence-based prediction of ATP-binding residues

Author(s): Chen Ke | Mizianty Marcin | Kurgan Lukasz
Novel Kernel-Based Recognizers of Human Actions

Author(s): Danafar Somayeh | Giusti Alessandro | Schmidhuber Jürgen
Realistic Subsurface Anomaly Discrimination Using Electromagnetic Induction and an SVM Classifier

Author(s): Pablo Fernández Juan | Shubitidze Fridon | Shamatava Irma | Barrowes BenjaminE | O'Neill Kevin
Robust Iris Verification Based on Local and Global Variations

Author(s): Tajbakhsh Nima | Araabi BabakNadjar | Soltanian-Zadeh Hamid
Modified Kernel Functions by Geodesic Distance

Author(s): Yong Quan | Jie Yang
Robust EEG Channel Selection across Subjects for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Author(s): Schröder Michael | Lal Thomas Navin | Hinterberger Thilo | Bogdan Martin | Hill N Jeremy | Birbaumer Niels | Rosenstiel Wolfgang | Schölkopf Bernhard
Feature Selection and Blind Source Separation in an EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface

Author(s): Peterson David A | Knight James N | Kirby Michael J | Anderson Charles W | Thaut Michael H
Object Recognition System-on-Chip Using the Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Reyna-Rojas Roberto | Houzet Dominique | Dragomirescu Daniela | Carlier Florent | Ouadjaout Salim
Semantic Context Detection Using Audio Event Fusion

Author(s): Chu Wei-Ta | Cheng Wen-Huang | Wu Ja-Ling
Digital-Signal-Type Identification Using an Efficient Identifier

Author(s): Abrahamzadeh Ataollah | Seyedin Seyed Alireza | Dehghan Mehdi
Incremental Support Vector Machine Framework for Visual Sensor Networks

Author(s): Awad Mariette | Jiang Xianhua | Motai Yuichi
Identifying cancer biomarkers by network-constrained support vector machines

Author(s): Chen Li | Xuan Jianhua | Riggins Rebecca | Clarke Robert | Wang Yue
Microarray-based cancer prediction using single genes

Author(s): Wang Xiaosheng | Simon Richard
RVM-Based Human Action Classification in Crowd through Projection and Star Skeletonization

Author(s): Yogameena B | Veeralakshmi S | Komagal E | Raju S | Abhaikumar V
A Novel Approach to Detect Network Attacks Using G-HMM-Based Temporal Relations between Internet Protocol Packets

Author(s): Shon Taeshik | Han Kyusuk | Park JamesJ(JongHyuk) | Chang Hangbae
Classification of Artificial Intelligence IDS

Author(s): N.Ugtakhbayar | Sh.Sodbileg
Improved Support Vector Machine for Cyber Attack Detection

Author(s): Shailendra Singh | Sanjay Agrawal | Murtaza | A. Rizvi | Ramjeevan Singh Thakur
An Intelligent Model For Detection Of Post-Operative Infections

Author(s): Mohamed El-Rashidy | TahaTaha | Nabil Ayad | HodaSroor
A Novel Approach to Intrusion Detection System using Rough Set Theory and Incremental SVM

Author(s): Ghanshyam Prasad Dubey | Neetesh Gupta | Rakesh K Bhujade
An Empirical Study on the Performance of Integrated Hybrid Prediction Model on the Medical Datasets

Author(s): Sarojini Balakrishnan | Ramaraj Narayanaswamy | Ilango Paramasivam
Emotion recognition method using entropy analysis of EEG signals

Author(s): Seyyed Abed Hosseini | Mohammad Bagher Naghibi-Sistani
Research on Fuzzy Enhancement in the Diagnosis of Liver Tumor from B-mode Ultrasound Images

Author(s): Wu Qiu | Feng xiao | Xin Yang | Xuming Zhang | Ming Yuchi | Mingyue Ding
Using String Kernel for Document Clustering

Author(s): Qingwei Shi | Xiaodong Qiao | Xu Guangquan
Dimensionality Reduction for Optimal Clustering In Data Mining

Author(s): Ch. Raja Ramesh | DVManjula | Dr. G. Jena | Dr C V Sastry
The New Development in Support Vector Machine Algorithm Theory and Its Application

Author(s): Taian LIU | Yunjia WANG | Yinlei WANG | Wentong LIU
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chen-Shu Wang | Wen-Chih Chang
An Automated Error Detection for News Webpages of Chinese Portal

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chi-Chung Lee | Ya-Chen Pan
Feature Selection via Correlation Coefficient Clustering

Author(s): Hui-Huang Hsu | Cheng-Wei Hsieh
A Log-Based 3D Model Retrieval Relevance Feedback Scheme Using Biased SVMs

Author(s): Zhiyong Zhang | Bailin Yang | Xun Wang
Improvments of Payload-based Intrusion Detection Models by Using Noise Against Fuzzy SVM

Author(s): Guiling Zhang | Yongzhen Ke | Zhichao Li | Mingjie E
A New KSVM + KFD Model for Improved Classification and Face Recognition

Author(s): Riadh Ksantini | Boubakeur Seddik Boufama | Imran Shafiq Ahmad
A Blind Steganalytic Scheme Based on DCT and Spatial Domain for JPEG Images

Author(s): Zhuo Li | Kuijun Lu | Xianting Zeng | Xuezeng Pan
Research of Thenar Palmprint Classification Based on Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix and SVM

Author(s): zhu xi jun | Dazhuan Liu | Qiulin Zhang | Zhaoshan Zhou | Wenhua Liang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi
Protein Remote Homology Detection and Fold Recognition based on Features Extracted from Frequency Profiles

Author(s): Lei Lin | Bin Liu | Xiaolong Wang | Xuan Wang | Buzhou Tang
Determination of Optimal SVM Parameters by Using GA/PSO

Author(s): Yuan Ren | Guangchen Bai
The Comparisons of Personal Credit Evaluation Models

Author(s): Huanzhuo Ye | Nan Li | Hao Feng | Yonghua Wang
Extracting glycan motifs using a biochemically-weighted kernel

Author(s): Hao Jiang | Wai-Ki Ching | Kiyoko F Aoki-Kinoshita*

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