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Reading an ESL Writer’s Text

Author(s): Paul Kei Matsuda | Michelle Cox
ERK in Learning and Memory: A Review of Recent Research

Author(s): Sheng Peng | Yan Zhang | Jiannan Zhang | Hua Wang | Bingxu Ren
Super-ensemble techniques applied to wave forecast: performance and limitations

Author(s): F. Lenartz | J.-M. Beckers | J. Chiggiato | C. Troupin | L. Vandenbulcke | M. Rixen
Retrieval of Remote Sensing Images Using Colour & Texture Attribute

Author(s): Priti Maheswary | Namita Srivastava
Hybrid Control of Magnetic Levitation System Based-on New Intelligent Sliding Mode Control

Author(s): M. Aliasghary | M. Teshnehlab | A. Jalilvand | M. Aliyari Shoorehdeli | M.A. Nekoui
Hybrid Control of Flexible Manipulator

Author(s): F. Farivar | M. Aliyari Shoorehdeli | M. Teshnehlab | M.A. Nekoui
eProject User Experience: The Reality

Author(s): John Sandler
Deeper look at student learning of quantum mechanics: The case of tunneling

Author(s): S. B. McKagan | K. K. Perkins | C. E. Wieman
Neural Network Based 3D Surface Reconstruction

Author(s): Vincy Joseph | Shalini Bhatia
A New Pattern Recognition Technique in Non Destructive Testing by the Use of Linear Discriminate Analysis

Author(s): Saeedreza Ehteram | Alborz Rezazadeh Sereshkeh | Seyed Z. Moussavi | Ali Sadr
Summary of Development as a Reflective Practitioner

Author(s): Hong Quan | Shihua Yang | Honglin Chen
Measuring approaches to learning in a problem based learning context

Author(s): Diana H. Dolmans | Ineke H. Wolfhagen | Paul Ginns
Feature Extraction by Using Non-linear and Unsupervised Neural Networks

Author(s): A. Jalil | I.M. Qureshi | A. Naveed | T.a. Cheema
Using Computer Technology to Foster Learning for Understanding

Author(s): Elaine Van Melle | Lewis Tomalty
SELDI-TOF MS profiling of serum for detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Author(s): Huang Yuan-Jiao | Xuan Chao | Zhang Bei-Bei | Liao Ming | Deng Kai-Feng | He Min | Zhao Jin-Min
Prediction of protein binding sites in protein structures using hidden Markov support vector machine

Author(s): Liu Bin | Wang Xiaolong | Lin Lei | Tang Buzhou | Dong Qiwen | Wang Xuan
Multi-subject/daily-life activity EMG-based control of mechanical hands

Author(s): Castellini Claudio | Fiorilla Angelo | Sandini Giulio
Next generation framework for aquatic modeling of the Earth System

Author(s): B. M. Fekete | W. M. Wollheim | D. Wisser | C. J. Vörösmarty
Prediction of protein-protein interaction sites using an ensemble method

Author(s): Deng Lei | Guan Jihong | Dong Qiwen | Zhou Shuigeng
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qi Luo | Ben K. M. Sim | Jun Wang
Automated Dermoscopy Image Analysis of Pigmented Skin Lesions

Author(s): Alfonso Baldi | Marco Quartulli | Raffaele Murace | Emanuele Dragonetti | Mario Manganaro | Oscar Guerra | Stefano Bizzi
Using Computer Technology to Foster Learning for Understanding

Author(s): Elaine Van Melle | Lewis Tomalty
Recognition of Isolated Handwritten Characters in Gurmukhi Script

Author(s): Dharamveer Sharma | Puneet Jhajj
Multi-Quality Prediction Model of CNC Turning Using Back-Propagation Network

Author(s): Tian-Syung Lan | Chih-Yao Lo | Ming-Yung Wang | Yen-An Yu
Analysis of the experimental positron lifetime spectra by neural networks

Author(s): Avdić Senada | Chakarova Roumiana | Pazsit Imre
Latent structure of learning goals and strategies

Author(s): Opačić Goran | Mirkov Snežana
Analysis of X-ray Structures of Matrix Metalloproteinases via Chaotic Map Clustering

Author(s): Giangreco Ilenia | Nicolotti Orazio | Carotti Angelo | De Carlo Francesco | Gargano Gianfranco | Bellotti Roberto
Road Detection and Corner Extraction Using High Definition Lidar

Author(s): Xia Yuan | Chun-Xia Zhao | Hao-Feng Zhang
Recording traces to monitor learners’ activity during lab work sessions in a virtual reality environment

Author(s): Cyrille Baudouin | Michel Beney | Pierre Chevaillier | Agnès Le Pallec
Situational analysis of teaching and learning of medicine and nursing students at Makerere University College of Health Sciences

Author(s): Kiguli Sarah | Baingana Rhona | Paina Ligia | Mafigiri David | Groves Sara | Katende Godfrey | Kiguli-Malwadde Elsie | Kiguli Juliet | Galukande Moses | Roy Mayega | Bollinger Robert | Pariyo George
Specificity, transfer, and the development of expertise

Author(s): David T. Brookes | Brian H. Ross | José P. Mestre
Linear and nonlinear post-processing of numerically forecasted surface temperature

Author(s): M. Casaioli | R. Mantovani | F. Proietti Scorzoni | S. Puca | A. Speranza | B. Tirozzi
Parameter estimation for stiff equations of biosystems using radial basis function networks

Author(s): Matsubara Yoshiya | Kikuchi Shinichi | Sugimoto Masahiro | Tomita Masaru
An adaptative classifier for the recognition of targets in CCD/CBERS images

Author(s): Viviane Todt | Cléber Rubert | José Demísio Simões da Silva | Antonio Roberto Formaggio | Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro
Getting the Mix Right Again: An Updated and Theoretical Rationale for Interaction

Author(s): Terry Anderson, Canada Research Chair in Distance Education
Validation of protein models by a neural network approach

Author(s): Mereghetti Paolo | Ganadu Maria | Papaleo Elena | Fantucci Piercarlo | De Gioia Luca
The virtual haptic back: A simulation for training in palpatory diagnosis

Author(s): Howell John | Conatser Robert | Williams Robert | Burns Janet | Eland David
Comparison of Computational Algorithms for the Classification of Liver Cancer using SELDI Mass Spectrometry: A Case Study

Author(s): Changyu Shen | Timothy E Breen | Lacey E Dobrolecki | C. Max Schmidt | George W. Sledge | Kathy D. Miller | Robert J Hickey
Multisource Images Analysis Using Collaborative Clustering

Author(s): Germain Forestier | Cédric Wemmert | Pierre Gançarski
Multiple Property Tolerance Analysis for the Evaluation of Missense Mutations

Author(s): Tai-Sung Lee | Steven J. Potts | Matthew J. McGinniss | Charles M. Strom
A Multitarget Tracking Video System Based on Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques

Author(s): Jesús García | José M. Molina | Juan A. Besada | Javier I. Portillo

Author(s): Clementina Niţă, Sorin Enea
E-transfer of materials surface engineering e-foresight results

Author(s): A.D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz | L.A. Dobrzański | J. Mazurkiewicz | B. Tomiczek | Ł. Reimann
Training hydrologists to be ecohydrologists and play a leading role in environmental problem solving

Author(s): M. E. McClain | L. Chícharo | N. Fohrer | M. Gaviño Novillo | W. Windhorst | M. Zalewski
Usage of neural network for the prediction of surface roughness after the roller burnishing

Author(s): I. Stanković | M. Perinić | Z. Jurković | V. Mandić | S. Maričić
A Machine Learning Approach for Locating Acoustic Emission

Author(s): Ince NF | Kao Chu-Shu | Kaveh M | Tewfik A | Labuz JF
A Multitarget Tracking Video System Based on Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques

Author(s): García Jesús | Molina José M | Besada Juan A | Portillo Javier I
Handwritten Multiscript Numeral Recognition using Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): Stuti Asthana | Farha Haneef | Rakesh K Bhujade
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jinrong Zhu
Artificial Skin Ridges Enhance Local Tactile Shape Discrimination

Author(s): Saba Salehi | John-John Cabibihan | Shuzhi Sam Ge
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