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Correlations of Negative and Positive Symptoms with Brain MRI Findings in Schizophrenia

Author(s): Serhat Çıtak | Mehmet Çakıcı | Ebru T. Çakıcı | A. Tamer Aker
O jogo do morto no corpo: introjeção e mortificação

Author(s): José Waldemar Thiesen Turna | Manoel Tosta Berlinck
Evaluation of psychological and physiological predictors of fatigue in patients with COPD

Author(s): Lewko Agnieszka | Bidgood Penelope | Garrod Rachel
Distribution and determinants of patient satisfaction in oncology with a focus on health related quality of life

Author(s): Lis Christopher | Rodeghier Mark | Grutsch James | Gupta Digant
Anhedonia in schizophrenia and major depression: state or trait?

Author(s): Pelizza Lorenzo | Ferrari Alberto
Systematic investigation of gastrointestinal diseases in China (SILC): validation of survey methodology

Author(s): Yan Xiaoyan | Wang Rui | Zhao Yanfang | Ma Xiuqiang | Fang Jiqian | Yan Hong | Kang Xiaoping | Yin Ping | Hao Yuantao | Li Qiang | Dent John | Sung Joseph | Zou Duowu | Johansson Saga | Halling Katarina | Liu Wenbin | He Jia
Identification of symptom and functional domains that fibromyalgia patients would like to see improved: a cluster analysis

Author(s): Bennett Robert | Russell Jon | Cappelleri Joseph | Bushmakin Andrew | Zlateva Gergana | Sadosky Alesia
The Factors Influencing Depression Endpoints Research (FINDER) study: final results of Italian patients with depression

Author(s): Caruso Rosangela | Rossi Andrea | Barraco Alessandra | Quail Deborah | Grassi Luigi
The influence of patients' education on quality of life: A single center experience

Author(s): Đurđević Ana | Berat Svetlana | Milović Ljiljana | Delić Svetlana
Body image and quality of life in a Spanish population

Author(s): Ignacio Jáuregui Lobera | Patricia Bolaños Ríos
The Farsi version of the Hypomania Check-List 32 (HCL-32): Applicability and indication of a four-factorial solution

Author(s): Haghighi Mohammad | Bajoghli Hafez | Angst Jules | Holsboer-Trachsler Edith | Brand Serge
Impact of gastroesophageal reflux disease on daily life: the Systematic Investigation of Gastrointestinal Diseases in China (SILC) epidemiological study

Author(s): Wang Rui | Zou Duowu | Ma Xiuqiang | Zhao Yanfang | Yan Xiaoyan | Yan Hong | Fang Jiqian | Yin Ping | Kang Xiaoping | Li Qiang | Dent John | Sung Joseph | Halling Katarina | Johansson Saga | Liu Wenbin | He Jia
Clinical Decision Making and Outcome in Routine Care for People with Severe Mental Illness (CEDAR): Study protocol

Author(s): Puschner Bernd | Steffen Sabine | Slade Mike | Kaliniecka Helena | Maj Mario | Fiorillo Andrea | Munk-Jørgensen Povl | Larsen Jens | Égerházi Anikó | Nemes Zoltan | Rössler Wulf | Kawohl Wolfram | Becker Thomas
Spanish validation of the "Kidney Transplant Questionnaire": a useful instrument for assessing health related quality of life in kidney transplant patients

Author(s): Rebollo Pablo | Ortega Francisco | Ortega Teresa | Valdés Covadonga | García-Mendoza Mónica | Gómez Ernesto
Dichotomous factor analysis of symptoms reported by UK and US veterans of the 1991 Gulf War

Author(s): Nisenbaum Rosane | Ismail Khalida | Wessely Simon | Unwin Catherine | Hull Lisa | Reeves William
A prospective cohort study of surgical treatment for back pain with degenerated discs; study protocol

Author(s): Deyo Richard | Mirza Sohail | Heagerty Patrick | Turner Judith | Martin Brook
Psychometric properties of the CDC Symptom Inventory for assessment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Author(s): Wagner Dieter | Nisenbaum Rosane | Heim Christine | Jones James | Unger Elizabeth | Reeves William
An empirical comparison of atypical bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder

Author(s): Fontenelle L.F. | Mendlowicz M.V. | Moreira R.O. | Appolinario J.C.
Exploratory analysis of obsessive compulsive symptom dimensions in children and adolescents: a Prospective follow-up study

Author(s): Delorme Richard | Bille Arnaud | Betancur Catalina | Mathieu Flavie | Chabane Nadia | Mouren-Simeoni Marie | Leboyer Marion
What Shapes Depressed Individuals' Pre-Treatment Expectation in Antidepressant Clinical Trials?

Author(s): Tally Moses | Andrew F. Leuchter | Ian Cook | Michelle Abrams

Author(s): Vinaccia, Stefano | Quiceno, Japcy Margarita | Fonseca, Paola | Fernández, Hamilton
Clinical utility of the Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire (MASQ) in a sample of young help-seekers

Author(s): Buckby Joe | Yung Alison | Cosgrave Elizabeth | Killackey Eoin
Psychometric properties of the Vertigo symptom scale – Short form

Author(s): Wilhelmsen Kjersti | Strand Liv | Nordahl Stein | Eide Geir | Ljunggren Anne
Evaluation of the Birmingham IBS symptom questionnaire

Author(s): Roalfe Andrea | Roberts Lesley | Wilson Sue
Attachment Styles are Related to ERPs Elicited to Angry Faces in an Oddball Paradigm

Author(s): Marrie H. J. Bekker | Fienke I. M. Geurdes | Ruth E. Mark
Attachment Styles are Related to ERPs Elicited to Angry Faces in an Oddball Paradigm

Author(s): Marrie H. J. Bekker | Fienke I. M. Geurdes | Ruth E. Mark
Psychological health and expectations of patients seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty

Author(s): Azizeh Afkham-Ebrahimi | Mansour Salehi | MirFarhad Ghalebandi | Alireza Kafian-Tafty
The Effect of Designed Exercise Program on Fatigue in Women with Breast Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy

Author(s): M Aghabarari | F Ahmadi | H AghaAlinejad | E Mohammadi | E Hajizadeh
Psychological Dimensions in Patients admitted in Imam Khomeini General Hospital in Tehran

Author(s): Ahmad Ali Noorbala | Mohammad Arbabi | Ali Reza Shalbafan
Exploratory Factor Analysis of SCL90-R Symptoms Relevant to Psychosis

Author(s): Jafar Bakhshaie | Vandad Sharifi | Javad Amini
Defensive coping and health-related quality of life in chronic kidney disease: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kaltsouda Anna | Skapinakis Petros | Damigos Dimitrios | Ikonomou Margarita | Kalaitzidis Rigas | Mavreas Venetsanos | Siamopoulos Kostas
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