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Characteristics of the near-surface turbulence during a bora event

Author(s): Ž. Večenaj | D. Belušić | B. Grisogono
Two-dimensional structure of mountain wave observed by aircraft during the PYREX experiment

Author(s): J. L. Attié | A. Druilhet | P. Durand | B. Bénech
Investigation of the prompt neutron emission mechanism in low energy fission of 235,233U(nth, f) and 252Cf(sf)

Author(s): Vorobyev A.S. | Shcherbakov O.A. | Gagarski A.M. | Val’ski G.V. | Petrov G.A.
Neutron induced fission of 234U

Author(s): Hambsch F.-J. | Al-Adili A. | Oberstedt S. | Pomp S.
Observational constraints on entrainment and the entrainment interface layer in stratocumulus

Author(s): J. K. Carman | D. L. Rossiter | D. Khelif | H. H. Jonsson | I. C. Faloona | P. Y. Chuang
Cloud base vertical velocity statistics: a comparison between an atmospheric mesoscale model and remote sensing observations

Author(s): J. Tonttila | E. J. O'Connor | S. Niemelä | P. Räisänen | H. Järvinen
Visualization of protein structure relationships using constrained twin kernel embedding

Author(s): Yi Guo | Jun-Bin Gao | Paul Kwan | Xinsheng Hou
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