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Efficiency of VSC-HVDC System With Various Fuzzy Models

Author(s): Mrs. Sonali R dasgupta, | Dr.(Mrs.) Gayatri Agnihotri
Robustness of Fuzzy Variable Structure Controllers

Author(s): Basil M. Al-Hadithi, Feranado Matia and Augstin Jimenez
Maximum Power Control of Hybrid Wind-Diesel-Storage System

Author(s): Elkhatib Kamal | Magdy Koutb | Abdul Azim Sobaih | Sahar Kaddah
Enhanced Neuro-Fuzzy Architecture for Electrical Load Forecasting

Author(s): Hany Ferdinando | Felix Pasila | Henry Kuswanto
Modeling of an Inverted Pendulum based on Fuzzy Clustering Techniques

Author(s): E.Sivaraman | S.Arulselvi | S.P.Natarajan
Water level forecasting through fuzzy logic and artificial neural network approaches

Author(s): S. Alvisi | G. Mascellani | M. Franchini | A. Bárdossy
Prediction of biochemical failure in localized carcinoma of prostate after radical prostatectomy by neuro-fuzzy

Author(s): Goyal Neeraj | Kumar Abhay | Acharya Rajiba | Dwivedi Udai | Trivedi Sameer | Singh Pratap | Singh T
Fuzzy Kalman Filtering of the Slam Problem Using Pseudo-Linear Models with Two-Sensor Data Association

Author(s): Chandima Dedduwa Pathiranage, Keigo Watanabe and Kiyotaka Izumi
Stability Aanalysis Results Concerning the Fuzzy Control of a Class of Nonlinear Time-Varying Systems

Author(s): Precup Radu-Emil | Petriu Emil M. | Dragoş Claudia-Adina | David Radu-Codruţ
Fuzzy Logic and Neuro-fuzzy Systems: A Systematic Introduction

Author(s): Yue Wu | Biaobiao Zhang | Jiabin Lu | K. -L. Du
Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Control of Adjacent Structures using MR Dampers

Author(s): M.S. Shahidzadeh | H. Tarzi | M. Dorfeshan
Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Gains Scheduled PI Controller for Enhancement of Power System Stability

Author(s): Lokman H. Hassan | M. Moghavvemi | Haider A.F. Mohamed
Synchronization of Chaos Systems Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Mohammad Ababneh | Issa Etier | Mahmoud Smadi | Jasim Ghaeb
Intelligent Control for Self-erecting Inverted Pendulum Via Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inference System

Author(s): A. A. Saifizul | Z. Zainon | N. A.B. Osman | C. A. Azlan | U. F.S.U. Ibrahim
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