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MLVA distribution characteristics of Yersinia pestis in China and the correlation analysis

Author(s): Zhang Xiaoai | Hai Rong | Wei Jianchun | Cui Zhigang | Zhang Enmin | Song Zhizhong | Yu Dongzheng
Genome-wide analysis of tandem repeats in Daphnia pulex - a comparative approach

Author(s): Mayer Christoph | Leese Florian | Tollrian Ralph
Expression, tandem repeat copy number variation and stability of four macrosatellite arrays in the human genome

Author(s): Tremblay Deanna | Alexander Graham | Moseley Shawn | Chadwick Brian
Quantitative Analysis of Chimerism after Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation

Author(s): Ding-Ping Chen | Kuo-Chien Tsao | Po-Nan Wang | Ching-Ping Tseng | Chien-Feng Sun
Typing Clostridium difficile strains based on tandem repeat sequences

Author(s): Zaiß N Henning | Rupnik Maja | Kuijper Ed | Harmanus Celine | Michielsen Dolf | Janssens Koen | Nübel Ulrich
Association study of promoter polymorphisms at the dopamine transporter gene in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Author(s): Xu Xiaohui | Mill Jonathan | Sun Bo | Chen Chih-Ken | Huang Yu-Shu | Wu Yu-Yu | Asherson Philip
Intragenic tandem repeats in Daphnia magna: structure, function and distribution

Author(s): Colson Isabelle | Du Pasquier Louis | Ebert Dieter
Genome-wide analysis of transposable elements and tandem repeats in the compact placozoan genome

Author(s): Wang Shi | Zhang Lingling | Meyer Eli | Bao Zhenmin
Short Tandem Repeats in Human Exons: A Target for Disease Mutations

Author(s): Madsen Bo | Villesen Palle | Wiuf Carsten
Detection of Francisella tularensis in ticks and identification of their genotypes using multiple-locus variable-number tandem repeat analysis

Author(s): Zhang Fang | Liu Wei | Wu Xiao-Ming | Xin Zhong-Tao | Zhao Qiu-Min | Yang Hong | Cao Wu-Chun
A map of the class III region of the sheep major histocompatibilty complex

Author(s): Qin J | Mamotte C | Cockett NE | Wetherall JD | Groth DM
Allele distribution and genetic diversity of VNTR loci in Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis isolates from different sources

Author(s): Cho Seongbeom | Whittam Thomas | Boxrud David | Bartkus Joanne | Saeed A Mahdi
NMR-based Structural Studies of the Glycosylated MUC1 Tandem Repeat Peptide

Author(s): G. Suryanarayanan | P. A. Keifer | G. Wang | L. Kinarsky | M. A. Hollingsworth | S. Sherman
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the O-glycosylated 21-residue MUC1 Peptides

Author(s): A. Rubinstein | L. Kinarsky | S. Sherman
Analysis of the largest tandemly repeated DNA families in the human genome

Author(s): Warburton Peter | Hasson Dan | Guillem Flavia | Lescale Chloe | Jin Xiaoping | Abrusan Gyorgy
VNTR analysis reveals unexpected genetic diversity within Mycoplasma agalactiae, the main causative agent of contagious agalactia

Author(s): McAuliffe Laura | Churchward Colin | Lawes Joanna | Loria Guido | Ayling Roger | Nicholas Robin
Molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Taipei

Author(s): Dou Horng-Yunn | Tseng Fan-Chen | Lin Chih-Wei | Chang Jia-Ru | Sun Jun-Ren | Tsai Wen-Shing | Lee Shi-Yi | Su Ih-Jen | Lu Jang-Jih
Genetic variation in South Indian castes: evidence from Y-chromosome, mitochondrial, and autosomal polymorphisms

Author(s): Watkins WS | Thara R | Mowry BJ | Zhang Y | Witherspoon DJ | Tolpinrud W | Bamshad MJ | Tirupati S | Padmavati R | Smith H | Nancarrow D | Filippich C | Jorde LB
PCR-based rapid genotyping of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolates

Author(s): Roscetto Emanuela | Rocco Francesco | Carlomagno M Stella | Casalino Mariassunta | Colonna Bianca | Zarrilli Raffaele | Di Nocera Pier
Genomic complexity of the variable region-containing chitin-binding proteins in amphioxus

Author(s): Dishaw Larry | Mueller M Gail | Gwatney Natasha | Cannon John | Haire Robert | Litman Ronda | Amemiya Chris | Ota Tatsuya | Rowen Lee | Glusman Gustavo | Litman Gary
STAMP: Extensions to the STADEN sequence analysis package for high throughput interactive microsatellite marker design

Author(s): Kraemer Lars | Beszteri Bánk | Gäbler-Schwarz Steffi | Held Christoph | Leese Florian | Mayer Christoph | Pöhlmann Kevin | Frickenhaus Stephan
SLC6A3 and body mass index in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial

Author(s): Azzato Elizabeth | Morton Lindsay | Bergen Andrew | Wang Sophia | Chatterjee Nilanjan | Kvale Paul | Yeager Meredith | Hayes Richard | Chanock Stephen | Caporaso Neil
Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium bovis strains isolated from cattle slaughtered at two abattoirs in Algeria

Author(s): Sahraoui Naima | Müller Borna | Guetarni Djamel | Boulahbal Fadéla | Yala Djamel | Ouzrout Rachid | Berg Stefan | Smith Noel | Zinsstag Jakob
Intragenic tandem repeat variation between Legionella pneumophila strains

Author(s): Coil David | Vandersmissen Liesbeth | Ginevra Christophe | Jarraud Sophie | Lammertyn Elke | Anné Jozef
Expression pattern and polymorphism of three microsatellite markers in the porcine CA3 gene

Author(s): Wu Jian | Zhou Donghai | Deng Changyan | Xiong Yuanzhu | Lei Minggang | Li Fenge | Jiang Siwen | Zuo Bo | Zheng Rong
The cytochrome P450 (CYP) gene superfamily in Daphnia pulex

Author(s): Baldwin William | Marko Peter | Nelson David
Characterization of α-isopropylmalate synthases containing different copy numbers of tandem repeats in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Author(s): Yindeeyoungyeon Wandee | Likitvivatanavong Supaporn | Palittapongarnpim Prasit
Evolution of the leukotoxin promoter in genus Mannheimia

Author(s): Larsen Jesper | Pedersen Anders | Davies Robert | Kuhnert Peter | Frey Joachim | Christensen Henrik | Bisgaard Magne | Olsen John
GarlicESTdb: an online database and mining tool for garlic EST sequences

Author(s): Kim Dae-Won | Jung Tae-Sung | Nam Seong-Hyeuk | Kwon Hyuk-Ryul | Kim Aeri | Chae Sung-Hwa | Choi Sang-Haeng | Kim Dong-Wook | Kim Ryong | Park Hong-Seog
More and More Coronaviruses: Human Coronavirus HKU1

Author(s): Patrick C. Y. Woo | Susanna K. P. Lau | Cyril C. Y. Yip | Yi Huang | Kwok-Yung Yuen
In silico genomic analyses reveal three distinct lineages of Escherichia coli O157:H7, one of which is associated with hyper-virulence

Author(s): Laing Chad | Buchanan Cody | Taboada Eduardo | Zhang Yongxiang | Karmali Mohamed | Thomas James | Gannon Victor
Evolution and functional divergence of NLRP genes in mammalian reproductive systems

Author(s): Tian Xin | Pascal Géraldine | Monget Philippe
Metapopulation structure for perpetuation of Francisella tularensis tularensis

Author(s): Goethert Heidi | Saviet Benjamin | Telford Sam
Transmission of Specific Genotype Streptomycin Resistant Strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area in Japan

Author(s): Ohkado Akihiro | Murase Yoshiro | Mori Masaaki | Hasegawa Naoki | Otsuka Goro | Nagamine Michiko | Maeda Hideo | Uchimura Kazuhiro | Ohmori Masako | Yamada Norio | Maeda Shinji | Kato Seiya | Mori Toru | Ishikawa Nobukatsu
Phylogeographic analysis reveals association of tick-borne pathogen, Anaplasma marginale, MSP1a sequences with ecological traits affecting tick vector performance

Author(s): Estrada-Peña Agustín | Naranjo Victoria | Acevedo-Whitehouse Karina | Mangold Atilio | Kocan Katherine | de la Fuente José
Application and evaluation of the MLVA typing assay for the Brucella abortus strains isolated in Korea

Author(s): Her Moon | Kang Sung-Il | Cho Dong-Hee | Cho Yun-Sang | Hwang In-Yeong | Heo Young-Ran | Jung Suk-Chan | Yoo Han-Sang
Novel association of APC with intermediate filaments identified using a new versatile APC antibody

Author(s): Wang Yang | Azuma Yoshiaki | Friedman David | Coffey Robert | Neufeld Kristi
Occurrence of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis across host species and European countries with evidence for transmission between wildlife and domestic ruminants

Author(s): Stevenson Karen | Alvarez Julio | Bakker Douwe | Biet Franck | de Juan Lucia | Denham Susan | Dimareli Zoi | Dohmann Karen | Gerlach Gerald | Heron Ian | Kopecna Marketa | May Linda | Pavlik Ivo | Sharp J Michael | Thibault Virginie | Willemsen Peter | Zadoks Ruth | Greig Alastair
A case study of sexual assault by DNA finger printing technology using PCR based STR analysis

Author(s): 1Somasekhar Penumajji, 2*Varaprasad Bobbarala and 2K. Chandrasekhar Naidu
The neck-region polymorphism of DC-SIGNR in peri-centenarian from Han Chinese Population

Author(s): Li Hui | Wang Cheng-Ye | Wang Jia-Xin | Tang Nelson | Xie Liang | Gong Yuan-Ying | Yang Zhao | Xu Liang-You | Kong Qing-Peng | Zhang Ya-Ping
MitoVariome: a variome database of human mitochondrial DNA

Author(s): Lee Yong | Kim Woo-Yeon | Ji Mihyun | Kim Ji | Bhak Jong
VMD: Viral Microsatellite Database-A Comprehensive Resource for all Viral Microsatellites

Author(s): Suresh B. Mudunuri | Allam Appa Rao | S Pallamsetty | Priyatosh Mishra | H.A.Nagarajaram
Multilocus variable-number tandem repeat analysis for molecular typing and phylogenetic analysis of Shigella flexneri

Author(s): Wang You-Wun | Watanabe Haruo | Phung Dac | Tung Sheng | Lee Yeong-Sheng | Terajima Jun | Liang Shiu-Yun | Chiou Chien-Shun
ADHD candidate gene (DRD4 exon III) affects inhibitory control in a healthy sample

Author(s): Krämer Ulrike | Rojo Nuria | Schüle Rebecca | Cunillera Toni | Schöls Ludger | Marco-Pallarés Josep | Cucurell David | Camara Estela | Rodriguez-Fornells Antoni | Münte Thomas
Análisis de la estructura genética en una muestra poblacional de Bucaramanga, departamento de Santander

Author(s): Martha Lucía Hincapié | Adriana María Gil | Adriana Lucía Pico | Leonor Gusmão | Fernando Rondón | Clara Inés Vargas | Adriana Castillo
Microsatellite diversity among the primitive tribes of India

Author(s): Mukherjee Malay | Tripathy V | Colah R | Solanki P | Ghosh K | Reddy B | Mohanty D
Variable number of tandem repeat polymorphisms of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist gene IL-1RN: a novel association with the athlete status

Author(s): Cauci Sabina | Di Santolo Manuela | Ryckman Kelli | Williams Scott | Banfi Giuseppe
Compilation of a panel of informative single nucleotide polymorphisms for bovine identification in the Northern Irish cattle population

Author(s): Allen Adrian | Taylor Malcolm | McKeown Brian | Curry April | Lavery John | Mitchell Andy | Hartshorne David | Fries Rüdi | Skuce Robin
Identification of an unusual Brucella strain (BO2) from a lung biopsy in a 52 year-old patient with chronic destructive pneumonia

Author(s): Tiller Rebekah | Gee Jay | Lonsway David | Gribble Sonali | Bell Scott | Jennison Amy | Bates John | Coulter Chris | Hoffmaster Alex | De Barun
Longitudinal survey of Staphylococcus aureus in cystic fibrosis patients using a multiple-locus variable-number of tandem-repeats analysis method

Author(s): Vu-Thien Hoang | Hormigos Katia | Corbineau Gaëlle | Fauroux Brigitte | Corvol Harriet | Moissenet Didier | Vergnaud Gilles | Pourcel Christine
Skittle: A 2-Dimensional Genome Visualization Tool

Author(s): Seaman Josiah | Sanford John
Identification and characterization of endonuclein binding proteins: evidence of modulatory effects on signal transduction and chaperone activity

Author(s): Ludvigsen Maja | Østergaard Morten | Vorum Henrik | Jacobsen Christian | Honoré Bent
Comparison of Variable-Number Tandem-Repeat Markers typing and IS1245 Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism fingerprinting of Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis from human and porcine origins

Author(s): Tirkkonen Taneli | Pakarinen Jaakko | Rintala Elina | Ali-Vehmas Terhi | Marttila Harri | Peltoniemi Olli | Mäkinen Johanna
Identification of mycobacterium tuberculosis beijing genotype using three different molecular methods

Author(s): Elahe Tajeddin | Parissa Farnia | Mohammad Kargar | Jamileh Noroozi | Mojtaba Ahmadi | Mehdi Kazempour | Mohammadreza Masjedi | Aliakbar Velayati
Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of serine proteases and homologs in the silkworm Bombyx mori

Author(s): Zhao Ping | Wang Gen-Hong | Dong Zhao-Ming | Duan Jun | Xu Ping-Zhen | Cheng Ting-Cai | Xiang Zhong-Huai | Xia Qing-You
WAMI: a web server for the analysis of minisatellite maps

Author(s): Abouelhoda Mohamed | El-Kalioby Mohamed | Giegerich Robert
Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing isolates from the Mediterranean area

Author(s): Alonso M | Alonso Rodriguez N | Garzelli C | Martínez Lirola M | Herranz M | Samper S | Ruiz Serrano MJ | Bouza E | García de Viedma D
Comparative whole genome sequence analysis of wild-type and cidofovir-resistant monkeypoxvirus

Author(s): Farlow Jason | Ichou Mohamed | Huggins John | Ibrahim Sofi
ApoE mimetic peptide decreases Aβ production in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Minami S Sakura | Cordova Antoinette | Cirrito John | Tesoriero Joseph | Babus Lenard | Davis Gary | Dakshanamurthy Sivanesan | Turner R Scott | Pak Daniel | Rebeck G William | Paige Mikell | Hoe Hyang-Sook
An examination of targeted gene neighborhoods in strawberry

Author(s): Davis Thomas | Shields Melanie | Zhang Qian | Tombolato-Terzić Denise | Bennetzen Jeffrey | Pontaroli Ana | Wang Hao | Yao Qin | SanMiguel Phillip | Folta Kevin
Thymidylate synthase (TS) tandem repeat promoter polymorphism and susceptibility to colorectal cancer of romanian subjects

Author(s): Mihai TOMA | Monica STAVARACHI | Dănuţ CIMPONERIU | Pompilia APOSTOL | Traean BURCOŞ | Emil POPA | Nicolae PANDURU | Irina RADU | Lucian GAVRILĂ
A versatile palindromic amphipathic repeat coding sequence horizontally distributed among diverse bacterial and eucaryotic microbes

Author(s): Röske Kerstin | Foecking Mark | Yooseph Shibu | Glass John | Calcutt Michael | Wise Kim
Characterization of pMGA Genes from the F - Strain (Vaccine Strain) of Mycoplasma Gallisepticum

Author(s): G. T. Pharr | S. L. Branton | L. A. Hanson | F. C. Minion | M. B. Hughlett | X. Wan
Association of interleukin-1 beta (-511C/T) polymorphisms with osteoporosis in postmenopausal women

Author(s): Chao Tai-Hung | Yu Hsing-Ning | Huang Chi-Chuan | Liu Wen-Shen | Tsai Ya-Wen | Wu Wen-Tung
Development of a Simple Method to Determine the Mouse Strain from Which Cultured Cell Lines Originated

Author(s): Kaori Yoshino | Kaoru Saijo | Chikako Noro | Yukio Nakamura
Genetic affinities between the Yami tribe people of Orchid Island and the Philippine Islanders of the Batanes archipelago

Author(s): Loo Jun-Hun | Trejaut Jean | Yen Ju-Chen | Chen Zong-Sian | Lee Chien-Liang | Lin Marie
A regulatory network of two galectins mediates the earliest steps of avian limb skeletal morphogenesis

Author(s): Bhat Ramray | Lerea Kenneth | Peng Hong | Kaltner Herbert | Gabius Hans-Joachim | Newman Stuart
Multiple-locus variable-number tandem repeat analysis for molecular typing of Aspergillus fumigatus

Author(s): Thierry Simon | Wang Dongying | Arné Pascal | Deville Manjula | De Bruin Barbara | Nieguitsila Adélaïde | Pourcel Christine | Laroucau Karine | Chermette René | Huang Weiyi | Botterel Françoise | Guillot Jacques
FONZIE: An optimized pipeline for minisatellite marker discovery and primer design from large sequence data sets

Author(s): Bally Pascal | Grandaubert Jonathan | Rouxel Thierry | Balesdent Marie-Hélène
A ranking index for quality assessment of forensic DNA profiles

Author(s): Hedman Johannes | Ansell Ricky | Nordgaard Anders
Polymorphism of thymidylate synthase gene associated with its protein expression in human colon cancer

Author(s): Kai-Huan Yu, Wei-Xing Wang, You-Ming Ding, Hui Li, Ze-Sheng Wang
Investigation of QF-PCR Application for Rapid Prenatal Diagnosis of Chromosomal Aneuploidies in Iranian Population

Author(s): Habib Nasiri | Mohammad-Reza Noori-Dalooi | Jila Dastan | Saeed-Reza Ghaffari
Position and sequence conservation in Amniota of polymorphic enhancer HS1.2 within the palindrome of IgH 3'Regulatory Region

Author(s): D'Addabbo Pietro | Scascitelli Moira | Giambra Vincenzo | Rocchi Mariano | Frezza Domenico
Identification of two new repetitive elements and chromosomal mapping of repetitive DNA sequences in the fish Gymnothorax unicolor (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae)

Author(s): E. Coluccia | G. Pichiri | M. Nieddu | P. Coni | S. Manconi | A.M. Deiana | S. Salvadori | R. Mezzanotte
Evolution of a behavior-linked microsatellite-containing element in the 5' flanking region of the primate AVPR1A gene

Author(s): Donaldson Zoe | Kondrashov Fyodor | Putnam Andrea | Bai Yaohui | Stoinski Tara | Hammock Elizabeth | Young Larry
SSR Locator: Tool for Simple Sequence Repeat Discovery Integrated with Primer Design and PCR Simulation

Author(s): Luciano Carlos da Maia | Dario Abel Palmieri | Velci Queiroz de Souza | Mauricio Marini Kopp | Fernando Irajá Félix de Carvalho | Antonio Costa de Oliveira
Short tandem repeat sequences in the Mycoplasma genitalium genome and their use in a multilocus genotyping system

Author(s): Ma Liang | Taylor Stephanie | Jensen Jørgen | Myers Leann | Lillis Rebecca | Martin David
Linkage study of fibrinogen levels: the Strong Heart Family Study

Author(s): Best Lyle | North Kari | Li Xia | Palmieri Vittorio | Umans Jason | MacCluer Jean | Laston Sandy | Haack Karin | Goring Harald | Diego Vincent | Almasy Laura | Lee Elisa | Tracy Russell | Cole Shelley
MGDD: Mycobacterium tuberculosis Genome Divergence Database

Author(s): Vishnoi Anchal | Srivastava Alok | Roy Rahul | Bhattacharya Alok
The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of the Damsel Bug Alloeorhynchus bakeri (Hemiptera: Nabidae)

Author(s): Hu Li, Haiyu Liu, Liangming Cao, Aimin Shi, Hailin Yang, Wanzhi Cai
Investigation of QF-PCR Application for Rapid Prenatal Diagnosis of Chromosomal Aneuploidies in Iranian Population

Author(s): Habib Nasiri | Mohammad-Reza Noori-Dalooi | Jila Dastan | Saeed-Reza Ghaffari
Evaluation and In-House Validation of Five DNA Extraction Methods for PCR-based STR Analysis of Bloodstained Denims

Author(s): Henry Perdigon | Gayvelline Calacal | Kristine Co Seng | Saturnina Halos | Maria Corazon De Ungria
Toll-like receptors: an overview from invertebrates to vertebrates

Author(s): MR Coscia | S Giacomelli | U Oreste
Genotyping analysis of Helicobacter pylori using multiple-locus variable-number tandem-repeats analysis in five regions of China and Japan

Author(s): Guo Chunliang | Liao Yaling | Li Yan | Duan Jun | Guo Ying | Wu Yuqian | Cui Yujun | Sun Hongwu | Zhang Jinyong | Chen Bing | Zou Quanming | Guo Gang
Gallus gallus NEU3 sialidase as model to study protein evolution mechanism based on rapid evolving loops

Author(s): Giacopuzzi Edoardo | Barlati Sergio | Preti Augusto | Venerando Bruno | Monti Eugenio | Borsani Giuseppe | Bresciani Roberto
Analysis of human meiotic recombination events with a parent-sibling tracing approach

Author(s): Lee Yun-Shien | Chao Angel | Chen Chun-Houh | Chou Tina | Wang Shih-Yee | Wang Tzu-Hao
Gene expression during normal and FSHD myogenesis

Author(s): Tsumagari Koji | Chang Shao-Chi | Lacey Michelle | Baribault Carl | Chittur Sridar | Sowden Janet | Tawil Rabi | Crawford Gregory | Ehrlich Melanie
Molecular typing of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates circulating in Jiangsu Province, China

Author(s): Liu Qiao | Yang Dandan | Xu Weiguo | Wang Jianming | LV Bing | Shao Yan | Song Honghuan | Li Guoli | Dong Haiyan | Wan Kanglin | Wang Hua
Molecular organization and phylogenetic analysis of 5S rDNA in crustaceans of the genus Pollicipes reveal birth-and-death evolution and strong purifying selection

Author(s): Perina Alejandra | Seoane David | González-Tizón Ana | Rodríguez-Fariña Fernanda | Martínez-Lage Andrés
Tandemly repeated DNA families in the mouse genome

Author(s): Komissarov Aleksey | Gavrilova Ekaterina | Demin Sergey | Ishov Alexander | Podgornaya Olga
Association of Variable Number of Tandem Repeats in Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene with Coronary Artery Disease

Author(s): S Salimi | M Firoozrai | I Nourmohammadi | M Shabani | A Zavarehee | A Mohebbi
Application of Molecular Cytogenetic Technique for Rapid Prenatal Diagnosis of Aneuploidies in Iranian Population

Author(s): Habib Nasiri | Jila Dastan | Mohammad Hasan Seifi | Noori Dalooi | Saeed Reza Ghaffari
99mTc Direct radiolabeling of PR81, a new anti-MUC1 monoclonal antibody for radioimmunoscintigraphy

Author(s): M. Salouti | H. Rajabi | H. Babaei | M.J. Rasaee | R. Najafi | M. Paknejad | Z. Mohammad Hasan | T.M. Altarihi
A New Model for Finding Approximate Tandem Repeats in DNA Sequences

Author(s): Qingshan Jiang | Sheng Li | Shun Guo | Dan Wei
RiDs db: Repeats in diseases database

Author(s): Anurag Chaturvedi | Shrish Tiwari | Rachel A Jesudasan*
Optimization of sequence alignment for simple sequence repeat regions

Author(s): Jighly Abdulqader | Hamwieh Aladdin | Ogbonnaya Francis
Anthrax phylogenetic structure in Northern Italy

Author(s): Garofolo Giuliano | Serrecchia Luigina | Corrò Michela | Fasanella Antonio
A multi locus variable number of tandem repeat analysis (MLVA) scheme for Streptococcus agalactiae genotyping

Author(s): Haguenoer Eve | Baty Gaelle | Pourcel Christine | Lartigue Marie-Frédérique | Domelier Anne-Sophie | Rosenau Agnès | Quentin Roland | Mereghetti Laurent | Lanotte Philippe
Molecular epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax anti-folate resistance in India

Author(s): Prajapati Surendra | Joshi Hema | Dev Vas | Dua Virendra
The influence of serotonin transporter polymorphisms on cortical activity: A resting EEG study

Author(s): Lee Tien-Wen | Yu Younger | Hong Chen-Jee | Tsai Shih-Jen | Wu Hung-Chi | Chen Tai-Jui
Modeling the asymmetric evolution of a mouse and rat-specific microRNA gene cluster intron 10 of the Sfmbt2 gene

Author(s): Lehnert Stefan | Kapitonov Vladimir | Thilakarathne Pushpike | Schuit Frans
Genetic polymorphisms in folate pathway enzymes, DRD4 and GSTM1 are related to temporomandibular disorder

Author(s): Aneiros-Guerrero Angel | Lendinez Ana | Palomares Arturo | Perez-Nevot Beatriz | Aguado Lidia | Mayor-Olea Alvaro | Ruiz-Galdon Maximiliano | Reyes-Engel Armando
A Novel Signal Processing Measure to Identify Exact and Inexact Tandem Repeat Patterns in DNA Sequences

Author(s): Gupta Ravi | Sarthi Divya | Mittal Ankush | Singh Kuldip
MfSAT: Detect simple sequence repeats in viral genomes

Author(s): Ming Chen | Zhongyang Tan | Guangming Zeng
UPIC: Perl scripts to determine the number of SSR markers to run

Author(s): Renee S. Arias | Linda L. Ballard | Brian E. Scheffler
Phylogenetics and Srf Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA COII Gene in Anopheles Species (Diptera: Culicidae)

Author(s): Monika Sharma | Taruna Kaurab | Rashmi Kohlia | Sudarshan Chaudhry
A comparison of flow cytometry detection of minimal residual disease and chimerism kinetics in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Author(s): Adriana Plesa | Xavier Thomas | Quoc Hung Le | Anne-Sophie Michallet | Valérie Dubois | Charles Dumontet | Mauricette Michallet
Evaluation of Genetic Pattern of Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterium Using VNTR Method

Author(s): Heidari F | Farnia P | Noorozi J | Majd A
Resolving Questioned Paternity Issues Using a Philippine Genetic Database

Author(s): Maria Corazon De Ungria | Kristina Tabbada | Frederick Delfin | Alma Frani | Michelle Magno | Gayvelline Calacal | Saturnina C. Halos
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