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Treatment and Reuse of Tannery Waste Water by Embedded System

Author(s): S. Krishanamoorthi | V. Sivakumar | K. Saravanan | T.V. Sriram Prabhu
Chromium and its forms in soils in the proximity of the old tannery waste lagoon

Author(s): Stępniewska Z. | Bucior K. | De Boodt3 M.
Effect of Waste Water Effluents From a Tannery on the Growth of Some Crop Plants

Author(s): Saeed A. Malik | T.Z. Bokhari | A.A. Dasti | S. Zaib-Un-Nisa Abidi
Assessing Pollution Levels in Effluents of Industries in City Zone of Faisalabad, Pakistan

Author(s): Muhammad Asif Hanif | Raziya Nadeem | Umer Rashid | Muhammad Nadeem Zafar
Studies on integrated use of tannery wastewater, municipal solid waste and fly ash amended compost on vegetable growth

Author(s): Nalawade P.M. | Kamble J.R. | Late A.M. | Solunke K.R. | Mule M.B.
Tratamento de água residuária de curtume com utilização de sementes de moringa (Moringa oleifera L.). = Treatment of residuary water from tannery utilizing moringa(Moringa oleifera L.) seeds.

Author(s): Lucas Moreira Santos | Edson Marques dos Reis | Frederico Fonseca Silva | Frederico Fonseca Silva | Patrícia da Costa Zonetti
Recovery of Chromium from Waste Taning Liquors by Magnesium Oxide

Author(s): Mahmood M. Barbooti | Mumtaz A. Zablouk | Usama A. Al-zubaidi
Isolation, identification and computational studies on Pseudomonas aeruginosa sp. strain MPC1 in tannery effluent

Author(s): Renganathan Senthil | Kanagamani Jini Angel | Ravi Malathi | Dhanapal Venkatesan

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