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Truncated gradient flows of the van der Waals free energy

Author(s): Michael Grinfeld | Iulian Stoleriu
An Approximate Algorithm for Robust Adaptive Beamforming

Author(s): Youji Iiguni | Tomoaki Yoshida
Estimation of non-linear growth models by linearization: a simulation study using a Gompertz function

Author(s): Vuori Kaarina | Strandén Ismo | Sevón-Aimonen Marja-Liisa | Mäntysaari Esa
Model Based Design of an Efficient CORDIC Algorithm Implementation

Author(s): Volker Zerbe | Michael Backhaus
El término de error en los esquemas de diferencias finitas

Author(s): Selene Solorza | Carlos Yee-Romero | Adina Jordan-Aramburo | Samuel Cardeña-Sánchez
Optimal Filters with Multiple Packet Losses and its Application in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Yonggui Liu | Bugong Xu | Linfang Feng | Shanbin Li
Power and sample size calculations in the presence of phenotype errors for case/control genetic association studies

Author(s): Edwards Brian | Haynes Chad | Levenstien Mark | Finch Stephen | Gordon Derek
Reduced-Order Model Development for Airfoil Forced Response

Author(s): Jeffrey M. Brown | Ramana V. Grandhi
An Approximate Algorithm for Robust Adaptive Beamforming

Author(s): Yoshida Tomoaki | Iiguni Youji
Center Manifold in Continuous Time Systems and Computation

Author(s): Ilham Djellit | Baya Laadjal
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