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Organisation, regulations, preparation and logistics of parenteral nutrition in hospitals and homes; the role of the nutrition support team – Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 8

Author(s): Bischoff, S. C. | Kester, L. | Meier, R. | Radziwill, R. | Schwab, D. | Thul, P. | Working group for developing the guidelines for parenteral nutrition of The German Association for Nutritional Medicine
Comparison of quality control for trauma management between Western and Eastern European trauma center

Author(s): Calderale Stefano | Sandru Raluca | Tugnoli Gregorio | Di Saverio Salomone | Beuran Mircea | Ribaldi Sergio | Coletti Massimo | Gambale Giorgio | Paun Sorin | Russo Livio | Baldoni Franco
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an educational intervention for practice teams to deliver problem focused therapy for insomnia: rationale and design of a pilot cluster randomised trial

Author(s): Siriwardena A Niroshan | Apekey Tanefa | Tilling Michelle | Harrison Andrew | Dyas Jane | Middleton Hugh | Ørner Roderick | Sach Tracey | Dewey Michael | Qureshi Zubair
Impact of a new palliative care consultation team on opioid prescription in a University Hospital

Author(s): Centeno Carlos | Portela María | Noguera Antonio | Idoate Antonio | Rubiales Álvaro
A model to optimize public health care and downstage breast cancer in limited-resource populations in southern Brazil. (Porto Alegre Breast Health Intervention Cohort)

Author(s): Caleffi Maira | Ribeiro Rodrigo | Filho Dakir | Ashton-Prolla Patrícia | Bedin Ademar | Skonieski Giovana | Zignani Juliana | Giacomazzi Juliana | Franco Luciane | Graudenz Márcia | Pohlmann Paula | Fernandes Jefferson | Kivitz Philip | Weber Bernardete
Explaining the variation in the management of lifestyle risk factors in primary health care: A multilevel cross sectional study

Author(s): Laws Rachel | Jayasinghe Upali | Harris Mark | Williams Anna | Davies Gawaine | Kemp Lynn
Effects of clinical pathways in the joint replacement: a meta-analysis

Author(s): Barbieri A | Vanhaecht K | Van Herck P | Sermeus W | Faggiano F | Marchisio S | Panella M
Effectiveness of group counselling for smoking cessation in hospital staff

Author(s): A. Schoonis | G. Celis | W. Wuyts | V. Lemaigre | K. Nackaerts
Brigham Fracture Intervention Team Initiatives for Hospital Patients with Hip Fractures: A Paradigm Shift

Author(s): Julie Glowacki | Mitchel B. Harris | Josef Simon | John Wright | Nikheel S. Kolatkar | Thomas S. Thornhill | Meryl S. LeBoff
Current experiences and educational preferences of general practitioners and staff caring for people with dementia living in residential facilities

Author(s): Beer Christopher | Horner Barbara | Almeida Osvaldo | Scherer Samuel | Lautenschlager Nicola | Bretland Nick | Flett Penelope | Schaper Frank | Flicker Leon
Polychrome study: an expert assessment method to optimize polypharmacy regimens in general practice

Author(s): Clerc P | Le Breton J | Mousquès J | Hebbrecht G | de Pouvourville G
Interdisciplinary diabetes care teams operating on the interface between primary and specialty care are associated with improved outcomes of care: findings from the Leuven Diabetes Project

Author(s): Borgermans Liesbeth | Goderis Geert | Van Den Broeke Carine | Verbeke Geert | Carbonez An | Ivanova Anna | Mathieu Chantal | Aertgeerts Bert | Heyrman Jan | Grol Richard
Maximising engagement, motivation and long term change in a Structured Intensive Education Programme in Diabetes for children, young people and their families: Child and Adolescent Structured Competencies Approach to Diabetes Education (CASCADE)

Author(s): Christie Deborah | Strange Vicki | Allen Elizabeth | Oliver Sandy | Wong Ian | Smith Felicity | Cairns John | Thompson Rebecca | Hindmarsh Peter | O'Neill Simon | Bull Christina | Viner Russell | Elbourne Diana
Pharmaceutical cost control in primary care: opinion and contributions by healthcare professionals

Author(s): Prados-Torres Alexandra | Calderón-Larrañaga Amaia | Sicras-Mainar Antoni | March-Llull Sebastià | Oliván-Blázquez Bárbara
Improving the outcome of infants born at

Author(s): Spittle Alicia | Ferretti Carmel | Anderson Peter | Orton Jane | Eeles Abbey | Bates Lisa | Boyd Roslyn | Inder Terrie | Doyle Lex
Integrated, multidisciplinary care for hand eczema: design of a randomized controlled trial and cost-effectiveness study

Author(s): van Gils Robin | van der Valk Pieter | Bruynzeel Derk | Coenraads Pieter | Boot Cécile | van Mechelen Willem | Anema Johannes
An integrated care program to prevent work disability due to chronic low back pain: a process evaluation within a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Lambeek Ludeke | van Mechelen Willem | Buijs Peter | Loisel Patrick | Anema Johannes
Delivering the WISE (Whole Systems Informing Self-Management Engagement) training package in primary care: learning from formative evaluation

Author(s): Kennedy Anne | Chew-Graham Carolyn | Blakeman Thomas | Bowen Andrew | Gardner Caroline | Protheroe Joanne | Rogers Anne | Gask Linda
Cluster randomized trial in smoking cessation with intensive advice in diabetic patients in primary care. ITADI Study

Author(s): Roig Lydia | Perez Santiago | Prieto Gemma | Martin Carlos | Advani Mamta | Armengol Angelina | Roura Pilar | Maria Manresa Josep | Briones Elena
Support and Assessment for Fall Emergency Referrals (SAFER 1) trial protocol. Computerised on-scene decision support for emergency ambulance staff to assess and plan care for older people who have fallen: evaluation of costs and benefits using a pragmatic cluster randomised trial

Author(s): Snooks Helen | Cheung Wai-Yee | Close Jacqueline | Dale Jeremy | Gaze Sarah | Humphreys Ioan | Lyons Ronan | Mason Suzanne | Merali Yasmin | Peconi Julie | Phillips Ceri | Phillips Judith | Roberts Stephen | Russell Ian | Sánchez Antonio | Wani Mushtaq | Wells Bridget | Whitfield Richard
Patient preferences for future care - how can Advance Care Planning become embedded into dementia care: a study protocol

Author(s): Robinson Louise | Bamford Claire | Beyer Fiona | Clark Alexa | Dickinson Claire | Emmet Charlotte | Exley Catherine | Hughes Julian | Robson Lesley | Rousseau Nikki
Involvement in the US criminal justice system and cost implications for persons treated for schizophrenia

Author(s): Ascher-Svanum Haya | Nyhuis Allen | Faries Douglas | Ball Daniel | Kinon Bruce
Designing an automated clinical decision support system to match clinical practice guidelines for opioid therapy for chronic pain

Author(s): Trafton Jodie | Martins Susana | Michel Martha | Wang Dan | Tu Samson | Clark David | Elliott Jan | Vucic Brigit | Balt Steve | Clark Michael | Sintek Charles | Rosenberg Jack | Daniels Denise | Goldstein Mary
Non-pharmacological care for patients with generalized osteoarthritis: design of a randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Hoogeboom Thomas | Stukstette Mirelle | de Bie Rob | Cornelissen Jessica | den Broeder Alfons | van den Ende Cornelia
Cost-effectiveness of a pressure ulcer quality collaborative

Author(s): Makai Peter | Koopmanschap Marc | Bal Roland | Nieboer Anna
The translation research in a dental setting (TRiaDS) programme protocol

Author(s): Clarkson Jan | Ramsay Craig | Eccles Martin | Eldridge Sandra | Grimshaw Jeremy | Johnston Marie | Michie Susan | Treweek Shaun | Walker Alan | Young Linda | Black Irene | Bonetti Debbie | Cassie Heather | Francis Jill | MacKenzie Gillian | MacPherson Lorna | McKee Lorna | Pitts Nigel | Rennie Jim | Stirling Doug | Tilley Colin | Torgerson Carole | Vale Luke
Scaling up integration: development and results of a participatory assessment of HIV/TB services, South Africa

Author(s): Scott Vera | Chopra Mickey | Azevedo Virginia | Caldwell Judy | Naidoo Pren | Smuts Brenda
Simulation-based education for building clinical teams

Author(s): Marshall Stuart | Flanagan Brendan
Assertive community treatment for elderly people with severe mental illness

Author(s): Stobbe Jolanda | Mulder Niels | Roosenschoon Bert-Jan | Depla Marja | Kroon Hans
Study protocol: The Adherence and Intensification of Medications (AIM) study - a cluster randomized controlled effectiveness study

Author(s): Heisler Michele | Hofer Timothy | Klamerus Mandi | Schmittdiel Julie | Selby Joe | Hogan Mary | Bosworth Hayden | Tremblay Adam | Kerr Eve
Reducing errors in health care: cost-effectiveness of multidisciplinary team training in obstetric emergencies (TOSTI study); a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): van de Ven Joost | Houterman Saskia | Steinweg Rob | Scherpbier Albert | Wijers Willy | Mol Ben | Oei S Guid
CRIMSON [CRisis plan IMpact: Subjective and Objective coercion and eNgagement] Protocol: A randomised controlled trial of joint crisis plans to reduce compulsory treatment of people with psychosis

Author(s): Thornicroft Graham | Farrelly Simone | Birchwood Max | Marshall Max | Szmukler George | Waheed Waquas | Byford Sarah | Dunn Graham | Henderson Claire | Lester Helen | Leese Morven | Rose Diana | Sutherby Kim
Multidisciplinary and multifaceted outpatient management of patients with osteoarthritis: protocol for a randomised, controlled trial

Author(s): Moe Rikke | Uhlig Till | Kjeken Ingvild | Hagen Kåre | Kvien Tore | Grotle Margreth
Chain of care for patients who have attempted suicide: a follow-up study from Bærum, Norway

Author(s): Johannessen Håkon | Dieserud Gudrun | De Leo Diego | Claussen Bjørgulf | Zahl Per-Henrik
Group interventions to improve health outcomes: a framework for their design and delivery

Author(s): Hoddinott Pat | Allan Karen | Avenell Alison | Britten Jane
A randomised controlled trial of patient led training in medical education: protocol

Author(s): Winterbottom Anna | Jha Vikram | Melville Colin | Corrado Oliver | Symons Jools | Torgerson David | Watt Ian | Wright John
Randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of a specialist team for managing refractory unipolar depressive disorder

Author(s): Morriss Richard | Marttunnen Sarah | Garland Anne | Nixon Neil | McDonald Ruth | Sweeney Tim | Flambert Heather | Fox Richard | Kaylor-Hughes Catherine | James Marilyn | Yang Min
Cost-effectiveness of ward-based pharmacy care in surgical patients: protocol of the SUREPILL (Surgery & Pharmacy In Liaison) study

Author(s): de Boer Monica | Ramrattan Maya | Kiewiet Jordy | Boeker Eveline | Gombert-Handoko Kim | van Lent-Evers Nicolette | Kuks Paul | Dijkgraaf Marcel | Boermeester Marja | Lie-A-Huen Loraine
Integrative health care model for climacteric stage women: design of the intervention

Author(s): Doubova Svetlana | Espinosa-Alarcón Patricia | Flores-Hernández Sergio | Infante Claudia | Pérez-Cuevas Ricardo
Evaluation of an oral preventive protocol in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Author(s): Costa Edja Maria Melo de Brito | Fernandes Maria Zélia | Quinderé Lêda Bezerra | Souza Lélia Batista de | Pinto Leão Pereira
Skill mix in the health care workforce: reviewing the evidence

Author(s): Buchan James | Dal Poz Mario R.
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Quality and effectiveness of different approaches to primary care delivery in Brazil

Author(s): Harzheim Erno | Duncan Bruce | Stein Airton | Cunha Carlo | Goncalves Marcelo | Trindade Thiago | Oliveira Mônica | Pinto Maria Eugênia
Investigating the cost-effectiveness of videotelephone based support for newly diagnosed paediatric oncology patients and their families: design of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Bensink Mark | Wootton Richard | Irving Helen | Hallahan Andrew | Theodoros Deborah | Russell Trevor | Scuffham Paul | Barnett Adrian
Towards a model for integrative medicine in Swedish primary care

Author(s): Sundberg Tobias | Halpin Jeremy | Warenmark Anders | Falkenberg Torkel
Brief Intervention in Type 1 diabetes – Education for Self-efficacy (BITES): Protocol for a randomised control trial to assess biophysical and psychological effectiveness

Author(s): George Jyothis | Valdovinos Abel | Thow Jonathan | Russell Ian | Dromgoole Paul | Lomax Sarah | Torgerson David | Wells Tony
The BLISS cluster randomised controlled trial of the effect of 'active dissemination of information' on standards of care for premature babies in England (BEADI) study protocol [ISRCTN89683698]

Author(s): Acolet Dominique | Jelphs Kim | Davidson Deborah | Peck Edward | Clemens Felicity | Houston Rosie | Weindling Michael | Lavis John | Elbourne Diana
Implementing change in primary care practices using electronic medical records: a conceptual framework

Author(s): Nemeth Lynne | Feifer Chris | Stuart Gail | Ornstein Steven
Implementation of the "FASTHUG" concept decreases the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in a surgical intensive care unit

Author(s): Papadimos Thomas | Hensley Sandra | Duggan Joan | Khuder Sadik | Borst Marilyn | Fath John | Oakes Lauri | Buchman Debra
A group randomized trial of a complexity-based organizational intervention to improve risk factors for diabetes complications in primary care settings: study protocol

Author(s): Parchman Michael | Pugh Jacqueline | Culler Steven | Noel Polly | Arar Nedal | Romero Raquel | Palmer Raymond
An interdisciplinary clinical practice model for the management of low-back pain in primary care: the CLIP project

Author(s): Poitras Stéphane | Rossignol Michel | Dionne Clermont | Tousignant Michel | Truchon Manon | Arsenault Bertrand | Allard Pierre | Coté Manon | Neveu Alain
Multidisciplinary Collaborative Care for Depressive Disorder in the Occupational Health Setting: design of a randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness study

Author(s): Vlasveld Moniek | Anema Johannes | Beekman Aartjan | van Mechelen Willem | Hoedeman Rob | van Marwijk Harm | Rutten Frans | Roijen Leona | Feltz-Cornelis Christina
The importance of growth factors for the treatment of chronic wounds in the case of diabetic foot ulcers

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Follmann, Markus | Freyer, Daniela | Huppertz, Hendrik | Ehm, Alexandra | Wasem, Jürgen
The Effectiveness of Nutritional Screening in Hospital and Primary Care Settings: a Systematic Review

Author(s): A Rashidian | V Mazarello Paes | S Murray | J Browne | R Southon | C Sharpin
Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
Collaborative care for patients with bipolar disorder: a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): van der Voort Trijntje | van Meijel Berno | Goossens Peter | Renes Janwillem | Beekman Aartjan | Kupka Ralph
Paying health workers for performance in Battagram district, Pakistan

Author(s): Witter Sophie | Zulfiqur Tehzeeb | Javeed Sarah | Khan Amanullah | Bari Abdul
The ACCOMPLISH study. A cluster randomised trial on the cost-effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce healthcare associated infections

Author(s): Erasmus Vicki | Huis Anita | Oenema Anke | van Empelen Pepijn | Boog Matthijs | van Beeck Elise | Polinder Suzanne | Steyerberg Ewout | Richardus Jan | Vos Margreet | van Beeck Ed
Multi-professional clinical medication reviews in care homes for the elderly: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial with cost effectiveness analysis

Author(s): Desborough James | Houghton Julie | Wood John | Wright David | Holland Richard | Sach Tracey | Ashwell Sue | Shaw Val
Challenges of scaling up and of knowledge transfer in an action research project in Burkina Faso to exempt the worst-off from health care user fees

Author(s): Ridde Valéry | Yaogo Maurice | Kafando Yamba | Kadio Kadidiatou | Ouedraogo Moctar | Sanfo Marou | Coulibaly Norbert | Bicaba Abel | Haddad Slim
SCOPE1: a randomised phase II/III multicentre clinical trial of definitive chemoradiation, with or without cetuximab, in carcinoma of the oesophagus

Author(s): Hurt Christopher | Nixon Lisette | Griffiths Gareth | Al-Mokhtar Ruby | Gollins Simon | Staffurth John | Phillips Ceri | Blazeby Jane | Crosby Tom
Evaluating the effectiveness of a tailored multifaceted performance feedback intervention to improve the quality of care: protocol for a cluster randomized trial in intensive care

Author(s): van der Veer Sabine | de Vos Maartje | Jager Kitty | van der Voort Peter | Peek Niels | Westert Gert | Graafmans Wilco | de Keizer Nicolette
An Investigation into the Effects of Quality Improvement Method on Patients' Satisfaction: A Semi Experimental Research in Iran

Author(s): Hasan Navipour | Nahid Dehghan Nayeri | Abbas Hooshmand | Marjaneh Taghavi Zargar
Community mobilisation with women's groups facilitated by Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) to improve maternal and newborn health in underserved areas of Jharkhand and Orissa: study protocol for a cluster-randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Tripathy Prasanta | Nair Nirmala | Mahapatra Rajendra | Rath Shibanand | Gope Raj | Rath Suchitra | Bajpai Aparna | Singh Vijay | Nath Vikash | Ali Sarfraz | Kundu Alok | Choudhury Dibarkar | Ghosh Sanjib | Sarbani Swati | Sinha Rajesh | Pagel Christina | Costello Anthony | Houweling Tanja | Prost Audrey
Why don't hospital staff activate the rapid response system (RRS)? How frequently is it needed and can the process be improved?

Author(s): Marshall Stuart | Kitto Simon | Shearer William | Wilson Stuart | Finnigan Monica | Sturgess Tamica | Hore Tonina | Buist Michael
Impact of a multifaceted program to prevent postoperative delirium in the elderly: the CONFUCIUS stepped wedge protocol

Author(s): Mouchoux Christelle | Rippert Pascal | Duclos Antoine | Fassier Thomas | Bonnefoy Marc | Comte Brigitte | Heitz Damien | Colin Cyrille | Krolak-Salmon Pierre
Study Protocol: Phase III single-blinded fast-track pragmatic randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention for breathlessness in advanced disease

Author(s): Farquhar Morag | Prevost A Toby | McCrone Paul | Higginson Irene | Gray Jennifer | Brafman-Kennedy Barbara | Booth Sara
Post-discharge management following hip fracture - get you back to B4: A parallel group, randomized controlled trial study protocol

Author(s): Cook Wendy | Khan Karim | Bech Michelle | Brasher Penelope | Brown Roy | Bryan Stirling | Donaldson Meghan | Guy Pierre | Hanson Heather | Leia Cheryl | Macri Erin | Sims-Gould Joanie | McKay Heather | Ashe Maureen
Improving mood with psychoanalytic and cognitive therapies (IMPACT): a pragmatic effectiveness superiority trial to investigate whether specialised psychological treatment reduces the risk for relapse in adolescents with moderate to severe unipolar depression: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Goodyer Ian | Tsancheva Sonya | Byford Sarah | Dubicka Bernadka | Hill Jonathan | Kelvin Raphael | Reynolds Shirley | Roberts Christopher | Senior Robert | Suckling John | Wilkinson Paul | Target Mary | Fonagy Peter
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