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Technetium-99m Labeled Antisense Oligonucleotide-Noninvasive Tumor Imaging in Mice

Author(s): Qin Guangming, | Zhang Yongxue, | Hnatowich D.J., | An Rui, G | ao Zairong, | Cao Wei, | Cao Guoxiang
Radiolabeling, Biodistribution and Tumor Imaging of Stealth Liposomes Containing Methotrexate.

Author(s): Subramanian, N. | Arulsudar, N. | Chuttani, K. | Mishra, P. | Sharma, R. K. | Murthy, R.S.R.
Effect of a Chayote (Sechium edule) extract on the radiolabelling of blood elements in diabetic rats

Author(s): C.C. Pessoa | G. J. Vilela | G.F. Diré | G.P.N. Rabelo | L.A. Dias | L.C. Brito | M. Bernardo Filho | M. L. Fernandes | M.L. Gomes | S.F. Soares
Evaluation of the Biological Effects of a Natural Extract of Chayotte (Sechium edule): A Radiolabeling Analysis

Author(s): G.F. Dire | J.C.S. Oliveira | S.D.D. Vasconcelos | P.R.A. Siqueira | R.M. Duarte | M.C.L. Almeida | J.S. Rodrigues | M.L. Fernandes | M. Bernardo-Filho
The Analysis of the Effect of a Chayotte Extract on the Radiolabeling of Blood Elements in Diabetic Rats

Author(s): G.F. Dir� | S.D.D. Vasconcelos | P.R.A. Siqueira | R.M. Duarte | M.C.L. Almeida | J.S. Rodrigues | J.C.S. Oliveira | M.L.Fernandes | M. Bernardo-Filho
Besilesomab for imaging inflammation and infection in peripheral bone in adults with suspected osteomyelitis

Author(s): Adriana Blazeski | Kenneth M Kozloff | Peter JH Scott | et al
Production and Quality Control of Technetium-99m Radiolabeled Monoclonal Antibody

Author(s): N. Zarrabi ahrabi, M.Sc. | P. Behradkia, M.Sc | M. Shafiei, M.Sc. | F. Joharidaha, Ph.D. | R. Najafi, Ph.D | Sh. Montaser kuhsari, Ph.D | M.H. Babaei, Ph.D.
99mTc Direct radiolabeling of PR81, a new anti-MUC1 monoclonal antibody for radioimmunoscintigraphy

Author(s): M. Salouti | H. Rajabi | H. Babaei | M.J. Rasaee | R. Najafi | M. Paknejad | Z. Mohammad Hasan | T.M. Altarihi
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