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Variation of Test anxiety over Listening and Speaking Test Performance

Author(s): Nematullah Shomoossi | Zohreh Kassaian | Saeed Ketabi
Analiza czynników psychogennych u chorych na schorzenia skóry

Author(s): Bożena Spiła | Iwona Jazienicka | Jolanta Pucuła
Psychometric Characteristics of Quay-Peterson Revised Behavior Problem Checklist

Author(s): Sima Shahim | Farideh Yousefi | Mahboobeh Ghanbari
Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Therapy Based on Mindfulness and Spiritual Schema Activation in the Prevention of Opioid Abuse Relapse

Author(s): Parviz Dabbaghi | Ali-asghar Asgharnejad Farida | Mohammad Kazem Atef-Vahidb | Jafar Bolharic
Efficacy of Organized Curriculum for Husbands about Menopause on the Menopausal Depression and Anxiety

Author(s): Narges Bahri | Ali Delshad | Fatemeh Haddizadeh Talasaz
Factor Analysis of the Individual with Highly Sensitive Processing Scale: The Association of Sensory Processing Sensitivity

Author(s): Zohre Sadooghi | Maria E. Aguilar-Vafaie | Seyed Kazem Rassoulzadeh Tabatabaei
Effects of Lamotrigine on Stress-induced Behavioral and Biochemical Changes in an Animal Model

Author(s): Jamal Shams | Shahrokh Sardarpour Gudarzi | Mohammad Arbabi | Mohammad Taghi Yasami
Psychological Symptoms in Gastrointestinal Outpatients

Author(s): Maryam Hadipour | Nosratollah Pourafkary | Firouz Saramy
Effect of Preparatory Information on General Surgical Operation

Author(s): M. A. Besharat | M. Aghamohammadbeigi Emami | R. Kormi Nouri
Prevalence of Anxiety Disorders in Tehran City

Author(s): H. Kaviani | A. Ahmadi Abhari | | | | | |
Effects of Retama raetam (Forssk.) Webb & Berthel. (Fabaceae) on the central nervous system in experimental animals

Author(s): Al-Tubuly Rida A. | Auzi Abdurazag A. | Al-Etri-Endi Amna A. | Nahar Lutfun | Sarker Satyajit D.
The role of trait anxiety in induction of state anxiety

Author(s): Tovilović Snežana | Novović Zdenka | Mihić Ljiljana | Jovanović Veljko
Psychometric characteristics of the Beck depression inventory on a Serbian student sample

Author(s): Novović Zdenka | Mihić Ljiljana | Tovilović Snežana | Jovanović Veljko | Biro Mikloš
Effect of Orientation program on Hemodynamic Variables of Patients Undergoing Heart Catheterization

Author(s): Nasrin Hanifi | Nasrin Bahraminejad | Saide Amane Idea Dadgaran | Fazlollah Ahmadi | Mohammad Khani | Saide Fatemeh Haghdoost Oskouie
Effect of Attachment Training on Anxiety and Attachment Behaviors of first-time Mothers

Author(s): Monireh Toosi | Marzieh Akbarzadeh | Najaf Zare | Farkhondeh Sharif
Addiction and its Relation with Resilience and Emotional Components

Author(s): Abolfazl Mohammadi | Mitra Aghajani | Gholamhossein Zehtabvar
Peak oxygen uptake and left ventricular ejection fraction, but not depressive symptoms, are associated with cognitive impairment in patients with chronic heart failure

Author(s): Steinberg G | Lossnitzer N | Schellberg D | Mueller-Tasch T | Krueger C | Haass M | Ladwig KH | Herzog W | Juenger J
Mental health of faculty members of physical education and other fields in Islamic Azad University

Author(s): Mohammad Hasan Solhjoo | Mohsen Afroozeh | Sadegh Afroozeh | Neda Kargar

Author(s): Shreevathsa | Rao Ravi S | Krishnamurthy M S | Shenoy Ravishankar | Udupa Raghavendra
The Effect of Performing Preoperative Preparation Program on School Age Children's Anxiety

Author(s): Nazanin Vaezzadeh | Zahra Esmaeeli Douki | Abbas Hadipour | Soheil Osia | Soheila Shahmohammadi | Roghieh Sadeghi
Association between adolescent girls anxiety and parental style of control

Author(s): Karimi R | Taghavi Larijani T | Mehran A | Ghaljaei F

Author(s): Nandini B N | Shiva Kumar D G | Manjunath M L | Girish Babu
Correlation between mother's attachment style and school anxiety of their educable mental retarded children

Author(s): Mohammad Taheri | Shahab Mansouri | Ebrahim Zarei | Khalil Qasemi | Saeed Soltani-Bahram | Bahar Arshi
Screening For Mental Disorders Among Afghan Immigrants Residing in Tehran

Author(s): M. Mohammadian | M. Dadfar | J. Bolhari | E. Karimi Keisami
The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy Based on Heimberg`s Model on the Decrease of Social Anxiety Symptoms

Author(s): Mahdiyeh Melyani | Mohammad Reza Shairi | Gholamhossein Ghaedi | Maryam Bakhtirari | Azadeh Tavali
A Clinical Trial for Reduction of Test Anxiety in a Group of Adolescents

Author(s): Hassan Hagh-Shenas | Mohammad Jafar Bahredar | Zahra Rahman-Setayesh
Application of PRECEDE in Reducing Tehranian Firemen Anxiety

Author(s): Sh. Lesan | F. Ghofranipour | B. Birashk | S. Faghihzadeh
Comparison of Locus of Control, Coping Style and Irrational Beliefs in Prostitutes and Non-Delinquent Women

Author(s): Elham Zareidoost | Mohammad Kazem Atefvahid | Seyed Akbar Bayanzadeh | Behrooz Birashk
Effect of Father Loss on Behavioral Disorders in Primary School Children

Author(s): Keramat Keramati | Jafar Bolhari | Ali-asghar Asgharnejad Farid
Relationship between Health Locus of Control and Health Behaviors

Author(s): Ramazan Hassanzadeh | Mansour Toliati | Hamzeh Hosseini | Farzaneh Davari
A preliminary study of predictors of anxiety and depression among stroke patient- care giver dyads

Author(s): Rohit Verma | Srikant Sharma | Yatan Pal Singh Balhara
Quality of life in institutionalized elderly people of Medellin Calidad de vida de los adultos mayores institucionalizados de Medellín

Author(s): Alejandro Estrada | Doris Cardona | Ángela María Segura | Lina Marcela Chavarriaga | Jaime Ordoñez | Jorge Julián Osorio
Structural Requirements of N-Substituted Spiropiperidine Analogues as Agonists of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Receptor

Author(s): Pingping Bao | Xiaole Zhang | Hong Ren | Yan Li | Zulin Mu | Shuwei Zhang | Guohui Li | Ling Yang
The validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the Buss-Perry’s Aggression Questionnaire in male substance dependent inpatients

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren | Özgül Çınar | Hüseyin Güleç | Selime Çelik | Bilge Evren
Investigation of psychiatric symptoms in nurses working in a hospital

Author(s): Gönül Özgür | Aysun Babacan Gümüş | Şifa Gürdağ
Evaluation of the general health of the infertile couples

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Baghiani Moghadam | Amir Hosein Aminian | Ali Mohammad Abdoli | Najmeh Seighal | Hosein Falahzadeh
Psychometric properties of the Greek version of the Test Anxiety Inventory

Author(s): Georgia Papantoniou | Despina Moraitou | Dimitra Filippidou
Links Between Future Thinking and Autobiographical Memory Specificity in Major Depression

Author(s): Ali Sarkohi | Jonas Bjärehed | Gerhard Andersson
Identity Salience and its dynamics in Palestinians Adolescents

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Kira | Abdul Wahhab Nasser Alawneh | Sharifa Aboumediane | Jamal Mohanesh | Bulent Ozkan | Hala Alamia
Dispositional Self-Control Capacity and Trait Anxiety as Relates to Coping Styles

Author(s): Chris Englert | Alex Bertrams | Oliver Dickhäuser
Gender Differences in Frontal Activation While Perceiving Pathologically Thin Female Body Forms

Author(s): Toru Uehara | Yoko Ishige | Masashi Suda | Perminder Sachdev
Sex Influence on the Formation of Alcohol Preference and Behavior in Rats during the Long-Term Caffeine and Ethanol Intake

Author(s): Eugenia Kutcher | Alexey Egorov | Elena Filatova | Kristina Kulagina | Nadezhda Chernikova
Emotional impact of screening: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Collins Ruth | Lopez Laureen | Marteau Theresa
Reducing depression in older home care clients: design of a prospective study of a nurse-led interprofessional mental health promotion intervention

Author(s): Markle-Reid Maureen | McAiney Carrie | Forbes Dorothy | Thabane Lehana | Gibson Maggie | Hoch Jeffrey | Browne Gina | Peirce Thomas | Busing Barbara
Safety, feasibility and effects of an individualised walking intervention for women undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer: a pilot study

Author(s): Newton Melissa | Hayes Sandi | Janda Monika | Webb Penelope | Obermair Andreas | Eakin Elizabeth | Wyld David | Gordon Louisa | Beesley Vanessa
Adolescent predictors of objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behaviour at age 42: the Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study (AGAHLS)

Author(s): Uijtdewilligen Léonie | Singh Amika | Twisk Jos | Koppes Lando | van Mechelen Willem | Chinapaw Mai
Conditional BDNF release under pathological conditions improves Huntington's disease pathology by delaying neuronal dysfunction

Author(s): Giralt Albert | Carretón Olga | Lao-Peregrin Cristina | Martín Eduardo | Alberch Jordi
The 'help' question doesn't help when screening for major depression: external validation of the three-question screening test for primary care patients managed for physical complaints

Author(s): Lombardo Patrick | Vaucher Paul | Haftgoli Nader | Burnand Bernard | Favrat Bernard | Verdon François | Bischoff Thomas | Herzig Lilli

Author(s): Kumar Sandeep | Nain Parminder | Nain Jaspreet | Kumar Sunil
The role of psychological support in cardiac surgery: initial experience

Author(s): Fabrizio Sansone | Erika Bellini | Sabrina Ghersi | Edoardo Zingarelli | Roberto Flocco | Guglielmo Mario Actis Dato | Pier Giuseppe Forsennati | Francesco Parisi | Giuseppe Punta | Gian Luca Bardi | Stefano del Ponte | Riccardo Casabona

Author(s): Maman Paul | Neha Khanna | Jaspal Singh Sandhu
Dimensions of neuroticism and androgeny: fertile versus infertile women

Author(s): Abolghasemi A | Shibani H | Narimani M | Ganji M
Mental Health in High-Tech System

Author(s): Sh Arghami | J Nasl Seraji | K Mohammad | Gh Zamani | A Farhangi | W Van Vuuren
A Validity Study of Attitudes toward Science Scale among Iranian Secondary School Students

Author(s): Muhammad J. Liaghatdar | Asghar Soltani | Ahmad Abedi
Study of psychiatric disorders among fertile and infertile women and some predisposing factors

Author(s): Ahmad Ali Noorbala | Fatemeh Ramezanzadeh | Nasrin Abedinia | Seyyed Abbas Bagheri Yazdi | Mina Jafarabadi
Effect of progressive muscle relaxation therapy on improving signs and symptoms of patients with myofacial pain dysfunction syndrome

Author(s): Momen Beitollahi J. | Sahebjamie M. | Manavi A. | Farrokhnia T. | Zohiroddin Ar. | Golestan B.
Vertigo Imaging; Clinical Radiology'

Author(s): Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Abdolhamid Hosein Nia | Aliakbar Ameri
Quasi experimental research on anxiety and satisfaction of patients undergoing open cardiac surgery having intubation

Author(s): Parsa-Yekta | Z. Sharifi-Neiestanak | ND. Mehran | A.Imani-Pour | M
Effect of education of religious values on the rate of depression

Author(s): Noghani F | Mohtashemi J | Vasegh Rahimparvar F | Babaei Gh
Comparison of effective factors on sleeping the nurses and hospitalized patients’ viewpoints

Author(s): Zakerimoghadam M | Shaban M | Kazemnejad A | Ghadyani L
The impact of training on the application of palliative methods for labor pain reduction

Author(s): Geranmayeh M | Rezaeipour A | Haghani H | Akhoondzadeh E
Effect of Patient Education about Pain Control on Patients' Anxiety Prior to Abdominal Surgery

Author(s): M Zakerimoghadam | M Aliasgharpoor | A Mehran | S Mohammadi
Effect of Maternal Anxiety during Third Trimester on Pregnancy Outcomes and Infants’ Mental Health

Author(s): Z Shayeghian | SK Rasolzadeh Tabatabaey | E Seddighi looye
Effect of Muscle Relaxation on Anxiety of Patients Undergo Cardiac Catheterization

Author(s): M Zakerimoghadam | M Shaban | A Mehran | S Hashemi
Assertiveness and Anxiety in Midwifery & Nursing Students

Author(s): * T (Ph.D) Taghavi Larijani | ** ND (MSc.) Sharifi Neiestanak | *** M (MSc.) Aghajani | **** A (MSc.). Mehran
Nerootologic Finding in AIDS Patient

Author(s): Mehrnaz Asadifar
Differential impairment of noun and verb consequent to LH lesions in Persian Aphasic patients

Author(s): Rabeeh Ariaei | Dr. Reza Nilipour | Dr. Hassan Ashayeri
"The effect of supervised exercise training on psychological characteristics and physical fitness after myocardial infarction "

Author(s): "Boshtam M | Sadeghi K | Sarraf Zadegan N | Maghsoodloo S | Najafian J | Khalili A "
Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in Mothers of Children withADHD Compared to the Control Group

Author(s): Atefeh Soltanifar | Fatemeh Moharreri | Azadeh Soltanifar
Premenstrual Syndrome and Psychiatric Co-morbidities.

Author(s): Maryam Shirmohammadi | Mohammad Arbabi | Ziba Taghizadeh | Hamid Haghanni
The Role of Bright Light during Night Work on Stress and Health Status of Shift Work Nurses

Author(s): Hossein Kakooei | Mohammad Hadi Rahimi | Mostafa Hosseini
The Effectiveness of a Group Counseling Program on the Mental Health of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children

Author(s): Dr. Mahshid Foroughan | Gita Movallali | Madjid Salimi | Saeed Asad-Malayeri

Mice behavioural models with pooled data analysis of Gelsemium studies and new findings about Ignatia and Aconitum

Author(s): Paolo Bellavite | Paolo Magnani | Marta Marzotto | Mirko Cristofoletti | Mariaelisabetta Zanolin | Anita Conforti
Safe Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine Administration in Atopic Children with High Levels of Egg White-Specific IgE Antibody

Author(s): Katarina Stavrikj | Sonja Peova | Aleksandar Petlickovski | Irena Kondova Topuzovska | Mirko Spiroski
Vestibular findings in fibromyalgia patients

Author(s): Zeigelboim, Bianca Simone | Moreira, Denise Nunnes
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Social Anxiety in İstanbul Heavy Metal Bar Patrons

Author(s): Özalp Ekinci | Yasin Bez | Volkan Topçuoglu | Serdar Nurmedow
Linguistic Validation of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Quality of Life Questionnaire for Iranian Patients

Author(s): Ali Gholamrezaei | Behzad Zolfaghari | Ziba Farajzadegan | Kianoosh Nemati | Hamed Daghaghzadeh | Hamid Tavakkoli | Mohammad Hassan Emami
Symptomatic changes in postmenopause with different methods of hormonal therapy

Author(s): Marcelino Hernández-Valencia | Nydia Cordova | Antonio Vargas | Lourdes Basurto | Renata Saucedo | Carlos Vargas | Miriam Ruiz | Leticia Manuel-Apolinar | Arturo Zárate
Efeitos do extrato de Ginkgo biloba (EGb 761) sobre a atividade motora e a memória em ratos nadadores

Early effect of NEURAPAS® balance on current source density (CSD) of human EEG

Author(s): Dimpfel Wilfried | Koch Klaus | Weiss Gabriele
Efficacy of Positive Parenting on Improving Children’s Behavior Problems and Parenting Styles

Author(s): Mehdi Tehrani-Doost | Zahra Shahrivar | Javad Mahmoudi Gharaie | Javad Alaghband-Rad
Influence of discharge planning on anxiety levels in patients with myocardial infarction

Author(s): Mahmood Babaei | Sima Mohammad Khan Kermanshahi | Fatemeh Alhani
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