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Obesity and lymphedema in geriatrics: combined therapeutical approaches

Author(s): Campisi C | Accogli S | Campisi C | Boccardo F | Campisi C
Role of macrophages in the progression of acute pancreatitis

Author(s): Sabrina Gea-Sorlí | Daniel Closa
Implication of Heat Shock Factors in Tumorigenesis: Therapeutical Potential

Author(s): Aurelie de Thonel | Valerie Mezger | Carmen Garrido
Contribution of Occupational Therapy to funcional approach in personality disorders

Author(s): Bellido Mainar, J R | Berrueta Maeztu, L M | Ariñez Merchán, I
Sporadic renal cell carcinoma in young and elderly patients: are there different clinicopathological features and disease specific survival rates?

Author(s): Denzinger Stefan | Otto Wolfgang | Burger Maximilian | Hammerschmied Christine | Junker Kerstin | Hartmann Arndt | Wieland Wolf | Walter Bernhard
Principles of cartilage tissue engineering in TMJ reconstruction

Author(s): Naujoks Christian | Meyer Ulrich | Wiesmann Hans-Peter | Jäsche-Meyer Janine | Hohoff Ariane | Depprich Rita | Handschel Jörg
Immunological properties of embryonic and adult stem cells

Author(s): Francesco Bifari | Luciano Pacelli | Mauro Krampera

Author(s): Ivana Djordjevic | Aleksandar Zlatic | Ivan Pesic | Irena Jankovic
Modulation of Huntingtin Toxicity by BAG1 is Dependent on an Intact BAG Domain

Author(s): Jan Liman | Kamila Sroka | Christoph P. Dohm | Sebastian Deeg | Mathias Bähr | Pawel Kermer
Social phobia in developmental period: From theory to therapy

Author(s): Kolar Dušan | Bojanin Svetomir
Overview of the main methods used to combine proteins with nanosystems: absorption, bioconjugation, and encapsulation

Author(s): Mariagrazia Di Marco | Shaharum Shamsuddin | Khairunisak Abdul Razak | et al
Homeopathy for Depression - DEP-HOM: study protocol for a randomized, partially double-blind, placebo controlled, four armed study

Author(s): Adler Ubiratan | Krüger Stephanie | Teut Michael | Lüdtke Rainer | Bartsch Iris | Schützler Lena | Melcher Friedericke | Willich Stefan | Linde Klaus | Witt Claudia
Viral-mediated oncolysis is the most critical factor in the late-phase of the tumor regression process upon vaccinia virus infection

Author(s): Weibel Stephanie | Raab Viktoria | Yu Yong | Worschech Andrea | Wang Ena | Marincola Francesco | Szalay Aladar
Colon Cancer Stem Cells: Bench-to-Bedside—New Therapeutical Approaches in Clinical Oncology for Disease Breakdown

Author(s): Simone Di Franco | Pietro Mancuso | Antonina Benfante | Marisa Spina | Flora Iovino | Francesco Dieli | Giorgio Stassi | Matilde Todaro
Regulatable systemic production of monoclonal antibodies by in vivo muscle electroporation

Author(s): Perez Norma | Bigey Pascal | Scherman Daniel | Danos Olivier | Piechaczyk Marc | Pelegrin Mireia
Endocannabinoid System and Synaptic Plasticity: Implications for Emotional Responses

Author(s): María-Paz Viveros | Eva-María Marco | Ricardo Llorente | Meritxell López-Gallardo
Therapeutical tendencies in atopic dermatitis

Author(s): Vasile Benea | Simona-Roxana Georgescu | Liana Manolache | Dumitru Muresan | Ołilia-Elisabeła Benea
Therapy of moderate and severe psoriasis

Author(s): Claes, Christa | Kulp, Werner | Greiner, Wolfgang | von der Schulenburg, Johann-Matthias | Werfel, Thomas
Therapy of atopic eczema

Author(s): Werfel, Thomas | Claes, Christa | Kulp, Werner | Greiner, Wolfgang | von der Schulenburg, Johann-Matthias
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