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A simple approach to introduce photothermal techniques basic principles for thermal diffusivity measurement

Author(s): E. Marín | G. Juárez-Gracia | G. Vera-Medina | G. Vera-Medina
The Use of Ultrasonic Waves in Food Technology

Author(s): Beyza Hatice Ulusoy | Hilal Colak | Hamparsun Hampikyan
The total solar eclipse of March 2006: overview

Author(s): E. Gerasopoulos | C. S. Zerefos | I. Tsagouri | D. Founda | V. Amiridis | A. F. Bais | A. Belehaki | N. Christou | G. Economou | M. Kanakidou | A. Karamanos | M. Petrakis | P. Zanis
Nongyrotropic particle distributions in space plasmas

Author(s): U. Motschmann | K. H. Glassmeier | A. L. Brinca
THEMIS observations of compressional pulsations in the dawn-side magnetosphere: a case study

Author(s): G. I. Korotova | D. G. Sibeck | V. Kondratovich | V. Angelopoulos | O. D. Constantinescu
Thermal instability in the interstellar medium

Author(s): J. Ghanbari | M. Shadmehri
Magneto-thermoelastic waves induced by a thermal shock in a finitely conducting elastic half space

Author(s): S. K. Roychoudhuri | Santwana Banerjee (Mukhopadhyay)
Evidence of gravity waves into the atmosphere during the March 2006 total solar eclipse

Author(s): C. S. Zerefos | E. Gerasopoulos | I. Tsagouri | B. E. Psiloglou | A. Belehaki | T. Herekakis | A. Bais | S. Kazadzis | C. Eleftheratos | N. Kalivitis | N. Mihalopoulos
Combined radar observations of equatorial electrojet irregularities at Jicamarca

Author(s): D. L. Hysell | J. Drexler | E. B. Shume | J. L. Chau | D. E. Scipion | M. Vlasov | R. Cuevas | C. Heinselman
Modelling profile and shape evolution during hot rolling of steel strip

Author(s): Zambrano, P. C. | Leduc, L. A. | Colás, R.
Ion-acoustic solitary waves and spectrally uniform scattering cross section enhancements

Author(s): J. Ekeberg | G. Wannberg | L. Eliasson | K. Stasiewicz
Is there a stratospheric fountain?

Author(s): J.-P. Pommereau | G. Held
Excitation of VLF quasi-electrostatic oscillations in the ionospheric plasma

Author(s): B. Lundin | C. Krafft | G. Matthieussent | F. Jiricek | J. Shmilauer | P. Triska
Compressive fluctuations in the solar wind and their polytropic index

Author(s): B. Bavassano | R. Bruno | H. Rosenbauer
The summertime 12-h wind oscillation with zonal wavenumber s = 1 in the lower thermosphere over the South Pole

Author(s): Y. I. Portnyagin | J. M. Forbes | N. A. Makarov | E. G. Merzlyakov | S. Palo
Ion upflow and downflow at the topside ionosphere observed by the EISCAT VHF radar

Author(s): M. Endo | R. Fujii | Y. Ogawa | S. C. Buchert | S. Nozawa | S. Watanabe | N. Yoshida
The SAO and Kelvin waves in the EuroGRIPS GCMS and the UK Met. Office analyses

Author(s): M. Amodei | S. Pawson | A. A. Scaife | U. Langematz | W. Lahoz | D. M. Li | P. Simon
Double discontinuities at the magnetotail plasma sheet-lobe boundary

Author(s): Y. C. Whang | D. Fairfield | R. P. Lepping | T. Mukai | Y. Saito | J. Slavin | A. Szabo
How to determine the thermal electron density and the magnetic field strength from the Cluster/Whisper observations around the Earth

Author(s): J. G. Trotignon | P. M. E. Décréau | J. L. Rauch | O. Randriamboarison | V. Krasnoselskikh | P. Canu | H. Alleyne | K. Yearby | E. Le Guirriec | H. C. Séran | F. X. Sené | Ph. Martin | M. Lévêque | P. Fergeau
Excitation of Alfvén waves by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere, with application to FAST observations

Author(s): E. Kolesnikova | T. R. Robinson | J. A. Davies | D. M. Wright | M. Lester
Evidence for the interplanetary electric potential? WIND observations of electrostatic fluctuations

Author(s): C. Lacombe | C. Salem | A. Mangeney | D. Hubert | C. Perche | J.-L. Bougeret | P. J. Kellogg | J.-M. Bosqued
The spectral characteristics of E-region radar echoes co-located with and adjacent to visual auroral arcs

Author(s): S. E. Milan | N. Sato | M. Lester | T. K. Yeoman | Y. Murata | H. Doi | T. Saemundsson
Mesoscale heat waves induced by orography

Author(s): I. Gladich | I. Gallai | D. B. Giaiotti | Gp. Mordacchini | A. Palazzo | F. Stel
Compressive fluctuations in high-latitude solar wind

Author(s): B. Bavassano | E. Pietropaolo | R. Bruno
Origin of type-2 thermal-ion upflows in the auroral ionosphere

Author(s): L. M. Kagan | J.-P. St.-Maurice
Electric current and magnetic field geometry in flapping magnetotail current sheets

Author(s): A. Runov | V. A. Sergeev | W. Baumjohann | R. Nakamura | S. Apatenkov | Y. Asano | M. Volwerk | Z. Vörös | T. L. Zhang | A. Petrukovich | A. Balogh | J.-A. Sauvaud | B. Klecker | H. Rème
The MaCWAVE program to study gravity wave influences on the polar mesosphere

Author(s): R. A. Goldberg | D. C. Fritts | F. J. Schmidlin | B. P. Williams | C. L. Croskey | J. D. Mitchell | M. Friedrich | J. M. Russell III | U. Blum | K. H. Fricke
ULF fluctuations of the geomagnetic field and ionospheric sounding measurements at low latitudes during the first CAWSES campaign

Author(s): U. Villante | M. Vellante | P. Francia | M. De Lauretis | A. Meloni | P. Palangio | B. Zolesi | M. Pezzopane | M. Förster | T. L. Zhang | W. Magnes | P. Nenovski | I. Cholakov | V. Wesztergom
Structure and long-term change in the zonal asymmetry in Antarctic total ozone during spring

Author(s): A. V. Grytsai | O. M. Evtushevsky | O. V. Agapitov | A. R. Klekociuk | G. P. Milinevsky
Phenomena induced by powerful HF pumping towards magnetic zenith with a frequency near the F-region critical frequency and the third electron gyro harmonic frequency

Author(s): N. F. Blagoveshchenskaya | H. C. Carlson | V. A. Kornienko | T. D. Borisova | M. T. Rietveld | T. K. Yeoman | A. Brekke
Naturally enhanced ion-line spectra around the equatorial 150-km region

Author(s): J. L. Chau | R. F. Woodman | M. A. Milla | E. Kudeki
High time resolution PFISR and optical observations of naturally enhanced ion acoustic lines

Author(s): R. G. Michell | K. A. Lynch | C. J. Heinselman | H. C. Stenbaek-Nielsen
On generalized thermoelastic disturbances in an elastic solid with a spherical cavity

Author(s): Basudeb Mukhopadhyay | Rasajit Bera | Lokenath Debnath
Benefits and well-being perceived by green spaces users during heat waves

Author(s): Dentamaro I | Lafortezza R | Colangelo G | Carrus G | Sanesi G
Magnetic Properties and Electrical Resistivity of Half-Metallic Ferromagnetic Compounds as the Half Heusler PtMnSb

Author(s): M.A. Kouacou | A.A. Koua | Z. Yeo | A. Akichi | A. Tanoh | M. Koffi
Dielectric Properties of Ni0.2Zn0.8Fe2O4-Polypropylene Composites

Author(s): Tan F. Khoon | Jumiah Hassan | Nurhidayaty Mokhtar | Mansor Hashim | Nor A. Ibrahim | Wong S. Yin | Leow C. Yan | Wong Y. Jeng
Convex and concave types of second baroclinic mode internal solitary waves

Author(s): Y. J. Yang | Y. C. Fang | T. Y. Tang | S. R. Ramp
Observation of equatorial Kelvin solitary waves in a slowly varying thermocline

Author(s): Q. Zheng | R. D. Susanto | X.-H. Yan | W. T. Liu | C.-R. Ho
Characteristics of electrostatic solitary waves observed in the plasma sheet boundary: Statistical analyses

Author(s): H. Kojima | Y. Omura | H. Matsumoto | K. Miyaguti | T. Mukai
Reduced description of light impurities in hydrogen coronal plasmas

Author(s): Gervids , V. I. | Morozov , D. Kh.
Flare Observations

Author(s): Benz Arnold O.

Author(s): Noriko Ichinoseki-Sekine | Hisashi Naito | Norio Saga | Yuji Ogura | Minoru Shiraishi | Arrigo Giombini | Valentina Giovannini | Shizuo Katamoto
Magneto-viscoelastic plane waves in rotating media in the generalized thermoelasticity II

Author(s): S. K. Roy Choudhuri | Manidipa Banerjee (Chattopadhyay)
Magnetoelastic plane waves in rotating media in thermoelasticity of type II (G-N model)

Author(s): S. K. Roychoudhuri | Manidipa Banerjee (Chattopadhyay)
The reflection phenomena of SV-waves in a generalized thermoelastic medium

Author(s): Abo-El-Nour N. Abd-Alla | Amira A. S. Al-Dawy
A mechanism for heating electrons in the magnetopause current layer and adjacent regions

Author(s): A. Roux | P. Robert | O. Le Contel | V. Angelopoulos | U. Auster | J. Bonnell | C. M. Cully | R. E. Ergun | J. P. McFadden
Numerical evaluation of an air- to-air missile radar cross section signature at X-band

Author(s): Marcelo Bender Perotoni | Luiz Alberto Andrade
One dimension PIC simulation of nonlinear ion-acoustic waves in plasma

Author(s): A Kargarian | MR Rouhani | H Hakimipajouh
Kinetic structure and wave properties associated with sharp dipolarization front observed by Cluster

Author(s): S. Y. Huang | M. Zhou | X. H. Deng | Z. G. Yuan | Y. Pang | Q. Wei | W. Su | H. M. Li | Q. Q. Wang

Author(s): D. Lj. Mirjanić | J. P. Šetrajčić | S. S. Pelemiš | S. Armaković2
Separation Method in the Problem of a Beam-Plasma Interaction in a Cylindrical Warm Plasma Waveguide

Author(s): Khaled H. El-Shorbagy | Abdelrahman S. Al-Fhaid | Mohamed A. Al-Ghamdi
Aplicación de las técnicas fototérmicas al estudio de materiales

Author(s): Salazar, A. | Sánchez-Lavega, A. | Terrón, J. M. | Gateshki, M.

Author(s): D. Lj. Mirjanić | J. P. Šetrajčić | S. S. Pelemiš | S. Armaković
Nanofluids Research: Key Issues

Author(s): Wang Liqiu | Fan Jing
The mechanics of gravity-driven faulting

Author(s): L. Barrows | V. Barrows
Thermal tides on a hot Jupiter

Author(s): Gu P.-G. | Hsieh H.-F.
Transient Waves Due to Thermal Sources in a Generalized Piezothermoelastic Half-Space

Author(s): Jagan Nath Sharma | Anita Devi Thakur | Yogeshwar Dutt Sharma

Application of high intensity ultrasound treatment on Enterobacteriae count in milk

Author(s): Edita Juraga | Brankica Sobota Šalamon | Zoran Herceg | Anet Režek Jambrak
Microwave Drying Process of Corn Seeds

Author(s): ARION Mircea | SOPRONI Darie | VICAS Simina | LEUCA Teodor | HATHAZI F. Ioan | MOLNAR Carmen | BANDICI Livia
Remote Sensing of Coastal Resources and Environment

Author(s): Prof. Victor V. KLEMAS
Mhd waves in stellar winds and accretion disks

Author(s): M. J. Vasconcelos | V. Jatenco Pereira | R. Opher

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