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Thin film flow of non-Newtonian fluids on a vertical moving belt using

Author(s): H. Nemati | M. Ghanbarpour | M. Hajibabayi | Hemmatnezhad
Is flow cytometry better in counting malaria pigment-containing leukocytes compared to microscopy?

Author(s): Hänscheid Thomas | Frita Rosangela | Längin Matthias | Kremsner Peter | Grobusch Martin
Characterization of Doped Amorphous Silicon Thin Films through the Investigation of Dopant Elements by Glow Discharge Spectrometry: A Correlation of Conductivity and Bandgap Energy Measurements

Author(s): Pascal Sánchez | Olaya Lorenzo | Armando Menéndez | Jose Luis Menéndez | David Gomez | Rosario Pereiro | Beatriz Fernández
Analysis of SiO2 Thin Films Deposited by PECVD Using an Oxygen-TEOS-Argon Mixture

Author(s): Viana Carlos E. | Silva Ana N. R. da | Morimoto Nilton I. | Bonnaud Olivier
Pulsed Amperometry for Anti-fouling of Boron-doped Diamond in Electroanalysis of β-Agonists: Application to Flow Injection for Pharmaceutical Analysis

Author(s): Chanpen Karuwan | Thitirat Mantim | Patcharin Chaisuwan | Prapin Wilairat | Kate Grudpan | Piyada Jittangprasert | Yasuaki Einaga | Orawon Chailapakul | Leena Suntornsuk | Oraphan Anurukvorakun | Duangjai Nacapricha
Integrated Optic Surface Plasmon Resonance Measurements in a Borosilicate Glass Substrate

Author(s): Antonino Parisi | Alfonso C. Cino | Alessandro C. Busacca | Matteo Cherchi | Stefano Riva-Sanseverino
Characterisation of TiCxOy thin films produced by PVD techniques

Author(s): L. Cunha | A.C. Fernandes | F. Vaz | N.M.G. Parreira | Ph. Goudeau | E. Le Bourhis | J.P. Riviėre | D. Munteanu | F. Borza
TiO2 thin film growth using the MOCVD method

Author(s): Bernardi M.I.B. | Lee E.J.H. | Lisboa-Filho P.N. | Leite E.R. | Longo E. | Varela J.A
In vitro calibration of a system for measurement of in vivo convective heat transfer coefficient in animals

Author(s): Tangwongsan Chanchana | Chachati Louay | Webster John | Farrell Patrick
Thermoresistive Thin Film Flow Sensor

Author(s): T. M. Berlicki | E. Murawski | S. J. Osadnik | E. L. Prociòw

Author(s): Damelis López | Walter Lozada | Sergio Blanco | Gabriela Durán | Lorean Madriz | Ronald Vargas
RGD-conjugated gold nanorods induce radiosensitization in melanoma cancer cells by downregulating αvβ3 expression

Author(s): Xu WC | Luo T | Li P | Zhou CQ | Cui DX | Pang B | Ren QS | Fu S
Solid-Contact Perchlorate Sensor with Nanomolar Detection Limit Based on Cobalt Phthalocyanine Ionophores Covalently Attached to Polyacrylamide

Author(s): Mohammad Nooredeen Abbas | Abdel Lattief A. Radwan | Philippe Bühlmann | Mahmud A. Abd El Ghaffar
Decoding of grasping information from neural signals recorded using peripheral intrafascicular interfaces

Author(s): Micera Silvestro | Rossini Paolo | Rigosa Jacopo | Citi Luca | Carpaneto Jacopo | Raspopovic Stanisa | Tombini Mario | Cipriani Christian | Assenza Giovanni | Carrozza Maria | Hoffmann Klaus-Peter | Yoshida Ken | Navarro Xavier | Dario Paolo
Mecanismos de deformación plástica en policristales cerámicos con fases secundarias vítreas

Author(s): Meléndez Martínez, J. J. | Gómez García, D. | Domínguez Rodríguez, A.
Evolución microestructural de capas delgadas de cobre por flujo de corriente eléctrica aplicada

Author(s): Quintana, P. | Oliva, A. I. | Alonzo, F. | Corona, J. E. | Cauich, W.
In vitro evaluation of a new resilient, hard-carbon, thin-film coating as a bearing material for ventricular assist devices ——In Vitro Bearing Evaluation of BioMedFlex

Author(s): Nicole A. Mielke | Alex L. Massiello | David J. Horvath | Stephen M. Benefit | Darren Burgess | Leonard A. R. Golding | Kiyotaka Fukamachi
Water Film in Saturated Sand

Author(s): X.B. LU | X. H. ZHANG | C. PENG

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