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Gene transfer: anything goes in plant mitochondria

Author(s): Archibald John | Richards Thomas
Ancient diversification of eukaryotic MCM DNA replication proteins

Author(s): Liu Yuan | Richards Thomas | Aves Stephen
FLT3 mutations in canine acute lymphocytic leukemia

Author(s): Suter Steven | Small George | Seiser Eric | Thomas Rachael | Breen Matthew | Richards Kristy
Up-regulation and profibrotic role of osteopontin in human idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Author(s): Pardo Annie | Gibson Kevin | Cisneros José | Richards Thomas J | Yang Yinke | Becerril Carina | Yousem Samueal | Herrera Iliana | Ruiz Victor | Selman Moisés | Kaminski Naftali
Comparison of normalization methods for CodeLink Bioarray data

Author(s): Wu Wei | Dave Nilesh | Tseng George | Richards Thomas | Xing Eric | Kaminski Naftali
Origin and diversification of the basic helix-loop-helix gene family in metazoans: insights from comparative genomics

Author(s): Simionato Elena | Ledent Valérie | Richards Gemma | Thomas-Chollier Morgane | Kerner Pierre | Coornaert David | Degnan Bernard | Vervoort Michel
Prevalence of plasmodium falciparum in active conflict areas of eastern Burma: a summary of cross-sectional data

Author(s): Richards Adam | Smith Linda | Mullany Luke | Lee Catherine | Whichard Emily | Banek Kristin | Mahn Mahn | Shwe Oo Eh Kalu | Lee Thomas
DNA evidence for global dispersal and probable endemicity of protozoa

Author(s): Bass David | Richards Thomas | Matthai Lena | Marsh Victoria | Cavalier-Smith Thomas
Using LongSAGE to Detect Biomarkers of Cervical Cancer Potentially Amenable to Optical Contrast Agent Labelling

Author(s): Julie M. Kneller | Thomas Ehlen | Jasenka P. Matisic | Dianne Miller | Dirk Van Niekerk | Wan L. Lam | Marco Marra | Rebecca Richards-Kortum | Michelle Follen | Calum MacAulay | Steven J.M. Jones
Representation of tropical deep convection in atmospheric models – Part 2: Tracer transport

Author(s): C. R. Hoyle | V. Marécal | M. R. Russo | G. Allen | J. Arteta | C. Chemel | M. P. Chipperfield | F. D'Amato | O. Dessens | W. Feng | J. F. Hamilton | N. R. P. Harris | J. S. Hosking | A. C. Lewis | O. Morgenstern | T. Peter | J. A. Pyle | T. Reddmann | N. A. D. Richards | P. J. Telford | W. Tian | S. Viciani | A. Volz-Thomas | O. Wild | X. Yang | G. Zeng
GeneComps and ChemComps: a new CTD metric to identify genes and chemicals with shared toxicogenomic profiles

Author(s): Allan Peter Davis | Cynthia G. Murphy | Cynthia A. Saraceni-Richards | Michael C. Rosenstein | Thomas C. Wiegers | Carolyn J. Mattingly | Thomas H. Hampton
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