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Clinical Practice Guidelines for Hypovolemic Shock. Guia de practica clínica para shock hipovolémico.

Author(s): Alba Enseñat Álvarez | Omar Bárbaro Rojas Santana | Alexis Díaz Mesa | Ariamna Fleites Gómez

Author(s): Irena Dimov | Pesic Ivana | Ljubinka Jankovic Velickovic
Corrosion behaviour of Co-Cr-W-Ni alloy in diverse body fluids

Author(s): W. Walke | Z. Paszenda | A. Ziebowicz
Understanding the characteristics of mass spectrometry data through the use of simulation

Author(s): Kevin R. Coombes | John M. Koomen | Keith A. Baggerly | Jeffrey S. Morris | Ryuji Kobayashi
Increased endothelin-1 and diminished nitric oxide levels in blister fluids of patients with intermediate cold type complex regional pain syndrome type 1

Author(s): Groeneweg J George | Huygen Frank | Heijmans-Antonissen Claudia | Niehof Sjoerd | Zijlstra Freek
Analysis of BOP-F polymer by Neutron Activation

Author(s): Hernández Dávila, Víctor Martín | Manzanares Acuña, Eduardo | Mercado , Gema A. | Salas Luévano, Miguel Ángel | Vega Carrillo, Héctor René
The effect of tiotropium therapy on markers of elastin degradation in COPD

Author(s): Ma Shuren | Lin Yong | Tartell Lori | Turino Gerard
Thermal-expansion and mechanical properties of the Ca10(P04)6(OH)2-TiO2 composite

Author(s): Fidancevska E. | Ruseska G. | Zafirovski S. | Pavlovski B.
A Modified Suction Device for Applying Precise Aspiration during Surgery: Suction Tube with Air Channel

Author(s): Mustafa Tahir Özer | Taner Yiğit | Ali İhsan Uzar | Ali Harlak | Öner Menteş | Sezai Demirbaş | İsmail Arslan | Cemil Turgut Tufan
Mycotoxin Detection in Human Samples from Patients Exposed to Environmental Molds

Author(s): Dennis G. Hooper | Vincent E. Bolton | Frederick T. Guilford | David C. Straus
Radiation produces differential changes in cytokine profiles in radiation lung fibrosis sensitive and resistant mice

Author(s): Ao Xiaoping | Zhao Lujun | Davis Mary | Lubman David | Lawrence Theodore | Kong Feng-Ming
Molecular analysis of Mycobacterium isolates from extrapulmonary specimens obtained from patients in Mexico

Author(s): Alvarado-Esquivel Cosme | García-Corral Nora | Carrero-Dominguez David | Enciso-Moreno José | Gurrola-Morales Teodoro | Portillo-Gómez Leopoldo | Rossau Rudi | Mijs Wouter
Influence of CH4 and H2S availability on symbiont distribution, carbon assimilation and transfer in the dual symbiotic vent mussel Bathymodiolus azoricus

Author(s): V. Riou | S. Halary | S. Duperron | S. Bouillon | M. Elskens | R. Bettencourt | R. S. Santos | F. Dehairs | A. Colaço
Influence of chemosynthetic substrates availability on symbiont densities, carbon assimilation and transfer in the dual symbiotic vent mussel Bathymodiolus azoricus

Author(s): V. Riou | S. Halary | S. Duperron | S. Bouillon | M. Elskens | R. Bettencourt | R. S. Santos | F. Dehairs | A. Colaço
Ethyl pyruvate reduces mortality in an endotoxin-induced severe acute lung injury mouse model

Author(s): Shang Guan-Hong | Lin Dian-Jie | Xiao Wei | Jia Chong-Qi | Li Yu | Wang Ai-Hua | Dong Liang
Evolutionary concepts in biobanking - the BC BioLibrary

Author(s): Watson Peter | Wilson-McManus Janet | Barnes Rebecca | Giesz Sara | Png Adrian | Hegele Richard | Brinkman Jacquelyn | Mackenzie Ian | Huntsman David | Junker Anne | Gilks Blake | Skarsgard Erik | Burgess Michael | Aparicio Samuel | McManus Bruce
Post-mortem distribution of meprobamate: study of 8 cases

Author(s): Guillaume Hoizey | Claire Gozalo | Frédéric Canas | Paul Fornes | Laurent Binet | Aurélie Thomas | Olivier Oget | Hervé Millart | Denis Lamiable
Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth Review and Treatment Recommendations

Author(s): Iris Slutzky-Goldberg | Hagay Slutzky | Colin Gorfil | Ami Smidt
Prehospital resuscitation with hypertonic saline-dextran modulates inflammatory, coagulation and endothelial activation marker profiles in severe traumatic brain injured patients

Author(s): Rhind Shawn | Crnko Naomi | Baker Andrew | Morrison Laurie | Shek Pang | Scarpelini Sandro | Rizoli Sandro
Potential mechanisms underlying the acute lung dysfunction and bacterial extrapulmonary dissemination during Burkholderia cenocepacia respiratory infection

Author(s): Cunha Luiz | Assis Maria-Cristina | Machado Gloria-Beatriz | Assef Ana | Marques Elizabeth | Leão Robson | Saliba Alessandra | Plotkowski Maria-Cristina
Application of “omics” to Prion Biomarker Discovery

Author(s): Rhiannon L. C. H. Huzarewich | Christine G. Siemens | Stephanie A. Booth
Tight Junctions in Salivary Epithelium

Author(s): Olga J. Baker
Beta-escin has potent anti-allergic efficacy and reduces allergic airway inflammation

Author(s): Lindner Ines | Meier Christiane | Url Angelika | Unger Hermann | Grassauer Andreas | Prieschl-Grassauer Eva | Doerfler Petra
Heme and non-heme iron transporters in non-polarized and polarized cells

Author(s): Yanatori Izumi | Tabuchi Mitsuaki | Kawai Yasuhiro | Yasui Yumiko | Akagi Reiko | Kishi Fumio
Profil métallique tissulaire par ICP-MS chez des sujets décédés ICP-MS metals distribution in tissues of deceased individuals

Author(s): Goullé Jean-Pierre | Mahieu Loïc | Anagnostides Jean-Georges | Bouige Daniel | Saussereau Elodie | Guerbet Michel | Lacroix Christian
Arthrosonography and biomarkers in the evaluation of destructive knee cartilage osteoarthrosis

Author(s): Živanović Sandra | Petrović-Rackov Ljiljana | Živanović Aleksandar
Effect of infusion of hypertonic-hyperoncotic solution on cardiovascular function in surgery of the abdominal aorta during the perioperative period

Author(s): Šoškić Ljiljana | Miličić Biljana | Milaković Branko | Davidović Lazar | Vranić Ivana | Simić Tijana | Kovačević-Kostić Nataša | Velinović Miloš | Sinđelić Radomir
Dental treatment of oral complications during radiation therapy of head and neck cancer

Author(s): Daković Dragana | Ljušković Bešir | Jović Nebojša | Mileusnić Dušan
Esophageal reconstruction using free jejunal grafts: Case report

Author(s): Kiralj Aleksandar | Mirković Milan | Janjić Zlata
Proteomic analysis of protein profiles in some pathological stages of the human organism

Author(s): Barbara Kossowska | Ilona Dudka | Roman Gancarz | Jolanta Antonowicz-Juchniewicz
The influence of the environment on the degradation of polylactides and their composites

Author(s): J. Chłopek | A. Morawska-Chochół | B. Szaraniec
Estimation of salivary protein thiols and total antioxidant power of saliva in brain tumor patients

Author(s): Suma H | Prabhu Krishnananda | Shenoy Revathi | Annaswamy Raja | Rao Suryanarayana | Rao Anjali
Clinical proteomics for liver disease: a promising approach for discovery of novel biomarkers

Author(s): Uto Hirofumi | Kanmura Shuji | Takami Yoichiro | Tsubouchi Hirohito
Increased expression of carbonic anhydrase I in the synovium of patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Author(s): Chang Xiaotian | Han Jinxiang | Zhao Yan | Yan Xinfeng | Sun Shui | Cui Yazhou
Dispersion stability and exothermic properties of DNA-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Kawaguchi M | Ohno J | Irie A | Fukushima T | Yamazaki J | Nakashima N
Fibronectin: Functional character and role in alcoholic liver disease

Author(s): Razia S Aziz-Seible | Carol A Casey
A Simple Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction for Dengue Type 2 Virus Identification

Author(s): Figueiredo Luiz Tadeu M | Batista Weber Chelli | Igarashi Akira
Characterization of the mucosal and systemic immune response induced by Cry1Ac protein from Bacillus thuringiensis HD 73 in mice

Author(s): Vázquez-Padrón R.I. | Moreno-Fierros L. | Neri-Bazán L. | Martínez-Gil A.F. | de-la-Riva G.A. | López-Revilla R.
BIOKID: Randomized controlled trial comparing bicarbonate and lactate buffer in biocompatible peritoneal dialysis solutions in children [ISRCTN81137991]

Author(s): Nau Barbara | Schmitt Claus | Almeida Margarida | Arbeiter Klaus | Ardissino Gianluigi | Bonzel Klaus | Edefonti Alberto | Fischbach Michel | Haluany Karin | Misselwitz Joachim | Kemper Markus | Rönnholm Kai | Wygoda Simone | Schaefer Franz
Ultra-sensitive detection of prion protein fibrils by flow cytometry in blood from cattle affected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Author(s): Trieschmann Lothar | Santos Alexander | Kaschig Katja | Torkler Sandra | Maas Elke | Schätzl Hermann | Böhm Gerald
Prolonged ozone exposure in an allergic airway disease model: Adaptation of airway responsiveness and airway remodeling

Author(s): Jang An-Soo | Choi Inseon-S | Lee Jae-Hyuk | Park Chang-Soo | Park Choon-Sik
Macrophage metalloelastase (MMP-12) deficiency does not alter bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice

Author(s): Manoury Boris | Nenan Soazig | Guenon Isabelle | Boichot Elisabeth | Planquois Jean-Michel | Bertrand Claude | Lagente Vincent
Dissection and hemostasis with hydroxilated polyvinyl acetal tampons in open thyroid surgery

Author(s): Dionigi Gianlorenzo | Boni Luigi | Rovera Francesca | Dionigi Renzo
The AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource: Role in HIV/AIDS scientific discovery

Author(s): Ayers Leona | Silver Sylvia | McGrath Michael | Orenstein Jan
Glutathione S-transferase omega in the lung and sputum supernatants of COPD patients

Author(s): Harju Terttu | Peltoniemi Mirva | Rytilä Paula | Soini Ylermi | Salmenkivi Kaisa | Board Philip | Ruddock Lloyd | Kinnula Vuokko
Th1/Th2 Cytokine Ratio in Tissue Transudates from Patients with Oral Lichen Planus

Author(s): Nelson L. Rhodus | Bin Cheng | Frank Ondrey

Author(s): Patil S.A. | Rane B.R. | Bakliwal S.R. | Pawar S.P.
Early detection of prostate cancer from body fluids using DNA promoter methylation

Author(s): Raluca Dumache | Maria Puiu | Serban Negru | Radu Minciu | Bogdan Bumbacila
Assessment of Aspergillus fumigatus in Guinea Pig Bronchoalveolar Lavages and Pulmonary Tissue by Culture and Realtime Polymerase Chain Reaction Studies

Author(s): Dennis G. Hooper | Vincent E. Bolton | John S. Sutton | Frederick T. Guilford | David C. Straus | Laura K. Najvar | Nathan P. Wiederhold | William R. Kirkpatrick | Thomas F. Patterson
Evaluation of five protocols of conservation‘s techniques in chiguiro Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris (Linnaeus, 1766) tissues

Author(s): José R. Corredor-Matus | Carlos J. Sejín-Puche | Mario A. González- G
Hydrogels based on chemically modified poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA-GMA) and PVA-GMA/chondroitin sulfate: Preparation and characterization

Author(s): E. C. Muniz | E. G. Crispim | A. R. Fajardo | J. F. Piai | E. R. F. Ramos | T. U. Nakamura | C. V. Nakamura | A. F. Rubira
A Review on New Clinical Applications of MTA

Author(s): Abbas Ali Khademi | Elham Shadmehr | Masoud Hashemi | Behnaz Barekatain | Maryam Khoroshi
Simulation of epiretinal prostheses - Evaluation of geometrical factors affecting stimulation thresholds

Author(s): Kasi Harsha | Hasenkamp Willyan | Cosendai Gregoire | Bertsch Arnaud | Renaud Philippe
Design and development of a peptide-based adiponectin receptor agonist for cancer treatment

Author(s): Otvos Laszlo | Haspinger Eva | La Russa Francesca | Maspero Federica | Graziano Patrizia | Kovalszky Ilona | Lovas Sandor | Nama Kaushik | Hoffmann Ralf | Knappe Daniel | Cassone Marco | Wade John | Surmacz Eva
Nephrotoxicity and Oxidative Stress of Single Large Dose or Two Divided Doses of Gentamicin in Rats

Author(s): Mahmoud Kandeel | Iman Abdelaziz | Nagwan Elhabashy | Hanaa Hegazy | Yasmin Tolba
Ear Mite Infestation in Four Imported Dogs from Thailand; a Case Report

Author(s): N Maazi | Sh Jamshidi | HR Hadadzadeh
Polyacylurethanes as Novel Degradable Cell Carrier Materials for Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Danijela Jovanovic | Frans V. Roukes | Andrea Löber | Gerwin E. Engels | Willem van Oeveren | Xavier J. Gallego van Seijen | Marja J.A. van Luyn | Martin C. Harmsen | Arend Jan Schouten

Author(s): RakeshYeshaswi. M , Dr.Prathima Srinivas*, Dr.Sadanandam.M
Expression of neuroimmune semaphorins 4A and 4D and their receptors in the lung is enhanced by allergen and vascular endothelial growth factor

Author(s): Smith Elizabeth | Shanks Kathleen | Lipsky Michael | DeTolla Louis | Keegan Achsah | Chapoval Svetlana
Detection of North American orthopoxviruses by real time-PCR

Author(s): Gallardo-Romero Nadia | Velasco-Villa Andres | Weiss Sonja | Emerson Ginny | Carroll Darin | Hughes Christine | Li Yu | Karem Kevin | Damon Inger | Olson Victoria
Tenascin-C induces inflammatory mediators and matrix degradation in osteoarthritic cartilage

Author(s): Patel Lisha | Sun Weiyong | Glasson Sonya | Morris Elisabeth | Flannery Carl | Chockalingam Priya
Proteomic signature of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD): Toward diagnostically predictive biomarkers

Author(s): Garabed Gary Demerjian | Anothony Benjamin Sims | Brendan Curran Stack
Bioreactor for the reconstitution of a decellularized vascular matrix of biological origin

Author(s): Matthew G. Geeslin | Gabriel J. Caron | Stefan M. Kren | Ephraim M. Sparrow | David A. Hultman | Doris A. Taylor
Biomaterials. The Behavior of Stainless Steel as a Biomaterial

Author(s): Sanda VISAN | Rodica Filofteia POPESCU

Author(s): Shriprasad Shrihari Kulkarni

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