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Parallel Hardware Architectures for the Cryptographic Tate Pairing

Author(s): Guido M. Bertoni | Luca Breveglieri | Pasqualina Fragneto | Gerardo Pelosi
Flying measuring scanning of mines, option of the optimum measure

Author(s): Marcel Janoš | Zdeněk Klusoň
Introducción al modelo Topic Maps (ISO/IEC13250:2003)

Author(s): Maria Jesús Colmenero Ruiz
Link maps and map meetings: Scaffolding student learning

Author(s): Christine Lindstrøm | Manjula D. Sharma
Using Concept Maps as a Method of Assessment in Work-Energy Subject

Author(s): D. Erduran-Avci | P. Unlu | R. Yagbasan
Application of Topic Map on Knowledge Organization

Author(s): Wun-Hwa Chen | Sheng-Hsun Hsu | Jen-Ying Shih | Sou-shan Wu
A Study on the Possibility of Automatically Estimating the Confidence Value of Students’Knowledge in Generated Conceptual Models

Author(s): Diana Pérez-Marín | Enrique Alfonseca | Pilar Rodríguez | Ismael Pascual-Nieto
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Uwe Brinkschulte | Marcello Cinque | Tony Givargis | Stefano Russo
Clinical gait data analysis based on Spatio-Temporal features

Author(s): Rohit Katiyar | Dr. Vinay Kumar Pathak
Patterns of cortical activity during the observation of Public Service Announcements and commercial advertisings

Author(s): Vecchiato Giovanni | Astolfi Laura | Cincotti Febo | De Vico Fallani Fabrizio | Sorrentino Domenica | Mattia Donatella | Salinari Serenella | Bianchi Luigi | Toppi Jlena | Aloise Fabio | Babiloni Fabio
From Editor vol 11, No.3

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Document Clustering based on Topic Maps

Author(s): Muhammad Rafi | M. Shahid Shaikh | Amir Farooq
Probabilistic seismic hazard maps from seismicity patterns analysis: the Iberian Peninsula case

Author(s): A. Jiménez | A. M. Posadas | T. Hirata | J. M. García
De los tesauros a los topic maps: nuevo estándar para la representación y la organización de la información Of thesauri to topic maps: new standard for the representation and the organization of the information

Author(s): José Moreiro González | Juan Llorens Morillo | Miguel Ángel Marzal García-Quismond | Jorge Morato Lara | Pilar Beltrán Orenes | Sonia Sánchez Cuadrado
Online Issue Mapping of International News and Information Design

Author(s): Zachary Devereaux | Stan Ruecker
Multitemporal analysis of forest landscape in the province of Siena (Italy) using historical maps

Author(s): Chiarucci A | Rocchini D | Nucci A | Giordano M | Geri F
K-GATE Ontology Driven Knowledge Based System for Decision Support

Author(s): Ladislav Burita | Pavel Gardavsky | Tomas Vejlupek
Znalostní systém nad ontologií ve formátu

Author(s): Ladislav Buřita | Petr Do
Narcotic analgesic utilization amongst injured workers: using concept mapping to understand current issues from the perspectives of physicians and pharmacists

Author(s): Parsons Janet | Mamdani Muhammad | Bhattacharyya Onil | Fortin Claire | Melo Magda | Salmon Christina | Raptis Stavroula | Bain Donna | O'Campo Patricia
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
The Global Evidence Mapping Initiative: Scoping research in broad topic areas

Author(s): Bragge Peter | Clavisi Ornella | Turner Tari | Tavender Emma | Collie Alex | Gruen Russell

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