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The Impact of Lean Six Sigma on the Overall Results of Companies

Author(s): Corina DUMITRESCU | Marilena DUMITRACHE
Optimizing Production Planning and Environmental Assessment of Conformity with the Inventory Management Methods in Iran

Author(s): Shahram Gilaninia | Mousa Rezvani | Seyyed Javad Mousavian | Seyed Aref Asli
Bank Selection Criteria in the Iranian Retail Banking Industry

Author(s): Apena Hedayatnia | Kamran Eshghi

Author(s): Fernanda de Paiva Badiz Furlaneto | Adriana Novais Martins | Maura Seiko Tsutsui Esperancini
Water Quality and Environmental Impact Assessment of a Tropical Waterfall System

Author(s): Benedict Obeten Offem | Gabriel Ujong Ikpi
Main criteria for models of excellence in health care

Author(s): Tekić Jasmina | Majstorović Vidosav D. | Marković Dejan | Nikodijević Angelina | Stamenković Dragoslav
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
What part of the total care consumed by type 2 diabetes patients is directly related to diabetes? Implications for disease management programs

Author(s): Christel van Dijk | Robert Verheij | Ilse Swinkels | Mieke Rijken | François Schellevis | Peter Groenewegen | Dinny de Bakker
Two-stage revision of implant-associated infections after total hip and knee arthroplasty

Author(s): Ellenrieder, Martin | Lenz, Robert | Haenle, Maximilian | Bader, Rainer | Mittelmeier, Wolfram
Minimalisasi Kekurangan Material Melalui Implementasi Quality Control Circle

Author(s): Togar W. S. Panjaitan | Debora A. Y. A. | Marissa Yessicha

Author(s): Soejono Tjitro | Firdaus Firdaus

Author(s): Inda Sukati | Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid | Fazila Said
North American CO2 exchange: inter-comparison of modeled estimates with results from a fine-scale atmospheric inversion

Author(s): S. M. Gourdji | K. L. Mueller | V. Yadav | D. N. Huntzinger | A. E. Andrews | M. Trudeau | G. Petron | T. Nehrkorn | J. Eluszkiewicz | J. Henderson | D. Wen | J. Lin | M. Fischer | C. Sweeney | A. M. Michalak
Hydrologic and geochemical modeling of a karstic Mediterranean watershed

Author(s): N. P. Nikolaidis | F. Bouraoui | G. Bidoglio

Author(s): Md. Golam Rabiul Alam | Chayan Biswas | Naushin Nower | Mohammed Shafiul Alam Khan
Pollution As a Consequence of Public Transport: A Case Study of Kolkata, India

Author(s): Asit Bandyopadhayay | Ashim Banerjee | Partha P. Sengupta
Control and Treatment Profiles of 70,889 Adult Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Malaysia - A Cross Sectional Survey in 2009

Author(s): Ismail Mastura | Boon How Chew | Ping Yein Lee | Ai Theng Cheong | Shariff Ghazali Sazlina | Haniff Jamaiyah | Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Alwi | Taher Sri Wahyu | Ahmad Zaiton
Relationship model and supporting activities of JIT, TQM and TPM

Author(s): Jirarat Teeravaraprug | Ketlada Kitiwanwong | Nuttapon SaeTong
Soil Quality Response to Long-Term Nutrients and Management Practice to Potato Production in Ultisols of Subtropical China

Author(s): Odunze A. C. | Jinshui Wu | Shoulong Liu | Hanhua Zhu | Tida Ge | Yi Wang | Qiao Luo
Producers characterization and dairy production systems in the irrigated area in Petrolina/PE Caracterização dos produtores e dos sistemas de produção de leite no perímetro irrigado de Petrolina/PE

Author(s): André Luis Alves Neves | Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Pereira | Rafael Dantas dos Santos | Gherman Garcia Leal de Araújo | Alziro Vasconcelos Carneiro | Salete Alves Moraes | Carmen Maria Oliveira Spaniol | Alex Santos
Water Quality, Contamination, and Wetlands in the Croton Watershed, New York, USA

Author(s): Martin H. Otz | James Hassett | Ines Otz | Jeffrey M. McKenzie | Donald I. Siegel | Laura K. Lautz
Relationship Between Management Factors and the Occurrence of DFD Meat in Cattle

Author(s): Cristina Perez Linares | Fernando Figueroa Saavedra | Alberto Barreras Serrano
Study on Water Quality Parameters of Linggi and Melaka Rivers Catchments in Malaysia

Author(s): Saman Daneshmand | Bujang B. K. Huat | Hossein Moayedi | Thamer Ahmad Mohammad Ali
Total Quality and Total Mobility Qualità totale e mobilità totale

Author(s): Giuseppe Trieste | Daniela de Mitri
Dynamics of Urbanization and Its Impact on Land-Use/Land-Cover: A Case Study of Megacity Delhi

Author(s): Manju Mohan | Subhan K. Pathan | Kolli Narendrareddy | Anurag Kandya | Sucheta Pandey
Surgical treatment for patients with tracheal and subgllotic stenosis

Author(s): Mohammad Naeimi | Masoud Naghibzadeh | Nematollah Mokhtari | Shervin Shiri | Sadegh Golparvar
Computerized clinical decision support systems for primary preventive care: A decision-maker-researcher partnership systematic review of effects on process of care and patient outcomes

Author(s): Souza Nathan | Sebaldt Rolf | Mackay Jean | Prorok Jeanette | Weise-Kelly Lorraine | Navarro Tamara | Wilczynski Nancy | Haynes R Brian
Identification of nursing assessment models/tools validated in clinical practice for use with diverse ethno-cultural groups: an integrative review of the literature

Author(s): Higginbottom Gina | Richter Magdalena | Mogale Ramadimetja | Ortiz Lucenia | Young Susan | Mollel Obianuju
Knowledge of family health program practitioners in Brazil about sickle cell disease: a descriptive, cross-sectional study

Author(s): Gomes Ludmila | Vieira Magda | Reis Tatiana | Barbosa Thiago | Caldeira Antônio
Reducing depression in older home care clients: design of a prospective study of a nurse-led interprofessional mental health promotion intervention

Author(s): Markle-Reid Maureen | McAiney Carrie | Forbes Dorothy | Thabane Lehana | Gibson Maggie | Hoch Jeffrey | Browne Gina | Peirce Thomas | Busing Barbara
Adverse health consequences in COPD patients with rapid decline in FEV1 - evidence from the UPLIFT trial

Author(s): Kesten Steven | Celli Bartolome | Decramer Marc | Liu Dacheng | Tashkin Donald
Antimicrobial management and appropriateness of treatment of urinary tract infection in general practice in Ireland

Author(s): Vellinga Akke | Cormican Martin | Hanahoe Belinda | Bennett Kathleen | Murphy Andrew
FMO-based H.264 frame layer rate control for low bit rate video transmission

Author(s): Cajote Rhandley | Aramvith Supavadee | Miyanaga Yoshikazu
Inputs to quality: supervision, management, and community involvement in health facilities in Egypt in 2004

Author(s): Cherlin Emily | Allam Adel | Linnander Erika | Wong Rex | El-Toukhy Essam | Sipsma Heather | Krumholz Harlan | Curry Leslie | Bradley Elizabeth
Assessment of Water Quality in Asa River (Nigeria) and Its Indigenous Clarias gariepinus Fish

Author(s): Olatunji M. Kolawole | Kolawole T. Ajayi | Albert B. Olayemi | Anthony I. Okoh
Surveying tubewell water suitability for irrigation in four tehsils of district Kasur

Author(s): Ijaz Mehboob, Muhammad Siddique Shakir | Asrar Mahboob
Information preferences of people living with fibromyalgia – a survey of their information needs and preferences

Author(s): Lubna Daraz | Joy C. MacDermid | Seanne Wilkins | Jane Gibson | Lynn Shaw
Three initial diets for management of mild acute pancreatitis: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Wen-Bo Meng | Xun Li | Yu-Min Li | Wen-Ce Zhou | Xiao-Liang Zhu
Modeling nitrogen loading in a small watershed in southwest China using a DNDC model with hydrological enhancements

Author(s): J. Deng | Z. Zhou | B. Zhu | X. Zheng | C. Li | X. Wang | Z. Jian
Recent trends in daily temperature extremes over northeastern Spain (1960–2006)

Author(s): A. El Kenawy | J. I. López-Moreno | S. M. Vicente-Serrano
The Etiologies And Outcome Of ESRD In Children Medical Center From 1988 To 2003

Author(s): Madani A | Shakiba M | taei N | Esfehani T | Mohseni P
Measuring medical students' sense of community and satisfaction with a structured advising program

Author(s): Rachel B. Levine | Robert B. Shochet | Danelle Cayea | Bimal H. Ashar | Rosalyn W. Stewart | Scott M. Wright
Wastewater Characteristics and Appropriate Method for Wastewater Management in the Hospitals

Author(s): AR Mesdaghinia | K Naddafi | R Nabizadeh | R Saeedi | M Zamanzadeh
The Relationships between Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty in The Private Hospital Industry

Author(s): S Mortazavi | M Kazemi | A Shirazi | A Aziz-Abadi

Author(s): Shahidzadeh A | Mir Moeeni E.S | Azimian M.H | Mani-Kashani Kh
Hospital solid waste management in Qom hospitals

Author(s): A Jonidi | A R Jafaripour | M Farzadkia
Health information system in the district health center, Tabriz

Author(s): M Farahbakhsh | A Zakeri | N khodaee
Methods of multicriterion estimations in system total quality management

Author(s): Nikolay V. Diligenskiy | Mikhail V. Tsapenko

Author(s): Amalia Venera TODORUŢ | Cecilia Irina RĂBONŢU
An Investigation into the Effects of Quality Improvement Method on Patients' Satisfaction: A Semi Experimental Research in Iran

Author(s): Hasan Navipour | Nahid Dehghan Nayeri | Abbas Hooshmand | Marjaneh Taghavi Zargar

Author(s): Slobodan Radosavljević | Milan Radosavljević
Internal Evaluation of Audiology Department, Faculty of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Author(s): Mahin Sedaie | Fereshteh Farzianpour | Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman | Ghasem Mohammad Khani | Jamileh Fattahi | Saeed Sarough Farahani | Nematollah Rouhbakhsh | Mahnaz Ahmadi
Problems of Russian enterprises switch to modern quality management

Author(s): Manana I. Pachkoriya | Irina N. Markaryan
Offering a Proper Framework to InvestigateWater Quality of the Atrak River

Author(s): Noori R. | Jafari F. | Forman Asgharzadeh D. | Akbarzadeh A.
Operational Practices and Financial Performance: an Empirical Analysis of Brazilian Manufacturing Companies

Author(s): André Luís de Castro Moura Duarte | Luiz Artur Ledur Brito | Luiz Carlos Di Serio | Guilherme Silveira Martins
Nutrient flows in lowland dairy farms in the Italian Alps

Author(s): Monica Bassanino | Dario Sacco | Annalisa Curtaz | Mauro Bassignana | Carlo Grignani
Power Aware Job Scheduling with QoS Guarantees Based on Feedback Control

Author(s): Congfeng Jiang | Xianghua Xu | Jian Wan | Jilin Zhang | Yinghui Zhao
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Zulkernine | Mohammad Kaykobad | Mohammed Yeasin | Mohammad Ataul Karim
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsing-Chung Chen | Franz I.S. Ko | Yung-Chen Chou | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Yaw-Chung Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Jyh-Horng Wen | Shiuh-Jeng Wang | Yuh-Ren Tsai | Keh-Ming Lu
Improving QoS Of WiMAX By On_Demand Bandwidth Allocation Based On PMP Mode

Author(s): ZhenTao Sun | Abdullah Gani | XiuYing Sun | Ning Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sudhanshu Gaur | Geoffrey Ye Li | Li-Chun Wang | Neelesh B. Mehta
Cubiertas planas fitodepuradoras. Propuesta de gestión de aguas grises en altura

Author(s): Gómez-González, A. | Chanampa, M. | Morgado, I. | Acha, C. | Bedoya, C. | Neila, J.
A Flexible Hybrid Model of Life Cycle Carbon Balance for Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Management Systems

Author(s): Carlos A. Gonzalez-Benecke | Timothy A. Martin | Eric J. Jokela | Rafael De La Torre
Modeling nitrogen loading in a small watershed in Southwest China using a DNDC model with hydrological enhancements

Author(s): J. Deng | Z. Zhou | B. Zhu | X. Zheng | C. Li | X. Wang | Z. Jian
Critical appraisal of cardiac implantable electronic devices: complications and management

Author(s): Padeletti L | Mascioli G | Paoletti Perini A | Grifoni G | Perrotta L | Marchese P | Bontempi L | Curnis A
Microbiological Assessment of Cow Milk under Traditional Management Practices in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

Author(s): K. Adesina | A.A. Oshodi | T.A.M. Awoniyi | O.O. Ajayi
The efficacy of computer reminders on external quality assessment for point-of-care testing in Danish general practice: rationale and methodology for two randomized trials

Author(s): Waldorff Frans | Siersma Volkert | Ertmann Ruth | Kousgaard Marius | Nielsen Anette | Felding Peter | Mosbæk Niels | Hjortsø Else | Reventlow Susanne
The implementation of integrated care: the empirical validation of the Development Model for Integrated Care

Author(s): Minkman Mirella | Vermeulen Robbert | Ahaus Kees | Huijsman Robbert
Randomised controlled trial of tailored interventions to improve the management of anxiety and depressive disorders in primary care

Author(s): Sinnema Henny | Franx Gerdien | Volker Daniëlle | Majo Cristina | Terluin Berend | Wensing Michel | van Balkom Anton
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