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Effect of Formaldehyde Injection in Mice on Testis Function

Author(s): Tootian Zahra | Tajik Parviz | Fazelipour Simin | Taghva Mehdi
Chronic Effects of Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate on Stereological Parameters of Testis in Adult Wistar Rats

Author(s): Mehran Dorostghoal | Adel Zardkaf | Abdolrahaman Dezfoolian
Serum testosterone, DHEA-S and androstenedione levels in acne

Author(s): Hatwal A | Singh S | Agarwal J | Singh G | Bajpai H | Gupta S
The association of urinary cadmium with sex steroid hormone concentrations in a general population sample of US adult men

Author(s): Menke Andy | Guallar Eliseo | Shiels Meredith | Rohrmann Sabine | Basaria Shehzad | Rifai Nader | Nelson William | Platz Elizabeth
Secondary osteoporosis due to sickle cell anemia: Do sex steroids play a role?

Author(s): Sadat-Ali Mir | Al-Elq Abdulmoshsen | Sultan Osama | Al-Turki Haifa
Andropause in Indian Men: a Preliminary Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Apul Goel | Rahul Janak Sinha | Divakar Dalela | Satyanarain Sankhwar | Vishwajeet Singh
Orchiectomy versus medical therapy with LH-RH analogues for the treatment of advanced prostatic carcinoma

Author(s): Rohde, Volker | Grabein, Kristin | Hessel, Franz | Siebert, Uwe | Wasem, Jürgen
Effects of Benzo(a)pyrene on Intra-testicular Function in F-344 Rats

Author(s): Anthony E. Archibong | Aramandla Ramesh | Mohammad S. Niaz | Cynthia M. Brooks | Shannon I. Roberson | Donald D. Lunstra

Author(s): Ching-Lin Wu | Wei Hung | Shin-Yuan Wang | Chen-Kang Chang
Acute hormonal, immunological and enzymatic responses to a basketball game

Author(s): Denis Foschini | Jonato Prestes | Richard Diego Leite | Gerson do Santos Leite | Felipe Fedrizzi Donatto | Christiano Bertoldo Urtado | Bianca Trovello Ramallo
Is There a Relation Between Testosterone or Estradiol Levels in Seminal Plasma and GSTM1 Polymorphism in Infertile Patients?

Author(s): İlhan Onaran | Birsen Aydemir | Ali Rıza Kızıler | Bülent Alıcı
The effects of conventional gonadotrophin therapy on lymphocyte subgroups and its association with IL-2R expression in patients with idiopathic hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism

Author(s): Fatih Tanrıverdi | Ümit Demirkoparan | Fahri Bayram | Yusuf Özkul | Munis Dündar | Hilal Akalın | Türkan Patıroğlu | Fahrettin Keleştimur
Degenerative action on mice and rat testes of polyspermine and its complexes with RNase A

Author(s): Josef Matousek | Milan Tomanek | Francesca Vottariello | Manuela Morbio | Giovanni Gotte | Massimo Libonati
The effect of follicular fluid hormones on oocyte recovery after ovarian stimulation: FSH level predicts oocyte recovery

Author(s): Rosen Mitchell | Zamah A Musa | Shen Shehua | Dobson Anthony | McCulloch Charles | Rinaudo Paolo | Lamb Julie | Cedars Marcelle
Protective Effects of Extract from Dates (Phoenix Dactylifera L.) and Ascorbic Acid on Thioacetamide-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Author(s): Mohamed Bastway Ahmed | Nabil Abdel-Salam Hasona | Hanan Abdel-Hamid Selemain
Morphological, metabolic and functional repercussions after orchiectomy in rats

Author(s): Denny Fabrício Magalhães Veloso | Luiz Ronaldo Alberti | Juliano Alves Figueiredo | Fernando Henrique Oliveira Carmo Rodrigues | Andy Petroianu
Prediction of Successful Sperm Retrieval in Patients with Nonobstructive Azoospermia

Author(s): Seyed Amirmohsen Ziaee | Mohammadreza Ezzatnegad | Mohammadreza Nowroozi | Hasan Jamshidian | Hamidreza Abdi | Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hosseini Moghaddam
Study of RNA interference inhibiting rat ovarian androgen biosynthesis by depressing 17alpha-hydroxylase/17, 20-lyase activity in vivo

Author(s): Li Yi | Liang Xiao-yan | Wei Li-na | Xiong Yong-lao | Yang Xing | Shi Hui-gan | Yang Zi-hong
Hirsutism in Saudi females of reproductive age : A hospital-based study

Author(s): Al-Ruhaily Atallah | Malabu Usman | Sulimani Riad
Effects of dietary phytoestrogens on plasma testosterone and triiodothyronine (T3) levels in male goat kids

Author(s): Gunnarsson David | Selstam Gunnar | Ridderstråle Yvonne | Holm Lena | Ekstedt Elisabeth | Madej Andrzej

Author(s): Low WY | Khoo EM | Tan HM | Hew FL | Teoh SH
Age-dependent role of steroids in the regulation of growth of the hen follicular wall

Author(s): Lebedeva Irina | Lebedev Vladimir | Grossmann Roland | Parvizi Nahid
Effect of chronic treatment with Rosiglitazone on Leydig cell steroidogenesis in rats: In vivo and ex vivo studies

Author(s): Couto Janaína | Saraiva Karina | Barros Cleiton | Udrisar Daniel | Peixoto Christina | Vieira Juliany | Lima Maria | Galdino Suely | Pitta Ivan | Wanderley Maria
Moderate energy restriction with high protein diet results in healthier outcome in women

Author(s): Mero Antti | Huovinen Heikki | Matintupa Olle | Hulmi Juha | Puurtinen Risto | Hohtari Hannele | Karila Tuomo
Total Inguinal Canal Mobilization in Two-Stage Orchiopexy

Author(s): Ali Bahador | Seyed Mohammad Vahid Hosseini | Hamidreza Foroutan | Babak Sabet | Seyed Javad Banani
Remarkable features of ovarian morphology and reproductive hormones in insulin-resistant Zucker fatty (fa/fa) rats

Author(s): Honnma Hiroyuki | Endo Toshiaki | Kiya Tamotsu | Shimizu Ayumi | Nagasawa Kunihiko | Baba Tsuyoshi | Fujimoto Takashi | Henmi Hirofumi | Kitajima Yoshimitsu | Manase Kengo | Ishioka Shinichi | Ito Eiki | Saito Tsuyoshi
Alterations in Lipids and Adipocyte Hormones in Female-to-Male Transsexuals

Author(s): Prakash Chandra | Sukhdeep S. Basra | Tai C. Chen | Vin Tangpricha
Gonadal Responses to Antipsychotic Drugs: Chlorpromazine and Thioridazine Reversibly Suppress Testicular Functions in Albino Rats

Author(s): Y. Raji | S.O. Ifabunmi | O.S. Akinsomisoye | A.O. Morakinyo | A.K. Oloyo
Effect of Heroin Used in Iran on Male Fertility of Mice

Author(s): Fazelipour Simin | Tootian Zahra
Effect of Tecoma stans Leaves on the Reproductive System of Male Albino Rats

Author(s): Nidhi Mathur | G.C. Jain | Geeta Pandey
Possible mechanism of benign prostatic hyperplasia induced by androgen-estrogen ratios in castrated rats

Author(s): Xiang-Yun Liu | Ying-Wen Xu | Chen-Jing Xie | Jiu-Jiu Wang | Qi Pan | Bo Gui | Zu-Yue Sun
What are the possible reasons for urethral PSA varieties after radical prostatectomy?

Author(s): Pejčić T. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Marković B. | Lalić N. | Glišić B.
Anteroposterior diameter of the infrarenal abdominal aorta is higher in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Author(s): Marco Matteo Ciccone | Stefano Favale | Anish Bhuva | Pietro Scicchitano | et al.
Association of basal serum testosterone levels with ovarian response and in vitro fertilization outcome

Author(s): Qin Yingying | Zhao Zhiyi | Sun Mei | Geng Ling | Che Li | Chen Zi-Jiang
Menstrual irregularity and bone mass in premenopausal women: Cross-sectional associations with testosterone and SHBG

Author(s): Wei Shuying | Jones Graeme | Thomson Russell | Otahal Petr | Dwyer Terry | Venn Alison
Relationship between serum PSA and testosterone levels in two different geographic regions of Turkey

Author(s): Mahmoud Mustafa | Metin Çelik | Ozan Horsanli | Rahim Horuz | Akif Küçükcan
Does testosterone prevent early postoperative complications after gastrointestinal surgery?

Author(s): Birendra Kumar Sah, Ming-Min Chen, Yi-Bing Peng, Xiao-Jing Feng, Min Yan, Bing-Ya Liu, Qi-Shi Fan, Zheng-Gang Zhu
Low incidence of new biochemical and clinical hypogonadism following hypofractionated stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) monotherapy for low- to intermediate-risk prostate cancer

Author(s): Oermann Eric | Suy Simeng | Hanscom Heather | Kim Joy | Lei Sue | Yu Xia | Zhang Guowei | Ennis Brook | Rohan JoyAnn | Piel Nathaniel | Sherer Benjamin | Borum Devin | Chen Viola | Batipps Gerald | Constantinople Nicholas | Dejter Stephen | Bandi Gaurav | Pahira John | McGeagh Kevin | Adams-Campbell Lucile | Jha Reena | Dawson Nancy | Collins Brian | Dritschilo Anatoly | Lynch John | Collins Sean
Comparison of postmenopausal endogenous sex hormones among Japanese, Japanese Brazilians, and non-Japanese Brazilians

Author(s): Iwasaki Motoki | Kasuga Yoshio | Yokoyama Shiro | Onuma Hiroshi | Nishimura Hideki | Kusama Ritsu | Hamada Gerson | Nishimoto Ines | Maciel Maria | Motola Juvenal | Laginha Fábio | Anzai Roberto | Tsugane Shoichiro
Hormone replacement therapy in morphine-induced hypogonadic male chronic pain patients

Author(s): Aloisi Anna | Ceccarelli Ilaria | Carlucci Maria | Suman Annalisa | Sindaco Gianfranco | Mameli Sergio | Paci Valentina | Ravaioli Laura | Passavanti Giandomenico | Bachiocco Valeria | Pari Gilberto
Anogenital Distance of Newborns and Causes of Variation in Zaria, Northern Nigeria

Author(s): O.M. Avidime | K.V. Olorunshola and A.A.U. Dikko
Pituitary glycoprotein hormone a-subunit secretion by cirrhotic patients

Author(s): Oliveira M.C. | Pizarro C.B. | Cassal A. | Cremonese R. | Vieira J.G.H.
Regulation of antioxidant enzyme activities in male and female rat macrophages by sex steroids

Author(s): Azevedo R.B. | Lacava Z.G.M. | Miyasaka C.K. | Chaves S.B. | Curi R.
Effects of EDTA and Sodium Citrate on hormone measurements by fluorometric (FIA) and immunofluorometric (IFMA) methods

Author(s): Kohek Maria | Leme Cassia | Nakamura Izabel | de Oliveira Suzimara | Lando Valeria | Mendonca Berenice
Preliminary development of a new individualised questionnaire measuring quality of life in older men with age-related hormonal decline: the A-RHDQoL

Author(s): McMillan Carolyn | Bradley Clare | Giannoulis Manthos | Martin Finbarr | Sönksen Peter
The Aging Males' Symptoms (AMS) scale: review of its methodological characteristics

Author(s): Daig Isolde | Heinemann Lothar | Kim Sehyun | Leungwattanakij Somboon | Badia Xavier | Myon Eric | Moore Claudia | Saad Farid | Potthoff Peter | Thai Do
Social condition affects hormone secretion and exploratory behavior in rats

Author(s): Genaro G. | Schmidek W.R. | Franci C.R.
Estradiol and testosterone concentrations in follicular fluid as criteria to discriminate between mature and immature oocytes

Author(s): Costa L.O.B. | Mendes M.C. | Ferriani R.A. | Moura M.D. | Reis R.M. | Silva de Sá M.F.

Author(s): Kaye K. Brownlee | Alex W. Moore | Anthony C. Hackney
Prevalence of ultrasonography proved polycystic ovaries in North Indian women with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Zargar Abdul | Gupta Vipin | Wani Arshad | Masoodi Shariq | Bashir Mir | Laway Bashir | Ganie Mohammad | Salahuddin Mohammad
Sensitivity as outcome measure of androgen replacement: the AMS scale

Author(s): Heinemann Lothar | Moore Claudia | Dinger Juergen | Stoehr Diana

Author(s): Jay R. Hoffman | Nicholas A. Ratamess | Jie Kang | Michael J. Falvo | Avery D. Faigenbaum
Effect of protein source and resistance training on body composition and sex hormones

Author(s): Kalman Douglas | Feldman Samantha | Martinez Michele | Krieger Diane | Tallon Mark
Effect of tropical vaginal hydroceles on testicular morphology and histology

Author(s): Srinath C | Ananthakrishnan N | Lakshmanan S | Kate Vikram
Effect of Protein Intake on Strength, Body Composition and Endocrine Changes in Strength/Power Athletes

Author(s): Hoffman Jay | Ratamess Nicholas | Kang Jie | Falvo Michael | Faigenbaum Avery
Loss and recovery of androgen receptor protein expression in the adult rat testis following androgen withdrawal by ethane dimethanesulfonate.

Author(s): Nina Atanassova | Yvetta Koeva | Mariana Bakalska | Ekaterina Pavlova | Boycho Nikolov | Michail Davidoff
Levels of endocrine hormones and lipids in male patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Author(s): Hülya Uzkeser | Saliha Karatay | Meltem Alkan Melikoğlu
Anti-Mullerian Hormone as a Predictive Factor in Assisted Reproductive Technique of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patients

Author(s): Ashraf Aleyasin | Marzie Aghahoseini | Sara Mokhtar | Parvin Fallahi
 The Effect of Amantadine on Clomipramine Induced Sexual Dysfunction in Male Rats

Author(s): Sheshadri Shekar Devaangam | B Vivek | C Velmurugan | Ashok Kumar | S Satyanarayana | K Kumar Eswar
Changes of condyle cartilage in orchidectomized rats fed with young coconut juice: Novel preliminary findings

Author(s): Muhammadbakhoree Yusuh | Nattika Phochanukoon | Nisaudah Radenahmad | Mutita Eksomtramate | Praphansri Ruangsri | Anachak Chantanasuksilpa | Anupong Nitiruangjaras
The use of lipidic sources and digestible energy levels on testicles parameters of 60 Kg boars Uso de diferentes fontes de lipídios e níveis de energia digestível sobre parâmetros testiculares de suínos machos a partir dos 60 kg

Author(s): Alessandra Gimenez Mascarenhas | Juarez Lopes Donzele | Marco Tulio David das Neves | Rita Flávia Miranda de Oliveira | Tarcísio Antônio Rêgo de Paula | Cláudio César Fonseca
Lipidic sources and digestible energy levels on reproductive performance of boars Fontes de lipídios e níveis de energia digestível sobre o desempenho reprodutivo de suínos machos

Author(s): Alessandra Gimenez Mascarenhas | Juarez Lopes Donzele | Rita Flávia Miranda de Oliveira | Anselmo Domingos Ferreira Santos | Marco Túlio David das Neves
Effects of young-coconut juice on increasing mandibular cancellous bone in orchidectomized rats: Preliminary novel findings

Author(s): Pranee Suwanpal | Nisaudah Radenahmad | Muhammadbakhoree Yusuh | Mutita Eksomtramate | Praphansri Ruangsri | Anachak Chantanasuksilpa
Physiological Response of Two Age Groups of Omani Sheep to Short Road Transportation in Relation to Circulating Levels of Gonasotropins, Cortisol, Thyroid

Author(s): Hormones | Sex Steroids | Plasma ChemistryA. Al-Kindi | A. , I. T. Kadim | I.Y. Mahmoud | O. Mahgoub | J. Plude | M. Al-Maani
Alterations in gonado somatic index, seminogram and testosterone profiles in rats treated with hexaconazole

Author(s): P. Ravi Kumar, | M. Kanniappan, | L.N. Mathuram, | S. Selvasubramanian | P.Sriram
Pyrethroid-Induced Reproductive Toxico-Pathology in Non-Target Species

Author(s): Latif Ahmad§, Ahrar Khan* and Muhammad Zargham Khan
Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation Produced by Mobile Phone on Some Visceral Organs of Rat

Author(s): Abu Bakr El-Bediwi | Attall F. El-kott | Mohamed Saad | Eman Eid
Leprosy and the testis La lepra y el testículo

Author(s): Gerzaín Rodríguez | Gerzaín Rodríguez | María Claudia Abaúnza | María Claudia Abaúnza | Elga Johanna Vargas | Elga Johanna Vargas | Fernando López | Fernando López
Stress and its effects on horses reproduction

Author(s): Amal M. AboEl-Maaty
Serum testosterone levels of HbSS (sickle cell disease) male subjects in Lagos, Nigeria

Author(s): Abudu Emmanuel | Akanmu Sulaiman | Soriyan Oyetunji | Akinbami Akinsegun | Adediran Adewumi | Adeyemo Titilope | Okany Charles
Does weight loss improve semen quality and reproductive hormones? results from a cohort of severely obese men

Author(s): Håkonsen Linn | Thulstrup Ane | Aggerholm Anette | Olsen Jørn | Bonde Jens | Andersen Claus | Bungum Mona | Ernst Emil | Hansen Mette | Ernst Erik | Ramlau-Hansen Cecilia
The effects of IQPLUS Focus on cognitive function, mood and endocrine response before and following acute exercise

Author(s): Parker Adam | Gordon Josh | Thornton Aaron | Byars Allyn | Lubker John | Bartlett Michelle | Byrd Mike | Oliver Jonathan | Simbo Sunday | Rasmussen Chris | Greenwood Mike | Kreider Richard
Effect Of G2706A and G1051A polymorphisms of the ABCA1 gene on the lipid, oxidative stress and homocystein levels in Turkish patients with polycystıc ovary syndrome

Author(s): Karadeniz Muammer | Erdoğan Mehmet | Ayhan Zengi | Yalcın Murat | Olukman Murat | Cetinkalp Sevki | Alper Gulinnaz | Eroglu Zuhal | Tetik Asli | Cetintas Vildan | Ozgen Ahmet | Saygılı Fusun | Yılmaz Candeger
Bone Densitometric changes after bone marrow transplantation in 63 patients with leukemia and lymphoma

Author(s): Esfahani A | Iravani M | Khoshnyat M | Ghoreishi Z | Shamshiri A R | Moghadam Z | Jahani M | Ghavamzadeh A
Association between Androgenic Hormone Levels and Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction

Author(s): Gholamreza Davoodi | Alireza Amirzadegan | Mohammad Ali Boroumand | Maria Raissi Dehkordi | Ali Kazemi Saeid | Ahmad Yamini Sharif | Mehrnaz Rezvanfard | Maryam Sotoudeh Anvari

Author(s): M. R. Oveisi | B. Jannat | N. Sadeghi | M. Hajimahmoodi M. Bagheri
Frequency of facial and body acne in 14- to 18- year-old female high school students and its relationship to polycystic ovary syndrome

Author(s): Tahereh Naderi | Marzieh Akbarzadeh | Mohammad Hossein Dabagh Manesh | Hamidreza Tabatabaei | Zahra Zareh
Etiological diagnosis of hirsutism in premenopausal Iranian women

Author(s): Dariush Akbari | Narges Hosseinpour
Histological Changes and Testicular Dysfunction in Severely Burned Rats

Author(s): Peter Imoni Jewo | Francis Ikechukwu Duru | Abraham Adewale Osinubi | Idowu Olusegun Fadeyibi | Francis Adedayo Faduyile | Adokiye Senibo Benebo

Author(s): Athanasios Chatzinikolaou | Michalis Tsiavtaris | Alexandra Avloniti | Ioannis Katrabasas | Antonis Kampas | Ioannis Michailidis | Ioannis Douroudos | Konstantinos Margonis | Konstantinos Kallinis | Kyriakos Taxildaris | Athanasios Z. Jamurtas | Ioannis Fatouros
Androgen deficiency in elderly men with systolic chronic heart failure

Author(s): Xiao-Fei Wang | Jun-Hua Wang | Jiang-Yuan Li
A computational model of the hypothalamic - pituitary - gonadal axis in female fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) exposed to 17α-ethynylestradiol and 17β-trenbolone

Author(s): Li Zhenhong | Kroll Kevin | Jensen Kathleen | Villeneuve Daniel | Ankley Gerald | Brian Jayne | Sepúlveda María | Orlando Edward | Lazorchak James | Kostich Mitchell | Armstrong Brandon | Denslow Nancy | Watanabe Karen
Hepatoprotection and neuroprotection induced by low doses of IGF-II in aging rats

Author(s): Castilla-Cortázar Inma | García-Fernández María | Delgado Gloria | Puche Juan | Sierra Inma | Barhoum Rima | González-Barón Salvador
Blood lipids may have influence on the emotional well-being in young men

Author(s): Edyta Kramek | Sylwia Jastrzebska | Renata Walczak-Jedrzejowska | Katarzyna Marchlewska | Elzbieta Oszukowska | Anna Guminska | Krzysztof Kula | Jolanta Slowikowska-Hilczer
Removal of Androgens and Estrogens from Water by Reactive Materials

Author(s): Kai Cai | Debra H. Phillips | Chris Elliott | Edwige Van der Heiden | Marie-Louise Scippo | Marc Muller | Lisa Connolly
The comparison of free androgen index and serum free testosterone levels in women with hirsutism or polycystic ovary syndrome

Author(s): Oya Güngör | Gönül Erden | Ceylan Bal | Nihal Uğuz1 | Sevilay Sezer | Şeyda Özdemir | H. Tuğrul Çelik | M. Metin Yıldırımkaya

Author(s): B. Jannat | M. R. Oveisi | N. Sadeghi | M. Hajimahmoodi
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