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Sampling of Random Data Streams

Author(s): Gustav Cepciansky | Ladislav Schwartz
Analysis of Setups of the Control of Rail Microprocessor Systems

Author(s): Mieczyslaw Kornaszewski | Zbigniew Lukasik
Wireless Local Networks to Record the Railway Traffic Control Equipment Data

Author(s): Przemyslaw Gorczyca | Jerzy Mikulski | Andrzej Bialon
Minigenerator - Analysis, Design and Tests

Author(s): Pavel Fiala | Tomas Vojtek | Ivo Behunek
The Wavelength Conversion in WDM Networks

Author(s): Miroslav Bahleda | Karol Blunar
Preventive Methods for ATM Mode Control

Author(s): Ivan Baronak | Robert Trska
Measurement of Ultra-Short Solitary Electromagnetic Pulses

Author(s): Eva Gescheidtova | Miloslav Steinbauer | Pavel Fiala
Analysis of Vibration Microgenerator

Author(s): Alice Sperova | Pavel Fiala
Methods of Calculation of Digital Signals Spectra

Author(s): Gustav Cepciansky | Ladislav Schwartz
Security Analysis System to Detect Threats on a SIP VoIP Infrasctructure Elements

Author(s): Filip Rezac | Miroslav Voznak | Karel Tomala | Jan Rozhon | Jiri Vychodil
Motorcycle Fatal Accidents in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran

Author(s): A Vafaee-Najar | H Esmaeili | H Ibrahimipour | R Dehnavieh | M Seyyed Nozadi

Author(s): Patel Mitesh K, Kartha GP

Author(s): Bansal Neha, Patel Sushil, Panchal Saishav

Author(s): Mitesh Patel, Girija Kartha, Mehta HK

Author(s): Mitesh Patel, Girija Kartha, Mehta HK
Mining Train Delays by Using Frequent Itemsets

Author(s): D.Kishore Babu | Y.Nagasatish | P.M.Prasuna
The use of Grey System Theory in predicting the road traffic accident in Fars province in Iran

Author(s): Ali Mohammadi | leyla Moradi | Ahmad Talebnejad | Abdolreza Nadaf
Effect Of Packet Delay Variation On Video/Voice Over Diffserv-Mpls In Ipv4/Ipv6 Networks

Author(s): Md. Tariq Aziz | Mohammad Saiful Islam | Adrian Popescu | Md. Nazmul Islam khan
IP Traceback for Flooding Attacks on Internet Threat Monitors (ITM ) Using Honeypots

Author(s): K.Munivara Prasad | A.Rama Mohan Reddy | V Jyothsna
Trust Based Scheme for QoS Assurance in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Author(s): Sridhar Subramanian | Baskaran Ramachandran
Bound Maxima as a Traffic Feature under DDOS Flood Attacks

Author(s): Jie Xue | Ming Li | Wei Zhao | Sheng-Yong Chen

Author(s): Suzanna Schmeelk | Bill Mills | Leif Hedstrom
A high-resolution emission inventory of primary pollutants for the Huabei region, China

Author(s): B. Zhao | P. Wang | J. Z. Ma | S. Zhu | A. Pozzer | W. Li
Interferences of commercial NO2 instruments in the urban atmosphere and in a smog chamber

Author(s): G. Villena | I. Bejan | R. Kurtenbach | P. Wiesen | J. Kleffmann
Hardware-software system for simulating and analyzing earthquakes applied to civil structures

Author(s): J. P. Amezquita-Sanchez | R. A. Osornio-Rios | R. J. Romero-Troncoso | A. Dominguez-Gonzalez

Pollution As a Consequence of Public Transport: A Case Study of Kolkata, India

Author(s): Asit Bandyopadhayay | Ashim Banerjee | Partha P. Sengupta
Study of role extroversion of caused by traffic noise on mental function of the students

Author(s): I. Alimohamadi | R. Soltani | M. Azkhosh | M.R. Gohari | B. .Moosavi
Level Changes of Traffic Noise in Kerman City, Southeast Iran

Author(s): M Malakootian | M Ahmadian | K Yaghmaeian | Sh Dowlatshahi | MR Ghotbi Ravandi
Link Quality Based Traffic Queue Management at 5.8 GHz

Author(s): Anwar Hassan Ibrahim | Mahamod Ismail | Kasmiran Jumari | Mandeep Singh
Development of a Model for Electronic Toll-Collection System

Author(s): Md. Farhad Ismail | M.A.R. Sarkar
Simple Blunt Trauma and Diaphragmatic Rupture Showing Delayed Clinical Signs

Author(s): Tarık Ocak | Ramazan Kuşaslan | Mustafa Baştürk | Hakan Yiğitbaş | Nazlı Hanım Oral
A Rarely Seen Chest Wall Deformity in the Emergency Department: Costa Hypoplasia

Author(s): Murat Yücel | Hüseyin Çebiçci | Taner Şahin | Nurullah Günay
Optical investigations of CDOM-rich coastal waters in Pärnu Bay

Author(s): Birgot Paavel | Helgi Arst | Liisa Metsamaa | Kaire Toming | Anu Reinart

Author(s): Pirjol Florentina | Maxim Raluca Georgiana | Nagy Andrea
Cell Trafficking in Multiple Myeloma

Author(s): Giada Bianchi | Shaji Kumar | Irene M. Ghobrial | Aldo M. Roccaro
A Vision-Based Driver Nighttime Assistance and Surveillance System Based on Intelligent Image Sensing Techniques and a Heterogamous Dual-Core Embedded System Architecture

Author(s): Yen-Lin Chen | Hsin-Han Chiang | Chuan-Yen Chiang | Chuan-Ming Liu | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Jenq-Haur Wang
Application of Erlang Formulae in Next Generation Networks

Author(s): Erik Chromy | Tibor Misuth | Adam Weber
Data Dissemination in Mobile Computing Environment

Author(s): S. Krishna Mohan Rao | Dr A. Venugopal Reddy
Performance Analysis of High Speed Data Networks Using Priority Discipline

Author(s): K. Bhatia | A. K. Pal | Anu Chaudhary
Traffic Generation Model for Delhi Urban Area Using Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): Shivendra Goel | J. B. Singh2 | Ashok Kumar Sinha
Mechanisms of Membrane Curvature Generation in Membrane Traffic

Author(s): Hye-Won Shin | Hiroyuki Takatsu | Kazuhisa Nakayama

Identification and quantification of organic aerosol from cooking and other sources in Barcelona using aerosol mass spectrometer data

Author(s): C. Mohr | P. F. DeCarlo | M. F. Heringa | R. Chirico | J. G. Slowik | R. Richter | C. Reche | A. Alastuey | X. Querol | R. Seco | J. Peñuelas | J. L. Jiménez | M. Crippa | R. Zimmermann | U. Baltensperger | A. S. H. Prévôt
Sources and mixing state of size-resolved elemental carbon particles in a European megacity: Paris

Author(s): R. M. Healy | J. Sciare | L. Poulain | K. Kamili | M. Merkel | T. Müller | A. Wiedensohler | S. Eckhardt | A. Stohl | R. Sarda-Estève | E. McGillicuddy | I. P. O'Connor | J. R. Sodeau | J. C. Wenger
Characterization of near-highway submicron aerosols in New York City with a high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometer

Author(s): Y. L. Sun | Q. Zhang | J. J. Schwab | W.-N. Chen | M.-S. Bae | H.-M. Hung | Y.-C. Lin | N. L. Ng | J. Jayne | P. Massoli | L. R. Williams | K. L. Demerjian
Physiological Response of Two Age Groups of Omani Sheep to Short Road Transportation in Relation to Circulating Levels of Gonasotropins, Cortisol, Thyroid

Author(s): Hormones | Sex Steroids | Plasma ChemistryA. Al-Kindi | A. , I. T. Kadim | I.Y. Mahmoud | O. Mahgoub | J. Plude | M. Al-Maani
Two-year monitoring of mammal roadkill on the PA-458 highway in Bragança, Pará

Author(s): Ana Paula Fernanda Guimarães Pereira | Fernanda Atanaena Gonçalves Andrade | Marcus Emanuel Barroncas Fernandes
Optimalizace investičního controllingu webových projektů

Author(s): Jan Tyrychtr | Ivana Švarcová
Effect of Compaction on Physical and Micromorphological Properties of Forest Soils

Author(s): Mehdi Akef | Farhad Khormali | Iraj Bagheri | Samira Bahram Kalhori
A Proposal of Sensor Data Collection System Using Mobile Relay Nodes

Author(s): Kenya Sato | Hideki Shimada | Ryota Ayaki
A Multi-Stage Network Anomaly Detection Method for Improving Efficiency and Accuracy

Author(s): Masashi Tsuji | Yoshiaki Nemoto | Yuji Waizumi | Hiroshi Tsunoda
Applying Geographic Information System (GIS) for Maintenance Strategy Selection

Author(s): Dua’a Abd Al-Razzaq Falih | Asma Thamir Ibraheem
Campus Mobility for the Future: The Electric Bicycle

Author(s): B. Seshadri | W. Zeng | C. Yao | Q. H. Nguyen | I. V. McLoughlin | I. K. Narendra | L. H. Koh
Real-Time Urban Traffic State Estimation with A-GPS Mobile Phones as Probes

Author(s): Saul Rodriguez | Ana Rusu | Sha Tao | Vasileios Manolopoulos
Developing a Novel Method for Road Hazardous Segment Identification Based on Fuzzy Reasoning and GIS

Author(s): Farhad Samadzadegan | J. A. Rod Blais | Meysam Effati | Mohammad Ali Rajabi
The Dynamic Location Model to Consider Background Traffic

Author(s): Sutanto Soehodho | Nahry Yusuf
LED Applications in Railway Signals: Wavelength and Intensity vs Temperature Variation

Author(s): Andrea Martocchia | Donato Papalillo | Giuseppe Schirripa Spagnolo
QoS Based and Energy Aware Multi-Path Hierarchical Routing Algorithm in WSNs

Author(s): Sayyed Majid Mazinani | Behzad Homayounfar | Mohammad Reza Mazaheri
Utilizing Colored Pheromones and Helping Ants for Wireless Mesh Networks Routing

Author(s): Alireza Mirzaei Nejad Kousari | Rahim Alizadeh | Ehsan Ghasemkhani
Clusters in Macroscopic Traffic Flow Models

Author(s): Patricia Saavedra | Rosa María Velasco
QoS Based and Energy Aware Multi-Path Hierarchical Routing Algorithm in WSNs

Author(s): Sayyed Majid Mazinani | Behzad Homayounfar | Mohammad Reza Mazaheri
Utilizing Colored Pheromones and Helping Ants for Wireless Mesh Networks Routing

Author(s): Alireza Mirzaei Nejad Kousari | Rahim Alizadeh | Ehsan Ghasemkhani
Clusters in Macroscopic Traffic Flow Models

Author(s): Patricia Saavedra | Rosa María Velasco
Experimental Analysis of Xie and Kuek's Traffic Model with Handoff Scheme in Wireless Networks

Instability indices and forecasting thunderstorms: the case of 30 April 2009

Author(s): S. Tajbakhsh | P. Ghafarian | F. Sahraian
The RAMNI airborne lidar for cloud and aerosol research

Author(s): F. Cairo | G. Di Donfrancesco | L. Di Liberto | M. Viterbini
Desempeño de la calidad del servicio (QoS) sobre IPv6

Author(s): Octavio José Salcedo Parra | Danilo López | Ángela Patricia Ríos
Seasonal cycle and source analyses of aerosol optical properties in a semi-urban environment at Puijo station in Eastern Finland

Author(s): A. Leskinen | A. Arola | M. Komppula | H. Portin | P. Tiitta | P. Miettinen | S. Romakkaniemi | A. Laaksonen | K. E. J. Lehtinen
Semi-continuous gas and inorganic aerosol measurements at a Finnish urban site: comparisons with filters, nitrogen in aerosol and gas phases, and aerosol acidity

Author(s): U. Makkonen | A. Virkkula | J. Mäntykenttä | H. Hakola | P. Keronen | V. Vakkari | P. P. Aalto
Submicron particles influenced by mixed biogenic and anthropogenic emissions: high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometry results from the Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)

Author(s): A. Setyan | Q. Zhang | M. Merkel | W. B. Knighton | Y. Sun | C. Song | J. E. Shilling | T. B. Onasch | S. C. Herndon | D. R. Worsnop | J. D. Fast | R. A. Zaveri | L. K. Berg | A. Wiedensohler | B. A. Flowers | M. K. Dubey | R. Subramanian
Spatial Hedonic Pricing Models for Testing the Adequacy of Acoustic Areas in Madrid, Spain

Author(s): José-María Montero | Gema Fernández-Avilés | Román Mínguez
Traffic weigh-in-motion (WIM) measurements and validation of the Texas perpetual pavement structural design concept

Author(s): Lubinda F. Walubita | Wenting Liu | Tom Scullion | Allex Eduardo Alvarez-Lugo | Yenis Margarita López-Esalas | Geoffrey Simate
Monocular Camera/IMU/GNSS Integration for Ground Vehicle Navigation in Challenging GNSS Environments

Author(s): Tianxing Chu | Ningyan Guo | Staffan Backén | Dennis Akos
GIS Driven Urban Traffic Analysis Based on Ontology

Author(s): Tazin Malgundkar | Madhuri Rao | S.S. Mantha

Author(s): Nataša Đinđić | Jovica Jovanović | Vladica Veličković | Ivana Damnjanović | Boris Đinđić | Jelena Radović
QOS Improvement by Load Balancing using Nodal and Neighboring Load in Multipath Routing

Author(s): Jawade Nilima R | Bawane N G | Dongre Manoj M
Techniques for Traffic Sign Classification using Machine Learning- A Survey

Author(s): Meeta Kumar | JayshreeGhorpade | V. Y.Kulkarni
Kernel Based Object Tracking Using Mean Shift Method

Author(s): Swati P. Baviskar | Nitin S. Ujgare
State Of Art Survey of Network Traffic Classification

Author(s): Sheetal S. Shinde | Sandeep P. Abhang
Desing and Implementation of Distributed Security using Onion Routing

Author(s): Ashish T. Bhole | Savita H. Lambole
An Approach to Increase Bandwidth Utilization under Suspected Flood Attack

Author(s): Raman Singh | Harish Kumar | R.K. Singla
Performance Evaluation of Traffic Permutations for Mesh On-Chip Networks

Author(s): Naveen Choudhary | Dharm Singh | Abhilasha Sharma
A Study of Wireless Environment by means of Multiple Wireless Nodes

Author(s): Amit Kumar Sanghi | Dharm Singh | Henna Rathore
Simulation Study of Black Hole and Jellyfish attack on MANET Using NS3

Author(s): Nidhi Purohit | Richa Sinha | Hiteishi Diwanji
Impact of Node Density on Scalable Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Sanjeev Jain | Vinay Kumar | Sudarshan Tiwari
Enhanced Expanding Ring Search Algorithm for AODV

Author(s): Purvi N. Ramanuj | Hiteishi M. Diwanji
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